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 Art by Michael Kirwan   

 Story by William Coʐad 


— originally published in Inches Magazine - September, 1996 issue —


Football player scores some tail



Autumn was my favorite time of the year. It's beautiful in the Midwest when the leaves turn to red and gold. And the air is cool and crisp.


I arrived at Parsky College to begin my freshman year. My dad helped me lug my stuff up to my dorm room. I kissed my mom good bye in the car. Otherwise she'd probably help me unpack and arrange my room. I didn't want anybody to see that. I shook hands with my dad and he left.


First thing I did was plug in my stereo and put on some rock music. I hung up my clothes in the closet and settled in.


Lying on one of the beds, I awaited the arrival of my assigned roommate. I didn't know anything about him except that his name was Harry. He was probably some dork. Didn't matter as long as he stayed on his side of the room and minded his own business. I was used to privacy at home, being an only child.


I'd been a goof-off in high school, not cracking a book. So my grades were only fair. Fact is, I was turned down by all the big colleges and was lucky to get accepted by Parsky, a small, religiously affiliated college. But I came for an education, not a religious experience.


Suddenly the door to the room flew open. There stood this big hulk of a guy with his suit-case. He was a real dark black guy. Don't get me wrong. I think any kind of prejudice is stupid.


What's up?" he greeted.


"You must be Harry."


"That's me."


Reaching over, I shook his hand. He had a firm grip. He gave me a big smile. He had a good-looking face and looked real muscular, around six feet, a hundred eighty or so pounds.


I introduced myself. "What's your major?" I asked.


"Football. I mean, I came here on an athletic scholarship. Liberal arts, I guess. You?"


"Undecided. Business, maybe. Uh, the other bed okay with you?"


Sure. They look the same."


I watched while Harry hung up his clothes. He had only a couple changes. He moved like an athlete, all right. The muscles bulged in his shirt and tight jeans.


"About chow time. Wanna get something to eat?" I asked.


"No, you go ahead. I ate a sack lunch on the bus."


I headed for the dining hall and for my first meal of bad food and skimpy portions. I checked out some of the other guys. But I couldn't stop thinking of Harry. There was something different about him. He had about the best physique I ever saw. I found myself strangely attracted to him, although I was sure, being a jock, he was a straight arrow. I'd been having fantasies of other guys for a while now. But so far nothing had ever happened. I began to think about seeing Harry naked. Wondered what his dick was like. Bet he had a big one, that fat crotch bulge he had. I chowed down in record time and left.


Back at the dorm room, I barged in on Harry. He was sprawled out on his bed with his dick in his hand. And his dick was hard. It was monster meat. He'd been whacking off. He attempted to cover up but I'd already seen his jewels and caught him in the act.


"You're back already," he said.


"No sweat. Don't let me interrupt you," I said, nervously trying to make a joke of it.


"It's just the tension from the long bus ride. I needed some quick relief." He smiled and shook his dick at me.


Seeing Harry gripping his naked cock gave me a boner myself. My balls tingled.


"Jesus, it's really big. I've never seen one that big before."


"Yeah, I guess I'm just blessed. I let a chick measure it once. Eleven inches. No shit."


Harry proudly displayed his big dick. It was the biggest one I'd ever seen, all right. Long, fat and uncut. And he had massive balls. His shaft was black but the head of his dick was pink. My eyes were riveted to his dick.


"Wanna feel it, don't-cha? Hey, come on over here. It's cool, we're roomies."


"Naw, I ain't no homo."


"Nobody said you were. Ain't nothing wrong with jacking off; all guys do it."


I didn't know if he was testing me to see if I was queer or what. Maybe he'd ask for another roommate. Maybe he'd tell the dean of students and I'd get kicked out.


Still, I couldn't stop myself. It was as if I was drawn to him like a magnet. I stood at the edge of his bed. I just did it. Reaching down, I grabbed hold of his big meat. It felt hot and kind of sweaty.


"Go ahead; play with it. Take your dick out. Let me see what you got."


This was so weird. I'd just met Harry. And already I had a hold of his big black dick. He wanted to see mine. I wasn't in his league but I thought my dick was pretty big for my size. I'd made plenty of comparisons in the locker room down at the pool this last summer and had nothing to be ashamed of even if it was a couple inches less than his. I whipped out my dick.


"Not bad. Not bad at all."


No one had ever talked to me that way before. When Harry reached out and grabbed hold of my wiener I thought I'd shoot right off.


