Bad Influence





















 Art by Michael Kirwan  

 Story by Dorian Pierce  



originally published in Playguy magazine - June, 1994 issue


He's a devil in disguise


When I left home for college last fall, I'd never messed around with another guy. I thought it would all just happen easily, but by the time Mom and Dad came up with the station wagon to take me and my stuff home in May, I was just as virgin as I'd been nine months earlier. I'd come close to getting sucked a couple times, always shying away at the last minute when I lost my nerve. I was nineteen, and if I didn't get my cock sucked soon, I was going to explode.


This summer, though, I knew it was finally going to happen, and I had a pretty good idea who was going to do it. My friend Drew from high school still lived at home, and I'd heard through the grapevine that he'd turned into one hungry cock-sucker. I don't think my parents knew the whole story, but they sure didn't want me to go out with him! "Tom, don't get involved with Drew," my mom had said. "We hear he's such a bad influence on everyone."


I figured I wouldn't have any problem getting Drew to suck me. After all, I'm five-foot-ten, one hundred and seventy pounds, with muscular thighs, big nipples, and well-rounded ass. And if he likes sucking cock, I'm sure he'd love to give my eight-incher some lip service.


The one time I went out with Drew, nothing much happened. We just hung out and watched some movies, and I was waiting for him to make a move for my dick. Finally, at about three in the morning, he told me he was tired and was going to bed and that I should go home. When my parents found out I'd been out with him, my dad yelled at me and took away my set of keys to his car. That left me stuck at home with no wheels--and no fun, either, since my dad owns his own business and has his office right in our house. The only person besides my folks I ever got to see was my dad's new salesman, Harry, a true-blue professional type. He graduated last year so he's just a few years older than me. He's very good-looking, with curly black hair and a tightly muscled body under that business suit.


When Harry dropped off some papers at our house, I had trouble keeping my eyes off his bulging crotch. He noticed my gaze, directed at the grapefruit-sized mound between his legs, and he kept giving me little disapproving glances. He was such a sexy hunk that my rock-hard cock ached to slide between his full lips by the time they finished their business discussion.


Without it seeming too staged, I managed to "accidentally" meet Harry at the front door as he was leaving. I very convincingly told him I needed a ride over to visit a friend, hoping he would fall into my trap. He seemed rather reluctant, but he offered to drop me off at my friend's house on his way to another appointment. Of course, my over-protective dad thought it was a great idea since he was sure good old, reliable Harry was a safe driver. He slapped us both on the back and sent us on our way.


"Are you as young as you look?" Harry asked as soon as we were in his car.


"I'm nineteen," I responded. Then I added smugly, "So that makes me a consenting adult."


"That's exactly what I hoped," Harry grinned, recovering quickly from his surprise at my smart-aleck answer. "Because I'm planning on you being consensual!"


When Harry backed out of the driveway with me in the passenger seat, it was my turn to be surprised when he didn't bother to tell me where we were going. He drove to the north end of town and turned off the highway onto a narrow gravel road.


"Are you going to suck my dick?" I blurted out nervously, to make sure he knew what I wanted.


"Of course, Tom." Harry smiled at my nervousness as he parked the car among some thick pines.


As soon as the car stopped, Harry scooted over next to me and put his arm around my shoulders. He put his other hand between my thighs and slid right up between them to cup my crotch. I could feel his warm breath against my ear when he whispered, "Feels like a nice big dick in there. Open your pants. Let me see what you want sucked!"


"Well, I don't know. Maybe we ...," I stammered hesitantly. I stopped in mid-sentence while I watched Harry unzip my fly and slip his hand inside. His fingers dove down under the waistband of my briefs, wrapped around my tall-standing dick and pulled it out into the open. After several rapid strokes up and down, I shuddered with excitement when he leaned down and planted a sloppy kiss on the juicy tip.


"Ohhh, yeah, do that," I gasped when his mouth engulfed the knobby head. His head bobbed up and down rapidly for several minutes while my cock slithered in and out of his mouth. I was getting royally sucked!


"Let's get you naked, baby," Harry mumbled with his lips still encircling my dick. His head bobbed up and down about a dozen times more before he abruptly sat up and pulled my T-shirt over my head. Then he carefully untied my shoes and socks and removed them. Finally, my jeans and briefs were peeled down and off. Ignoring my feeble efforts to prevent it, he had me completely naked in less than two minutes. The inside of the car looked like a disaster area with my clothes tossed everywhere. My bright green bikini briefs waved at us from the rear view mirror like a flag signaling GO.


"I don't see why I need to have all my clothes off for you to suck me," I commented, knowing I had cooperated because I was anxious to feel his mouth on my dick again.


