Up In Coop's Attic

            BY Michael Kirwan        


















   This is how it is, right? Me and the guys are all for the ladies, man. We like pussy. Me and Coop and Willy are always down for getting with the chicks and hitting that pussy. That's what it's all about, man. The three of us dig pussy, what can I say? We talk about it more than we do it because this town is full of stuck-up bitches that want all kinds of shit before they'll put out. You gotta buy them shit and take them places and say a lot of shit about how pretty and smart they are. Fuck, to get laid you gotta pretend that you’re really listening to all their yammering. We ain't got jobs right now, I'm just too fucking lazy and the other two got fired for not showing up or stealing or some shit like that. All the jobs got filled right after graduation. The real “brainiacs” all left for college and the rest of us Joe Shmos scrambled after the minimum wage shit jobs left in this shithole part of the country. And guess who came up empty-handed? That's right. Coop, Willy and me. It didn't bother us. Fuck, we'd skate and drink and play videos until our folks got sick of our sponging off them then we'd pack up and move to a real city full of beautiful babes just waiting to get fucked by real men like us.

    In the meantime we'd hang out at Coop's house, drinking beer and smoking wee... I mean, cigarettes, we only smoke cigarettes, right? and watching TV or playing games and talking about all the cunts we was gonna bang or the fucking drooling skanks who'd be never be lucky enough get a taste of what we had to offer. Coop's Mom had banished us to the attic because our music was too loud, our yelling and shit was too loud, and we kinda fixed it up with the junk pushed out of the way and a big TV (that Willy got when he was stocking at the electronics store at the mall) and a good Boom Box (mine, a graduation present) and a Sony PlayStation 2game with a shitload of games (Willy was always finding unwanted and misplaced shit at that job). It was cool. Well, having our own hangout was cool, the fucking attic was hot as shit. This is Texas, right? We had some fans going but it's still hot air blowing around so we'd always get down to our underwears as soon as we'd gotten all the supplies and shit we needed to party for the night. Did I tell you how we pissed? Right out the fucking window, man! It's fucked up, right? Hahaha.

     So it's night and we got a case of beer and we're smoking and I brought some Kung Fu tapes and it's all good, right? Me and Willy are chilling on the ratty couch, scratching our nuts and watching the chop-socky flick while Coop sits in the fucking "Pappa-San" chair (a leftover from his Mom's hippy days I guess) talking about some chick from the movieplex that he thinks he's gonna bone. I'm totally buzzed, man. Willy gets up and goes to the window, pulls that big gnarly-looking cock of his out from his torn-up briefs and begins pissing, a lot of it splashing on the sill ‘cause he keeps turning around to watch this fight sequence and say shit. Coop stops his bullshit about the girl and watches Willy's willy. Maybe he was gonna say something about the piss drops all over the place but he just stared, too stoned to remember to gripe, I guess. When Willy returned to his spot on the couch the front of his graying undies had a big yellow wet stain and there were some drops on his leg that didn't look like sweat to me. I started giggling.                               

     "Yeow, Willy man, you're a pig." I said.

     Willy took another hit off the joi...cigarette, groped his damp bulge as to say "And Fuck You Too" and stared at the flying ninjas. I yanked my big prick out the fly of my blue boxers, circled a finger under the foreskin and put it up to his nose. He scowled and slapped my hand away. I laughed and took a nice long inhale on my greasy fingertip. Smelled good to me! There'd be a nice surprise for him when we next exchanged the smoke. Over in the ugly round chair Coop was slurping his beer and watching us, waiting to get our attention.

     "That bitch, the one I was telling you about? I hope she sucks dick, man. I would love to see her lips on my dick." Coop says, squeezing his growing tool. I checked out Willy's crotch and it looked like he was getting a hard-on himself. I fucking knew where all this shit was leading. So here we were again, three guys almost naked, fuzzy-headed from the night's festivities, sparked up by all the pussy talk and not gonna get the action we're all looking for. I glanced at my two buddies, sitting there in a jittery stupor tugging on their packages and knew exactly what they were thinking and too wussed out to say. Jeez, it's been at least six or seven months now that we've back-ended ourselves into the same fucking position at least once a week by my count. Both of my pals stared at the TV with glassy expressions, their hands prepping their dicks, hoping I'd say the magic words. It was so funny that neither one of these mooks would ever make the suggestion even though they both enjoyed it a lot more than I did. Maybe that was why, right? 

