Art Michael Kirwan

 Story by Knox


— originally published in Honcho Magazine - August, 1990 issue —



Reckon a guy knows when somethin' downright extraordinary comes along. Sort of thing happened to me some time back, and I thought you might enjoy hearin' about it. Besides, ain't nothin' wrong with me gettin' a little extra pleasure outta retellin' it.


I first saw Charlie seven years ago when I was thirty five and he had just turned nineteen. It was at a poker game with a couple of straight buddies, cousins named Joe and Buddy Turner. Charlie was the kid brother of one of their neighbors, and I remember Joe pokin' me in the ribs and tellin' me the guy was straight too and to keep my hands off and shit like that.


I knew for sure Joe was kiddin' about me behavin' myself because he didn't have nothin' against gettin' a blow job now and then. Neither did Buddy for that matter, and he had a piece of meat on him that would've choked a horse. But I gotta say it always razzes my ass when I hear straight guys who are serious about slinging that kinda crap. I mean, do they really think gay men are really that fuckin' hot to get in their pants? Well, I got news for them. Ain't no doubt that there are plenty of hot straight dudes around, but for my money the gay men have it all over them. In more ways than one.


Anyway, I gotta admit the old antenna twitched when I clapped eyes on Charlie that first night. It was in the middle of the summer and I remember that it was hotter than the hinges of hell. Joe and Buddy were two of my oldest friends and would give you the shirts off their backs, but the fuckers never had two nickels to rub together. That meant they didn't have air-conditionin', and when you're talkin' about August in south Georgia, man, that means you're talkin' HOT!"

The four of us weren't wearin' more than the bare essentials, meanin' cut off shorts and under­shirts which were soaked with sweat before the first hand was dealt. Buddy started complainin' right away, but Joe kept feedin' him beers so pretty soon he didn't give a shit about nothin'. That was par for the course for good old Buddy.


Young Charlie, on the other hand, didn't say much of nothin' about nothin'. He just handled his hand like someone interested in playin' good poker, sipped his beer real quiet-like, and mostly minded his own business. I've always been attracted to the strong silent types, and had a little trouble concentratin' on the game because of this fine specimen sittin' right beside me. I ain't bein' exactly honest about that though. Fact of the matter was, it wasn't just Charlie's quiet nature that had me distracted. It was how that beautiful bastard looked.


Charlie was the kind of blond whose hair gets almost white after he's spent a lot of time in the sun. In fact, his eyebrows were a lot like pure white cotton perched above two of the bluest eyes I'd ever seen. Where his damp undershirt dipped low over his tanned chest, I could see a dustin' of more white-blond hair between his nipples. Those nipples, by the way, got more and more prominent as the night wore on because Charlie was sweatin' just like the rest of us, and it wasn't hard to see the dark circles with the mouth waterin' little points beneath his undershirt.


Man, I'm here to tell you it was all I could do to keep from leanin' over and suckin' those sweaty tits right through Charlie's undershirt! I wanted to nibble those babies until Charlie was screamin' for me to stop and then I woulda bit them some more! And then shoved my hand between those dark brown legs with their swirls of blond hair real thick on the inside of his thighs. I woulda grabbed hold of that mound of flesh down there and squeezed until I felt somethin' real hard, and then un­zipped Charlie's fly and . . . well, who was I kiddin'? Every time I looked at the guy, I remembered what Joe had said about him bein' straight. Well, so what? That sure as shit didn't keep me from doin' some real serious fantasizin', did it?


I guess it was some time right after midnight that old Buddy's beer drinkin' finally caught up with him. I expected it, of course, just like Joe did 'cause we'd seen it plenty of times before. You could always tell when Buddy was gettin' drunk because his conversation would move to women and then sex jokes and then finally he'd talk about how horny he was. 1 ain't ashamed to say there were a couple of times when I took Buddy into the bedroom and sucked him dry before he passed out. It wasn't nothin' Joe didn't know about, and if Charlie hadn't been there that night I might have gone for it again. I mean, Buddy wasn't that drunk. At least, I didn't think so.


But Charlie was there and my dick was about half hard just from watchin' the guy. He laughed along with the rest of us at Buddy's bad jokes, and didn't seem to be too put off when Buddy finally confessed he'd like a blowjob and didn't particularly care where he got it. But Charlie did blush right to his hairline when good old Buddy stood up, unzipped his fly, and pulled out almost a foot of half-hard meat.


