A Walk on the Wildside


                 Art by Michael Kirwan  Story by TJS 
























originally published in Inches magazine - October, 1998



"Suit" submits to Latin gang-bang



My name is Pete Burrows the Third. I've just moved into the East Village, in NYC. I'm a professional man, made a fortune in real estate. I could retire but I choose to work. I gave up my twelve-room condo because of certain circumstances.


For one reason, my boss is screwing this new hot-shot agent. He's twenty-seven and my boss is sixty. He's seen fit to place the young piece of ass in my position, telling me I need the rest. I'm sixty-four and by no means am I over the hill. I'm six-feet-one, slender. I'm extremely fit; I swim, walk and lift weights. I have a head-full of grayish hair; it's white-gray mixed with gray. My beard's the same way. I'm often mistaken for a professor given the fact I wear very expensive suits. While my job was taking a dive, my own piece of young meat left me. He used the same old bullshit: I need my space. That along with my demotion was enough.


I've always been a man that did what was right. Never late for work, working overtime without being asked, etc., etc. As for my lover, he could write checks far better than he could screw. The bottom line was I was just sick of my good-guy image. I often wondered what it would be like to have more than one lover. My friends told me it was non-stop sex. I had my fantasies like everybody else so I decided to act on them while my ass was still firm enough to attract young pieces of meat.


The inner city didn't frighten me like I thought it might. I kept to myself, scooping out my prey. Four young Latinos caught my eye, now I had to make sure I caught theirs. They stood on the corner; I believe they lived in the next building across the street.


I had a balcony and I could see them just below. I decided to walk around on that balcony in the nude at night. It didn't take long before I was spotted.


"Look up there," John said. "It's him."


"That fucking queer," Michael stated.


I bent my ass over as I watered my plants. I spread my legs giving them a full view. I'd placed a mirror in position so I could see their reaction.


"He wants it," John stated. "He wants a cock up his ass."


"Are you sure?" Octavio asked. "He doesn't look gay."


Michael laughed. "Not all gay guys walk or talk funny. Most of them are just like this guy." Michael noticed a hump in Fernando's pants. "Wow, Fernando wants to fuck his ass; he's got a boner."


John massaged his crotch. "His ass looks hairy. I like my booty with a lot of hair."


Michael laughed, "He's a businessman hiding from the I.R.S.; he's only teasing us."


John screamed up at the man. "Say, baby, open it up. I can't see it." I smiled to myself; this was fun. I parted my butt, feeling the cool night air on my hole.


"Come on down," they shouted. "Bring us that ass."


I shook my butt at them, then went in. The next day I passed them on the corner. I purposely dropped a card with my phone number on it.


Fernando picked up the card. John snatched it from his hand. "It's got his number on it. He dropped it on purpose, fucking queer."


That night I waited nude for the call. I picked up the phone on the first ring.


"Hey, queer, let me stick my cock up your ass."


I figured they'd use that kind of language; young hets have problems with gay people. It's kind of a macho thing.


"Oh, why would you want to fuck me if I'm such a queer? By the way, my name's Pete."


"What's he saying? Give me the phone," Octavio said. "Hello."


"Hello to you. Which one are you?"


"I'm Octavio. I've got the Elvis hair cut and the big muscles."


"Oh, I remember, you're very handsome. What can I do for you this evening?"


"Well, we thought maybe you were looking for action."


"I might be."


"Oh, yeah? Well, I might want to put my cock up your ass."


"Is it a big one?"


"Nine inches. You can ask my girlfriend."


"I'd rather see for myself. Tell you what, Octavio, how would you and your friends like to spend the weekend with me?"


"He wants us to spend the weekend with him."


"Be on the corner, I'll pick you up in the morning at nine."


"We'll be there."


I hung up the phone. I was nervous and excited.


I really couldn't sleep so I was more than ready by nine. When I pulled up in my town car, two of them were grinning and two weren't.


Octavio got in beside me. "Octavio." I shook all of their hands.


"I'm John. Suck my cock."


"I'll get around to that but first I have something I'd like for you to see."


They had all been drinking and I had to admit I'd had me a couple. We hadn't driven far when I noticed all of them had their thick brown cocks out. All uncut.