     "Think Glenn's home?" I asked. That was the phrase they'd been dancing around for the last twenty minutes. Groans, fake whining, harder dicks and then the phone call. It amazed me that week after week we all had to pretend that it was accidental. We fake like we don’t fucking do this shit on a regular basis! One day I kind of mentioned that what we’d been doin’ was becoming a pretty routine occurrence and both of these dickheads start screaming, "Well, you're always the one who says we should call him!" so I just play my part now.

     Glenn was this private school punk who wanted to hang out with us older guys. He kept showing up and trying to act friendly and one day when we were low on funds we told him he could hang out in the attic if he stole some liquor from his parents’ and brought it with him. Coop disliked him the most and when we were all pretty drunk he told the kid he could be part of our gang if he'd suck all our dicks. It was a joke. We were only fucking with him and he kept refusing and getting all serious and shit. The more he said "no" the more pressure we put on him to just do it and he’d be in like Flynt. We were just yanking his chain, you know, testing him out and shit. Well, some shit happened and in the end the three of us got our blowjobs and Glenn sorta got into the group.   

     Since then whenever we were in the attic and stoned, bored, horny, or whatever, we'd invite Glenn over and have him take care of our dicks for us. He got real good at it too. He knew how each of us liked it and did what he had to to make us happy.

     About two months ago Glenn was worshipping my dick and Willy gets tired of waiting his turn, afraid he was gonna blow his load before the faggot even got his lips on it, and starts fingering Glenn's asshole. Before you know it, Glenn's taking care of two guys at a time instead of just one.  It took only a few months to make this sweet little Catholic schoolboy our personal cum bucket, a little private secret cocksucking faggot. I felt kind of queer the first time I was plowing this dude's ass that was filled with Coop and Willy's sperm but it felt so good to have my big thick joint sliding in and out of his tight scummy hole that I got over it pretty quick. I mean, most of the time I was still thinking about chicks when I boned Glenn, right? You know, fuck it. It's not like any of this shit is gonna matter in a hundred years anyway.

    So Glenn comes over, carrying a couple of six packs and some more wee... cigarettes that he got from his sister for us to smoke. Willy and Coop attack the beer while I turn off a few lamps and lock the door. Glenn strips down to his underwear because it’s the dress code in the summer more than like he’s sweatin’. Both of my buddies have to be extra loaded so they can always pretend they don't know what happened the next day and it don’t become a topic of discussion. I used to do it too but once I was too drunk to cum and it got ridiculous after a while as the kid was struggling and straining to finish me off. Coop had definitely slowed down on his drinking too for these events as well. I picked up quite a few of his open cans throughout the night just so’s we wouldn’t kick them over and whatnot and they weren't even half done with most the time. It was always the same. We'd all sit there in the near dark looking at the TV screen, sneaking peeks, talking about pussy and shit, acting like we was just the boys hanging out doing nothing up in Coop's room. It was like the second time (the first being a situation that got out of control) was stuck on a repeating loop. Glenn sat between me and Willy on the couch and tried not to be too obvious about noticing our fidgeting with our cockmeat. Coop would keep up some vaguely dirty sex conversation, his own dick bobbing like a metronome.

     "So, Glenn." says I, "Getting any pussy lately?"

     "I wish!" Glenn says. "None of the girls around here give me the time of day."

     "Yeah, they're all bitches." adds Willy, mimicking our lines.

     "It's fucking tough being a guy and horny in this fucking town." I contribute while stretching back and putting my considerable meat up for grabs.

     "Hey, Glenn. Do you think my dick might be shrinking?"

    "Are you kidding? That thing's a monster." Glenn responds.

     "No, I'm serious." I say, "I heard this thing were if a guy don’t get enough action his shit starts getting littler. Touch it and let me know. I can’t tell ‘cause I’m always playin’ with it and can’t be sure. Be a buddy and tell me if you think it's gotten any smaller."

     He hefts the hot rubbery tube of flesh in his hand. "No," his voice is cracking, "if anything I think it's gotten even bigger."

     "Too big to suck?" I whisper like it was just me and him in the room.

     "I don't think so." Glenn stammers.

