I Won't Tell         



















 Art Michael Kirwan

 Story by Jimmy Seay



I was hanging around James for one fucking reason; he had lifted some beer from his old man. I don't know why I didn't like the dude, none of my friends did. He dressed right, he acted right, he was one of the best on our school's baseball team. Just for some reason, none of us, my crowd, found him cool, ya know?

But he was cool today, he had beer, and that made him cool. We were sitting in back of his house, drinking. I was on my second beer, and already feeling it. Me and James were just kinda talking. We both played sports, and were both on the baseball team. We were just talking about sports, and the beer hit me and I needed to take a leak.

His parents were gone, so I didn't see the need to go inside. It was just us guys, just me and James. So I stood up and walked a few feet towards a tree.

James said, "Where you going, Ted?"

"To piss man, gotta let the lake out!" I answered.

James jumped up, "Now you got me needing to go."

Okay, we were in back of his house, big fence, all that. I wasn't selecting a certain place to hide from neighbors. We could have pissed all over that whole backyard and no one could see us. But James, he just walked right by were I was standing. He could have walked any where in that yard, it was his fucking backyard and he knew how private it was. But he had to come stand by me to take his leak.

I ain't piss shy. But I had to wonder why James wanted to piss beside me. I had pissed around other guys before, but it was when we had to, like at urinals, or when we didn't have a lot of privacy. James only had one reason to be next to me now; he wanted to see my dick. I thought about that while I was pissing with James right next to me. Me and him had been in the showers at school together. He had plenty of chances to see my dick. Did he think the beer would make me hard or something?

I was still pissing, but I kind of let out a sigh. I knew what a queer was, and suddenly I knew James was queer. This was back in the late 1970's. Weren't that many queers around in my small town, my small life. But right then and there, I knew James was one of them.

I didn't have nothing to be ashamed about in the dick department. Even soft my pud was big. So I let him piss beside me. I had my little beer buzz going on and I wasn't the queer trying to check out a dick. He was. James was trying to see my piece. So, I pissed out my stream, and I could see James trying to check my dick out on the sly. I went back and sat down and opened up another beer.

James finished pissing and came back and sat down. "That felt good!" he laughed as he opened another beer.

I was thinking about how faggots are suppose to be good dick suckers. I'd never had my dick sucked, I'd never had sex at that teen age. I asked, "What felt good?" I was looking at him as he answered. I saw the color in his face change a bit. I knew he was wondering if I knew he was checking out my cock.

"Pissing," he answered. "It always feels so good to piss after a couple of beers."

I nodded, "Okay. I thought that you were talking about how you were staring at my dick made you feel good."

James's mouth opened and closed. I was watching it, wondering how it would feel to stick my cock in it.

"Huh?" James responded.

Maybe it was the beer, maybe it was just simply being a horny teenager, but I answered, "Your backyard is huge, you could have pissed anywhere,  you came to piss with me to see my dick." I laughed, "That's big too, huh?"

His face lost the red color and turned white. He said, "Huh.? It wasn't a question, it was a comment from a scared guy that had been caught.

I kept talking, "Yeah, when you asked me to come drink beer with you, that kind of told me something was up. I was wondering why you didn't fit in. I was doing a lot of thinking." I groped my crotch, I was half hard so I used both hands to feel myself up.

James was a pretty decent looking dude. He was an inch or so taller then me, and had about 15 pounds of body over me. But I didn't even consider any of that, I suddenly knew he was a queer.

James stuttered, "What... what do... what....?"

I popped the button on the waistband of my shorts and lifted my shirt a couple of inches. I rubbed at my exposed skin. James couldn't make his eyes move away.

I shrugged, "If some other guy wanted to play with my dick, as horny as I am today, I wouldn't stop him. I sure as fuck won't tell."

I watched James gasping for air, I watched his embarrassment, and I lowered my zipper about an inch. I lifted my shirt a little higher, and I ran my hands over my dick print. "My big dick gets so hard sometimes, James. A lot of the guys at school tease me about how big my dick is. You know, in the showers and stuff. I got a big one. I bet a lot of them wanna try to get me drunk and see it. I'd let them see it, maybe even let them see it hard or something."

James was a regular looking guy, pretty well built, pretty good looking. Well, normally. Right now he was scared shitless.

