Pulling the Train

Illustration by Michael Kirwan

Story by Martin Cox


















Originally published in Inches magazine - December, 1997



White punk takes on all-black frat.




Franklin leads me around the back of the old house on the edge of campus, and I follow him closely. It is so dark I can barely see him, except for the whites of his eyes and gleaming teeth when he speaks to me.

"Are you prepared?" Franklin asks. "It's time to go in."

"I think so," I say, not at all sure.

We stop on the old back porch of the house, once screened in, but now missing all the wire mesh, leaving only the framework of wood, peeling white paint.

"Give me your clothes," Franklin says.

I peel out of my T-shirt, unlace my sneakers and drop my jeans. I didn't wear any underwear tonight, knowing what was to come. It is a balmy September night in South Georgia and the air feels warm and caresses my bare skin.

Franklin eyes my body appraisingly. "Sure got a big butt for a white guy," he appraises, a trace of a smirk in his voice.

My "big" butt is the result of hours of doing squats for my football coach. It is much rounder and higher than the flat butts most white guys have. I have done some comparing, so I know.

"You sure you're ready?" Franklin asks again. His face is clearer now, illuminated in the light coming from the house. His features are sharply defined, high cheekbones and prominent jaw, his skin a warm cocoa color.

I nod to him. He takes a long piece of black cloth from his back pocket and winds it around my head, blindfolding me. I shiver slightly, my body reacting to what my mind refuses to acknowledge, that I am afraid of what is about to happen to me.

Franklin takes my hand and leads me over the threshold of the house. My clothes gone, I feel even more naked with the blindfold in place. The floor of the house is wood, cool and worn smooth. Franklin leads me through the house, turning left then right, and I am stopped by a hand on my shoulder.

"Kneel," a deep voice commands. I do as I'm told. My cock, which had slightly shriveled before, has made another of its miraculous transformations and has risen from the dead. I have never had any control over its comings and goings; it becomes erect at its own will. Now it stands out from my body at a right angle I can feel it.

"This slave has been brought for your use, plebes," the deep voice growls. "Each of you will fuck his white ass before the night is out. When, and only when, you have fucked him will you each become members of the brotherhood."

A light sweat breaks out on my upper chest. I wonder how many of them there will be. It is impossible to tell I can't see anything.

Roughly, I am grabbed from my kneeling position and picked up by two sets of hands, my body moved effortlessly by them. They lay me on my back on a table, covered with some kind of slick cloth. Then I feel the hands take my legs and spread them apart, opening up my butt to full view. My cock lies on top of my hard belly, thumping and throbbing.


Suddenly the blindfold is ripped from my head. The room is dark, lit only by a few candles, and it takes my eyes awhile to adjust to the light. When I am able to focus, I see a room filled with at least twenty or more shirtless men. Are all of them pledges?  If not, which of them are the ones I must service?































"You go first," says the deep voice from behind me. A tall, blue-black man steps forward and drops his faded jeans.

Dangling between his long muscular quads is a thick piece of stiffening uncut meat. As he steps forward I recognize him as the newest star member of the school's basketball team. He was an African exchange student.

"Suck his dick," says the voice behind me. The African's cock, now engorged and fully erect, is fed into my mouth by his long, hot fingers. The dark cock-meat tastes good, salty and pungent, as the foreskin slips back to reveal the head, which is plunged deeper and deeper into my throat. When I gag, he holds my head and thrusts even deeper into me, and saliva streams out the sides of my mouth. His balls rest on my chin, and I can feel his rough pubes scrape my lips as he fucks his huge cock down my throat, making tears run down my cheeks. How am I ever going to be able to take his huge cock in my ass?

As the African continues to fuck my throat, I suddenly feel a finger tentatively stroke my exposed asshole. I manage to turn my head slightly to the side and see a shorter, muscular, bald, light-skinned black man between my legs, his hand on my ass. He smiles when he notices the lube already in place in my ass. I had known what was ahead so, as I told Franklin, I came prepared.

The African man fucking my throat places his huge hands on either side of my head and moves my head up and down on him, using my head to fuck his dick. His dark skin is slick with sweat from his efforts, and droplets of it land on my face as he fucks my throat. I feel the lighter skinned man insert another digit in me, finger-fucking my ass. All around the three of us, the others have taken off their pants and are jerking their meat, beating off as they watch us.

