Art by Michael Kirwan  Story John C. Douglas



Originally published in Playguy magazine - January, 1997



Deli trainee gets after-hours lessons


"Don't stop, Chris!" I grabbed his long wavy hair, holding his head in place while I fucked my prick in and out of that warm wet mouth, driving the swollen head deep in his gulping throat.


"Make me cum, Chris! Keep sucking on it! I'm almost ready!"


Nineteen years old (only a year younger than me, but so much younger in experience), totally cute and with a deliciously tight body, Chris Dalton had agreed to undress, play with my dick, and finally suck it while fondling my dark, heavy balls. Who'd have thought things would turn out this way when Chris showed up at my grandparents' Italian deli looking for a job? His credentials were okay--he'd spent the last few months working at a sandwich shop near the church college in the next town--so they took him on as a probationary trainee.


I'd hesitated to put the moves on him, he seemed so pure. But not less than a week later--despite my attempts at self-control--here he was with me in the little apartment I had over the shop. Of course, once he put that virginal tongue to work, licking the head of my fuck-pole, I wasn't about to let him stop before I shot my wad. And from the way he knelt there gobbling my dick, every once in a while peeking up at me with a dazed expression, Chris wanted the same thing.


My ass bounced on the couch, jiggling my cock against that writhing tongue, and Chris altered his suction to a noisy nursing of the throbbing head, anticipating the thick semen that was about to come surging through the nine-inch shaft.


Mine was the first prick he had ever sucked. He had admitted as much while I was persuading him to go down on me. But he's spent plenty of time fantasizing about it; he confessed to that as well. So, Chris was about to finally enjoy his first load of real-life cum, a load I had wanted to spill down his throat since the first moment I saw him. Everything about the young clerk was sensuous: his voice, his well-proportioned, boyish body, those full lips, everything.


"Don't change anything, Chris!" I panted, my hips thrusting almost savagely. "Take my cream just like that! Here it comes, baby! Get it!" Chris snorted and slurped as my prick erupted, jetting against his tongue and palate, and he swallowed hesitantly, savoring his first taste of semen.


Then, whimpering with newly discovered pleasure, he sucked in perfect rhythm with the spurts of ropy semen, letting the fuck-juice slide down his throat while his tongue swirled about the spitting slitted tip of my cock.


"UMMMMM!" he moaned, gulping the juice with noisy swallows, his lips sliding up and down the jerking shaft. His fingers gently squeezed my balls as his mouth milked my prick, careful to collect every drop. Obviously, he was in no hurry to release me.


"You give damn good head, Chris!" I groaned, stroking his dark hair and fingering the juncture of his mouth and my dick.


He slid his lips up and off of my cock, giving it one last lick before raising his head to look up into my eyes.


"That's the first time I ever did it," he whispered hoarsely. "I've waited all my life to feel a guy cum in my mouth. I kind of have a thing for big Italian guys. In my fantasies, I mean." His fingers squeezed the base of my prick. "I'll suck you off anytime, Jeff."


I leaned forward, brushing my lips against his and tasting my own musk.


"Are you going to let me fuck you?"


He licked his lips nervously, his tongue flicking mine. His fingers tightened about my still-hard cock.


"I've never done it before, Jeff."


"So," I smiled, "my big dick will be getting your cherry."


His blue eyes softened as he said, "Are you really going to make me get fucked in the ass?"


"Damn right! I've wanted some of that tail ever since the first time we met. You were wearing a pair of real tight jeans, and I got a hard-on just watching the way you moved."


"I wanted to suck your dick," he whispered. "I remember I could see the big bulge even under your apron. But I never figured I really would get to suck it."


"Come up here, Chris," I urged, tugging his arms. I leaned back on the couch. "Straddle my legs and ease your ass down on my prick."


Slowly, he rose to his feet and shifted his feet far apart, moving forward until his dick nudged my chest. I leaned forward and ran my tongue over the velvet knob, making him moan with pleasure.