"Maybe...," I said, "Maybe if some queer was around, I'd let him touch my dick and jack it, maybe more." Then I laughed, "But I sure wouldn't tell no one about it!"

James was actually holding his head, running his hands over his face knocking off sweat from his face.

I unzipped all the way, and pulled my cock out. It was half hard, it was plump and full. I said, "Yeah a queer can admire by big dick all he wants and I won't tell about it. I could never tell no one if a queer ever made me cum. I cum so much though."

James was sweating hard, he was nervous, he was scared out of his mind.

I jacked my cock slowly, "A queer could put his hands on my cock, and no one would ever know, I won't tell."

"Go ahead, ya know you wanna. We both fucking know how bad you wanna. I ain't gonna tell, James. You'd just be a buddy helping me out. Ya wanna be my buddy, don'cha? Just feel it a little, just a little, man."

James hadn't stopped staring at my dick the entire time. His face had turned white, his hands were clenched tight. He looked up; like he was making sure it was okay. I nodded and smiled. His left hand opened slowly, he stared at it as he moved it towards my dick. He stared like his hand was acting on its own accord, like he was shocked to see it moving.

His fingertips touched first, he jerked his hand back like he had touched fire, in a way, he had. He held his hand reaching towards my piece, without looking away from my cock, "You won�t tell?" he asked.

"I won't tell," I breathed heavily.

His placed his hand on my dick, feeling, touching, making my dick twitch. "It's so long and thick," he murmured. "It feels different then mine, different then when I jack off."

"Go ahead and jack it man, play with it. Play with my big dick. Yeah, that feels good, help your buddy out! Yeah!"

I let a wad of spit fall for James to lube my dick with, then another. He slowly moved closer, an inch or so at a time. My dick was dribbling by the time he was close enough to use both hands. I sipped at a beer and watched him jerk my cock. I told him what felt good. And just having someone else's hands on my goober was great! This was back in the 1970's; girls just didn't put out back then. This was as close as I had ever been to losing my virginity.

"Play with my balls," I moaned as I felt myself getting too close. He rolled my full nuts around gently with just the right amount of pressure; he worked my dick and then would move back to my nuts. I got closer and closer, my balls throbbed, my cock twitched.

"Oh, fuck yeah, fuck yeah!" I yelled as my load started up my cum tube! My dick almost hurt as my sperm begin spewing out! It was the fucking best nut I could remember, even better and more powerful then the very first time I nutted!

I was amazed and proud of both how far and how much I shot! It was like a faucet to my nuts had been turned on and my cock was the hose attached! It was a mind blowing climax that made me yell and shake! My cum was on me, it was on James. "Fuck," I moaned.

I was thinking about making James lick it off, but somehow I didn't wanna push him. I kinda understood if I took him too fast that he may not wanna mess around again. So, I pulled off my shirt and cleaned up as much as I could. Then I handed my shirt to James and put my dick away.

He took the shirt nervously and was quiet and moody. I figured if I had just jacked off some other dude, I'd be quiet too. But I played it cool, and sipped at my beer like nothing had happened. Soon enough, James was sipping at one also.

We left it at that, didn't say nothing bout what he had just done, we just spent the rest of the afternoon drinking and talking.


Like I said, I didn't hang around James much, but a few days later, I was horned up thinking about things. Specifically, thinking about how good another hand job would feel. I knew I wanted one, just didn't know how to set it up. I thought about it and just decided to give James a call, get him to come over and see what happened.

And it ended up happening; once again I got bold and pulled my cock out. Once again James tried not to look. This time I changed things ever so slightly, it was James's spit that lubed my prick as he stroked it. I didn't have to tell him what to do this time, he did it all on his own. He played with my balls and stroked my cock great! He added spit when needed and I just sat back legs spread wide enjoying the sensations.

I was also enjoying the view, it made me feel kinda in control having this dude jerking me off. Made me feel a lot of things.

After a while, I started cumming, not as much as the first time, just my normal impressive load. We were in my room, and I had a towel ready. I handed it to James, and somehow he knew to clean me up first. I watched as he cleaned my sticky mess off of me.

"Thanks buddy," I told him.

He blushed a little, and then cleaned the over spray off his hands and clothes. Again, we didn't talk about it. Just carried on like nothing had happened. But something had, James was into my dick. James was into me.

