Hard-Hat Hard-Ons


 Art by Michael Kirwan

 Story by Rex Sanderson 

— originally published in Honcho Magazine - August, 1993 issue —


"Oh, yea," Kevin gasped, "suck my cock!" My tongue drilled his piss-hole, then his stud-puppy cock disappeared down my throat until my nose nuzzled his crotch hairs. I felt dizzy with lust. Nothing equals sucking a big, horny teenager and this one gave me a special fire — not only did he have a huge cock, but I was his first blowjob!

He leaned back on the car seat and moaned. We were sweating, panting, nearly out of control. He loved getting his dick sucked. A horny nineteen-year-old, and he was a virgin till he met me.

Kevin and I had been working on the same construction site. He was a new hire. I'd been a foreman for Ajax construction for several years, supervising jobs in various cities.


One day I spent a few hours helping out on a section where they were short-handed. I waved instructions to the crane operator as he swung steel beams into position, then I held the dangling beams, guiding them over the bolts in the concrete foundation. At the okay signal, the crane would lower the beams into place.


Kevin was helping me. After each beam settled, sometimes after a few tugs, he and I put the nuts on those bolts before the beam shifted, tightening them as the crane operator slackened the cable. Then the cable was unhooked, and the crane swung away to pick up another beam.


As we walked to the next set of bolts embedded in the concrete, I watched Kevin as he adjusted his hard hat and looked out over the project. He was one well-put-together young stud. A kid just out on his own, making a life for himself.


Kevin had gotten the job from an em­ployment office when the company needed extra workers. He was such a big, strong kid, we hired him immediately. He had a good disposition, and was easy to work with.


Kevin was lanky, a big filled-out kid for only nineteen. When he took his shirt off to work in the heat of the day, his hairless, smooth-as-marble body was sleek and arousing. I liked his brown, pointed nipples — I'm a nipple man — but he was in excellent shape all over, a fine piece of young steak.


He had a handsome face, blue eyes, sandy brown eyebrows, and a Roman nose. His mouth was a tough line — actually handsomer when he wasn't smiling — a strong, dominant, male mouth.


He combed his light brown hair straight back from his face. It was healthy, wind-tossed, and bleached out from the sun-he obviously hung around the beach. I imagined him lying on the sand, wearing tight bikini swimming trunks, and I felt the stirring of a hard-on.


Another steel beam swung slowly toward us, and we took our places. In a few minutes, that beam was another part of the structure. We did that again and again, and by day's end, we'd finished the northeast part of the building's vertical supports. The whistle blew, and we were free.


Kevin smiled as he pulled on his shirt, covering up those hot little nipples. As we trudged through the sand toward the gate, I asked, "Got any plans for dinner?"


"No," he said. "Where are you going?"


"Oh, I don't know. You're from around here. Where's a good place to eat?"


"My car is right over there," he said. "You wanna go with me?" Kevin led the way to his car, parked at the end of the block. He gathered up a blan­ ket and pillow from the front seat and stuffed them into the back, then reached over and opened my door. I got in while he started the engine.


"You don't have a place of your own, huh? Sleep in the car?" I asked. He had a stronger sense of independence than I thought.


"Yeah, but I'm going to get an apartment as soon as I get another paycheck." He turned the corner onto the main street, and I looked at him with new respect.


"Good for you, kid!" I gave him a friendly slap on the thigh, a slap I hoped communicated a little something more. We drove to a steakhouse restaurant, where we ate the low-price special.


Occasionally our knees bumped under the table — a little more often than normal, maybe. We made four trips to the salad bar, and as we satisfied one kind of hunger, another built into a smoldering fire — at least as far as I was concerned.


As we left, the sky was already getting dark, and I was horny, wondering how (a) I could conceal the hard-on that distended my pants, and (b) how I could seduce Kevin before he got away. I couldn't be sure of his reaction, but he had "accidentally" bumped and nudged under the table as much as I had.


Kevin took some streets I didn't know as we drove back into town. When, to my surprise, he turned onto a gravel road, I realized we had been driving out of town, not into it.


I didn't say anything as he drove among some trees and hanging overgrowth, cut the engine, and turned off the lights. He turned and looked at me with a strange expression. "Well, here we are," he said simply.


