Burning Hot


 Art and Story by Michael Kirwan



My whole family sat around the television set transfixed by the deadly images and the alarmed tones of the reporters. Cameras on the ground captured the power and ferocity while helicopter shots revealed the vastness and devastation of the fires. Entire forests were reduced to smoldering fragile black sculptures, the wind was tossing embers like a four year old with a bag of confetti. Firefighters had been brought in from surrounding states and their efforts were constantly thwarted by the raging inferno which seemed to have designs of its own, trumpeted by the roaring and cackling of consumed timber.

 People were being evacuated and the shots of distressed forlorn families clutching their pets and prized possessions as they were herded towards safety caused my sister to begin crying. Mom got off the sofa to comfort her but was interrupted by the ringing of the telephone.

"Oh, Lord." she muttered, glancing at my father for guidance. "You don't think they're calling to tell us to start packing?"

"It's too far away for that." My father said over my sister's renewed wailing. "It wouldn't come near enough for at least two more days for us to be in any danger." He looked over at my sister and added, "They'll have it under control long before that. You'd best answer the phone, Lucy."

I gazed at the flickering screen awed by the shimmering yellows and reds against the pitch black of the night, watching the beauty and destructiveness dancing together, entwining, leaping, and tearing away the earth's skin. The local newscaster, who'd been on television almost non-stop for the past eighteen hours, wiped his eyes and then just stared at the live feed as if the fire had sucked up his own oxygen. We were all captivated at that moment by the majestic flames and and scrambling figures on the periphery when my mother startled us with her words.

"It's Reverend Paterson, he wants to know if we'd be able to open our home to one of the families." She said in an uncertain, beseeching tone. "What should I tell him, Darryl?"

He looked at her for a split second before answering, and I wondered what he thought in that fraction of time. My mother stood in the doorway wringing her hands, her face contorted with concern and confusion.

"Tell him 'of course,' Lucy. We have enough room in our home and hearts to help those folks out." He was about to say something else but he looked at us kids and changed his mind, turning back to the television set instead.

I watched my Dad ease back into his chair. His brow furrowed as if some unpleasant fact had just been confirmed. My sister jumped up and went into the kitchen, squealing with excitement, her anxiety of a few minutes before forgotten. My father looked at me and said, "Don't be in too much of a hurry to get married, son." before focusing once again on the news.

He needn't have worried. Although I'd gone on a few dates and stuff already, I didn't really enjoy the company of girls and couldn't understand my friends' preoccupation with  boobs. It all seemed like a lot of silliness to me. I hadn't done anything queer but I always thought about it and wondered if it might be something more exciting than groping some girl's hooters. At school I'd even gotten a boner a few times just smelling the maleness of the locker-room after gym class and watching the rolling butt-cheeks of guys strolling around in their jocks. I could feel my dick starting to get hard and told my Dad that I was going up to my room.

It was almost midnight when they finally arrived. I went downstairs and was introduced to the Raynard's a husband and wife, five exhausted-looking kids and an old lady who might have been a grandmother or aunt. My mother insisted that everyone crowd into the kitchen and eat something. Dad and Mr. Raynard talked about the fire and settled in front of the TV to gather more fuel for conversation.

When the doorbell rang again, I was the only one left in the hallway so I answered it. It was a boy about my age carrying some sleeping bags.

"Hey. I'm Steve." he said extending his hand. "Steve Raynard."

"Hey. Uh, welcome. Let me help you with those." I offered while grabbing straps with one hand and his proffered paw with the other.

He looked as tired as the rest of his family but a tiny light glinted in his eyes when he saw me. "My name's Russell. Russ for short."

"Not Rusty?" he smiled and my heart beat a little faster.

"No. I think you either have to be red-headed or used up to be a Rusty." I answered. I'd said the same thing hundreds of times but this was the first time I'd actually had to suppress giggling afterwards. 

After conferring with my Ma (who in turn conferred with Dad), it was decided that the Raynard parents would sleep in the guestroom; Aunt Felice would sleep in my sister's room; my sister and the kids (one of whom had fallen asleep at the kitchen table) would camp out in the living room; and Steve would sleep with me. I mean in my bedroom.

It took almost another hour to get everyone settled in their assigned locations but gradually the lights were turned off and the thumping and whispering subsided. Steve and I stripped down to our underwear (mine - shabby shapeless briefs... his - striped boxers and an athletic T) and prepared for bed. He began rolling out his sleeping bag on the floor and I noticed his prick flop from the gaping fly of his shorts. My cock sprang into instant boner mode and I leaned back and spread my legs hoping he'd notice. He did.