"Sit down. Let's jack each other off."


"You've done this before?" I asked.


"Yeah. Got into the habit at the training camp this summer. Us jocks took care of each other when we got hard-up, no pussy around. Ain't no big deal."


His dick was sure a big deal. It was a whopper. He was rightfully proud of it.


Harry and I fondled each other's dicks. He pulled me down on top of him. He held our two dicks together and masturbated them. His cock was a hunk of burning love for sure, leaking all over mine. I nearly popped my nuts at the way our wet dicks smacked together.


I ran my hands all over his body, feeling his rippling muscles.


"Go ahead, lick me. Taste my skin."


He was sweaty and smelled musky. I did it. I licked his chest. His skin tasted salty. I rubbed his small nipples and pinched them.


"Suck on my tits, baby."


I mouthed his nipples and they got hard.


"Oh, yeah, that feels good. Makes my cock get really hard. Check it out."


Reaching down, I squeezed his throbbing dick.


"Lick it. Lick my cock."


"I'm not queer. Not a cock-sucker."


"Go for it. I know you wanna. Make me feel good."


I'd fantasized about giving a blow-job but now confronted with the reality of actually doing it I balked. I wanted to and I was scared. I wanted to explore my fantasies but I was worried that Harry might tell. I didn't want a rep as a queer. But I was mesmerized by the sheer size of his dick, its color and the clear goo oozing out of the piss-slit. I had to. I stuck out my tongue. "Yeah, lick it. Wrap those pretty lips around it."


I did it. I crossed the line from innocence to queerness when I sealed my lips around his big dick. I gripped his shaft to keep from being choked. At the same time Harry slowly jacked my dick.


"Oh, shit, yeah. Eat that dick. Chew on that mother fucker."


Aroused by the taste and feel of his stick, I hungrily devoured it. I bobbed my head up and down.


"Swallow it. Take it down your throat. "


No way could I do that without being choked to death. Harry tugged on my dick which gave me the courage to continue. He shoved my hand away. I took as much of his dick down my throat as I could but it seemed an impossible task.


Harry wasn't buying it. He clasped my head and impaled my mouth on his rubbery dick. I had trouble breathing.


"Yeah, work your throat on my dick. Yeah, that's it. Gobble up my pecker. Never had a blow-job off a guy before. I've always wanted one, especially from a pretty boy like you. Keep sucking it. Play with my balls."


I fondled his huge balls while I nursed his dick, surprised that my throat opened up enough to take so much of his meat.


"Keep sucking. Got me close. I gotta fucking cum. I wanna shoot my wad in your mouth. Wanna cum in your pretty mouth."


I gobbled up as much of his dick as I could. But it was just too big to handle. I started to gag. Suddenly I felt his balls rumble. His cock went off like a bent hose. It jumped out of my mouth, splattering my face with gobs of creamy jizz.


Harry seemed to revel in the sight of his cum on my face, in my hair. I licked my lips. His cum was delicious. I felt drugged.


While I tasted Harry's cum I stared at his cock-which stayed hard even after it shot off. He jacked my dick furiously.


"Beat it off," I groaned. "Make it shoot. Oh, fuck, I'm cumming!" I shot my load all over Harry's dark, sweaty body while he moaned softly.


"That was the best cum I ever had," he said. ''I've been in circle jerks and gotten plenty of hand-jobs off other jocks. But this was the greatest."


''I'd better take a shower and clean up."


I peeled off my duds in front of Harry, sort of putting on a strip show for him. That big black dick didn't shrink a bit. Matter of fact, it began to pulsate. Especially when I ran a finger down the crack of my ass.


"You got a hot body, a natural body. With a little more meat on those bones you'd look even better. Got a fantastic butt."


I was ready to grab a towel and head for the showers down the hall when Harry snatched hold of me and pulled me down on the bed beside him.


"What-cha doing?" I asked.


He answered by smothering my face with his, crushing those hot lips against mine. My body tingled all over. The last thing I expected was to be kissed by this macho jock.


He shucked off all his clothes, then rolled over on top of me, covering my body with his. I felt his big bone poking against my belly. I felt the sticky goo ooze out of it.


I was startled when Harry began to lick my body, just like I'd licked his earlier. He nuzzled my armpits. He tweaked and sucked on my tiny nips. Waves of electricity coursed through my body. My circuits were overloaded. He spread my legs, ignoring my soft dick, and licked my smooth inner thighs.


