What To See In L.A.

I drew it because.......Hmmmm......There was something queerish happening in town and I was trying to get a non-explicit drawing published in the local fag-rag but...... honestly, I can't recall if it found a home or not. I seem to remember seeing a printed version (however I certainly don't think there was a check involved), but that may have been a dream. It was only last year, one would imagine that I'd have a more assured grasp on the circumstances, but every once in a while I design something for a particular purpose and if it somehow ends up elsewhere it simply doesn't find a permanent home in my brain. Nevertheless, it is an image of idealized architecture, a beautiful vivid sky and tall palms that represent my vision of Los Angeles being appreciated by two humpable, proud gay men. It does exactly what I wanted it to do, and that was to exemplify how welcome and "normal" queers can be in this lovely city. The drawing is exuberant and telling in a very simple and straightforward manner. 


Michael Kirwan


What To See In L.A. 2006 5" x 6"






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