"Got any takers, guys?" he roared with a drunken laugh.


Luckily, he didn't look right in my direction, which was what I expected. Instead, he reeled toward his bedroom where the sound of creaking bed springs told the rest of us Buddy had passed out for the night. While Joe went to take care of his cousin, Charlie and I were left alone for the first time. When I made conversation, I discovered the lad was a lot higher than I'd thought. As a matter of fact, he was almost drunk. He gave me a crooked smile, those cornflower blue eyes twinklin' and dancin' in the bright kitchen light.


"Old Buddy's pretty smashed, huh?"


"Yeah," I agreed, keepin' from tellin' him he wasn't much better off. But I was interested in somethin' else I hadn't noticed until Charlie suddenly leaned back. He tilted his chair back until its weight rested on the two back legs, and for a second I thought he was going to turn over backwards. But he stayed steady, in the process shoving his crotch in my direction. That's when I saw what I hadn't been able to see all night with him hunched over the table.


Charlie boy had a fuckin' ragin' hard on!


If he was aware of the situation, he didn't give me a clue. He just put his hands behind his head and laughed and joked as if showing a fuckin' boner was the most natural thing in the world. Hell, he even rubbed himself a couple of times and outlined the fuckin' shaft inside his shorts. As he squirmed around in his chair, I got an even better look at things. He wasn't wearin' any undershorts, so his clipped cockhead was stickin' a little way out of his shorts, and damn if I didn't spot a tasty drop of somethin' sweet and sticky oozin' outta the tip!

Man, I just about pissed in my pants when I saw that!


When I realized Charlie was somewhere between reality and the twilight zone, I suggested maybe it was time to call it a night. "Don't know about you," I lied, "but I'm too drunk to pay much attention to the cards."


"Naw," he said kinda heavy, coughin' a little. "I'm pretty far gone myself. Reckon I had more to drink than I planned."


"Reckon I did too," I agreed, tellin' my second lie of the night.


I watched as Charlie tried to straighten his chair and wound up topplin' over backwards. I jumped up to help him, and when he reached out to take my hand he pulled me on top of him. The two of us burst into laughter and rolled around the floor sort of wrestlin' with each other until Joe came back into the room. One look at us told him the poker game was over, and he asked if we wanted to drive into town for a coupla drinks at O'Henry's.


"You two'd better go on without me," I said. "I've had enough for one night."


"Yeah, me too," Charlie said, strugglin' to his feet and knockin' over a can of beer in the process.


"You can say that again," Joe said. He ignored the spill and steered Charlie toward the door. "It's a good thing your brother's outta town tonight. Give you a chance to sleep it off. I don't think Mike would be too keen knowin' I got his kid brother loaded."


"Hell, you didn't get me loaded," Charlie laughed, staggering toward the back door. "I got loaded all by my fuckin' self!"


Then, he proceeded to tumble off the porch right into an azalea bush. I glanced at Joe and saw him shrug his shoulders. "First Buddy and now this. Am I my brother's keeper tonight, or what?"


"Never mind about Charlie," I said. "I'll get him home. You go on over to O'Henry's and have a few for me. I'll catch you tomorrow."


Joe thanked me and drove off while I found myself strugglin' to get Charlie to his feet. He was about as cooperative as a drunk can be, and I finally managed to get him to his house down the street without waking up the neighborhood. I work construction and keep myself in pretty good shape, but I got to admit it was like pullin' two hundred pounds of dead weight by the time I finally got Charlie upstairs to his bedroom. But I also got to admit I didn't mind it one bit. My dick was about half hard the whole time I was holdin' onto this young stud, and I kept thinkin' about how easy it would be to grab a handful of his crotch. But that's the kinda dirty pool I don't go for, and I just concentrated on bein' a good pal and puttin' a drunk to bed.


And that's when it happened.