Later that night, before bed, I did some thinking. I had a fag boy crazy for my big dick. This was a good thing, a very good thing, especially as horny as I got.

The next day, James called me, invited me to come hang out. Oh, I was gonna let something hang out alright. But this time, I stripped off; this time I let James see the whole package. There was hunger in his eyes as he looked at me. I had a slim hard body and being all the way naked just somehow made my dick look bigger.

He was all over it, jerking it, using his fingers his mouth got very close to my cock as he drooled spit on it. I was pretty excited, pretty horned up as he pulled my pud. I knew I would soon feel his mouth on my cock, I just knew. I moaned and groaned for him, telling him how good he was jacking me, how full my balls were. As his spit slick hands worked my piece, I could picture his mouth on my dick!

"Yeah, fuck yeah!" I began a power climax, one of those huge rushes of cum that makes you hurt just spraying it out! Globs of ball milk all over me, all over him, "Fuck yeah!"

He cleaned me up, "Oh fuck buddy! Dude that was unreal!" I told him watching him blush with pleasure. I'd never touched him before, but as he knelt in front of me cleaning my nut sack, I ran my fingers thru his hair softly, "Thanks buddy!"

He had a shy smile on his face. He was almost beaming. He was proud of himself.

That's how I began training him; I stripped down nude and had him between my legs as he jacked me off. I played with his hair, moaning and grunting as he jerked my piece. He loved jacking my dick; he liked my fingers playing with his hair. It became a twice a day thing, over the next few days, James jerked me and I played with his hair.

It was time, time for more, and time for me to feel a mouth on my cock! James was between my legs, jerking me, watching my dick closely, adding spit when needed. I got closer and closer to cumming, right at the last second; I grabbed his hair and pulled his face right into my fuck pole! I held his head tight and humped against his face as I shot! Fucking eight wads of thick ball milk! I wanted to fucking scream as I pumped out that load!

His face was white, white with shock and white with my load! I was breathing hard as I ran my fingers thru his hair, "Thanks James that was the best ever!" I let my hands trail over his neck, gently massaging, "Oh dude! That was great! Fucking mind blowing! Oh, man, I thought I was dying!"

The shock went away from James face. As he began cleaning me up, this time things changed again. I was shaking my head, "I can't believe how good that felt! I still can't believe it!"

I took the towel from James, I wiped my cum from his face. I stared at him, direct eye contact. "Fuck James, that was so good." I made my cute face, a face that allowed me to get away with things, and grinned at him.

James grinned back. The towel had wiped my load from his face, and my words of praise had wiped the shock from his face. Soon, I'd not only have me a faggot dick slave, I'd have me a cock sucker. I decided soon would be in a few hours, I couldn't wait to feel a mouth around my pole!

"Awe dude, that was great! Oh, man. Thanks!" I praised the blushing James as I dressed. "Hey, you wanna watch a game?" I asked as I grabbed the remote.

James was quiet but after I reassured him that this was just between us, he got to acting normal. And of course after the game, I was more then ready to be serviced again.

I unzipped and pulled out my hawg, I didn't have to say nothing to James; he was there between my legs. He rubbed some of his spit on my cock and started jacking. I gave him a few minutes before I started speaking.

"It felt real good when you touched your lips to it James, real good. Do that again dude! I just gotta feel it!" I moaned. I was surprised that it didn't take more persuasion but James took to my dick like he was licking a Popsicle. His tongue came out and was wrapping around my piece like I couldn't believe!

The moans coming from me weren't meant to just encourage James now; these were real moans of pure prick pleasure! Gawd, his tongue was hitting all the right spots! "Aw man, man, man!" I groaned!

But I wanted more! Want was the wrong word, I needed more! I needed my dick in his mouth! I had never needed anything quite that bad! "Suck it, man! Suck my big dick! Suck my cock!" I was demanding and begging at the same time. James pulled his head away and looked at my hard tower of power. His eyes were dark; it was almost like he had needed to hear those words!

I couldn't believe it as his head moved and his mouth opened! I watched, put myself in check as his lips moved over my cock head! I wanted to grab his head and plant my fuck stick deep inside! But I somehow kept in control, somehow let him move at his pace!

"Fuck!" I moaned as his lips kissed my cock tip! "Oh fucking shit!"