     "You wanna make sure?" I query, spreading my legs and guiding his head towards my lap. His mouth goes right into suck mode, his tongue flickers around inside my foreskin getting it all cleaned up before he skins it back and takes my entire bone right into his throat. I stand up and he kneels on the floor. I grip his head and shove it down until he’s gagging and choking on it. Anything goes after the initial contact. Willy moves into position and starts peeling our boy's underpants down so he can grease up his ass. Coop comes and stands next to me like he’s waiting in line and just wants to watch the show but then he tries stuffing his cockhelmet in with mine but there's not enough room. We hadn't ever tried having Glenn swallow two dicks at once but Coop must’ve been extra zonked and extra horny to try something like this.                        

     Coop's boner sliding against mine was a little unnerving for me. I mean, Shit! He was practically on top of me in this position. I was fucking glad that we was both wearing our boxers and had our dicks out the fronts or this thing would’ve been too fucking queer, man. That's just not the way this thing worked. None of us was supposed to ever touch each other, we were always supposed to have Glenn in between us so we never touched each other. At least that's how I had it figured. Now Coop and I were pressed up against each other, our skin sticky with stinking sweat with both our cocks soaked in saliva and rubbing together in Glenn's gaping maw. Coop’s arm went around my middle and a finger slipped under my waistband. He coulda easily pulled my fucking underwears down and my ass would be hanging out. There was no place for my arm except around his shoulder, which didn’t bother him none. When Coop, breathing hard in my face, grabbed both our dripping boners and held them together to feed the boy, I looked over to see if Willy was catching this routine but he was too busy pumping his prod into the kid's ass to check it out. It was weird having Coop pressing into me, his hand clutching our two gummy tools, jerking them in tandem, cramming them into that sucking, licking facehole. Every time Willy thrust his meat into Glenn's butt our two sticky knobs would slip past his stretched lips and balloon out the cocksucker's cheeks. I know I was fucked-up and juiced for getting my dick worked on but this whole thing was making me feel weird. And then I felt the loose, frayed elastic of my boxers glide down and a part of Coop’s hand resting on my ass cheek. Glenn was sure doing his best accommodate the two hot rods jammed in his face but I knew that this set-up wasn't going to get me any of the usual deep throat action so I slipped out of the way and let Coop get the standard blowjob. I got on the floor in back with Willy and told him I wanted a turn at plowing Glenn's guts. Willy was cool, seemed he'd blasted his load already but had kept on humping while waiting for his boner to fizzle out. My cock just slid right into that gooey rut and I started fucking with short choppy strokes mixed up with long deep drilling ones to encourage Glenn to use his ass muscles to clutch and squeeze on my horsecock.

       I kept looking up and across at Coop trying to figure out what the fuck he was up to with that little maneuver of his. It pissed me off that he had crossed that boundary without so much as a "Do you mind?" I mean really, what kind of shit is that? Rubbing up on me and touching my dick and whatnot. Shit, it was one thing to take advantage of a queer's services, it was another thing altogether trying to blur the lines like that. A couple of times our eyes locked over the writhing jerking body between us. Glenn grunted and moaned as Coop fed him his pistoning meat and I pounded my thick hose up his twitching dripping asshole. We were louts, me and Willy and Coop, and we operated best when we had a pattern, a clear-cut mode of conduct. He had to know that that shit would bug me, especially that sneaky shit of touching my ass. If we were gonna do this queer shit and still believe our own "straight" bullshit there had to be fucking rules. I took out my confusion on poor Glenn and assaulted his ass with my battering ramrod. I fucked him so brutally that he squeaked like a shot pigeon and spewed his load all over the filthy matted carpet. The ring of his mauled ass muscle flexed and tightened around the fat stalk of my prick and I felt my balls jump as ribbons of steaming spunk sprayed inside him, adding to the soup that Willy had started.

     Me and Willy gathered up our clothes and got dressed, the whole while not even glancing at Coop leaning back in the couch having his cock munched. It was all "guys as usual" stuff, some forgettable comments about how blasted we were and the newsflash that Willy was borrowing my car the next morning to go on a job interview (apparently some of the local merchants hadn't been clued in about his history of lost merchandise) and that we'd probably not see each other until Saturday. We went down the stairs quietly so's not to wake up Coop's Mom and made our way into the night air. Our only conversation on the way home was Willy's upcoming job prospect and the possibility of meeting babes on the job. I talked about seeing if my old girlfriend might like a second ride on the power muscle. We both talked a little too hard about being studs and fucking pussy considering the both of our crotches were still clammy and dank from dicking some guy half the night.

