Happy July 4th

 BY Michael Kirwan

originally published in AllBoy Magazine - August, 2000 issue

Our town was hosting the biggest fourth of July celebration in the county because we had the widest and longest Main Street. From early in the morning the sounds of firecrackers and rockets exploding echoed through the township, startling and delighting some, frightening and annoying others. The buildings downtown were festooned with bunting and miniature flags, the veterans were stuffed into their ill-fitting old uniforms, and the womenfolk were all carrying casseroles or babies. Kids ran around happy to have matches and things to blow up and the bandshell musicians were tuning their instruments so the patriotic favorites would sound perfect.

Skip and I had turned eighteen last month and decided that we were too old to be setting off firecrackers but we still hadn’t figured out what we should be doing instead. Wandering aimlessly through the crowd, saying “hey!” to people we knew but hadn’t seen for awhile, we realized that the town fathers had really outdone themselves and there were a lot of spectators already lined up on the parade route and it was going to be difficult to see anything. There were also a lot of strangers and we were constantly nudging each other and pointing out different folks.

As we turned the corner by the drugstore, Skip poked me with his elbow and said, “Check out the sailors.”

Two sailors, all decked out in their white outfits were talking with some of the local girls who were giggling and flirting and being dumber than usual. Both of the seamen were handsome with broad shoulders and gleaming teeth. I could see the sleek muscles shifting beneath their uniforms as they moved. Soon, somebody’s mother caught sight of the group and, scowling fiercely, she marched toward them and ushered the girls down the street. After all, she’d heard stories about men at sea and what they were like on land. No young woman was safe! We laughed at the scene and the sailors noticed us and came over to where we were standing.

“What’s so funny?” one of them asked, seeming more amused than irritated.

“Sorry,” Skip chuckled, “It’s just that lady was so funny. She looked at the two of you like you were the devil himself who had dropped into town to corrupt young virgins.”

“Maybe we are,” the sailor answered with a sly grin. “Are you two by any chance virgins?”

Skip and the other laughed but I felt kinda’ weird, my dick started getting hard and I cursed myself for not wearing underpants. Now I was sure the other sailor had noticed my dungarees swelling up in front and my efforts to conceal it just made my rod stiffer. I tried to distract myself.

“You guys gonna watch the parade?” I asked.

“Well, we thought we would but it’s so crowded now that we probably won’t see much,” the sailor said, glancing at my crotch, I swear.

“If you like, you can come and watch it with us,” I said. “My dad’s got an office with a big window right over there and we can see everything. It’s on the third floor.” I pointed at the only office building on the street.

“That’s mighty nice of you, kid. Is your father gong to be there.”

“Uh, no, he’s the town doctor and president of the Rotary so he’s involved in all the parade stuff and speeches afterwards,” I answered.

“Come on, Kevin!” Skip said, “Let’s get up there now and get comfortable before the parade starts.”

The sailors glanced at each other, shrugged and followed us. One picked up a paper bag I hadn’t notice and I heard bottles knocking against each other. Wow Beer! Maybe even something stronger. We made our way through the throng and into the building. I retrieved the spare key out of the plant urn in the hallway and soon we were in my dad’s office with it’s paneled mahogany walls and oriental carpets. The guys took seats on the leather couch and fished some beers from the bag.

Their names were Roger and Duane and they were 20 and 21 but seemed older to us. It was exciting to be shut up in this dark room with them. My dick kept getting hard every time Roger accidentally rubbed up against me.

“Don’t your old man believe in air-conditioning?” Roger asked.

“Yeah, but they turn it off in the building on weekends,” I replied.

“Well, I’m really starting to sweat and I don’t want my uniform to get spoilt. Mind if I take it off?”

“Sure, go right ahead,” Skip answered for me.

Roger took off his uniform and laid it on a chair. He stood there in his baggy boxers and looked down at his socks, deciding they should go, too. He stood there on the other side of the room facing me, aware that Duane and Skip were both engrossed in watching the parade festivities out the window. Roger slowly began stroking his long, uncut prick which had fallen out of his boxers. I couldn’t take my eyes from his cock! I glanced up at his face and he was watching my discomfort with a slight sneer on his face. He knew I had a secret.