It was so unreal, so good! The whole head of my dick was in his mouth! I was getting my first blowjob! It was happening, it was really happening! His tongue began doing things, his lips, his mouth! It was like my cock was in a warm place with all those taste buds on his tongue doing something awesome! And his lips and the sucking! I moaned and grunted! I played with his hair and just let him do whatever it was that was making me feel so good! I could feel my nuts, they were like pulsing and twitching!

His head moved up and down, taking half of my prick inside, his lips massaging, his tongue doing things that made me feel like I couldn't breathe! And I felt my nut, I felt the explosion a few seconds before it happened! My balls felt so heavy but they were rising up, getting closer to my dick! The first pump they gave out made me grunt in surprise! It almost hurt, it almost felt bad!

I was in slow motion as I felt the wad of my juice erupt upward! It was like it was stretching something, like it was too big to get out! But the pain of it became pleasure as it erupted from my cock! I was ready to hold James's face down, ready to keep his mouth on my piece! I didn't have to, he tried to swallow! My nuts kept pumping and he just kept sucking! He was gagging and choking but he didn't stop until he drained me!

"Aw fuck!" I said weakly, "Aw holy fuck!"

I couldn't even move for a few seconds, I knew I had to because James was looking freaked out! I had to do something to make him feel right! I had to make this happen again!

I forced myself beside him and cleaned away the cum that had ran out of his mouth and all over him. He had this blank look on his face, made me think of someone in shock. I pulled off his shirt, it was drenched in cum.

I tossed him one of mine, "Here put this on, buddy."

James nodded slowly and pulled my shirt over his head. I got him on the bed beside me, and started rubbing his shoulders, just telling him how good it was, how much I appreciated it. He didn't say anything at first, but by the time he went home we were back to normal.

I slept bad that night, had a constant boner. I didn't jack or nothing, I didn't wanna cum. I wanted to save it for James' mouth. And I did! I had a constant boner the next day!


And James had learned well, he took care of me again the next afternoon. I had done my thang and pulled out my cock. He had knelt down and took it right in his mouth!

As I watched him suck me off for the second time, I could see some wood in his jeans! He was hard just from sucking my dick! He was taking a little more of it today, and then when I blasted, he was ready! Oh, there something hot 'bout seeing another dude swallow your load! And this time, most of it went down his throat! He didn't waste much!

Everyday that week, he was sucking my stick! He just got better and better! Fuck, better wasn't the word, he got damn good! And that's when I decided I had to have more! I had to have the last thing!

After he left that night, I thought about it! Butt fucking! Yeah, I wanted to fuck! I almost didn't sleep thinking about it!

It was all I could think about, fucking James up his ass! I could almost picture my dick disappearing up his butt hole! My cock was hard as I imagined grinding in and out of his chute. I'd never really looked at his bare ass but I knew he filled out his jeans pretty decent.

I knew for sure I had decided to butt fuck him when I was planning on how to do it. I was thinking of what I could say to him, what he might say back and so on. Aw, fuck it, I decided! He was another dude, a guy that had been sucking my dick! I didn't have to convince him or talk him into it. I'd just fucking tell him I was gonna screw him up his ass! Yeah, that was the best way and the fastest to get my prick planted inside his butt! The cocksucker didn't need a choice, I'd just tell him I was gonna do it and that would be the way it was.

There were a couple bad thoughts in my head as I pictured porking his ass. What if it was nasty? What if I didn't like it? But I had to know! I had to know what it would feel like! Besides, if I didn't like it, I sure liked him sucking my dick!

I caught up with James that afternoon. My folks weren't around so I figured now was as good as time as any. My brother was at practice at wouldn't be home for a few hours, my folks were at work so it would just be me and James. I was gonna fuck, no question about it!

"Come on dude, we're going to my place," I said.

James kind of blushed and then grinned. He had really become a devoted cock sucker. Fuck, I figured he liked sucking my hawg as much as I liked getting it done. He'd probably love getting my big dick screwing his ass! Yeah, bet he was gonna love this!

We went in my room. James had a shy smile on his face as I began tossing off my clothes. He was just standing watching me strip.