"Pull over in the alley," Octavio said. "I want you to suck me."


I pulled over, bent down and took his huge cock in my mouth. It was daylight. You could hear traffic everywhere and here I was sucking this guy's tasty meat. He pushed my head down.


Suddenly, John jumped in the front seat. "You get in the back; let me drive us around."


I didn't have time to agree or disagree before the other three hoisted me into the back seat.


Octavio clutched me by the back of the head pulling me forward. His fat, tan cock went down my throat.


"Make him swallow that fucking meat, Octavio. Choke him with it."


Octavio groaned. I was an excellent cock-sucker.



"Take your fucking clothes off," Michael shouted.


John stopped by the store for some beer. I sat there nude, sucking Octavio's big cock. Michael was behind me. He slapped me across a the ass hard.


"He's got a fucking hairy ass."


Octavio was upon his knees in the seat. I was in the same position as I sucked his uncut meat. I felt Michael's fingers digging at my asshole. Ahhh, he found the spot.


"I'm gonna cum in his fucking mouth," Octavio said. "Here I go."


I swallowed Octavio's load while Michael struck me across the ass.


"Swallow his load, faggot."


I could tell this Michael had a mean streak. I intended to see just how much he wanted this faggot ass. I moved his hands away from my ass.


Fernando was the quiet one. I guess he didn't feel any need to speak as long as he had a cock thirteen inches long and two inches thick, with a big overhang. He asked me to suck him by looking at me passionately.


I put my mouth down on his juicy hot cock, licked under the foreskin. "Oooooh," and what a cock he had. I licked circles around the thick head as I struggled to get my mouth over it.


Octavio was trying to get his fingers under me. I raised up, getting on my knees.


Michael pushed Octavio's head, "Go ahead; suck his ass. You know you want to."


Octavio buried his thumb up my butt. I was hoping Fernando wanted to fuck me. This would be my first time trying to handle a cock this size.


"Suck his cock, faggot."


I had to relax if I wanted my walk on the wild side to be real. I had to let the guys be themselves. That included name-calling, something I normally would never stand for.


I was glad I had tinted windows because my new friends cared nothing of being seen. They stopped at the store, coming back with three cases of beer and six or seven bottles of malt liquor. I was sure they'd got the money out of my wallet. I had three hundred dollars in it and no credit cards.


"Stop sucking Fernando's cock and have a drink with us."


They handed me a plastic cup filled with ice. I sipped the bitter brew; it was cheap poison. Michael, the rough-acting young one, was rubbing my thigh. I had a partial erection, but nobody seemed to mind. Octavio had his hand in my hair. Fernando kept massaging his giant cock. I knew I had a meeting with that cock. I forced myself to drink more, and poisonous as it was, it got me even hornier after my second cup. I wasn't the only one. So were my young friends. They say the way a person really feels comes out when he's drinking. Well, that might be true. I drank down the rest, then straddled Fernando. The other three cheered. I didn't know what part of the city we were in and I didn't care. I spat in my hand, lubricating my pucker as much as possible.


I held Fernando's tool in place as I squatted down on it. The head was so big I felt it spread my ass. Suddenly, Fernando frowned. He thrust that big cock up inside my ass. I cried out but I forced my ass down upon his thick meat. He didn't stop thrusting until his entire thick cock was inside me. "Ooooooh, ooooooh, ooooooh," I moaned. He pulled me to him, making sure I didn't raise up off his cock. He started rotating his hips, grinding that big cock up my ass. I shivered in pain and unspeakable pleasure.


"Fuck his ass good," one of them said. "Fuck his ass."


Fernando looked into my gray eyes. Michael was pinching my nipples and Octavio was pulling on my cock. Fernando was a super stud. After grinding up my ass, he positioned his legs in a way that picked me up, withdrawing his thick cock, then slamming me back down on it all the way in. I cried out as he filled my butt. Michael glued his teeth to one of my nipples and Octavio kept jacking me off. Fernando got faster and faster until I felt him scald my bowels with hot liquid. I planted myself down on the giant meat, I wanted to savor every inch up my ass. Octavio kept pulling my cock long after I'd cum. When it was time for me to dismount, I slowly pulled Fernando's big cock out.