"You know, there's plenty of room here in the bed if you don't mind laying next to another guy." I said.

He looked pointedly at my twitching tented crotch before grinning widely. He replied, "If your dick gets any bigger there won't even be room enough for the rest of you in that bed."

Steve looked down and saw his own exposed prick but made no effort to hide it back in his shorts. He even tugged on it a few times so I'd see how long it really was. He continued spreading and arranging his sleeping bag without making any real attempt to get in it. Instead he just fumbled around letting me feast my eyes on his dangling meat. I began stroking my throbbing erection through the white cotton material of my jockeys giving him a show for the one he was giving me.

When he finally ran out of little activities to bolster the performance, he looked up at the window over my bed and nodded towards it. "Do you think we can see the fire from that window?" he asked.

"It's facing the right direction, take a look." I answered, mauling my cock through the damp fabric, breathless to have him approach me.

He came over and leaned onto the bed, pulled the shade up, and stared through the glass intently. His thick circumcised tool swayed closer. I couldn't resist reaching out and running two fingers down the length of it. Steve continued looking through the glass into the night pretending not to notice my gently handling his hardening cock. It was electrifying. My heart was beating faster. My armpits became slippery from all the excess sweat I was producing. A blob of pre-cum bubbled from my piss-slit soaking the strained material which barely contained my raging boner. My mouth filled with saliva as I felt the silky shaft in my hand swell and expand. I fingered his nutsac from his drawers so I could feel them as well.

"I think I can almost make out a faint glow in the sky but maybe I'm just imaging it." he said.  Steve may have been ignoring me but his boy hose certainly wasn't. It was fat and stiff. The pink crown wide and the rubbery skin was stretched until it shone spreading the peehole almost open. Steve's balls were pulled up tight against the base of his stalk becoming nearly invisible.

Spit leaked from the corners of my mouth, and I knew that I'd go completely insane if I didn't suck it. So, I shifted closer and started licking the shiny pink head. He didn't move but I heard a sharp intake of breath come from him. As I nestled closer, getting into a comfortable position to touch and taste him, he spoke again as if to someone on the other side of the window.

"That feels good. Real good. You ever done this kind of stuff before, Russ?"

"No." I answered, my voice raspy with lust and all the extra saliva running down my throat. "I've wanted to for a long time, but nothing was happening. This is my first time. And you? You ever done any playing around?"

"A few times." he answered. "Is it what you expected?"

"So far it's the greatest feeling ever. I feel like my whole body's cumming over and over again." I said as I put the entire spongy head of his prick in my hot wet mouth. He shuddered with pleasure and began slowly thrusting forward, driving more of his engorged boypole past my eager lips.

As I finally felt what it was like to penetrated by another boy, the outrageous sheer joy of it, I began pulling my underwear completely off because I knew the friction of the fabric, the slightest stimulation to my hard cockhead, would have me exploding semen all over the place. Steve watched my awkward stripping while still trying to keep his meat buried in my gullet.

"Hey, is that door locked?" he asked.

I reluctantly surrendered the prize in my mouth to reply to him, "Nah. There's no lock. But don't worry. Nobody ever comes in here. Let me take your shorts off. They're getting wet from all the drool."

He didn't say anything so I lowered the striped boxers and pushed them to his knees. Pressing his spit-slicked cock up against his belly, I began sucking his scrotum, needing to feel those balls filled with his teenage fuck juice against my tongue. He shuddered and moaned as I jerked his greasy stalk and slobbered all over his testicle bag. I inhaled the rich musky aroma of his teenage crotch. The regular damp moist boy-sweat comingling with the harsher sex and fear scent. The skunky intoxicating taste was like an aphrodisiac, and I lost control and began spraying scum all over my belly as well as the sheets.

While my spunk was still erupting out of my pulsating boy-bone, I swallowed his whole prick and began furiously sucking it right down to his gummy tangled bush. I sucked like a wildboy, filling my mouth with his thick staff and contorting every muscle in my face to accommodate and excite him. Soon, he was grunting and mewling, bucking and driving his pistoning prong into my gaping sucking maw. The wide column of flesh thumped the roof of my mouth three times, and then the sperm began filling up whatever space wasn't already taken up with dick.

