Farm Boy Fiancé

Illustrations by Michael Kirwan

Story by Niels Grant, Jr.   

— Previously published in Playguy - January, 1992 —


When miss pussy is away, the tomcat will play.




It was late evening as I passed through the small town. At the far end of it, flashing red lights stopped me. A section of bridge had collapsed and the workmen couldn't repair it until morning. There was no choice but to backtrack to the motel — the only motel in the town — on the opposite end. I registered and started back to my car. Just as I reached it, an old pickup truck drove into the space next to me. There was a young couple in it, both of them about nineteen or twenty. I barely glanced at the girl, but looked directly at the boy. My heart skipped a beat. He looked like a blond Adonis.

I walked around to the back of my car and opened the trunk. I didn't need anything that was in there, I just wanted to see more of that boy. It was, I knew, a little masochistic, but I couldn't help myself. His handsome, clean-cut face, topped by medium-long blond hair, had really grabbed me.

He opened the door and got out, doing it so that all I saw was a rear view. Broad shoulders stretched the material of his T-shirt, then his upper body tapered down to a narrow waist. Below that, a set of terrific buns were packed into tight jeans. All of that on a six-foot frame. His legs were long and his jeans so tight that I could see muscles working as he walked to the manager's office.

I wanted to see more. I fussed around with stuff in the trunk just to wait until he finally came back out. His chest stretched the material of his T-shirt and the outline of his strong, plate-like pecs was evident, the nipples pushing out. His upper arms were muscular, like a farm boy's. It was obvious that his belly was hard and flat, too. And in his pants there was a most interesting bulge. I knew right then I would probably fantasize about him and beat off before the evening was over.

The young blond hunk reached the pickup. He leaned forward, his hands on the rolled down window. "There's only one room, Emmie. It's the last one. We either got to share it or I guess we'll have to turn around and go back."

"We ain't sharin' no room, Jeb," she said firmly.

"Ah, come on. I wouldn't try anything."

"Yes you would! You been tryin' all along."

"I wouldn't, but what if I did? We're gonna get married before long. What would it hurt?"

"Y'ain't gonna do it,"' she interrupted. "My mama said I got to be virgin when I walk up that aisle."

"Well, shit!" he said, and his hand went to the door handle. "I guess we just got to drive back all them miles."

"Wait!" The word was like a bullet.

It startled him. It actually startled me, too. I didn't know I was going to say it. But I went on. "Look, I wasn't eavesdropping, I just couldn't help overhearing you. I'm traveling alone. You can share my room for tonight."

He turned his head and his sky-blue eyes met my brown ones. There was no real questioning in those eyes. He was a farm boy and had never met another guy who might be interested in his cock. "Well, gee," he said, "that's awful nice of you. It'd save us a lot of drivin'."

Young Jeb went back into the motel to register. He came out with a key in his hand. "Here's the key to your room, Emmie. I'll see you in the mornin'." And he handed the key into the pickup. He was pissed. Or disappointed. It looked like young Jeb thought he was finally going to get to fuck her.

He reached into the back of the pickup for an old, battered suitcase. I closed the trunk and moved around to get my flight bag out of the car. My heart was thumping a little extra and there was a tingling in my crotch.

My room was small but clean, and Fate seemed to be continuing to work in my favor. The only bed was a double one. Once inside, the kid stuck out his hand. "I appreciate the kindness," he said.

I stuck my hand into his. The skin was slightly rough, as a farm boy's would be, and his grasp was firm. Then I said, "I carry the makings with me when I travel. How about a drink?"

He pulled his hand back and turned. "I usually don't drink," he said, "but I could use one To tell the truth, I thought me and Emmie was goin' to have to sleep together. My dick was all ready for it."

I pulled the bourbon and sweet vermouth out of my flight bag, got the two glasses from the bathroom, and mixed Manhattans. In a small town motel like that, we had to forego ice. When I turned back, Jeb had stretched out on the bed, shoulders against the headboard and one foot still on the floor. That beautiful bulge of his was pointing right at me

I handed him his drink and sat in the lone chair facing him. "I heard Emmie say you have to wait till you're married. That's pretty tough."