"Wooooo," they hooted. "Fucked his ass good."


I glanced outside. We were at some sort of gathering place for young Latinos. There must be thirty or forty cars around, all blasting music. They opened all four doors, exposing my nakedness.


John grabbed me. "Lie down and put your legs up. I want to see your asshole."


As I looked about I saw other young Latino men with their lovers. Their lovers could be male or female, but mostly male. It was always a gang-bang situation four or five guys on one--uh, what's the word they use--"bitch." I was by far the oldest bitch, but like I said, I was in shape. Michael and John pushed my legs back.


"Work that asshole for me, baby," John said. "Make it jump."


I did this by pushing my pucker out and in. Michael was sucking my toes, really working them over. I raised my head up. John had a big cock. He took aim at my pulsating anus.


"Ooooooh, aye-aye-aye-aye!"


"That feel good, baby?"


"Yes," I answered.


He kissed me  and with passion. I hadn't expected this.


"Damn, he's a good kisser," John said. "And his ass--so warm and tight. Ooooooooh, you like that, baby?"


"Oooooooh, yes."


"Are you my bitch?"


I didn't answer right away. I wanted him to fuck my ass good. I knew if I didn't answer he'd fuck me harder.


I could feel his hot meat going in and out my ass. He was banging me good. He hoisted my legs over his shoulders; now my butthole was his. He slammed his thick cock up my ass using his full weight. I moaned. I'd never felt anything like this. Bang, bang, bang.


"Are you my bitch? Say it."


"Oooooooh, fuck me, John. I'm your bitch."


I threw my arms around John's neck and we kissed. I could feel his thick cock still expanding up my ass; one last jab and he blew, and so did I. I don't think in all my years I'd had a cock up my ass that deep. My cock squirted all over my chest.


John eased my legs down. "Damn, he got some good ass."


It was Michael's turn, I was glad I'd been drinking; that way I could handle his name-calling. He sat beside me stuffing his cock in my mouth. "Suck. Suck it, you pretty bitch."


I looked in his eyes. They'd lost their angry edge, replaced by lust. He stroked my hair as I sucked his cock. I took the entire shaft down my throat. I had my legs up as Fernando and Octavio stretched my asshole with their fingers. I opened my mouth wide, taking Michael's balls inside along with his cock.


"Oooooooh, suck me. Suck my fucking balls."


I could feel his balls swelling in my mouth, filling themselves with juice.




I worked his balls with my tongue while he came down my throat.


Michael grabbed the back of my head. "Keep sucking my fucking dick. Oooooooh, it feels so good." Michael had a monster load. When he took his cock out, he wet my mouth with it. He bent down and I kissed him, putting my entire wet cum-soaked tongue in his mouth.


"I'm gonna fuck you all night," he whispered.


Suddenly, some guy was speaking over some sort of loud speaker. "Bitch contest," he shouted.


"Let's enter him in it," John said.


I started to object, but changed my mind. After all, I'd asked for it, a walk on the wild side.


They rushed me toward a makeshift stage. I got in line with about ten others. They put on some music and we all started dancing seductively. I got a chair and sat down in it. Since the music mostly consisted of bass I decided to give the crowd a treat. I'm a student of yoga; I have been for years. I positioned my legs behind my head. My asshole was totally exposed. As the bass played, I pushed my asshole out to the rhythm. Boooom, push, boooom, push, boooom, push. The crowd cheered, they threw dollars at me, and when the song ended they crowned me with a crown fashioned from beer cans.  My boys took. me from the stage, carrying me. I couldn't help but notice all the thick tan cock-meat pointed my way.


Once back in the car I found Fernando excited and intense. He kissed me roughly, pinching my nipples.


"I want to fuck you. Get in the position you did back there."


Octavio and Fernando lifted my legs.  "Aaaaaa," I moaned as Fernando rubbed my hairy ass-crack.


"Push it out," he ordered.


I pushed, feeling my tail spread. I looked at Fernando's cock, it looked bigger than before. He took it in his fist with plenty of meat to spare. "Oooooo," I groaned as he jabbed it up my ass. He wiggled it around as the others watched.