Then he lit up a cigarette and sat down by me on the couch, I could see his huge, bloated cock resting on his thigh.

“It sure is hot in here,” he half-whispered.

I just nodded and stared at the twitching tube of flesh so close to me. I could smell it.

“You like it?” he leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Go ahead, touch it. Don’t worry about them. C’mon, touch it. I can tell by that bulge in your pants that you’re the kind of boy who’d like it.”

And I did. Talk about explosions! The one that went off in my brain made all the firecrackers and cherry bombs seem like Rice Crispies. My throat was dry and I was shaking like a leaf but I couldn’t stop playing with that big slab of manmeat, and it seemed to just keep growing! I glanced over at Skip to see if they had noticed but he was staring out the window as if his life depended on it, and then I saw why. Duane had pulled Skip’s pants down below his cheeks and was feeling up his ass. I was stunned! Skip was wiggling his ass and moaning as Duane kept steadily fingering his butthole.

Roger noticed that I was taking in the action between our friends and he reached over and groped my hard cock through the denim. “See, it’s just us men up here, don’t worry. Why not loosen up those pants a bit. Let’s see what you got.”

I was so fumbling and nervous that he unzipped me and shoved my jeans down past my knees. My cock was oozing a stream of clear liquid which Roger swiped up with his thumb and spread on my lips. He chortled and started jerking me off, indicating that I should return the favor. It was wild! The feel of his rough hand sliding up and down and squeezing my rock-hard boy-meat while I massaged and squeezed his thick, hooded tool was almost too much for me. Just as I thought I was going to shoot a load or faint or something I heard Roger say, “I sure could use a mouth.”

I opened my eyes and connected with his through the haze of cigarette smoke. His eyes were dark brown and surrounded by thick, black lashes. “You know what a blow job is?” he asked.

I shook my head.

“Easy as pie, kid. Just put your mouth on my cock and suck on it, like you were tasting a pickle. Just don’t bite!” He pressed the back of my neck down towards his gigantic horse-hose. I shut my eyes and felt the wrinkled foreskin slide over my tongue. I began tentatively exploring the slick, bulbous knob encases in the silky folds of skin that filled my mouth. Eventually as I got comfortable with more cock in my mouth, Roger began slowly pumping more and more of the stalk deeper past my teeth. Coming up for air, I looked over at Skip who was catatonically staring through my father’s plate glass window. He was breathing heavily as Duane (who now had his massive prick jutting from his unbuttoned pants) pulled out the fingers that had been buried deep into Skip’s ass and slid them into Skip’s slack mouth. Duane let Skip suck on them for awhile and then retracted the saliva-drenched digits and pushed them back into Skip’s butthole. Roger gently inserted his gooey cock into my mouth and I recommenced sucking, a squirt of cum trickling from my piss-slit.

“This one’s about primed, Rog,” Duane said, bracing Skip’s chest as he fucked his slime-soaked fingers into my buddy’s butthole. “How’s yours doin?”

“Kevin here has turned out to be quite a talented little cocksucker. I almost shot off twice already but I’m holding out for that pretty pink bud he’s sitting on. Bring that one over here,” Roger said.

For the next few minutes the two seamen positioned us boys. I was laid on my back on the couch, Roger disrobing me from the waist down. Skip was stripped and was over the arm of the couch, his drooling cock aimed at my mouth and his face resting on my full erection. We were then instructed to suck each other in the “69” position while Duane spit on his enormous pink prick helmet and then smeared more spit on Skip’s hole. Skip whimpered around my rock-hard dick as Duane began working his fat prick through the gummy ass-lips that he’d so patiently stretched for the last half hour. Skip hung above me, sweat pouring from his skin as Duane’s twelve-inch fuck pole entered his boy-sized shitter. My friend’s cock throbbed in my mouth and then spurted a thick glob of salty cum, followed by another jet and then a sticky steady stream. I swallowed and kept on sucking. He was still getting fucked by Duane who seemed in no particular hurry. Meanwhile, Roger was licking and fingering my asshole, trying to avoid a head collision with Skip who was bobbing around slurping up my joystick. When I felt Roger’s finger enter my tender hole I blasted Skip’s face with volley after volley of pearly boycream.

