Double Dicked
















 Art Michael Kirwan  — Story by Jay Starre



Originally published in Torso magazine - July, 1998



The two young hockey studs raced back and forth across the street, sweating shirtless under the summer sun, their muscles rippling as they shot the street puck. Their asses in cutoff shorts tensed and strained and their legs flew as their roller blades carried them towards the goal.


I watched from the sidelines, having just finished my own stint in the game, breathing hard and sweating. I observed the two of them, one blond and one with red hair, aware of a feeling that something about them made them stand out.


I wasted no time when they left the playing area and plopped down beside me. Smiling, I poured on the charm. "Hey, I'm Brad. You guys play a great game. Wanna come up to my place for a few beers when we're through?"


"You're a pretty hot player yourself," the redhead grinned back, bowling me over when he winked coyly. My cock was instantly hard in my sweat shorts.


Half an hour later we were up in my apartment, the sliding glass door open to the balcony, a fan whirring away to offset the unusual spring heat.


The redhead was Grant and the blond was Jarrod, both undergrads at the local university, which I'd also attended. I'd already completed my degree and was working for a computer firm. It took about 10 minutes for us to relay this information, down a cold beer each, and then decide to go for a second.


Grant, standing up to accept his beer from my hand, stared deeply into my brown eyes, his blue eyes hiding nothing, that coy wink of his again taking me off guard. Jarrod was right behind him, the two of them almost surrounding me. I felt their closeness, smelled their sweat, and as I handed Jarrod his beer, my hand shook slightly with anticipation and barely controlled lust.


"Don't be shy, bud," Grant whispered, only inches from me, his pal's hand grasping mine while I attempted to hand him the beer. Before I knew what was happening, Grant had taken my other hand and the two of them were pulling me into an embrace between their hot, young bodies.


“Oh, god,” I breathed before the aggressive redhead planted his full lips over mine, driving an incredibly hot tongue into my mouth.


Jarrod's strong arms were practically assaulting me as he literally ripped off my already ragged sweat shorts, leaving me suddenly naked with two hot men controlling me between them. Grant’s tongue still played inside my mouth, its hot wetness burning me, while his blue eyes bore into me.


Our beers were discarded hastily as they manipulated me, Jarrod's hands roaming over my back and ass and then grasping my hardening cock, which caused me to jerk and twist in their combined grasp. While Grant kissed me, Jarrod dropped to his knees and slurped up my stiff cock. I bucked forward and groaned, even though my mouth was full of tongue.


I ran my hands across Grant's hard, muscled back under his skimpy tank top. I felt dizzy — my cock was being sucked powerfully and my mouth invaded — but was brought back to reality with a shock as Jarrod's thick finger found my butthole and stabbed inside me with no warning. I moaned and twisted in their strong grip, not wanting to escape but not knowing which sensation to give my attention to.


My hands had found Grant's hard butt, and with his help, I managed to push his tight shorts down to his feet. His ass was sweaty and smooth in my eager hands, and I lifted one leg and placed his foot on the couch beside us. I now had access to his slippery crack, which I rubbed and probed, finding his slick, hairless butthole at once. I dug my finger inside the hot confines of his young ass, pulling at it as he humped his butt back for more. The sweaty musk of three hockey jocks steamed from our balls and asses.


I felt Jarrod's wet mouth spit out my hard boner, and then felt his tongue slurping and licking at my finger where it was planted deep inside Grant's splayed hole. Grant released my mouth and moaned, "Yeah, man!" and leaned against my strong chest and pushing back his plump ass so that his buddy could get in and work at it with his mouth. I stared down at the hungry bubble-butt, so perfectly smooth and hairless. It stuck out and moved back and forth in an animalistic humping. I held Grant's one leg up and with the other hand continued to dig inside his warm, slippery hole. Jarrod licked and spat, adding lubricant to my assaulting digit.


Grant was panting and drooling across my neck, displaying his ass for us, while we both continued working him over. I knew it must feel great to have his tight hole probed right after a strenuous game.

Suddenly Jarrod stood. With a grin, he dropped his own sweat shorts, revealing a long prick that was shiny with its own pre-cum. He pulled a pack of condoms from a pocket in his shorts, staring directly into my eyes, challenging me silently.


In a second, he had unrolled the transparent rubber over his throbbing dick, and in another moment he had captured both my cock and Grant's while we stood unresisting. He wrapped both of our cocks as well. Now, all three of us sported hard pricks bound in tight latex.