"Oooooo," I grunted. Even with my rump spread open his thick cock barely fit. Michael and Octavio licked and bit my swollen nipples.


Fernando withdrew the thick cock. His slapped it against my open asshole.


"Ooooooo, fuck me."


He inserted it again, this time deeper. I had Octavio's and Michael's cocks in each hand. He took his cock out again.


"Ram it home," I whispered. "Ram it all the way up my hot ass."


He took the big tool in his fist, aimed it. I opened my chute up to receive it. Bang. It felt so good all I could do was sigh.


Fernando fucked me, his cock felt so good I clamped my ass-flesh down on it. I held on to Michael's and Octavio's cocks, jacking them along with the rhythm.


The way he was fucking me, so much fury, so much intensity, my ass was an open sex-cave. I couldn't believe his cock size or my ability to take it all. My own cock and balls felt like they were about to explode. Fernando stopped banging me. I glanced down at his thick meat. Slowly he withdrew then pushed it back in gently. He kept doing this getting harder and faster with each stroke.


"Open him up, Fernando. Open that hot ass."


I looked in Fernando's eyes; the assault was back on. I heard Michael grunt, his thick hot cum spilling over my fist.


"Oooooo, ooooooh," I panted, and when Fernando rooted me with one last death thrust, my cock shot, splashing my face with cum.


Octavio pulled his cock free from my fist. I opened my mouth to receive it. I felt Fernando's thick meat filling my bowels with hot cum. Fernando collapsed on top of me. He laid there for minutes. When he did finally withdrew, they all rode along quiet.


During the ride we had more drinks. My legs still remained in position. They played inside my butt, stretching it, slapping it, then pulling it some more. I thought I was in some sort of erotic dream. Their sexual appetites were non-stop. They sucked my nipples, making them long and heavy. Octavio fed me his cock while Michael fist-fucked me.


"I got my fist up his ass, guys. Look!"


All I said was, "Oooooooo." I was theirs. Their--what was the word--oh, yes, their bitch.


"Oooooo, fist-fuck my ass; fuck my bitch asshole."


My words seemed to excite them all. Michael dug at my tail while John and I kissed. He was almost pulling my tongue out of my mouth. Fernando sucked my sore nipples.


Once we got back to my place they all surrounded me as they walked me up the stairs nude.


They had hard, physical hands.  As I walked along, they slapped and clutched my ass.  I'd never in my life been treated like this.


Once in my apartment, they all sat down on my long sofa side by side. I got on my knees going from cock to cock. John shot in my mouth, and I swallowed his load as the others cheered. Their noisy way of doing things made me feel alive. Octavio slapped me across the face with his thick meat, teasing my mouth. The way the head of his cock swelled and the veins popped out I knew his teasing wouldn't last long. To have something that big in my mouth was breathtaking. Michael got up and mounted me, sticking his cock deep up my ass. He drove down inside my butt, forcing me to the floor. I held my lips onto Octavio's thick meat for as long as I could but Michael's cock was breaking me down. Soon all that remained in the air was my ass. They all cheered and hooted as I lay on the floor. Octavio shot a massive load in my face. I stuck out my tongue to catch the precious drops. When Michael pulled his hot cock out, it felt like he pulled my tail out with it. Everyone left me there except Fernando. He planted his hot tongue up my ass soothing my aching flesh. He sucked my ass until it felt better. I got up to fix my guests something to eat. I had to prepare the food with John's meat up my ass; no easy task but I got it done.


Two weeks later, I finally went back to work. My boss's new hotshot piece of ass was caught with his hand in one too many tills and got fired. The boss begged me to come back, and I agreed--on the condition that I was solely in charge of personnel.


"Excuse me, sir. When can you show the Durases the house?"




"Thank you, John."


Oh, now John's my receptionist.


I changed into my workout clothes. Octavio's waiting for me. See, he's the company's new weight instructor. I can see his cock's hard enough to do chin-ups on.


Michael's my new secretary. "Hold my balls--I mean, my calls."


And Fernando? He runs our elevator. I lower my pants and stick out my ass. "Going up?"




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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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