“Hey, Rog! Looks like we got a couple of boys who like assplay. This one I’m plowing already unloaded down his friend’s throat before I finished stuffing him and yours, Kevin, just spunked a geyser when you stuck your finger into him. God, I fucking love shore leave in these hick towns. These kids are horny little fuck pigs!”

I could tell by the way Skip’s sweaty body was moving that Duane had begun fucking my buddy with renewed vigor. Skip had stopped sucking me after I came and was now trying to get his mouth around Roger’s prick, sliming it up with saliva so it would go into my tight hole. Big strands of gluey spit hung from his glistening fuck meat and when he thought it properly coated he began pushing into my entryway. It near took my breath away when Roger’s cock entered my ass. I didn’t know how my little butthole could take such a huge dick, and wondered how Skip was able to accommodate Duane whose prick was even bigger. Skip’s dick had gotten hard again and he fumbled to get it back into my mouth as he sucked on Roger’s nipples as the sailor pulled all the way out, then shoved all the way back into my wet asslips. Duane was grunting and muttering about boycunt and how much he loved it was banging Skip on top of me like a machine. I was sliding around in the sweat and spit on the leather sofa and getting an incredible feeling from my ass as Roger’s prong entered me repeatedly. I felt like I was in heaven. Roger kept fucking me, stirring up the juices and then pulling out before plunging back into my moist cave.

I could just make out the sound of a marching band and people cheering. It felt as if the entire town were celebrating the fact that two native sons were serving their country by servicing their servicemen.

I was getting delirious from the heat and funk and sweat. Skip doused my tonsils with another sticky load of semen and Duane made sounds like an animal as he finally spent himself in my best friend’s totally fucked ass. He lifted Skip off me and bounced him on his lap as his explosive orgasm pumped copious amounts of jizz into my pal’s shit chute. Duane’s balls and thighs gleamed with splooge seeping from Skip’s fuckhole. Roger was still fucking me and sucking on my nipples. We were both slipping and sliding on the juiced-over leather of my dad’s couch. Then he stiffened, his whole body rigid and tensed and I knew that he was spraying my insides with his maritime brine. We both lay there, heaving and trembling, every nerve sparking and tingling as he emptied his balls into my spasming rectum.

“You okay, kid?” he asked, his bloated prick still snug in my boycunt.

“Yeah, that was pretty wild,” I responded.

“I’m gonna pull out, boy, tighten up your hole, otherwise you’re gonna ruin daddy’s furniture.”

I clenched as best I could until I felt his softening prick slip out of my ass. When he was sat I sat up and then scampered for the restroom. As I sat on the john expelling Roger’s spunk from my hole, I felt my dick getting hard again. I wiped up and then got some paper towels to sponge up the mess on the waiting room couch.

Everyone was pretty much naked and still looking at the parade. As I cleaned up the couch I told them to back up cause people might be able to see them. This sort of broke the spell and everyone began picking up their clothes. The sailors said they’d better start hunting up their ride back to the base. They didn’t give us their addresses or anything and it was just as well. Skip and I did some more serious cleaning up, hoping that the smell of man sex would dissipate over the next couple of days. Finally we sat on the couch and spoke about our adventure with the squids.

“Now that was incredible, really something else!” Skip opined, a smirk spreading across his face.

“You’re glowing, you know that?”

“Yeah, I have been well fucked, but you know, I was sort of hoping for more ... you know, something real kinky. But it was fun.”

“Oh well, I saw a couple of Marines from the window earlier, let’s go check them out. I haven’t had a Marine yet, have you?”

“No, were they hot?”

“They were men, real men. Let’s go track them down. This time I want my name to be Buzz, okay?”

“Okay, let’s go find them before some cunts get their hands on them. After all, we have two other branches of the service to find.”

“Yeah, you’re such a fucking patriot!” My best friend laughed. “Yeah, and remember, we’re virgins.”


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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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