"Yeah," he said. His free hand moved to his crotch and his fingers curled over his bulge "Ain't that the shits, nineteen years old 'nd still ain't had nothin' but my hand?"

I looked into his handsome face, then let my eyes move down across his strong chest and to the hand lying over his meat. I knew that I had to go for it. Who could be alone in a room with a handsome, randy, young guy like him and not go for it? But how should I go about it? Openly? Keep him talking and thinking about sex, getting his boiler going with words, and then move in? Gambling that he would reach the point where he would willingly accept a substitute? Or should I wait until we were in bed, then "accidentally" roll against him and go from there?

I decided on a more direct approach. "Well, if you haven't been with a woman," I started, "as good-looking as you are I would think you've messed with another guy."

He looked at me, still with a look of boyish innocence, but then with a frown. "Whatta ya mean?"

"Well, you know. A guy can make another guy as happy as a woman can. In fact ... Well, I liked you right off. I'd be glad to make you happy."

The frown deepened. "You mean ... you wanna beat me off?"

"No, Jeb, I mean ..." It was, I figured, a moment of reckoning. "I mean that I'd like to suck you off."

He actually gasped. Then, "Are you kidding? You'd suck my dick?"

"I'd love to," I answered.

"Damn!" he said, but he didn't move a muscle. Finally he moved his hand, rubbing it up and down his crotch. He was looking away, and I knew that he was asking himself if he should do it. If he should let another guy suck his cock.

I held my breath.

Finally, still looking away, he said, as if he were talking to himself, "Well, shit, if Emmie won't let me fuck her, why shouldn't I? I'm tired of just beating myself off." The blond beauty turned his head again and looked into my eyes. "Sure, man, you want to suck my cock, that'd be okay."

He set his glass on the bedside table, then pulled his hand away from his crotch. A hard boner was stretching the material down his pant leg. His young, virgin meat was definitely in need of attention. He pushed himself off the bed and started undressing.

It was too good to miss. As I undressed I watched him stripping. Big as he was, he moved with a fluid grace. Raising one leg and then the other, off came his Wellington boots and his socks. He pulled his T-shirt up over his head, exposing his broad, smooth chest with its plate-like pecs and quarter-sized nipples. There was just a trace of blond hair on his chest, with a faint line of it going down his hard, washboard stomach. His hands went to his waist and he undid the top button, pulled down the zipper, then grasped pants and shorts at the hips and shoved them down. A beautiful seven-inch cock, about as big around as a fifty-cent piece and with a succulent looking head, popped up along his belly. A nice set of balls swung in a loose sack between his strong legs. Oh, yes, he was a handsome, well-built, and well-hung young farm boy.


The wholesome young stud moved to the bed and crawled on, and then rolled over onto his back. That beautiful dick of his was still sticking up like a fence post, long and hard. He put a hand down his muscled belly and under his dick, to his blond pubic bush. He pushed his cock out straight.

"I've never had my dick sucked before," he said, as if it weren't obvious. He was looking at his own dick, not at me, and it was almost as if he were talking to it. "We had company awhile back 'nd me 'nd the boy beat each other off, but I ain't never had my dick sucked."

By that time I was naked too, with my own dick sticking out as stiff as his was. I walked around to the foot of the bed and crawled up on it, pushing his long legs apart as I moved in. I reached out and wrapped my fingers around the root of his schlong. He pulled his hand away, turning his cock over to me. I slid my other hand up between his legs and lifted his nuts into my palm. I leaned down. I kissed his soft, warm, slightly pointed cock-head. I ran my tongue around the rim of it several times, then I pursed my lips and slid them down the shaft. I took the entire seven, just-thick-enough inches into my mouth, with the head going right down my throat. I sucked it with throat muscles and lips.

"0h, yeah!" he said, and he fucked a couple of times as if he thought he could drive his big cock deeper into me.

I used my throat muscles on his cock until I had to come up for air. I slid my lips back off until I had only three inches or so, then I started sucking on it, all the while fondling his egg-shaped balls. Every once in awhile he humped a little more. "Oh, man, that feels good! Oh, man, my old dick really likes that!"

If sucking cock is good, having the other guy let you know he's enjoying it is even better. And that young farm boy was definitely enjoying it. He had forgotten all about pussy. "Yeah, suck it, man! Suck my dick! Oh, that feels so good!"