I swallowed as much of the tangy cream as I could but some of his boy nectar spilled over my outstretched lips and down my chin. I continued sucking and lapping until his cock lost its rigidity and his nuts descended back into their wrinkled pouch. Both of us were breathing heavily and covered with a patina of glistening sweat. Steve collapsed down on the mattress next to me and we both just lay there trying to get our breathing and heartbeats to become more regular.

He scooped up a glob of opalescent cum from my belly any put it in his mouth. Then he leaned over and kissed me dropping my own ball custard back in me. We laughed and hugged each other close, pressing our bodies as close as they could get.

"Wow!" Steve panted. "That was intense. I'm still shaking."

"I'm sorry I rushed it there at the end but I just couldn't hold back any longer. My dick shot off without me even touching it! That's how excited I was." I said.

"Man, it's hard to believe that I had to wait eighteen years for something like that to happen!"

"I know what you mean. It's like, 'What the hell have I been missing?' Russ, you were sucking my nuts there, and I swear I almost fainted it felt so good." Steve said as he snuggled closer.

We lay in the darkness, pressed up beside each other, glued together by my drying spunk, and enjoying our mutual teenage lust, rubbing, stroking and kissing. Steve's hand kept returning to my shaved pubic mound and tickling the light stubble with his fingertips. 

"This is nice. It feels funny but sexy at the same time. Why do you shave here?" He murmured in my ear, giving me a thrill that started blood rushing towards my loins.

"When it started growing in I kinda thought it was cool. Then one day, I was beating off in the mirror, and it just looked sort of scraggly. So, I shaved it off. I think it makes my dick look bigger, too. What do you think?" I said inbetween licking his neck and ear.

Steve's hand drifted from my bare pube patch to my solidifying peter. As he squeezed my growing cock, it jumped to a full hard-on, throbbing and pushing against his own boner. He kissed me and spread my legs so he could massage my smooth teenage balls, kneading them tenderly, before reaching back a little further and lightly touching my ass pucker. I moaned softly into his wet tongue-filled mouth. I was electrified by the sensation as his finger glided up and down my moist crack lingering daintily at my spasming butthole.

"Have you ever thought about some guy putting his dick in here?" Steve asked, pressing my muscled rosette for emphasis. I was speechless with desire but he apparently didn't need a verbal response. "I like the way you feel, Russ. I like the silkiness of your skin. It's like warm glass with a sheen of steam keeping it wet. You having no hair down there is a real turn-on for me, and I want to be inside you. I want my big cock sliding into your ass. Do you want the same thing, Russ? Do you want me to fill you up with my cock?" He was whispering feverishly, grinding our rock-hard boy-pricks together. His finger was making circular motions around my quivering anus, spreading it slowly, widening the gap for future invasion.

My whole body was shaking with lust. Steve slid down the bed and began sucking my cock and balls, diverting some of his overflowing spit to the finger that prodded at my virgin boycunt. As his finger intruded deeper into my sphincter, I had to push his face away from my dick so I wouldn't shoot too soon. He told me to roll over, face away from him, and to raise my knees up to my chest. Steve shifted around again until his feet were touching the brass headboard and his face was lined up with my exposed ass.

"Try to relax, Russ. I'm going to eat you out and get you opened up a little. If you feel like you're going to cum, reach back and tap me. I'll stop until you're okay again." He instructed before spreading my soft, white butt cheeks even further apart. He added, "I love the way you smell."

I could feel his hot breath on my sensitive, saliva-soaked asshole. He breathed hard and sniffed deliberately, and then I felt the tip of his tongue lapping against my tiny, wet pucker. Steve delicately kissed and chewed my hole, constantly drawing a finger over that area to ascertain the effectiveness of his oral handiwork. A steady drizzle of sperm oozed from my tool as he mouthed and fingered my slick crack. He was gradually widening the elastic ring of my boypussy. It felt strange and wonderful at the same time.

Occasionally he'd get too eager and I'd feel a little stab of pain. But whenever my ass-lips closed involuntarily, he'd go back to sucking and kneading the smooth surrounding area. I was almost delirious with raw passion when I felt his hot mouth cover my entire hole. His tongue begin a steady, rhythmic drilling deeper and deeper inside my loosened canal. As the hard probing muscle expanded my eager boycunt, Steve's hands fondled my hairless balls and bouncing dribbling cock until I had to pat him and signal that he had better stop otherwise I'd be splashing my second load of goo all over the place.

He turned around on the bed and told me to suck him some more. After a bit of repositioning, I was once again tasting the sweet hardness of his fat cock while he inserted two fingers into my ass and slowly fucked me in time to my swallowing.

