Story by William Cozad  

  Illustration by Michael Kirwan  

Originally published in Playguy magazine - June, 1995



Thrills of the game...  



In the plaza downtown I stopped to watch the chess players. I didn't know anything about the game. Supposedly, chess was an intellectual pursuit. But the only guys I knew who played it had been in jail.

Leaning against the brass rail, I spotted a short, young player who got my juices flowing. He was standing up beside a low, square, concrete platform where the board was set up. All I could see was his shapely butt and smooth, muscular legs. He was wearing short pants. He hiked up one leg on the concrete slab, which made his short pants stretch snugly over his rear. Nice ass. Round and tight, just the kind that gets my motor running. When he glanced sideways I got a look at his mug. He was a real beauty. Short black hair and brown eyes. Smooth, boyish features. Twenty-ish.

Pretending to watch the chess game, I kept looking at his ass. I imagined it naked, with his big balls hanging down between the "V" of his open thighs. Damn, I was getting a boner.

Suddenly the game was over. I could tell because I saw the young man digging into his pocket. Apparently they'd gambled on their game, and he'd lost to the older, unkempt guy. I was surprised when he forked over a ten-spot.

As he paid his gambling debt, I got a look at his crotch. It was fully packed. How I'd like to get a peek at him naked. I wondered what his dick and balls looked like. He was ready to split. He was just going to walk away and I'd never see him again. I thought about a straight buddy I'd known in college. Brazen as hell, he'd walk right up to chicks on campus and tell them they were beautiful. Of course, most of the time they told him to get lost. But the horny bastard scored more often than you'd think.

I'm kind of shy. Usually another guy has to make a move on me before I'm sure he's interested. But I've seen bolder dudes get just what they want. While cruising arcades I'd seen guys actually pull a dick out of another guy's mouth and suck it.

Sucking in my breath, I approached the youngster before he split.

"Tough luck," I said.

"I made a stupid move. Blew the game. Speed chess ain't my specialty. You play chess?"


He gave me a funny look.

"Warm day," I said, trying to extend the conversation. "How about a cold beer?"

"I'm busted," he said. "Thought I could double my money. Fat chance."

"My uncle was a gambler," I told him. "Said the only way you could double your money was to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket."

"Funny," he said, rather sarcastically.

"Look, chill out. I'll buy the beer."


"I don't like to drink alone."

He looked me up and down, and smiled. "I'm not twenty-one yet."

"I'll serve you. I live just a couple blocks away."

I thought he'd tell me to get lost but he didn't.

On the short walk to my apartment, I learned that the chess player's name was Tim. He was a college student. I wasn't sure that he knew what I was really interested in, but he tagged along for the free beer.

Inside my small studio I got us each a cold brew from the fridge. "What are you studying?" I asked.

"Liberal arts. I'm not sure what I want to be. Maybe a teacher. I like history."

I think history's boring. Not only that, it's a pack of lies. But of course, I never had a teacher who looked like Tim.

Both of us were sitting on opposite ends of the couch, sipping our beer.

"So, how did you get into playing chess?"

"I belonged to the chess club in high school. It's a fascinating game. It's really about dominating your opponent. Like war. Everything's up to you. Make a bad move and it's over. In speed chess like they play on the street, though, you've only got twenty-five minutes instead of two hours."

"So ... you're into domination?"

"Hey, you didn't invite me up here to talk about chess."

"Want another beer?"

He shook his head. Then he spread his smooth legs. Runner's legs, with hard thighs and muscular calves. He ran a hand up one, then groped himself.

"This is what you want."

"How'd you know?"

"The way you keep looking at me."

"You're a handsome young man."

"And I got a big one."

"Yeah? Prove it."

With a sly grin, Tim unzipped the fly of his short pants and freed his cock. His meat was soft, fat and uncut.

"You wanna suck this, don'cha?"

I got down on my knees in front of the young stud and sniffed his musky crotch.