     The next day I was still drumming that double-dick body press that Coop had instigated over and over in my head. What kind of shit was that? I did call my ex-girlfriend, more because I was worried about the queer stuff than because I was really interested in her. Fifteen minutes into the conversation I realized that she was still boring, still had her head up her ass and was a fucking lousy lay back when anyway. Enough. That road didn’t even feel real anymore. We’d been doin’ the other shit too long. I began thinking about Coop slipping my boxers down and touching my ass. What was I so pissed off about it for? Was it just that a guy’s hand going where none other had been before? Was it that he didn’t ask permission? Maybe it was because if he’d of played in my crack I would’ve liked it. Was that what I was afraid of? I sat there for a minute and just rewrote the rules for myself. If getting my bone polished was the only objective (and seriously, what the fuck else was there?) than I might as well just stick it to dudes who sucked better in any case and didn't require promises, phony romance, expensive dates or pregnancy panics. Guys didn't care if you drank or stank as long as you had a hard crank. I could be the fucked-up slob I wanted to be and not even have to pretend to care a fart about some guy on the other end of my bone. I could live with that I thought. And if word got out? Fuck, who really gave a shit? Everybody in this fucking town was brain-dead to begin with and I'd kinda enjoy the opportunity to bust somebody's head if they gave me a hard time about it. I was feeling pretty cool about my new rules and wanted to talk to someone about it. I actually only wanted to talk to Coop, since he was my best friend and after last night I was thinking that maybe he'd come to the same conclusion. Yeah, Coop would dig it. But I wasn't gonna call him. I still had enough stoner paranoia not to discuss anything like this over the phone. Besides, I wanted to be able to read his face so I'd know how far I could get into it with him.

     I got my bike out of the garage, wiping away the cobwebs and checking the tires. Fuck, I used to ride this everywhere before I got my car, now it was like a fucking archeological dig getting it ready for the road again. Soon I was pedaling along on my way to Coop's, the way I'd done since we first met, except for the stringing feeling in my thighs and the occasional smoker's hacking. I thought how good this felt, then I thought that today was the last time I'd ever lend my car to anybody.

     There was a little jolt of surprise waiting for me in Coop's driveway. Right there behind his car, alongside his Mom's, was Glenn's convertible. Parked exactly where it was last night. Now this was totally weird because me and Willy always operated under the assumption that Glenn was only ever asked over at night when we were all there. He was supposed to be a fuck-toy, not like a real hangout friend. Well, well. I leaned my bike up against the back porch and knocked at the screen door.

     Mrs. Cooper called me in. She was bustling around the kitchen, seeming like she was doing a million things but not getting much done. "Hey, Jesse." she said, "Listen, honey. I made a meatloaf and some potato salad for you boys today. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT eat any of that chicken, it's for tomorrow. Honestly, since ya'll took up in that attic I feel like I'm feeding the multitudes! Lord, Jesse! You look all out of breath! Oh, I see. You rode your bike, that’s why I didn’t hear you coming.”

      “Hey Mrs. Cooper. Don’t worry. We wont eat any of that chicken Sure looks good though.” I said.

       “I feel bad that none of you can find work. If I hear of anything….” She said as she began gathering up all the shit she’d need for her job.

       “I see Glenn’s car outside. I thought he was going home last night.” I mentioned casually.

      “Is that his name? I can never remember. Yes. He was too tired to drive home last night so he stayed over again.”

      This was getting interesting.

     “Wish that lazy son of mine would get some exercise.” she added nodding towards my bike. “Ya'll'er getting on eighteen or so and wheezing around like a bunch of old codgers! I'm going to be late for work. Again." She dashed into the stairwell and hollered, "DUANE! I'm leaving. Don't touch that chicken!" and headed out the back door.

     I thought it was funny that she felt I was such a regular part of the household that there was no need to announce my presence and that she was the only person who ever addressed Coop by his real name. After she'd gone I went up the stairs slowly trying to figure out how to get Glenn to leave so's I could Talk to Coop about us all just cutting the shit and stop faking that we weren’t being faggots. Because that stuff with Glenn had just become what we do and it had nothing to do with not getting any pussy.

      The attic door was locked, which took me by surprise, I mean, we didn't even lock it when we three were all dogging Glenn and blasted out of our skulls on beer and pot. Might as well start being honest about that too. I knelt down and pressed my eye up against the old-fashioned keyhole and had a perfect view of the "papa-san" chair. Glenn was sitting in it and Coop was mounted on top of him, riding Glenn's little pink boner like an old pro. Coop grunted softly every time he dipped down, spearing himself on our pet faggot's shiny wet tool. It was fascinating. Here was my best buddy, his back to me, the soles of his feet gray with dirt, his spread asshole engulfing and spitting out a glistening hard penis over and over again.