"Why don'cha strip, too, dude?" I kind of asked, but it wasn't really a question, it was more like a command. His face flushed as he hesitated. I frowned and saw how nervous he was as he started slowly unbuttoning his shirt. I was totally nude before he even got his shirt off. It was just us two dudes but he was acting nervous and shy. I was stroking my dick real slow, just watching him hesitate as he folded his shirt.

"Come on dude, get naked! Clothes off!" I kind of laughed like I was teasing or something, but my words made him strip faster. I'd been in the locker room with James before but had never really noticed him. Fuck, I guess I just wasn't the type of dude that got into seeing other naked guys.

But James, he was taller then me and had a thicker build. First thing I noticed was the nubs of his nipples were kinda big. My nipples were definite dude nips, small and all. But James had some big nipples for a guy. I grinned at myself for checking them out.

His pants were off, and I could see the shape of his butt under his boxers. His fingers were fumbling with his boxers and I could understand how nervous and scared he was. I walked up to him and touched his nipples. He took a deep breath and kinda sighed. I touched his nipples real gentle and careful, just rubbing them. He had stopped taking off his boxers and had his eyes closed and was almost rubbing his chest against my fingers.

His nipples had got hard and were pretty big for a dude. I ran my hands over them lightly and then moved so our chest were touching. I ran my hands down his back and was humping my hard cock against the front of his boxers. I slipped my hands down inside the back of his boxers and touched his ass. I groaned as I felt the soft smooth skin covering his butt. "Aw yeah!"

Looking in his eyes, I saw that kinda dazed look, the same look I knew I had when I was super horned up. He was my cock slave! It was as queer as fuck, but I moved my mouth to his neck. Hey, here I was my hands exploring his butt cakes, humping my cock against his, rubbing my chest against his, and giving another dude a hickey!

He was moaning and his eyes were shut, but his head was kinda tossing and I knew he loved my mouth on his neck! I was using teeth, tongue, and suction to give him a big mark of purple passion! Fuck, he had one hell of a hickey!

His eyes opened slightly as I bent and pulled down his boxers. It kind of freaked me out when I saw his dick wasn't hard. I mean I knew he was turned on and shit, but his cock was a limp noodle! Fuck that was freaky! But what the hell, my dick was rock hard, my big cock was ready and more then willing!

"Step out of them James," I said as his boxers fell around his feet. My cock was so hard it was hurting! I placed a hand on one of his shoulders and guided him towards my bed. He moved real slowly but he moved.

"Are... are...." his voice was shaky.

Not wanting to be real crude, "All the way dude, we're going go all the way!" I answered, using my hand to get him to lie on the bed.

James was face down; his hands were supporting his head, his legs kind of parted.

Me, I was staring. It was so strange to know I was gonna fuck him, fuck another dude up his ass! I'd never fucked before, and I gotta admit I was feeling nervous now, too. I was thinking what if I don't do it right, what if....

But I had to do it! I had to know what it felt like! It couldn't be hard to figure out; I mean all I had to do was stick my dick in his butt and screw! How hard was that to figure out?

His ass had all my attention. It may have been another dudes butt cheeks I was staring at but damn they looked nice! And I told him, "You got a great ass, fucking fine ass!"

He turned his head and looked at me. His eyes got that dazed look again. I sat beside him on the bed, and just touched his butt cheeks. They were so soft, so smooth, and felt good to touch. I spit on a finger and probed between his cheeks. I could feel the warmness of his hole before I touched it. It was tight and small and so warm. I rubbed my finger against it; it was a hard tight ring that was closed tightly. I stroked it, and felt it quiver. More spit, more stroking. James moaned and sighed as I just ran my finger around the rim of his hole. More spit, more spit, more touching.

It was so tight, but my finger wanted inside! I moved between his legs and massaged his ass cakes and parted them. I moved my face close down to his crack and began spitting on it!

He was moaning as I dripped saliva in his crack, aiming at the ring. "Your hole is awesome man, so small, so pink, fucking awesome!" I said as I pressed my finger to its spit dampened surface.

He grunted as I pressed harder! I felt the ring kinda cave in then my index finger entered! James let out a load groan!

"You okay man?" I asked.

"Yeah," his voice was husky and he was gasping.

I had my finger inside the tight ring, it was so fucking tight that it was like squeezing my finger but his ass chute was bigger and even warmer inside. I was finger fucking him and feeling inside his body! I was wondering how my dick would fit inside this tight thing! Just thinking about getting my dick up that tight ass, that warm ass with all the smoothness in it made me pull my finger out.