I had still been fingering Grant's widening butthole while he'd been drooling and sucking on one of my tits. His ass was moving back and forth as he attempted to fuck himself on two of my thick fingers, sweat and spit lubing him. I stared down at the hot ass as it moved and humped, my fingers disappearing into the reddened hole, one of his legs raised high on an arm of the couch, the other straining to hold up his humping body.


Jarrod moved in with a tube of lube he had spotted on the end table, which he squirted across Grant's ass and my hand. The dripping juice heightened my lust, and I rubbed that bubble-butt with my free hand. Jarrod squirted more lube on his hands and then reached in to add his fingers to mine. I was fascinated and thrilled as he managed to dig one of his fingers inside the small butthole beside two of mine. Grant grunted loudly and pushed back.


"Yeah, you slut, you want it don't you? You want our fingers up your ass," Jarrod chuckled huskily, driving his finger in deep, alongside mine.


Grant only moaned and pushed back eagerly, his asshole seeming to open and welcome our combined fingers, swallowing all three well past the knuckles.


Jarrod surprised me by reaching behind me and digging a slippery hand into my own crack, finding my hole and prodding me. I grunted like a stuck pig when his finger slid itself deep into me. The blond moved even closer and held us both, kissing me with panting eagerness. Jarrod fucked us both with his big fingers while he sucked on my mouth, pushing our bodies together with fierce, driving force. Two and then three of his fingers invaded my ass while he forced three of mine inside Grant's dilated hole alongside two of his.


Jarrod pulled away from me for a moment, abruptly pulling out his fuck-fingers from both our asses. The tall blond stud stood directly behind Grant, whose ass was still exposed with one leg. Placing his condom-wrapped dick at Grant's wet hole, he slowly inserted its length into his buddy while two of my fingers remained. It was an incredible feeling to have that hot cock sliding between my fingers, to stare down and see that long pole entering the hottest ass I'd had a hold of in a long time.


Grant groaned and gasped, but his ass only opened wider, and pushed back to encompass the girth of his pal's long dick. When Jarrod had planted it to the root, his stomach tight against Grant's sweaty back, the young guy sighed in my arms and seemed to relax, giving himself up to the full sensation of cock and fingers fucking him completely.


Jarrod smiled into my eyes, and then began to withdraw that slick, latex-covered dick, while Grant melted further into my arms, half bent over and allowing his ass to be fucked without resistance.


"That's it, baby, we're going to work you over, fuck your slut butt until you beg for mercy. But you won't beg for mercy will you? You'll just beg for more dick up your hole," Jarrod said, slapping his buddy's butt hard.


Jarrod proceeded to drive his long dick in and out of Grant's butt while my fingers stayed there, feeling every movement and every spasm and widening of that willing butthole as it was ravaged. Grant only moaned and whispered incoherently, lost in the heavy fucking. Jarrod withdrew his dick and laughed, staring down at the pulsing butthole that he'd made sloppy. My fingers held Grant wide so that lube and sweat drooled from it obscenely.


"I know what you need, pussy, and our pal here is going to help me give it to you," Jarrod grinned, staring up into my eyes while Grant humped his half empty ass and grunted in apparent acquiescence.


Jarrod manoeuvred me so that I sat down on the couch, my hard prick jutting up between my widespread legs. My heart beat faster as he placed his obedient buddy on my lap, facing me with his knees spread and his dripping butt hovering over my dick. Both Grant and I groaned as Jarrod pushed down on Grant's shoulders and impaled him on my cock to the hilt. The hot, twitching butthole enveloped my dick with incredible warmth, sliding down until Grant rested on my lap.


Before I had even a moment to accustom myself to the incredible feeling, Jarrod pushed Grant forward against my chest and placed his throbbing boner up against my dick and Grant's hole.


I realized Jarrod was attempting to enter Grant's hole, which was already stretched with my thick rod. Grant moaned louder. With a powerful show of will, his ass opened wider, he pushed back and the burning tip of Jarrod's dick was swallowed. I almost creamed then, my cock squeezed and trapped inside the warm tunnel of flesh, but I held back until Jarrod entered fully and began to fuck in and out. The sensation was too much, and Grant's slutty moaning and willingness to have both our dicks reaming out his hole, along with the slippery movement of Jarrod's dick against mine, caused me to spurt and cum inside his hot fuck-hole.