     "I'm gonna cum." rasped Glenn, and Coop telling him to try and hold out another minute or so and he’d be ready too.

     I went quietly down to the kitchen thinking about what I'd just witnessed and retooling my little talk with Coop. I got myself a slab of meatloaf and a hefty supply of potato salad and sat down at the kitchen table turning over pages of the newspaper, forgetting each word the moment I read the next one. Soon I heard a rumbling on the staircase as Coop and company made their descent. I watched, unobserved, as they kissed (YUCK! That part hadn’t even crossed my mind.) and Glenn tripped off towards his car. While Coop stood there fondly waving goodbye he noticed my bicycle leaning up against the porch rail and looked around until he saw me eating at the table behind him.

     "Hey." he said, a guilty flush creeping over his face. "I didn't know you were here."

     "I am." I said, finishing off my meatloaf.

     "Why didn't you come upstairs?" he choked out.

     "I did. The door was locked." I answered, putting my plate in the sink and rinsing it off.

     "You could've knocked." he whispered.

     “Didn’t think of it. It was never locked to me before.”

     “We were just hanging out. You coulda…” Coop’s voice trailed off.      

     "And spoil your fun? No way. But you know, it might be a good idea to cover up that keyhole if you really want some privacy. Your Ma coulda looked in at you. Seen you taking a ride on Glenn’s little dick." I casually remarked.   

        His face went absolutely white. His hand started shaking and he put it behind his back. I went up to him all smiles and best buddy-like and put my hands on his shoulders, steering him back towards the stairs. Coop shuffled in front of me, saying nothing as I rubbed deep in the crack of his ass through his underwear as we went upstairs. “Still warm.” I commented, “Probably a bit wet and raw down here, right?”

        Coop didn’t answer or push my fingers away from his butt. When we got to the attic I locked the door behind us and hung a shirt over the knob to cover the spyhole. He watched me nervously as I began stripping off my clothes. The sneakers, the t-shirt the jeans and socks and then I shucked off my boxers. Coop's eye's drifted towards my hard fat prick jutting out straight from my moist curly bush.

       “Take your underwears and shirt off, Coop. Get naked. We ain’t got nothing to hide from each other anymore.” I informed him. He just stood there so I went over and pulled the shirt over his head and yanked his drawers down to his knees. “Take ‘em, off.” I ordered, and he slowly did it, tossing them on the couch.

      “You sure are a horny fucker, Coop. Getting blown last night, taking it up the ass this morning. Probably even something in between times with Glenn sleeping over and whatnot. Right?” I got closer to my good buddy, my hard fat shlong swaying in front of me. “Getting fucked up the ass, huh? I don’t think most guys start out there. Glenn sucked dick before he got to where he’d get fucked by one of us. So, I’m guessing some nights back after Willy and I left you maybe wanted to find out what it was like. How long ago was it, Coop? When did you first swallow Glenn’s load?” He could tell that I expected him to answer the question. I was standing right in front of him. Coop’s cock was soft, although it was still a bit pink and bloated from his time with Glenn. I liked that my dick was so big and hard while his was barely peeking out from his patch of dark tangled hair. His nervousness and embarrassment about getting caught had his whole works trying to climb back inside his body. “Well?” I prompted him.

    “A couple of weeks ago.” He answered.

    “And did you like it right off the bat?” I crooned.

    “I was really stoned and drunk and it just kinda happened.” He offered lamely.

     “Why don’t you take a hold of my dick?” I asked.

     “What? No, man. Come on, Jesse…”

     “It’s not like you ain’t touched it before, Coop. Last night you were holding it right up against your own. Remember? You had both our dicks in your fist and you were jerking them into you boyfriend’s mouth. Remember?” I said.

     He flinched at the word, “boyfriend” and took my cock in his hand. Slowly he stroked it a few times, exposing the dark helmet part. I hadn’t washed since last night’s tongue bath and fuck so I knew that there was some slimy build-up under the skin.

   “How did Glenn’s prick taste, Coop? Did you eat the scum the first time or spit it out?” I asked him as he fingered my cock. He was blushing and staring down at his hand playing with my meat. “Did you get off on the taste?” I insisted.

    “Jesse, I… it just…” He couldn’t even come up with a response.