"Rubber okay?" I asked.


I wanted to gobble up his fat dick. But first, I jacked it until it stiffened. I got a rubber out of my pocket and threaded it down over his thick hard-on.

I licked at his cock and it throbbed, a beautiful piece of meat, a thick seven inches. I took out his balls, which were smooth and plump. I lapped at the naked orbs.

"Oh, yeah. Lick my nuts. That makes me so hot."

Tim scooted to the edge of the couch.

"Nice fat dick you got," I muttered.

"Get down there and suck it. Yeah, that's it, cock-sucker."

He pulled my hair until my scalp stung, as he rammed his meat into me.

"Deep-throat it, motherfucker."

He was kind of rough, abusive--and I loved it.

I pride myself on being able to swallow a big dick and I managed to mouth his huge prick all the way down to the pubes, rubber and all.

"Yeah, that's it. No bitch was ever able to do that to me. Fuck, yeah. Bet you've sucked dozens of dicks."

By now his cock was like a crowbar. He was battering my tonsils. His big pendulous balls were slapping against my chin. At this rate he couldn't hold back much longer.

I was so horny, not just because of his big equipment, but because of his rough good looks and macho manner. I whipped out my stiffer and jacked it while he gripped my hair and thrust his dick down my throat faster and faster. With my other hand I squeezed his spit-soaked balls.

Suddenly he lunged his cock all the way down my throat. I almost choked. I saw stars when his dick blasted big wads of hot ball juice into the reservoir tip of the scum bag.

"Cummin' in your mouth, cock-sucker. Fillin' that rubber with hot spunk. Too bad you can't drink it. Tastes real sweet, I've tried it."

I was working my dick and about to climax when the chess playing college boy rudely pulled his prick out of my mouth.

"Whatcha doing? Tryin' to get your rocks off while you blew me? Put that thing back in your pants."

"I'm horny. I need to get off too."

"You can do that later, after I'm gone. I don't wanna see you shoot."

Granted, he was a cutie. But he was totally selfish.

"I really need to get off. You're a man; you can understand that. I figured I'd put on a condom and you'd take a few slides on my dick like I did yours."

"I ain't no cock-sucker, dude."

"Just let me look at your body while I jack-off. Okay? No reciprocation. I gotta get my rocks off."

I don't know why I was so persistent. Prick power, whatever. Despite his attitude, Tim was fuckin' gorgeous. Lord only knows when I'd get my next shot at a hunky stud like him.

Despite his admonition, I sat back on my haunches and slowly worked my cock while Tim pretended to tolerate worship of him.

"Hurry it up. I ain't got much time."

While I stared at his soft, hooded cock and at the belching scum bag of jism on the glass-top coffee table, I stroked my dick. I don't know what got into Tim, all at once, but he peeled off his oversized T-shirt. His chest was smooth and muscled. Small pink nipples. Flat belly and a patch of brown fuzz which led from his bellybutton down to his crotch. He rubbed the sheen of sweat into his skin.

And, damn, but his dick looked like it was starting to swell. He was getting turned on by my body worship. Sure enough, the slick cock-head soon peeked out of the folds of foreskin.

Tim slid his shorts and underwear all the way off. Wearing just socks and sneakers, he let me feast my eyes on his naked body.

"You're the most beautiful guy I've ever seen, I swear. Handsome face, muscular body, and hung. Turn over. Let me see the other side."

He had a frown on his face but he still looked sexy. His brown eyes were kind of glazed over as he scoped out my prick. He lay on his belly on the couch, and showed off that smooth, perfect bubblebutt of his. I had to stop stroking or I'd have blown for sure.

When he reached back and spread his butt cheeks I nearly shot off. I leaned over and kneaded his buns, and he moaned. This was an invitation to continue if I ever had one.

I shucked my clothes and quickly suited up with a rubber.