"You've got a nice tight ass, Russ. I can still barely get these two fingers in. When my dick goes in I'm afraid it's going to hurt some. Actually it's going to hurt a lot. I can tell how much you want it. You're moving your ass to meet my fingers every time I go in and that'll make it easier. Suck my hard cock, Russ. Suck it and make it all wet and slimy so I can put it in you. Oh, fuck! That feels so good having your mouth taking my bone while your ass eats my fingers. Yeah, this ass is begging to be fucked. Are you ready, Russ? Are you ready to take my dick up your ass? Do you need it as much as I do?" Steve intoned as our coupling got more frenzied. 

Every nerve in my body tingled as I whispered, "Yes, yes, yes." in answer to his raspy incantation.

I knew from sucking it that the size of his prick was going to seriously distress my sloppy, tortured bunghole, but I wanted it so bad. I knew I was ready to accept whatever pain was involved. We shifted around again until I was belly down on the damp sheets with my legs spread and him on top of me. He spit a big glob of saliva into his hand and worked it into my ass as he positioned his swollen cockhead at the entryway. I felt the thick knob press against the slicked opening and closed my eyes.

"Here, Russ." Steve said. "Bite down on this pillow until your ass gets used to being fucked. It won't take too long and I promise I'll go easy."

I stuffed my mouth with the material and spiky feathers as he began forcing his thick tube of boymeat into my willing chute. As the column of flesh penetrated my teenage virgin ass, I felt a burning, stabbing pain as if I was being torn in two. A choked scream escaped from my lips even as I bit down on the muffling pillow. Tears fell from my eyes as Steve hushed and soothed me. His cock poised half in and half out as he gave me a moment to recover.

"Deep breaths, Baby. Take deep breaths and concentrate on relaxing. Move your ass muscles like you're taking a shit. That'll make it easier." my new friend instructed.

I followed his directions and it did get easier. It took a few more minutes, but eventually his entire hard-on was crammed into my sore, torn-up hole. We just laid there, sweat pouring out of our bodies, and his cock buried inside me. Slowly he began rotating and pumping yet pausing every time I let out a strangled whimper. Steve licked and sucked the back of my neck as his humping took on a more regular pace. There was still a lot of discomfort, but I felt the promise of pleasure washing through my pierced guts as it hinted at the exhilaration this act was capable of delivering. I clung to that shadowy sensation and my new-formed cunt blossomed to accept the wide plug of meat inside me.

"Okay," Steve panted, "You got it now. Raise up onto your knees slowly so I don't slip out."

Once we were in classic doggie-style, Steve started fucking me with long slow calculated strokes while playing with my limp dick. As I got accustomed to being fucked and felt his hot sweaty paw yanking on my boycock, my erection began a tentative return. Steve clutched the base of my prick grinding his thumb knuckle into my shaved pubis. My ass underwent another transformation and opened up more of itself to be fucked. Steve sensed the change and began pounding his big, greasy cock harder and faster plowing me with renewed fervor. I shoved myself back with each thrust, impaling myself on his sawing rod, wanting more cock, wanting more of him inside of me. He clutched at my shoulders, fucking me, pulling me into each spearing, and knowing that I needed it so badly.

My bouncing dick began pouring out cum like a faucet, a continual stream of thick milky boyjuice, almost as if I was pissing it out.

"Steve," I gasped, "I'm cumming. I'm cumming again, Steve."

He recognized the symptoms. My broken raw ass-lips were clutching at his pile-driving shaft while the rest of my body was going slack from exhaustion and spent passion. Steve slowed down and then painfully forced two fingers into the dripping wound of my dick-filled ass and squeezed his cock. He was fucking me and jerking off into me at the same time. I heard a hissing sound escape from his clenched teeth as his body stiffened. He anointed my packed rectum with his gluey sperm.

He pulled out while he was still ejaculating, and I could feel the molten boyseed being smeared around my battered assring. As I lay there on the soaking, stinking, sticky sheets, Steve continued to massage his nutload into my hole until I fell asleep.

The next day, the winds had died down and rain began to fall. Eventually the fire was brought under control and finally vanquished. Everybody began returning to their normal lives and regular routines to get on with the business of life. On television, the reporters feigned relief (we don't get many big stories around here) while firefighters drifted among the smoking debris looking for live embers.

They weren't looking in the right place, I thought. A raging fire had been ignited inside of me. It was a burning passion just waiting for an opportunity to begin flaming once again. That smoldering need for cock glowed deep within me, waiting for a spark to flare it up once more.


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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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