"It's a lot better when we're both naked." Harry grinned as he began removing his clothes too. His body was even more gorgeous without clothes. Again, I couldn't keep my eyes off his crotch. His dick was gorgeous too, even when it was only half hard. I wondered if he would let me suck it.


"Let's get into the back, Tom, where it's more comfortable," Harry suggested as he crawled over the seat. He put his hands under my arm pits and lifted me gently over into the back seat with him.


I couldn't believe how fast it had all happened. Before I knew it, he had his hands clamped over my rounded buttocks. He spread my ass cheeks open and told me that I needed some preliminary tongue-play before he gave my dick a good sucking.


He stretched out on his back in the seat with me straddling him. I pitched forward to grab onto his ankles for balance as his cupped hands pulled my ass back onto his face. He stopped me when I tried to turn around to aim my stiff cock at his mouth.


I started to squirm. I cried out in surprise when I felt the tip of his tongue pursuing my wiggling butt until it found my puckered circle. I froze when he traced around it with quick, circular strokes before he fastened his mouth to my hole while his tongue stabbed and probed. My butt really wagged around now! He pushed his face deeper into my crack, shoving the tip of his tongue into my clenched bud until it unexpectedly opened, and the whole length of his tongue slid right up inside. I had never felt anything like it. The tingling sensations were almost unbearable!


"Ohhh, sir," I wailed, forgetting that we were about the same age, unconsciously following my parent's instructions about showing respect for my dad's business associates. "That's feels so wild! You'd better stop. Ohhh, sir, stop! Stop!"


I struggled to escape the unbelievable thrills his tongue was providing but his gripping hands held my ass firmly in place. He started wiggling his tongue around wildly, pulling it out and plunging it back in, probing deeper and deeper! My struggling got weaker, and finally became just agitated fidgeting.


I was in love with this tongue! After just a few more pistoning movements, I was completely under his control. My dick went completely rigid, totally hot and eager for his mouth!


By now I had both of my hands wrapped around his throbbing dick. And what a dick it was! Nine fat-as-a-beer-bottle inches! His foreskin covered the knobby head in wrinkled little folds until I peeled it back with my trembling fingers. His fiery knob popped out juicy and tight, and the gaping slit at the top started to supply an abundance of lube for me to spread all the way down the thick shaft. He spread his thighs wide, allowing me to slide my fingers rapidly up to the knobby head and down to his balls again and again. I wondered if I should kiss it.


"You like playing with that big cock, don't-cha?"




"You know I'm planning to slide it in your hot ass in a minute, don't-cha? You're going to like it better than my tongue. You need a big dick working in your ass, don't you, baby?"


"Well, uhh, I don't know," I hesitated, alarmed by this idea. "I thought maybe you could just suck me a little. I've never had a dick in there."


"We'll have to correct that deficiency right away," Harry said as he flipped me over on my back and lifted my legs until my heels were brushing against the ceiling.


With his knees on the floor, he gripped an ankle in each hand and spread my thighs wide open. When he straightened up and arched his hips forward, I slid into position under him. His cock nosed between my buttocks, and the pressure on my spit-slick pucker sent me into a spasm of ecstasy. He pushed forward and I felt my juicy slit yielding as if it knew exactly what was expected of it. When he pushed the tip of his cock head through my tightly stretched opening, I spread my thighs wider, anxious and ready for more of the thick dick I knew he planned to stuff inside me! He patiently held his oozing head inside me for nearly a minute before he pressed it further in with small rotating motions of his hips, sinking into the unexplored recesses of my fluttering hollow.


"Wait! That's feels so tight!" I protested.


"Don't worry, Tom, you can handle it," Harry whispered as I winced from the stretching caused by his advancing love pole. He kept whispering words of encouragement while his hips began a slow bobbing rhythm that made his swollen cock seem to enlarge. I wondered if it was going to explode and fill me with his hot juice. Every little bobbing movement drove it in deeper. "Open that virgin love hole," Harry insisted, "so I can fuck you!"


I squirmed excitedly while he played with my buttocks, pressing them tightly against each side of his probing dick, cupping and fondling them in his squeezing hands until I calmed down a little. Then his cock glided smoothly and carefully in and out just three or four inches before probing in even deeper. I gasped each time another inch unexpectedly snaked into my tight butt.


"Ohhh, don't hurt me with that big dick!" I said fearfully. "I've never done this before! Don't hurt me!"


He smiled down at my grimacing face as he proceeded to stuff my ass until every inch of his rigid dick was completely enveloped by the wide-stretched cavity between my quaking ass cheeks.


"I wouldn't dream of hurting such a pretty ass, baby," Harry whispered as he hovered over me, motionless now, with the knobby head and full length of his shaft pulsating against the snug walls of my tunnel.