It was like I was living in a wet dream now. I rubbed my finger into his steamy ass crack and punched into his tight pucker.

Almost in a frenzy, I licked his smooth tender ass cheeks, those buns that had undulated and taunted me while he was playing chess.

Crawling up onto the couch, I mounted the college boy. My condomed cock was hard as a rock. I figured he'd stop me. This was just too good to be true.

I slapped my boner against his buns. I was oozing inside the rubber.

Looking back over his shoulder, his brown eyes were cloudy.

"Do it, dude," he responded. "Stick it up my ass."

I couldn't believe my ears. He really wanted to be buggered. Damn, I'd lucked out.

I drooled a gob of spit onto his pink, puckered ring.

"Shove it in me," he growled impatiently.

I pressed my broad prick-head against the rim of his hole and nudged inside.

"Aw fuck!" he groaned.

I could feel his ass ring stretch around my dick. His butthole was like a furnace. I crammed my shaft inside, feeling the smooth walls and the grip of his tight muscles. I started a slow rhythm. Soon he was humping back. I pumped his hole, in deep, nearly out, then back in again.

"Harder! Give it to me," he commanded.

I hit my stride and rode his butt with gusto. Even with the rubber I could feel every nook and cranny. His tight, burning butthole clenched my cock till I couldn't hold back any longer.

"Oh, shit," he cried. "It's cummin'! Can feel it shootin' in my guts. Cream me, dude!"

I bucked my hips, and triggered my dick in and out of his hot hole, firing my wad into the clear tight latex rammed up his butt.

He moaned and groaned and sputtered some more filthy talk.

I was drenched in sweat and gasping for breath when I got off, having gushed my load into the cherry hole of this perfect specimen of youth.

He sort of bucked me off. I stripped off the scum bag and flung it onto the glass coffee table.

Exhausted from the gut-wrenching orgasm, I lay on the couch.

Out of the corner of my eye I watched Tim get a fresh rubber out of the pack that was lying on the floor. His cock was rock-hard as he suited up.

At first I expected him to shove his big meat down my throat for another blow-job. I was looking forward draining his nuts.

But that's not what happened. Instead, he straddled my legs on the couch. He started to rub my hairy butt cheeks and I could feel the heat from his cock despite the condom he wore. "Didn't think I was gonna let you have my cherry and get off scot-free, did you? It's payback time, dude."

"I don't take it up the ass," I lied.

"Sure you do. All queers like to get screwed."

"Not me," I protested.

He slid his dick across my crack and the feel of his chicken-skinned balls made my asshole twitch with anticipation.

"Gonna screw you like you screwed me. Gonna really tear up that asshole, make it hurt good."

"Be gentle," I pleaded.

There was nothing at all gentle about the way the college boy poked his prick up my butthole. Luckily, I did manage to get a gob of spit on it to help pave the way.

My butt muscles gripped his stiff dick as he started corn-holing me, relentlessly ramming my asshole until I was gasping for air. Sure, I'd been fucked before, but never with such earnestness and passion.

"Fuckin' you in your hot hole," he snarled. "Tighten your ass. Yeah, that's it. Oh yeah, better than any sloppy pussy I ever got on campus. Aw, shit, I'm gonna get off already. Fuckin' cumming up your ass! Fuck, yeah!"

My butthole spasmed around his shaft as slammed into me, biting the back of my neck as he whimpered and groaned. My hole was sore and burning.

After a few minutes, Tim's cock softened and slipped out. He slid the scumbag off and lay it on the glass-top coffee table with the others, in a virtual river of creamy spooge.

He checked his watch.

"Time to shag ass," he said.

He dressed quickly, pulling on his oversized T-shirt and shorts, and was gone in a flash.

I was hoping he'd return sometime. I looked for him in the plaza where the men play chess, but I never saw him again. Maybe just as well. Because, believe me, nothing could top the passion of that first encounter. And Tim was right. About the game. It's all about dominating your opponent.



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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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