    “It don’t matter.” I said as I took hold of his shoulders and slowly lowered him into a sitting position on the pappa san chair. “You want to suck me off, right?” I said as his face got level with my hard-on.

    “I just shot off…” Coop stammered.

    “We won’t be needing your cock to be hard for this part. But I’m guessing it’ll get hard soon enough. I think that as you’re sucking my prod…” holding the back of his head and the base of my stalk I eased my cockhead passed his open lips. He resisted some but not enough to keep it from happening. “…you’ll get excited again. You’ll be nice and hard by the time I stick my joint up your ass later on. I think that not only will your dick be hard, Coop, I think you’ll be begging me to slow down so we can cum together just like you did with Glenn earlier. Shit, you suck pretty good for a beginner. Didn’t take you long, huh? Just a couple of weeks ago you became a cocksucker and look at you now. Loving everything about my dick. Jesus, your mouth feels good on my bone.”

     I eased my dick out and let it hang right out of reach from his lips. The knob was shiny from all the spit my buddy had got on it. It teased him for less than a second. Coop didn’t look up at me but he put his hands on my hips and pulled my cock back into his mouth with a soft moan. 

     “Yeah. You got it now, Coop. It’s all yours. About twice the meat Glenn was feeding you, huh?” I mumbled. His hands slid around my butt cheeks and cupped them. His eyes darted up to check my reaction. It was so weird but satisfying seeing him with my dickstalk buried in his mouth. This was the first time he’d made full eye contact since we got into the attic. “Sure.” I said, “ You can play with my ass while you chow down on my unit. Get a handful, it feels good. But stay away from the crack and don’t touch the hole. That’s off-limits. I’m not as advanced as you in this queer stuff and ain’t sure I’m ever gonna be into that. But I’m real glad that you are. Nice of Glenn to give you that little workout earlier, it’ll make it easier when it’s my turn.” I pulled my cock out of his mouth again.

      “Stand up.” I told him.

      When he struggled up out of the chair and stood beside my I felt his dick and it was hard. He grinned at me.

      “That didn’t take long. Sucking on my bone makes you that horny, huh?”

      “I guess.” Coop said back.

       “You feel bad being a cocksucker?” I asked him.

       “Not right now,” he answered after thinking about it.

       I went and got a cigarette from my pants pocket and lit it up. I liked walking around buck naked with my big fat prick dripping his saliva all over the floor and him watching me. When I came back I sat in the ratty pappa san chair and spread my legs wide.

      “Well, get back to work on it. Coop. My dick ain’t gonna suck itself.”

       My friend dropped to his knees on the old carpet and started sucking me again. His hands roamed all over my balls and my thighs and stomach while I smoked my cigarette. He choked a few times trying get more dick down his throat than he was used to. It was weird to see him all into taking my cock in his mouth and not even going near his own boner for pleasure. Coop cared more about my dick feeling good than his own right now. Could I ever do that? I didn’t know and I didn’t want to think about it. Not yet. Maybe in a few years or something. I don’t know. He looked more into it than when having his dick serviced. I stubbed out the cigarette.

       “Hey, Coop.” I said.

       He pulled back and looked at me. There was long droopy strings of spit connecting my rod to his mouth and he even had some slop coming out his nose.

       “You like it, right?” I said.

       He was still stroking my slobbered-up boner as he nodded “yes” to me.

      “Wanna eat this load? We can play some video games, watch some TV, maybe eat some of that meatloaf and then later we’ll do the other thing. Or you could just climb onto it and we’ll finish up that way, ‘cause I’m getting ready.” I suggested.

      “Gimme what you got in your balls now. I wanna take it in my mouth and swallow your stuff down. You can fuck me later but I ain’t sitting on your fuckin’ dick. It’s way too big. I’m going to have to be laying down if this thing’s going up my ass. With plenty of lotion. And I think a lot of weed too. ‘Cause this thing is gonna hurt. ” Coop said and returned to his new job.

        “But you want it, right? You don’t even care if it hurts. I’m gonna fuck you. You’ll take all that fuckin’ pain and like it ‘cause it’s my prick, right?” I was slurring my words because I was getting close to shooting.

        “Stop interrupting me. I’m giving you a blowjob here.” Coop said in an instant before diving back into it.

        “Spoken like a real faggot. I guess we’re all fuckin’ queers now. I wonder how Willy’s going to take the news?”   

                                           T H E      E N D

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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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