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 Art Michael Kirwan

 Story by Richard Andrew






Originally published in Torso magazine - September, 1997


I'll tell you everything if you'll all leave my family alone after.


As a father, I was never more proud of my two sons than that night I saw each of them receive a trophy at our local college. Standing side by side among the other contestants, they held their trophies for winning "best physique" in their weight class. Since that night two years ago, Rick and Tony have gone on to win a dozen other bodybuilding contests.


My sons have always taken an interest in bodybuilding, ever since they discovered my old weight set rusting away in the garage. Before long, the basement was packed full of dumbbells, barbells and other bodybuilding equipment.


My sons also took over a kitchen cabinet, loading it full of vitamins, weight-gain powders, fat-blockers and any other type of foods to make them big. Without a doubt, their bodybuilding exercises and weight-gain drinks have worked.


Rick, who's 22, stands 5'10" and weighs a muscular 190 pounds. His brother Tony, who's 20, stands 5'8" and weighs a solid 185 pounds. They're both good looking and have as much brains as brawn just like their father. They have also dated their share of college girls but have never become serious over any of them.


The first time I ever looked at my sons in a sexual way was about a year ago. Rick and Tony had constructed their own gym in a corner of the basement. I was going to hang a picture for my wife and went down to the basement for a hammer. What I saw almost gave me a heart attack.

Rick and Tony were working out together wearing only their sweaty socks and jockstraps. As I slowly searched my workbench for my hammer, I continued to take long glances at my sons as they pumped iron. In time, I couldn't help but notice the bulges in their sweat-soaked jocks. I told myself that their bulging jocks were either hard-ons or they were very well endowed. At that point, I knew I just had to say something before their mother saw them.


"Don't you think the two of you should dress a little warmer?" I asked. They both looked at me like I was weird.


"Dress warmer?" Rick said. "It's a hundred degrees down here." He was right it had to be at least 80 degrees and humid, thick with the moist heat from their young bodies.


But seeing the sweat pour down their foreheads said to me they were "hot" in more ways than one. At that point, they wanted me to be the judge on who had the largest biceps. I don't remember if I asked them or the other way around. Taking a cloth measuring tape, I placed it around Rick's flexed biceps. The measurement read 14". Tony was next. I read the measurement on his flexed bicep to be 13".


Just being so close to my sons and smelling their musky bodies was all I could take. I was hard as a rock. With my hammer back in hand, I started for the stairs. At that moment I had to say one last word.


"Put your sweatpants on before your mother sees the two of you in your jocks," I said. Before I could say more, Rick and Tony only laughed and said their mom already saw them in their jockstraps and said nothing. At that point, I started up the stairs.


Since we live in a small house with only two bedrooms, Rick and Tony have had to share a bedroom together. That made them become very close, but they were closer than I ever thought. I returned home one afternoon and heard a strange noise coming from the room upstairs.


Quietly, I walked up the stairs and noticed my sons' bedroom door was partly open. Slowly walking up to it, I peered in and almost passed out. There were my two muscle bound sons having sex on Rick's bed. I had a mix of emotions shock, disgust, embarrassment. I began to watch them.


My oldest son Rick was on his hands and knees on the bed. His brother Tony was standing behind him and was rolling a condom over an impressive cock that was at least eight inches long, with a fat head. He was rolling that rubber on his cock like he'd done it a million times. As for Rick, I watched as he slowly stroked his cock. It looked to be about nine inches long and a little thicker than Tony's.


After Tony finished sheathing his rod, he began to apply wet handfuls of lube into his brother's firm ass. First inserting one, then two fingers, he worked Rick's hole open until Rick was begging for Tony to fuck him. I never thought I'd witness my son Rick with his ass open, telling his brother to "stick me good."


Within seconds, Tony had jammed his rod deep into Rick's beautiful ass. At that moment, I felt my own cock getting hard in my pants. I watched as Tony began pounding his sheathed rod fast and deep into Rick with ease. What made it even more difficult to absorb was that I could see, anyone could see, that this wasn't their first time at fucking. From the looks on their faces, they both enjoyed it. That made me so horny and excited, knowing my sons were whores.


I now had my own cock out of my pants and began to beat off. After several minutes of Tony plowing Rick's muscular ass, Tony pulled out. Rick then lay on his back and hoisted his thickly muscled legs onto his brother's broad shoulders.


Both of my muscle bound sons were now sweating buckets, defining the taut muscles in the bodies with a sheen. Tony then inserted his stiff cock back into his brother with no hesitation and laid down on top of him. With rapid strokes, I beat my cock as I watched them fuck like a precision piece of machinery.


It didn't take long before Tony leaned up, pulled his stiff rod from his brother's ass and removed the condom quickly. Within seconds, he began shooting cum all over Rick's muscled chest. He made a grunting noise like he couldn't breathe too well I recognized it as the same noise I myself make when I'm cumming.