When he started to fuck me, I moaned in ecstasy, overwhelmed by the extraordinary pleasure being delivered by his hard-stroking cock as it bulldozed in and out of my newly exploited passion pit! I couldn't believe the exquisite feelings radiating outward from our cock-in-ass connection, stunning me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes!


Harry concentrated on maintaining a steady stroking in my ass. With his eyes closed and his head thrown back, he plowed his big cock steadily in and out with dynamic force. All I could do was pant and moan and reach with my ass for more of his big cock. I was still panting and reaching when I felt him swelling to an even more immense size, filling me completely, then gushing inside my guts.


Harry eased his cock out slowly while I protested, clutching at his buttocks and the back of his thighs in a futile effort to keep his cock inside my steamy hole. "Wait! I haven't cum yet! Don't stop!"


"Plenty of time for you to cum later," Harry grinned at my confusion as he calmly handed me my bikini briefs. "Put your clothes back on."


I still felt dizzy and confused while he drove us to a nearby pizza joint. Harry did most of the talking while we ate, mainly telling me how tight my ass was, and how I was going to need to be fucked a lot more. It must have been obvious to Harry that I was still hot as a firecracker, and his conversation didn't help to calm me!


"It's time to go," Harry said when we had finished only half the pizza.


"Are you going to drive me home now," I asked nervously as we walked toward his car, trying to keep my disappointment out of my voice. My dick was stiff and my balls ached so badly, I could hardly walk.


"We'll see, baby," Harry winked, "Maybe after a while."


Minutes later, a mile down the road in the same dense grove of pines, Harry had me bent forward, over the back of his car seat, while he peeled my bikini briefs off over my feet again.


With his knees separating my thighs, Harry's wet cock slithered up and down between my quivering buttocks, occasionally nudging against my slick, recently fucked hole.


It wasn't a gentle insertion this time. He rammed the oozing head of his rock-hard cock into my hungry asshole. My head swam with the sudden pressure caused by his hard dick popping into my tingling opening. My face felt flushed and hot.


"You need to get fucked again, baby," Harry whispered. "Maybe this time I'll let you cum too!"


I winced as his cock-head stretched my swollen ass lips. "Maybe we shouldn't do this again so soon."


Ignoring my objections, Harry's dick sank in all the way down to his nuts in one stroke, and I squealed with pleasure as his knobby head began to massage my newly discovered joy button.


"Oh, yeah," I pleaded, "Do me again. I need it now!"


"I knew you would," Harry answered softly as he nibbled on the lobe of my ear. "Your hot ass is going to need a lot more deep-dicking!"


Harry set up rhythmic strokes in my expanded cavity. His dick was soon pistoning smoothly in and out, back and forth, faster and faster, harder and harder.


"Ohh, stuff me full of dick," I begged, "Fuck me harder!"


Harry speeded up his deep thrusts, uncontrollably bouncing his hips off my jiggling buttocks. I gratefully shoved my ass back against his magnificent cock, meeting each thrust, demanding, needing, gratefully accepting every plunging inch as it ceaselessly penetrated between my quivering buns. With his arms wrapped tightly around me to seal his chest against my sweaty back, his fingers rolling and pinching my sensitive nipples, Harry pulled me with him as he rolled onto his back. My feet pushed against the window and my writhing bottom seemed to have a mind of its own as it humped up and down uncontrollably, riding the deep-probing rod that continued to piston wildly between my bouncing buttocks. Helpless to know or feel anything except the slip and slide of Harry's cock in my quivering ass, I moaned and gasped and got incredibly fucked! He made me cum so many times I lost count!


Hours flew by, and when Harry finally dropped me off at my house just before dawn, I had to sneak my thoroughly fucked ass into the house quietly so I wouldn't wake up my parents.


"Beautiful ass, Tom. Nice and tight," Harry whispered as he gave my butt a little good-bye pat when I got out of his car. "You're a great fuck!"


"I really liked your dick in there," I confessed. "You really know how to use that big thing!"


"I'm glad you liked it, baby, because I'm planning to slide it up your cute ass every night this week while we're both in town," Harry promised.


"Sounds like a good plan," I grinned happily as I stood next to the car while he pressed a couple of his fingers firmly into the responsive crack of my ass.


"See you tomorrow night," he called out as he wheeled away from the curb and vanished down the dark street.


His dick had felt so wonderful, I was anxious to feel it inside me again as soon as possible. I didn't know how I would be able to wait until tomorrow night!


Harry and I have been doing it non-stop all summer--and my dad even gave me my car keys back! He's so glad that I've stopped hanging out with the creepy Drew. It's about time, my mom said, that I found some friends who were good influences on me for a change.



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