Boyz on

a Bus



     Story by Frank Decatur 

     Art by Michael Kirwan  

Originally published in Allboy magazine - May/June, 2006



You never know what might happen on a Senior's Weekend




Remember the beginning of summer just before high school graduation?--Those exciting, carefree days when you'd just turned eighteen and were on your way to your senior weekend celebration?


Marty was so nervous he could hardly contain himself. It was not so much that he was looking forward to the carousing and craziness ahead, but that he was going to be rooming at the hotel with Tony Romero.


Tony, as everyone in McCormick High knew, was the coolest guy in school. It was not because he was the smartest, but because he was the hottest, best-looking, best-dressed, wildest jock in the senior class. Rumor had it that he'd fucked every girl in the class, although none of them would admit it.


Marty had been obsessed with Tony ever since tenth grade, but had never made more of an acquaintance than a smile and a nod. Marty wasn't anywhere near Tony's status in school, didn't even run in the same crowd.


Marty was a nerd, or so he figured. He got high grades, was a teacher's pet, didn't date girls, worked in a Pizza Parlor after school to help support himself and his mom; and although he was respected, he wasn't particularly popular with either the girls or the guys.


One reason Marty was such a loner was because he knew he was gay, and he was terrified that his classmates might find out. Not that he'd ever done anything with anybody--sexually, that is--but he had a large collection of hot guys' photos in the scrapbook that he kept hidden in the top of his closet, especially lots of torn-out of magazine publicity shots of Ricky Martin, who Marty thought Tony most closely resembled.


Anyway, everyone had drawn numbers from a basket to see who they'd be matched up with at the hotel for the weekend and Marty was ecstatic when both he and Tony drew the number 14. He was also scared. He could hardly sleep the night before.


So, on Friday afternoon, everyone gathered behind the school to board the six chartered buses that would take them the two hundred and fifty miles to Atlantic City. Marty, lugging his gym bag containing his clothes for the weekend, spotted Tony with some of the other guys--the jocks and studs--laughing and smoking cigarettes, standing off from the crowd. As he looked, he caught Tony's eye for a split second, and was surprised that Tony smiled and winked when he saw his future roomie.


Marty was closest to the first bus and boarded right away, the kids crowding behind him, shouting, laughing and grabbing seats. Nobody sat down by Marty.


Suddenly, he was surprised to see Tony getting on this bus. He was even more chagrined when Tony walked to where he was sitting and reached up to put his bag overhead.


"Hi, roomie! " he smiled. "Ya mind me sittin' here wit'cha?"


"Uh, sure, I mean, no ... Uh, yeah, sit down," Marty sputtered, knowing that his usually pale face was turning an embarrassed red.


"I figger we might as well get acquainted since we'll be sharin' a room, right?"


"Yeah, sure ..."


Tony plopped down in the seat next to Marty and stretched out his long legs and as he did so, his McCormick Falcons T-shirt rose up, exposing his hard stomach and the line of soft, black hair beginning at his navel and disappearing into his blue jeans. Marty stifled the urge to reach over and touch the soft brown stomach. He felt his dick jump in excitement.


Soon the buses, belching exhaust, began exiting the school yard toward the Interstate. All of the kids were laughing and talking loudly and obviously enjoying the beginning of their long weekend debauchery. Tony closed his eyes and seemed to be dozing so Marty pulled a paperback out of his bag and tried to concentrate on reading. But his mind kept racing, along with his heart, as he could feel the heat of Tony's leg next to his and the warmth of the body next to him.


He tried hard to concentrate on other things because his cock kept insisting on swelling in his jeans and he had to cover his crotch with one hand, fearing Tony might open his eyes and see that his seat partner was sporting a big hard-on.


Eventually, Marty grew sleepy and lay back in his seat. He hadn't gotten much sleep the night before so nature naturally took its course to ease him into dreamland.


When he opened his eyes, it was dark outside and the driver had turned off the interior lights on the bus except for the dim exit lights in the front and rear, casting a red glow over the passengers.


Marty turned his head slightly and looked directly into the eyes of his now-awakened partner, who smiled and said, "Hey."


"Hey," Marty responded sleepily, "I didn't know you were awake."


"Yeah, I been awake awhile. So," he continued, "tell me somethin' about yourself. We don't know each other very well. I guess we run in different crowds at school. I've seen ya around and know you're one of the smart guys, but that's about all."


"I know we don't know each other," Marty replied, "but I know you're one of the best athletes in school and I've seen all of your games. I guess I'm just not one of the jocks at school."


"Well, I'd rather be getting straight A's myself than be a big jock at school, but I guess I'm just not that smart. So, who are your friends? Where do you live? Have you got a girlfriend?" The questions were coming too fast for Marty to think.


Marty explained that he lived alone with his mother, worked after school, and have a girlfriend.


"Me neither," Tony replied. "I was dating Susan Troy, the school slut, but I got tired of her. I live with my Mom also ... My Dad took off when I was five. And I don't have too many friends either, just jock buddies."


They chatted on for awhile and Marty began feeling much more relaxed as he realized that Tony was far from the forbidding, big butch jock that he appeared to be to everyone.


Eventually, their conversation dwindled and Tony once again closed his eyes and after looking out of the bus window into the darkness for awhile, Marty grew sleepy, too. It was going to be a long night on the bus ahead before they arrived at their destination.


Some time later, Marty was awakened when he felt a hand on his stomach. He looked down and Tony's hand was resting on his belly, just above his belt.


He didn't dare move, but the warm hand on such an intimate part of his body caused his cock to begin to stir. He closed his eyes and willed his cock to behave.


Soon, Tony's hand moved down, over Marty's belt buckle and rested right on his crotch!


Oh my God, Marty thought, What should I do? He assumed Tony was asleep, but his throbbing cock was bound to alert Tony that he was excited.


He was startled when Tony began unbuckling his belt. He opened his eyes and once more locked gazes with his seat mate.


"Sshhhh," Tony whispered. "Ya like this, don't-cha? Want me to go on?"


Marty couldn't find his voice so he simply smiled and nodded as his partners hand slipped under his now partially opened jeans and down under his shorts, to close around Marty's now rigid and throbbing cock.


"I figgered you'd like this," Tony whispered in his ear. "I kinda thought you were gay. So am I. And when we get to the hotel, We're gonna have a great time, okay? That's why I arranged to room wit-cha. I traded numbers. "


"Okay," Marty whispered back, reaching over with his free hand to rub against Tony's huge bulge that threatened to rip the leg out of his jeans.


"Let me suck you a little," Tony again whispered, urging Marty's cock out of his now-unzipped jeans. He looked quickly around.  Everyone was sleeping, and so he leaned over and took Marty's cock into his mouth, slowly moving down until he had engulfed all nine inches down his throat.


Marty had to bite his lip to keep from moaning. He grasped Tony's short hair in his fingers and pulled him away.


"Stop," he hissed, "you'll make me cum."


"Yeah, cum! I want you to," Tony mumbled as he went down again on Marty's cock.


After a few minutes of intense, incredible sucking, Marty felt the molten jism rising from his balls and as Tony took the cock all the way down his throat, Marty unloaded a geyser of cum. Tony took blast after blast without gagging and after Marty's spasms subsided, he pulled away. He turned Marty's head toward his and kissed him wetly on the mouth and Marty tasted his own cum as Tony shoved his tongue into his mouth, unbuttoned his own fly and pulled out his huge, uncut brown meat.


Marty licked the jeweled drop of pre-cum from the apple-sized head and then took his partner's cock into his mouth, about to give his first, but certainly not his last, blow-job and ass-fucking of the weekend ahead, and the summer.



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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
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