He was breathing real funny as I climbed on his back. I kind of just placed my cock against his soft butt and rested my body on his.

"You okay?" I asked again.

"Yeah," his voice sounded scared. I bent my mouth to the back of his neck and started sucking, just letting my body get used to being on his back. He felt good and warm under me, he felt perfect! I sucked at the back of his neck and just hunched my cock against the pillows of his butt cakes! It was good, it was fucking great!

I raised myself up on my arms and looked down between our bodies. His ass was so white and creamy; my dick was an angry red! I supported myself with one hand and began rubbing mouthfuls of spit on my hard rod. It was wet and shining and I looked at my big dick and thought about his little hole! How was I gonna get my prick up there?

I shifted and guided my dick between those smooth white buns! I felt the warmth of his tight ass band and placed my cock tip on it. I pushed and felt it stretch a bit but it didn't open. I rubbed my cock head into it and then pushed harder!

James groaned loudly as the tight band began to give and open. I knew he was hurting and I cringed but kept pushing!

"Aw fuck!" I moaned as my dick head went inside! "Fuck fuck fuck!"

James's body had tensed and became stiff beneath me! I could hear him gasping and trembling. Waves engulfed me; they were coming from my dick! My prick head and maybe an inch of my shaft were inside him! I wanted deeper and more but I couldn't move or I knew I would cum! I had to stay still, I couldn't give in yet!

"It hurts Ted, it hurts real bad!" James gasped.

I couldn't talk or move cause I knew I would start cumming!

"Ted, its too big, I can't I can't!" James cried out.

I managed to get my mouth back on his neck and as I sucked him another hickey I got some control of my piece! I sucked and bit his neck and began to move slowly, planting more of my tube up his ass!

Maybe 10 minutes, maybe 20 minutes later, I had worked my entire big fuck shaft inside him. I could see a tear dripping down his face, I began kissing the back of his neck, kissing his shoulders, and telling him had good it felt.

"It hurts a lot, Ted, it really hurts!" he sobbed.

I didn't care; he was my cock slave, my faggot! I raised myself up and drew my dick almost all the way out! I plunged inside him! I heard his scream and figured it must be loud but somehow my dick was screaming louder, I had to fuck!

It was strange, but my dick knew how to fuck! I was grinding my hips, feeling that tight clenching grip of his fuck hole and his ass ring! I was slamming and shifting and grinding!

"Fucking your ass! Fucking your faggot ass!" I grunted in fuck heat!

"I don't like it! You're too big!" James wept.

I heard but didn't care, I fucked, and fucked, and fought the waves and signals my balls were sending out! His ass chute opened and took me! James cried out and begged me to stop. He was yelling real loud telling me how bad it hurt!

"Aw yeah!" I yelled, "Aw yeah!"

Then my nuts pulsed! I couldn't stop them! I felt my cum boil up and shoot and shoot! I rested on him for a few minutes, he was silent, his body tense.

I raised my head up to stretch my neck. Fuck, my brother Terry was standing there staring!

I kind of laughed and pulled off of James. My dick was still semi hard as I stood up. I didn't give a fuck, so my brother had caught me fucking another dude! I had fucked and that was all that mattered.

My brother was snickering but he high fived me, "Way to go Teddy!"

James stared at the two of us, his face red with embarrassment, and wet with a few tears. I watched my bro unzip his pants. James shook his head, "No, no! Please no!"

I scratched my nuts, they were sweaty and itching. I watched my big brother climb on top of James' back. James was crying big time now!

"Fucking nasty, that's my bed, Terry!" I protested.

Terry shrugged, "The faggot can change your sheets bro." He laughed, "After I fuck his ass!"

I shrugged back, I hadn't thought of that. As I went to shower, I could hear James groaning and I could hear my big brother fucking!

I smiled as I carefully washed my body. My dick was on semi hard, and I figured after Terry finished fucking James, I would have James blow me! Yeah, that was it. James could suck my dick once a day and I could fuck once a day. I yelled from the shower, "You only get sloppy seconds bro! That's my faggot!"

My grin got bigger as I heard James whimper. Fuck him, I kept my promise, I didn't tell! The queer was lucky to get my dick and my brother's!

                                                              THE   END

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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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