Without looking up, I let my breath bathe his glans as I asked, "Didn't anybody ever suck you off before, Chris?"


"No," he said, almost gasping as I licked the head of his dick again, and Jet it slip into my mouth. My hands slid up his smooth thighs and around his narrow hips to grip the cheeks of that inviting bottom.


Keeping his prick between my lips, and massaging it with my tongue, I nursed it, gently and slowly. Removing one hand from his buttocks, I reached for the drawer of the end table, pulled it open, and lifted out the tube of jelly. Still sucking his cock, I squeezed a glob onto my own strutted prick, snapping the tube closed and dropping it back into the drawer. My fingers spread the lubricant up and down the swollen shaft.


Then, my fingers slick with the jelly, I reached around his hips and eased them between the cheeks of his ass, feeling his naked body tense when I touched his tiny anus. He gave a sharp gasp when my finger slid into the hot circlet, probing and wiggling to loosen that virgin orifice.


My free hand pulled his pelvis toward me, and I drew his throbbing dick farther into my mouth, bathing it with my warm saliva and fluttering my tongue beneath the swollen ventral ridge.


"Oh. God!" he cried, his waist arching and his balls pressing my chin. "You're gonna make me cum!"


Quickly, I pulled my lips up the pulsating column and released his dick with a little kissing sound. "Not yet," I told him. "Wait 'til I get my cock inside you, then you can cum!"


"Suck it some more, Jeff! Please! It feels so good!"


Holding his hips, I pushed him back to where I could pull my knees together and force them between his pretty legs.


"Sit on my prick, Chris," I said hoarsely, "and I'll suck your cock while I fuck you."


It was something I'd never done with another guy, but I figured I could do it. Like most boys, I'd tried several times to bend down and reach my own cock with my mouth. But I'm not limber enough. I've seen other guys do it, and envied them. Now, with Chris's young ass riding my dick, I knew that I could reach his prick, and it would mean a double dose of pleasure, for I had already discovered that the boy's cock was delicious.


"Don't hurt me, Jeff!" he whimpered, straddling my legs with his thighs and easing his hips down until his anus was pressed against the tip of my dick.


"If it hurts at all," I promised, "it will only be for a minute. Just 'til I get it all the way in."


I gripped that narrow waist and pulled him down, feeling the hot lips of his asshole yield to the hardness, and he cried out as his sphincter surrendered to the thrusting knob.


"UHHHH!" he bleated, trying to lift himself off of the impaling shaft. But my fingers held his hips and forced him onto it. "OHHHH! ... OH, JEFF!"


Beneath the slippery membranes, his rectal muscles convulsed and squeezed my cock, sending surges of pleasure back along the column and into my tightening balls.


"Jesus, Chris!" I groaned. "That's good ass! Take all of that dick, baby!"


"I CAN'T!" he sobbed, still trying to pull himself free. "IT'S TOO BIG!"


"Easy, Chris!" I murmured soothingly, relaxing the pressure on his hips, but holding them in place. I had about five inches inside the boy, enough to begin that delightful stroking.


Keeping a firm grip on his waist, I leaned forward, my head butting his chest, and he grabbed me around the neck to keep from falling backward. My lips found the head of his prick and I slipped them over the slick glans, my tongue flicking back and forth across the slippery tip, and Chris gave a cry of delight.


Before he could protest, I drew my hips back, pulling my cock almost out of his asshole, then thrust deep again, even farther than before.


"UHHH!" he gasped, but this time he didn't try to pull free, and I stroked out and in again, my hips quivering with the intense pleasure of fucking that hot, young tail. My balls tightened, and I sucked hard on his tasty dick.


His fingers clawed at the back of my neck as I stroked in and out, and his hips began moving in harmony with my thrusts, sliding his asshole up and down to increase the frictioning of his anal passageway by the throbbing hardness.


My head bobbed, sending my lips up and down his dick, and my mouth nursed him, drawing the tasty seminal fluid from the oozing tip.