I'd no sooner got him aimed for the bed than he stumbled and fell again, this time draggin' me down with him. I found myself wrestlin' with the guy some more, just playfully at first with both of us laughin' a lot and him tryin' to get me into some kinda hammerlock. He was too drunk though and it didn't take much for me to get him pinned on his back with both arms behind his head. I had gotten real turned on from all this body contact, and I had a damned painful erection when I finally straddled him and got things under control. I was restin' my weight mostly on my knees with my hard cock strainin' against my cut offs not six inches from Charlie's face. I ain't even real sure how it all happened, but before I knew it, this guy was real upset about somethin' and babbled on and on about how ashamed he was.


"I can't help you if you don't tell me what's botherin' you, kid," I told him.


"But you saw what happened," he moaned sorrowfully, turnin' his head from side to side and not able to look at me with those irresistible blue eyes. "Joe and Buddy saw me too."


"I'm tellin' you I don't know what you're talkin' about, Charlie," I said honestly.


He continued mutterin' and avoidin' my gaze when suddenly I began to piece somethin' together from what he was sayin'.


"One fuckin' look was all it took," he said.


"One look at what?" I pressed, easin' off on my hold and watchin' him cover his face with his hands. "One look at what?" I repeated.


"At Buddy's big fuckin' dick, man!"


"What about it, Charlie?"


"You saw me,' he wailed. "You saw me get a hard on."


Damn!, I thought, the facts finally sinkin' in. So that's what was botherin' him. This night was turnin' out to be real interesting after all!


"Shit, kid," I told him. "You think you're the first guy to pop a boner seein' another man's tool. Happens all the time."


"To fags maybe," he said.


He tried to move from underneath me, but my weight held him fast. He had just used a word I didn't allow in my presence, and I was gonna let him know in no uncertain terms. I took a deep breath and blurted out my surprise.


"You might as well know you got about 225 pounds of muscle sittin' on your chest, boy, and it's 100 percent fag. Now what the fuck do you think about that?"


He finally looked at me, a flicker of recognition in his eyes. "What the hell are you talkin' about, man?"


"I'm talkin' about cocksuckin' and assfuckin', Charlie. Two of my favorite things."


"Aw, you're shittin' me," he protested, disbelief evident in his voice.


"I fuckin' guarantee I'm serious, pal." I shifted my weight to put more pressure on him and enjoyed watchin' him squirm for a minute or so. I couldn't help noticin' a very real and very stiff bulge rubbin' against my ass as Charlie's hardness reached a peak. "What's more," I added, "looks to me like you're gettin' a mighty big hard on for somebody who ain't a fag!"


Charlie's face colored deep red like it had done when Buddy asked about gettin' a blow job. He heaved his weight and tried to push me off him, but I held fast. "C'mon, man," he begged. "I know this is some kinda fuckin' joke. I mean, guys like you ain't fags."


"You're just a kid," I told him, keeping him where he was. "You don't know shit from Shinola. And you'd better stop usin' that word if you know what's good for you."


"And what're you gonna do if I don't?" he asked defiantly.


That was when the second important thing happened that night. When Charlie finally looked at me with those deep blue eyes, I recognized something I'd seen before. It was the look of a man who's more than just curious about homosexuality, a guy who thinks he hates it because he doesn't understand the whole situation. But more than that he's not able to accept what he's really feelin' inside. My anger at Charlie suddenly changed to sympathy when I understood his dilemma. It also made my cock a lot harder, and I inched forward just a bit on Charlie's chest, bringing my crotch even closer to his Charlie's face.


"I'm gonna give you a chance to find out here and now how you really feel about cocksuckin'."


While still holding Charlie firmly in place with one hand, I unzipped my fly and pulled out my stiff dick. Charlie's eyes widened when he saw seven inches of hard cock so close to his mouth, and I stifled a smile when I saw him absently lick his lips. Whether it was an involuntary reaction or not, the fuckin' stage was set for some very interesting action!




I scooted forward just enough, so that my swollen cockhead was within reach of Charlie's tongue. "Suck it!" I ordered.


If I hadn't been something of a gay man of the world, I woulda never tried anything like that. I've always known that all this so called recruiting business in the gay community is just so much horse shit. I mean, you don't recruit somebody into a lifestyle they don't want. They're either gay or they're not, and while some men might flirt with the life a while, others are born to it. Charlie was definitely in the latter category, something he proved when he opened wide and swallowed my prick right to the hairy root.


"Damn!" I gasped.