What he did next, I couldn't believe. He began rubbing his warm cream onto Rick's cock, then started sucking Rick off. Within minutes, Rick pulled his cock out of Tony's mouth and exploded all over his brother's face. There was cum all over. I could smell it.


Rick then sat up and began to lick his cream off Tony's face, then kissed him deeply. I jacked my cock faster until wads of cum began to fill my hand. Quietly, I stumbled downstairs to wash my hands clean. It was the first time I ever jerked off thinking about my sons and I enjoyed every minute of it.


About a week later, I watched my two muscle bound sons have sex a second time. It was a late Saturday night and Rick and Tony had arrived home after dropping their dates off. My wife was sound asleep and I was watching an old war movie. Rick and Tony said they were going to take a shower then head for bed.


Several minutes later, I turned the television off and headed up to bed. As I passed the bathroom, the door was cracked open enough for me to notice what was going on. Rick and Tony were taking a shower but they were taking one together!


For several minutes I watched as Rick and Tony slowly lathered their muscled physiques as the shower steamed and hissed full force, telling me why the water bills were so high. Just watching my two smooth, muscular sons made my cock begin to harden in my loose pants.


I continued to watch them shower together as they used large amounts of sudsy soap over every inch of their muscular bodies. Before long, I could see their impressive cocks awakening until they were both stiff and swollen. It didn't take long before Tony had his hand wrapped tightly around his brother's long shaft, stroking it slowly, sudsy with foam.


"Easy, Tony," Rick said, "or I'll explode in a second." At that moment, Tony washed the foam from Rick's cock and fell to his knees and grabbed Rick's cock by the base. Staring at it for a moment, he stuck his tongue out and began to lick the large head.


"Yeah, that's it, Tony," Rick moaned, "suck my cock down your throat!" In no time, Rick's cock had disappeared to the back of Tony's mouth. I couldn't believe it. Tony at the same time began stroking his stiff rod as Rick continued pumping his cock in and out of his brother's mouth at a steady rhythm.


Suddenly, Rick pulled his cock out of Tony's mouth and let out a deep, muffled moan. In a matter of seconds, his cock erupted as cock juice spurted through the air. As Rick moaned, Tony wrapped his hand around the base of the exploding cock, then swallowed the entire length back into his mouth.






























"Okay, Tony," Rick muttered. "I want you to shove your cock up my ass." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, that I was seeing it again. Tony then let Rick's limp cock pop from his lips and stood up. As the warm water continued pouring onto their firm bodies, Rick braced himself against the wall.


Hot and anxious for his brother's ass, Tony began to finger Rick's twitching hole. After a few minutes of Tony finger-fucking Rick's ass, he buried his face between Rick's spread cheeks. I wondered what it felt like to sniff and lick and tongue Rick's ass, my own son's ass. Then I thought about maybe Tony would lick my ass, too? I was jerking off through my sweats.


"Yeah, Tony," Rick begged, "rim my ass out good!" as he reached back and grabbed Tony's thick neck, pushing him in deeper. Tony pulled away and stood up. I watched as he swiped a condom from next to the sink and unrolled it over the length of his beautiful cock.


"Okay, Rick," Tony said, "I'm gonna fuck you now." Rick's muscles tensed for the onslaught. With weak knees, I watched as Tony pushed his cock into Rick's tight hole until he had half of it in.


"Relax," Tony said, "just a couple of inches to go." At that moment, Tony thrust the last remaining inches into Rick's butt.


"Oh, fuck!" Rick moaned. "Now fuck me good and hard!" Tony gladly obliged with long, slow strokes. Soon Rick's ass was pushed back to meet every thrust of Tony's cock and balls.


"Yeah . . ." Rick moaned, ". . . shoot your juice up my ass . . . ." At that instant, Rick's hand was tightly wrapped around his stiff rod as Tony's thrusts increased to a fast pace.


A few minutes later, Rick and Tony climaxed together. Tightly placing his hands upon Rick's broad shoulders, Tony thrust his cock one last time deep into his big brother's ass. At the same time, Rick pumped his cock dry as streams of thick, milky cum splattered the shower wall. At that moment, I quietly walked away from the bathroom door. I had also cum in my pants just watching my two sons having sex.


Last year, Rick began college away from home, leaving Tony home alone to enjoy himself for a while. It wasn't until Christmas vacation that they were sharing their bedroom and muscular bodies for a few weeks. During that time, I once again enjoyed watching my sons having sex together. But I swear that was the last time, and they caught me so I stopped watching.


Now that's the whole story. That's all I know. I can't say I ever expected them to go public with their relationship, but now that you know that their old man is queer, too, maybe it makes more sense to people, to the media.


Thanks for listening and please leave my wife and me alone.



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