My gasps and grunts were muffled beneath the hot, sweating body of the fucked blond as his buddy continued to pound and hump his willing butthole. I almost felt suffocated, unable to move, but was strangely content to lie there passively as the two guys fucked themselves wildly. Their sweat drenched me, my own cock remained hard inside Grant's pulsing hole and I sagged into the couch while my hands still roamed and probed Grant's muscular body.


I thought this would be the end of it when Jarrod slowed down and finally pulled his dick out of Grant's butt with a pop and a squish of lube and sweat. But I was surprised at what followed. Obviously still hard and horny, Jarrod stood up and grinned down at me, his cock twitching in its latex.


He said nothing but stared deep into my eyes. Grant seemed to know what was going on and with a quick movement pushed me back to lie helplessly on the couch beneath him. My cock slipped from his dripping butt, and my legs were raised and pushed back so that I was now beneath him and my feet were bent over almost at my head.


"What's going on —" I tried to say, but Grant smothered me with his mouth and impaling tongue.


I felt lube being squirted along my exposed asscrack, and then a finger probing my hole. The weight of Grant's hot body and the finger playing with my hole rekindled my lust immediately, and my cock strained against Grant's belly. The slick, wet cum inside the condom only heightened my excitement, and I willingly pushed back against two and then three of Jarrod's exploring fingers.


Grant continued to slobber over my mouth, prohibiting me from speaking, but his body moved so that his dick was now centered at my butt-hole. Before I could resist, the cock was pulled inside by Jarrod's fingers. I could do nothing under the weight of the big, blond, road hockey player as his dick drove full inside me, and I was aware at the same time that Jarrod still had a couple fingers in my ass as well. I was relieved when he removed them but then shocked and thrilled when he spoke.


"You know what you're going to get now, don't you? Nothing you can do, pal, but take it like a man. Open up that hot hole, here I come!" I heard Jarrod laughing, my face buried beneath Grant's insistent mouth and unable to see or prepare for what came next.


I felt it though. When I realized another prick was knocking at my back door, I did the only thing I could, surrendering to their need, relaxing completely and feeling the second dick join the first.


"Fuck!" I yelled. "Motherfuck!"


My hole was stuffed, my mouth filled with thick tongue, and my body buried under sweating male flesh, and even though I was scared, like I'd pass out, I was in ecstasy, beyond what I had ever previously experienced.


Jarrod fucked wildly. Grant was moaning and groaning, along for the ride as he flopped on top of me with slack willingness. It was Jarrod who did the fucking, using Grant's cock as the extra ingredient. But Grant was being fucked as well, his body swaying and humping, his cock being teased and rubbed just as mine had been when inside his hole.


When I reached behind Grant with one free hand to hold onto his ass while we bounced on the couch, I found his butt hole, and realized that Jarrod was already there, one hand planted deep inside the wet asshole while he fucked us furiously with his dick.


I was amazed that I could take two dicks at once with no serious pain. My legs were pushed back so far I was almost bent double, and my ass was lifted higher in the air so that Jarrod could enter more deeply yet. Grant released my mouth for a moment and I grunted like a pig with every hard thrust of the redhead's long rod.


Grant's face dripped sweat over mine, and his body was a hot sweating piece of meat as
he was fingerfucked and humped over me, slipping and sliding. Jarrod was almost shouting, his dick pounding into me. Grant added his voice to his friend's, screaming he was going to cum, too, and they both did, my ravaged butt taking it all.


Their spasming dicks did it for me, that and their dirty talking shouts. My dick creamed again, adding to the already thick contents of the condom encasing it. I almost passed out from the dizzy sensation and lack of air, but when I felt a cool breeze once again blowing over me, I realized Jarrod was standing over me, a wet towel in his hands.


"Hey, buddy, thanks a lot, I hope we didn't go too far, are you all right?" he asked, his blue eyes boring into mine, his smile concerned. He took the towel and wiped me down gently, cleaning off the sweat and lube while I lay without speaking. The tall blond left and returned with another clean towel and wiped both Grant and I down, removing our condoms and cleaning our cocks with attentive kindness. I lay still, unwilling and unable to move after the fucking I had just received.


"Are you all right?" Grant smiled, still sitting on me, his legs spread over my lap, his ass resting on my balls and dick.


I looked up at his handsome freckled face, and felt my cock stir as his asshole rubbed against it.


"Never been better," I finally managed to grin back. I turned to see Jarrod standing beside us, an answering grin on his face. But it was a wicked grin, as I realized he held in his hand a new pack of condoms.




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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
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