He nuzzled under my nuts. I squirmed and flailed around on the bed. When he licked the cord of flesh that led to my ass crack I almost levitated off the bed.


Gripping my thighs with his powerful hands, he did it. He dove into my ass crack. I couldn't believe this was happening. He was scarfing my tender, sensitive butthole, slobbering all over it. "Oh, yeah, Harry. Do it. Stick your tongue in my ass."


I was delirious, raving. But he did it. He darted his tongue in and out of my asshole.


When he came up for air, he jabbed his middle finger up my pooper.




"Get used to it, 'cause you're gonna get that cute little butt of yours fucked."


When it dawned on me what Harry had in mind, I was plenty scared. No way could my tiny hole take his giant prick. It would tear my ass apart. Although the finger-fucking had turned into a pleasant sensation, his big dick was out of the question.


"No, Harry. Please don't. You're too big. You'd rip me to shreds."


"C'mon, relax. You can handle it. I know you want to get screwed. Your ass was made for it. Your butt's itching for it. Why not admit it? You wanna get porked; I know you do."


"But Harry, you're too big. I'm scared. There's no way I can take it."


"You're crazy. Don't know what kind of jive you're talking. I got a hard dick; you got a hot ass. You like me, I can tell. I need to get my nut. I need to fuck some ass, some tight hot boy-butt."


There was no being rational with him now. He was lost in lust. I admit I brought it on. I wanted to get fucked, but I was so intimidated by the size of Harry's dick and the damage it could inflict.


"Just relax, baby. You took most of it down your throat. It'll be easier up the ass. Just relax those butt muscles."


Harry lifted my legs up and let my heels rest on his broad shoulders. His huge cock dripped juice down the backs of my thighs. The sight of his hard-muscled torso framed by my pale, helpless legs excited me all the more.


I'd known I'd get fucked someday. It was inevitable, once I realized I was homosexual, and realized what that meant. But I figured that would happen in the future, someday· when I found a lover. But I'd already found him. Fate had hunted me down and was fixing to give it to me up the ass.


What the hell was wrong with me? I'd fantasized plenty about jocks especially, with their hard bodies and their big dicks. I looked down between Harry's legs, at his beautiful throbbing meat. "Just take it easy, that's all," I told him.


There, I'd given my consent. The great debate was over. Harry won. There was no rape going on. I wanted it as much as he did.


No dumb jock, Harry got the message and perked up. There was a big shit-eating grin on his face. "I wanted to do this ever since I first saw you. I was hoping and praying I'd find me a nice boy to diddle. I'd give up my pro football ambitions to get a nice ass like yours to fuck. I just didn't think it would happen so fast. Life's full of surprises."


"Shut up, Harry. Shut up and fuck me before I change my mind."


He aimed his bloated, oozing pink cock-head at my pucker and punched inside. "Aw, shit. Oh, my God!" I bit my lip.


"Easy, baby." He crammed some shaft up my tunnel and I thought I'd die. Then he paused and stayed still while my ass-ring stretched around his fuck-meat. The sight of his black dick buried up my ass excited the hell out of me.


"Fuck me, Harry. Fuck me in the ass."


He clasped my legs and probed my hole slowly at first. When I backed up on his dick and felt his rough pubes, he knew I could take it. And he began to pump into me.


"Oh, yeah, that feels good. I can take it. I want it. I wanna be fucked. Fucked by your big dick."


Harry sawed his dick in and out of my ass. I felt his huge balls slap against my butt cheeks. "Fuck me, Harry. Corn-hole me. Give it to me, everything you got."


He had unbelievable staying power as he humped my ass. I'd never imagined anything like it before in my life.


"Keep fucking me. Don't stop. More. Harder!"


He battered my butthole until I couldn't stand it. His sweat dripped onto my body. Both of us were panting.


It just happened. I was hardly aware that my dick was hard. He'd touched something deep inside me and my cock went off like a sprinkler, spraying hot cum drops all over my belly. At the same time my asshole clenched the eleven-inch dick plowing me. I scissored my legs around him.


"Gonna cum. Gonna shoot my load up a boy butt. Take it. Take my scum up your fucking ass!"


Harry buried his spurting dick up my butt­ hole and sprayed my guts with his hot ball-juice. He collapsed on top of me. Both of us gasped for air. He stayed still until his dick softened and plopped out. He licked me tenderly on the lips.


Harry and I became red-hot lovers. What energy he didn't use on the gridiron he used in the sack.


My young hole stayed well fucked that entire freshman year.



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