I have sucked one guy while fucking another, but this was the first time I had ever sucked and fucked one boy at the same time, and it was so good that I knew I wouldn't be able to postpone the orgasm that churned in my balls.


Now that his asshole had adjusted to the wrist-thick intrusion, Chris was enjoying it just as much as I was. His hips were riding my lap, sliding that hot, juicy grip up and down my cock, and I was adding a twisting motion each time he took the shaft deep.


I wanted to swallow that luscious dick all the way, but I couldn't bend quite far enough to get it all. Anyway, it wasn't necessary. I had enough of it in my mouth to satisfy the youngster, and I was now driving full length in and out of his spasming rectum.




Warm, wet and deliciously tart, the young, hot semen shot against my tongue and palate, and almost at the same moment, my balls exploded through my jerking cock to spurt deep in Chris's hungry colon.


He cried out with each volley of cum, his rectal muscles spasming, making it feel as if his asshole was sucking my dick as it drew my fuck-juice deep in his belly.


Keeping my lips tight about his cock, I milked the last drop of semen from the pulsating knob, my own prick still jerking wildly inside his bottom as I delivered one final spurt.


"Oh, Jesus!" he panted, his hips grinding to friction his anal membranes against my deeply planted cock.


"Nothing ever felt that wonderful! It's like my ass was cumming, too!"


Slowly, flicking my tongue back and forth across that velvet glans, I pulled my lips up and off of his dick, raising my head until I could stare into his eyes, glazed with passion. His rectal muscles were still working on my cock.


With a groan that told me more than any words could have expressed, Chris covered my mouth with those soft, hungry lips, and his tongue slithered between my teeth, dancing and fluttering against mine.


My movements let him know what I intended to do, and I gave him time to work his legs into position, wrapping themselves about my waist as I stood up off the couch, feeling his deliciously tight ass impale itself more firmly on my prick.


"UHHHHH!" he yelped, his asshole stretched even more by the extra inch of wrist-thick hardness. "UHHHH!" he cried again, for I deliberately bounced him on the rearing shaft, enjoying the delightful sensation of his intestinal sleeve spasming and grinding on my dick as his hips squirmed in adjustment. I felt the curve of his intestine against the head of my cock.


The load of cum I had deposited in his rectum made that corridor slippery, but it was tight enough that even the extra lubrication did not prevent the erotic rubbing of flesh on flesh, and the youth cried out with ecstasy as I walked across the room, bouncing his tender asshole on my prick.


His hands were locked behind my neck, and his legs about my waist, my prick inserted full-length in his juicy rectum, as I carried him into the bedroom and over to the king-sized bed.


Only when he felt his back touch the bed did Chris open his eyes and stare up into my face, his lips parting as my mouth claimed his in a long kiss, our tongues dueling as I began pumping my dick in and out of his asshole once again.


Eagerly, Chris's hips worked beneath mine, screwing his rectum about my driving cock, the tissues spasming in a wet, hot massage that sent thrills through my balls as I fucked him.


Minutes later, when the pleasure had become ecstasy, and I was almost ready to drop a second load into his squirming ass, the youngster dug his fingernails into my pounding hips.


"Cum in my mouth, Jeff!" he panted, his hands trying to slow my pelvic thrusts. "Please! I want it in my mouth!"


If we had practiced for days, it couldn't have been done more gracefully. Chris let his legs fall, I braced my upper body with both hands flat on the bed and raised my hips, pulling my prick out of his ass with a slurping sound.


Then, scrambling upward, I straddled his chest and felt his fingers grip my slippery prick, guiding it between his lips and into that hungry mouth. His tongue polished and massaged, and his jaws hollowed in suction as he nursed the throbbing head, drawing it back, past his palate and into his gulping throat.


I grabbed fistfuls of hair and gripped his head like a vise. I was past caring whether he could handle the entire length, for the pleasure was too intense. My hips thrust and my balls pressed against his chin, my black forest of pubic hair covered his nose, and the head of my cock slid between his tonsils.