The guy was even hungrier than I thought. I gotta admit he wasn't the most professional cocksucker I'd ever encountered. In fact, he did a fair amount of scrapin' the old meat with his teeth and gagged more than once in an effort to deep throat me.


"Just take your time," I told him, easin' off my grip and freein' his hands for more important business. "We got all night."


Well, those hands of his reached behind my ass and went right to his zipper. He pulled out his hard prick and started strokin', all the time keepin' his mouth real busy slidin' up and down the length of my shaft. I wasn't exactly idle either. I pushed his hands away and grabbed a fistful of his meat for myself, and I'm here to tell you it was some fine young stuff I got hold of! Charlie had just the kinda dick I liked — long and slender and with a silky, smooth circumcised head that drives me crazy when I roll it around in my mouth. And you'd better believe I wasted no time in rolling off this hot young stud and swallowin' his stiff sword to the hilt!


"God, that feels good," Charlie moaned, momentarily letting my cock slip from his mouth. He actually propped himself up on one elbow and watched as I deep throated him while I played with his pink balls with their fleece of blond hair. It suddenly occurred to me that Charlie might be seein' somethin' for the first time. His next words confirmed my happy suspicions. "Know what? This is not only the first time I've tasted dick, it's also the first time I've had my cock sucked."


"So what do you think, tiger?" I asked, letting his slippery prick slide from my lips just long enough to pose that one question.


"I think I can't get enough of either one!" he said with a boyish grin that made my meat stiffer than ever.


"My first reaction too, man!"


With that, we eagerly returned to a frenzied session of sixty-ninin' and ball play. I was dyin' to ram my finger up Charlie's virginal asshole, but I knew he wasn't ready for that. Not yet anyway. Instead, I concentrated on sucking out that young load while I had my own pecker licked and slobbered over by a quick learner. My suspicions about Charlie had been right on the money. This stud was a born cocksucker, which only made me wonder how good he'd be at ass fuckin'.


But I didn't want to be a pig about the whole thing. I mean, here I was gettin' the cherry of one beautiful hunk of young manhood, so what more could I ask for? While Charlie's stiff poker was rammed down my throat, I tried to remember what I was doin' at his age. And then it hit me! At nineteen, I was already workin' construction and swingin' regularly on the foreman's fat cock every lunch hour right after the noon whistle blew! Somehow, I thought as I tasted the first sweet drops of Charlie's pre-cum jizz, a sort of tradition was bein' carried on!


By then both of us were streamin' sweat. Somewhere along the line, we'd stripped off our clothes and were lyin' face to cock while we kept up our crazy suckin'. In the back of my mind, I was wonderin' how Charlie was goin' to react to takin' a man's load. I should mention that one of my claims to fame is the fact that I shoot enough spunk to choke a fuckin' horse, and here I was about to pour it down the throat of a novice. Well, I thought, rememberin' the first time I'd gagged on a heavy load, there's only one way to learn about such things!


Not surprisingly, Charlie came first, and it was me who was surprised at his fuckin' load size. It had been my experience that most guys blast just about everything with the first wad and then after that everything sort of dribbles out. Well, this sure wasn't the case with this young stud. Man, I grabbed onto the base of his cock and held on for dear life while one jet of jizz after another blasted the back of my throat. I swear it was like goin' down on Old Faithful, and I almost heaved a sigh of relief when those gushers finally started slowin' down.


Then, it was his turn.


I had been pretty much on the brink of cumin' when Charlie shot his wad, and that was all the encouragement I needed to shoot right along with him! I let out a loud groan and let fly with Charlie's first real man's load, and, wouldn't you know, he took it like a fuckin' champ! I looked down between my legs and saw the guy lock his lips on my meat like some kinda vise. I knew he was havin' trouble swallowin' my gusher because I could feel just how big each one of my streamers was. But the guy was damned determined to take every drop, and I gotta give him "A" for effort. He kept my meat firmly down his throat until the bitter end, and only when he had licked my tender cock slit for the last drops did he look up at me and smile.


"So, how'd I do as a cock sucker?"


"Fact of the matter is," I told him as I gathered him in my arms and prepared to give him his first male kiss, "there's only one word for how you were tonight, Charlie."


"Yeah?" he asked, face beaming, blue eyes shining. "And how was that?"


"Aces, kid. Fuckin' aces!"



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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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