I slid my mouth up until I had just the head of it. I was doing it slow and easy; I didn't want him to cum too fast. I'd swallow his dick, slide off it, swallow it again. I was making a nice, long meal of his beautiful, tasty meat!

He brought his long-fingered hands to my shoulders. He kneaded the flesh to the rhythm of my cock-sucking, and every once in awhile did a little rough mouth-fucking. And all the while, I kept fondling his hard, egg-shaped balls, getting an even better feel of them because his ball sack was drawing up and tightening. I could almost feel those balls busy at work, building up a load of thick semen. He obviously could, too.

"Oh, man, you're really doing my dick good. Before long that fucker's really gonna shoot off! Man, I'm gonna cum in your city-slicker mouth. Suck my dick, man, suck it!"

We were, indeed, heading for the finish line. He started fucking a little faster, driving his long pecker in and out of my mouth, and digging his fingertips into the flesh of my shoulders. His breathing was speeding up, too. He was getting ready to shoot off the first load he hadn't produced with his hand, and he was really going to enjoy it.

Then, there was a banging on the door, and he stopped fucking on an upward thrust. "Oh, shit!" he spit out.

"Jeb," Emmie's voice came to us, "are you in there?"

His butt fell against the mattress but his big cock was still in my mouth. And his balls in my hand. "Yeah, I'm in here. Whatta ya want?"

"I'm lonely, Jeb. I don't like being alone. Come talk to me."

His dick softened a little. "It's too late, Emmie. I'm tired. I was just about asleep."

"Please, Jeb. I'm even a little scared."

His dick softened a little more. "Go to bed, Emmie. I'll see you in the morning."

There was a long moment's silence.

With his softening cock in my mouth, I held my breath again. It was only at about half-mast now, and the world seemed to have stopped spinning on its axis. His balls felt like eggs from the refrigerator. They weren't building up a load anymore. That fucking cunt, I thought, she's going to get him first, after all.

Then I heard him say, "Can I stay with you, Emmie? Sleep in your room tonight?" My heart sank and my greedy lips clamped onto his soft cock.

"Oh, Jeb, please... you know you can't do that!"

"Then go back to bed, Goddammit! I ain't to be trusted tonight!" His voice was hard. Her footsteps went down the hall to her room.

There was silence, and then he said, "Suck my dick, will you, man? Get it hard again. That fucker wants to shoot in your mouth."

I started breathing again, and I started sucking again. I slowly worked that beautiful hunk of meat back up to its full juicy size. "Oh, yeah,"' he said, "that's the way. My dick really likes your mouth." He fucked my mouth a couple of times as if to prove it. "Yeah, it's gonna want to shoot off in your mouth. I wanna cum for you, man, I wanna give you my load."

It didn't take long for Jeb to get back into the swing of things. For both his dick and his nuts to get heated up. His fingers dug into my shoulders and he started humping faster again, a steady pounding of his dick in and out of my mouth. He started breathing heavily and his hands moved up to grasp my head.

There was no question about it now. I wasn't sucking his big, beautiful dick; he was fucking my mouth.

"Oh, take it all!" he finally cried out, and he thrust his ass clear off the bed. His dick went deep into my mouth and he started blasting off. As he hammered my face his dick kept shooting glob after glob of thick, creamy spunk. It was sweet-tasting. I gulped it down hungrily, then sucked even harder for more. He fired off the last blast and fell back against the bed. I kept sucking on that dick, working out the last of his spunk, and finally it started going soft. When it was completely soft I let it slide out of my mouth.

His hands fell away from my head but he didn't move a muscle. His stomach and his chest were still heaving a little, but that began to even out. I raised up. I gave his limp dick another kiss, then crawled up beside him and rolled onto my side. I put my hand on his firm, smooth belly and rubbed it gently in circles. "Well, Jeb, how about it?" I asked. "Did I make you happy?"

He grunted.

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"I'm hoping you'll want to suck my dick again a little later. Does that answer your question?"

I smiled, then glanced over at the clock on the bedside. Maybe I wasn't going to live happily ever after with the farm boy. But I had him for another five or six hours before that prude Emmie got him back.


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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
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