"UMMMMM!" he moaned, swallowing even as my prick filled his throat, the hot, wet tissues squeezing and caressing the sensitive glans. "UMMMMM!"


I managed about a dozen strokes, pulling the head back until it almost slipped out of his mouth, back to where his tongue could lick and polish the tender triangle just below the tiny eye, then ramming it in again, holding it while he gulped as if trying to swallow the glans.


"Here it comes, Chris!" I groaned, hunching my dick in and out between those slurping lips. "Drink it, baby! Drink my cum! Suck that fucking cock!"


Suddenly, just before my first spurt of semen, I felt Chris's body jerk, and his warm, wet semen shot against my ass.


It was like a trigger, releasing my own churning load, and I spilled it into his greedy, gulping throat with grunts of ecstasy.


Chris swallowed every volley, and sucked my prick with avid lips until my balls were drained. Even then, as my hips relaxed, he nursed my dick with gentle tugs, his tongue moving just enough to send shivers of pleasure back through my heaving belly.


My cock was still hard, and I wanted more of that hot, tight ass. Tugging the shaft out of his greedy mouth, I slid down between his legs again, and lifting his hips, inserted my prick in that responsive anus.


Chris grunted as I hilted my dick and worked my hips in a screwing motion that massaged every part of his well-stretched colon.


"Jesus!" he gasped. "That feels good!"


I began pumping again, sliding my cock in and out of that spasming embrace with long, easy strokes. fucking the youngster slowly and lovingly.


His hands clutched my waist and I lowered my face to his, our tongues swirling in a passionate kiss while my prick drove through the throbbing grip of his clenching sphincter.


Suddenly, making him cry out in protest at the removal, I tugged my cock out of his ass and lifted my upper body off of his.


"Turn over, Chris," I ordered. "Get on your hands and knees."


Obediently, the youngster rolled onto his belly, then pulled his knees up under him to raise that inviting ass. His legs were spread in readiness.


"Oh, shit!" he gasped, his naked body jerking as I eased my dick into his rectum again, sliding it all the way to my balls, and feeling them pressing his nut sack. "I love to feel that cock in my ass!"


"You're gonna feel it in there a lot, kid!" I grunted, leaning forward over his arched back and slipping my hands through his armpits to grip his shoulders. With that extra leverage, I began fucking him again, driving my prick deep with each stroke.


"Oh, God!" he cried, yelping each time my dick filled his rectum. Lubricated by my first deposit, the shaft made a squishing, sucking sound as it slid in and out. "You're gonna make me cum again! ... Fuck me hard! ... Fuck my ass! ... Fuck me! ... Fuck me!"


My belly slapped his arched back, faster and faster, my cock pistoning in and out of his ass as I panted with the mounting pleasure.


He recognized the sounds and feel of my impending orgasm, and he clawed at the sheet as his body shook and jerked in anticipation.


Releasing one shoulder, I reached under him and gripped his throbbing prick, stroking it as I plunged my own cock in and out of the youngster's asshole.


"Cum with me, Chris!"


"Yeah! ... Oh, shit! ... Yeah! ... Give it to me! ... Cum in my ass! ... Shoot that cream in me! ... UUUHHHH!"


My first spurt triggered his balls, and I felt his ass spasm as the semen surged through his cock. I pumped his dick as my own prick sprayed its load deep in his belly.


It was more than an hour later, and I was almost asleep, when he slid down to kneel between my legs and begin licking my balls. That warm wet tongue caressed me with mounting hunger, and I spread my thighs encouragingly, letting him nuzzle my asshole, and lick the delicate circlet until my cock was throbbingly hard again.


With a little moan of desire, he raised his head, licking up and over my balls, up the ventral ridge of my dick, to where he could take the swollen head into his mouth again.


"Now, Chris," I groaned, stroking his curly hair. "Suck me real good!"


He was only too willing.




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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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