"Yeah, but where are we?"


"Out of town." He still had that funny expression. "They told me that once you got me in an out­of-the-way place, you would show me something incredible," he said quietly.


"Huh? Who said that?"


"Oh, it doesn't matter, but... well, I want you to show me." Damn, those lines gave me a roaring hard-on.


"I can't believe it. My assistant is seducing me," I chuckled. Kevin was full of surprises-all good ones, so far. "What do you want me to show you?"


He took a deep breath. "They told me you have an eight-inch cock. They said you would take it out if you got me alone." Big pause. "I want to see it."


I played dumb. "What? You want me to take down my pants?" Suddenly he looked dismayed. "You mean you're not... you're not... you don't... oh, my god, Mr. Sanderson, I'm so sorry! They told me—"

"Kid," I said in a very solemn voice, "whoever told you I was gay," I stared straight into his eyes, "was right!" I pulled down my pants, yanked down my Jockey shorts, and I had a royal, raging boner.

"God," he said softly, his eyes growing wide-all eight inches were stiff and proud, and his admiration really turned me on. My dick grew even harder under his gaze.

"Lemme see yours," I said. Still staring at my dong, he pulled open his jeans and shucked 'em down. I reached over and fondled his bulging mound in his white jockey shorts, making it rise and poke out the cloth like a tent pole.

"All my life," he said quietly, "I've loved men. But in this town I didn't know anybody who felt the same way. For years I've been dreaming of meeting a man. When somebody said something about you, all my dreams came true."

"What did they say?" I was a little worried. A few guys on the crew knew I was gay, but so far I'd had no problem. I kept a low profile sexually. Since I did my job well, nobody complained.

"Oh, that I was such a handsome young stud, I would have to watch out for you. They were just kidding."

"And you've never met another guy, huh? What's your sex life like?"

"Jerking off... alone."

"That's all? Kevin, let me show you what men can do together."

I buried my face in the boy's crotch, inhaling deeply. I licked his balls through the cotton fabric of his shorts until it was damp, and turning my head sideways, clamped his hard prick between my teeth. For a teenaged kid, he had a big dick, a damned big dick. grasped the elastic waistband and peeled his shorts down.

Jesus God! That randy teen had what looked like ten inches! His young pecker stood out like the crane that hefted our steel beams.

"Wow, what a cock, Kevin! How did you keep this to yourself all these years?"

Kevin looked at me with a strange glaze over his eyes, and rubbed his big dick over my face. I kissed his cockhead, diddling my tongue in his piss­slit, and he wriggled in the seat. "Oh, Jesus, yeah, do that," he gasped. I licked it, and Kevin's eyes grew wide. "Oh, God, that turns me on," he murmured.

I took his prick to the back of my throat and clamped my lips around it. His big, youthful prong was ready. "Yeah, suck it," he hissed.

Jesus, what a piece of meat.

Slender, but so fucking long! This was a challenge. I worked on it, and soon I'd deep-throated that big harpoon all the way down to the balls.

Poor Kevin couldn't control himself. He panted as each inch slid down my throat. I worked one hand up under his shirt, over his hairless chest and those mischievous, pointed nipples. I gripped the other around his balls. With my nose into his wispy cockhairs and his long rod all the way down my throat, I was a little out of control, myself.

Moving my head back and forth on the big tool, I drove Kevin higher and higher, and I got a thrill, too, as his huge hog stuffed me endlessly. Kevin was pretty po­etic in heat: "God ...I can't tell...where my ... cock ends ...and you ...begin ... "

He got the whole list of my tricks: looping my tongue around his dick, nibbling under the edges of his swollen crown, flicking my tongue-tip on that magic square­inch of pleasure-flesh just under the head.

With an aroused shout, he went over the top, and his rod surged out gob after gob of hot, steaming se­ men. His scum tasted strong and virile, salty with health, and I sucked him dry, squeezing his scrotum for more.

When he finally came down from Valhalla, and his dick softened, I nuzzled and licked it, picking up any last-minute driblets.

"Jesus Christ," he panted, his face hot and sweaty, "this ...is ... GREAT! Where did you learn to do this?"