As if by some unseen signal, the two men change places. Soon I have the bald man's thick, cut dick in my mouth while the African is between my legs, lifting my feet up onto his broad shoulders, holding his long hard cock in his hand, aiming it right at my hole. I feel the huge head graze my opening, and just then, my mouth and throat are filled with the other man's thick cock, making it impossible for me to scream when the African's cock head penetrates my ass. I groan loudly, my mouth full of dick. My ass feels stretched wide open, big enough to take anything.

My body is filled at both ends now with hard black meat, and the men around me are getting off on seeing me used. One, a thin, muscular man, steps forward and rests his cock and balls on my chest while he pinches my nipples, wetting his thumb and finger with his own saliva. My ass is now being plowed by the African man; he closes his eyes and licks his full, sensuous lips as he continues to slide his club-like dick into my tight ass.


"Fuck that white ass," snarls the deep voice behind me. "Yeah, tear it up, man," it encourages. My ass is getting the reaming of its life. The African man grabs my hips as he thrusts into me, taking me all the way.

My face and chin are now sloppy with sweat and drool as the bald man slides his cock out of my lubricated throat and slaps my face with it. "You like black dick, don't you, huh," he hisses to me as he slides it back down my throat.

"Oh, yeah," I manage to mumble, around his thick meat.

I hear the African man begin to moan, low at first, and deep down in his chest, before it comes out of his mouth like a war cry. At the moment of his orgasm, he pulls that long fat dick out of my ass and ejaculates all over me, his great wads of cum arcing onto my chest, hitting the hand of the thin man who is still twisting my hard nipples. The thin man takes some of the cum and rubs it around my lips, which are still stretched around the bald man's thick dick.

"Eat it. Eat that cum; it's good for you," says the man behind me.

The thick cock slides out of my mouth and I tongue up some of the cum from my lips. It tastes sweet and salty.

Then, my ass is stretched open again. The bald man I have been sucking is now between my legs, holding my feet in the air. My own cock is resting in a pool of the African man's cum. He is the newest member of the fraternity, thanks to me.

The bald man's cock is not as long as the African's, but is much thicker, so I feel as if my hole is being opened as wide as a cave. It is a challenge, but I take it in, and he begins to thrust in me, holding onto my cock as he does.

The man who has been twisting and pinching my nipples climbs onto the table with me, and facing away from me, lowers his asshole onto my mouth. My tongue lashes out and finds his hole, licking the sweat away. I thrust my tongue into him in the same rhythm as the cock in my ass, fucking him as I am fucked. The bald man's hand still holds my cock, not jerking it, just using it as a handle, more or less. The man whose ass I am now tongue-fucking slaps his hard dick against my pecs, which are now gleaming with sweat in the candlelight.


A line has now formed behind the man who is fucking me, as the pledges are now getting more horny from the show. "C'mon, man," I hear one of them whine, "I can't wait much longer. Let me get me some of that."



As if on cue, the bald man inside me pulls his thick dick out of my ass with a pop and shoots his load all over my cock and balls, rubbing it in with his hands. The man who sits on my face hops down and is inside me in a flash, and another cock fills my mouth as his fucks my ass. The another and another. All the while, the voice behind me urges them on, saying, "Fuck him. Yeah, slide that big cock in his mouth, man!" or, "Show this white punk what it's like to be fucked by a real dick!"

When it is all over, they are all brothers and I am a slimy, cum-soaked pig. I could have gone on longer, but they leave the room one by one, and I am alone, or so I think, on the table. Slowly I raise myself up to discover the cloth I am lying on is their fraternity banner, emblazoned with the three Greek letters that identify them. It is soaked with my sweat, and their cum (not mine; I still haven't shot yet) and years, it looks like, of previous initiation rites' fluids.

"Good work," a voice intones from behind me. Of course it is Franklin, my lover, who brought me here.

"Ready?" he asks, coming around behind me. And without another word he pushes me over on my stomach and begins ramming his big, black cock into me. This is what he likes to watch a gang of studs stuff me full of dick, and then when they're through fucking their loads into me, to climb on my fucked-open ass and get his dick where it's all wet with other men's cum. He's got the biggest, veiniest cock I've ever seen (and I've seen more than my share), and then he fucks me and fucks me until I'm cumming under him, and he's getting his too, and my ass is filled to overflowing with the juice pumping from those big black balls.


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