I couldn't answer, of course. I was busy slobbering over the boy's quivering pecker as he delivered the last of his load. Then I backed off and grinned up at him. "You liked it?" He nodded his head weakly.

I really blew his brains out that first time. He just lay there on the seat, panting. He opened his eyes and gazed at me, but I guess he couldn't find the strength to speak.

"C'mon, guy, don't crap out yet," I kidded. Then I lay on top of him, kissing his neck and shoulders. I moved lower, finally getting my mouth over those nipples.

They went eraser-hard when my lips nibbled at them, and when I gently bit them, Kevin gasped in jerky spasms. "Oh! God! Oh, Jesus!" I nipped them ever more. "Angh!" he hissed, "That's so good,

I can hardly stand it." His hands clasped my shoulders, and when I glanced down, I saw his cock growing hard again.

I grasped Kevin's limp body by the hips and turned him over. "The fun's just beginning, Kevin," I murmured in his ear.

I fondled his firm, hairless ass­ cheeks and moved my face down to them. When I nipped them, he giggled. Then I drew his hips toward me and thrust my thumbs into his asscrack. His cheeks felt good in my hands. Spreading 'em apart like splitting an apple, I inclined my face and gently lapped my tongue over his tender asshole.

His muscles stiffened. "What the hell?" he gasped. I kissed his puckered ring and worked my tongue a short way inside. Kevin's body jerked, and he struggled to turn around. But I knelt behind him and put my hard cock between his buttocks, my cockhead against his asshole.

"Hey, wait a minute," he cried, "not that."

But he was dealing with one hot-to-trot fucker. My dick was slick with pre-cum and his sweat, and with a big push, I wriggled the head past his tight sphincter.

"AAAAAAAaaaagh!" he yelled, and he twisted, trying to get out of my grasp. He didn't make it, though! I wrapped my arms around his belly and, rocking my hips in deeper and deeper thrusts, I drove every inch of my throbbing cock into his young ass.

"Ohhhhh, God," he moaned, "not so fast, not so fast." In his very first fuck, this ass-reaming was painful. "Oh, please...a little slower...OK, OK, that's better." From slow, gentle strokes, I gradually accelerated the tempo as the sperm rose in my balls.

Supporting himself on one arm, Kevin reached back to touch the point of our joining, his index finger rubbing the length of my urethra on each stroke. For several minutes I thrust deep and hard, locking my arms around his waist.

"Yeah, yeah," he grunted, finally at full rut, "fuck me, Rex." He'd never called me by my first name before. We were getting intimate. "Cum your guts out," he groaned. "Shoot it all in me."

''I'm gettin' there ...gettin' there!" I humped feverishly, bringing my juices to the boiling point as Kevin bucked his ass back on my nearly bursting dong. I reached up to those hard nipples of his. They felt like hot bullets between my fingers.

That did it.

"AAAAaaaaagh!" I gasped as the first volley of cum shot into the kid's body. Even bigger squirts followed as I bucked my hips in determined lunges.

"Shit, look at the mess, Rex," Kevin laughed when it was all over. He smeared his hand through the globs dripping from his asshole. "You really pack a load, don't you?"

I sat up and ruffled the boy's hair. "Only for you, Kevin." Kevin sat up and we held each other. Sounds of the country night outside the car replaced the grunts and groans of our lovemaking, and we relaxed. "Man, I could stay here like this all night," he sighed.

I looked at my watch. "Yeah, but we've got a job to do in the morning, remember? Wouldn't look too good for a guy to show up so fucked out he can hardly walk."

"Too late," he sighed.

We dressed, and Kevin drove me back to my motel. In the parking lot, I said, "Kevin, you don't have to sleep in your car. Why don't you spend the night with me?"

Kevin stayed with me for nearly a week, and we serviced each other every night and morning, until he got a paycheck and an apartment — he still wanted to be independent. We met there several times a week until the building was finished, and the crew finally left town.

Kevin didn't come with us. He moved to a larger city, where he could explore a wider spectrum of gay life. That was just as well, really. Though I enjoyed his company, by the time we parted, I was so sexed-out, I couldn't fuck for a month.



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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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