His Kid Brother



































 Fiction by Tom Sinclair and Illustration by Michael Kirwan 

— Originally published in Playguy magazine - December, 1993 —



Must Run in the family...





The minute I opened the door I knew he was going to be trouble — I’ve got a nose for disasters. This kid was just too sexy to be real, the stuff that wet dreams are made of.


I knew who he was even before he opened his mouth — and it wasn’t because he resembled Craig, my current bedmate. For brothers, they didn’t look very much alike. Craig was only medium height with dark hair and scholarly, dark-rimmed glasses. He was bookish, a copy editor at a trade magazine.


The young man at the door, who had to be his brother, was the jock type, over six feet tall and muscular. My God, what muscles! He had longish, sun-bleached, brown hair gathered back in a loose ponytail. He had shoulders a yard wide and a barrel chest. What drew my gaze, however, was the eye-popping bulge in his hip-hugging jeans.


“Sorry,” he said, “I thought Craig Jaegel lived here. I must have the wrong apartment.”


“You’ve got the right place,” I said. “You must be Ritchie, his kid brother.”


He took me in with a critical once-over. “Do you live here too?”


There didn’t seem to be any point in denying the obvious. I had come to the door barefoot, wearing just my robe. “You‘re early,” I said. “I’m in the midst of packing up my things. I planned to be long gone before you arrived.”


“You live here with Craig!”


I’d been caught, literally, with my pants off. Craig’s family didn’t know he was gay, and he’d never mentioned me in his letters to them. His brother had come to San Francisco for a month’s visit, following graduation from high school. Craig claimed his folks would never have allowed little brother to make the trip if they had any idea that big brother had a sleep-in roommate.


“I’ll bet you do more than share the apartment,” the young man said.


Blushing, I had sprung a hard-on under my bathrobe that nearly matched the bulge in the kid’s jeans.


“It’s supposed to be a secret,” I said. “When your father came out on a business trip last fall, I spent the whole time at the Y.”


“Pop said he suspected something was up,” Ritchie said, picking up his gym bag, which appeared to contain all the change of clothes he’d brought for the month’s sojourn. “He said the apartment was so neat, he figured Craig was shacked up with a girl but wasn’t ready to make an announcement.”


“Actually, it’s my apartment,” I said. “Craig’s been staying here with me for the past two years.”


“Far out,” he said. “What’s your name, by the way? You seem to know about me, but I never guessed that old Craig, my uptight brother, ever did anything but jack off down the toilet. How is he in the sack?”


This was not the reaction I’d expected from the kid brother. I thought I’d upset the applecart as far as Craig’s family was concerned, but the kid did not seem the least bit flustered. In fact, he seemed pleased.


“There seem to be two bedrooms in this place,” he was saying, “I don’t see any reason why you should move out. I gather you and Buzz share the bed in one bedroom. I can toss my stuff in the other. I didn’t come all the way out here to sit around in an apartment watching TV. I came for sex — the same reason as Craig, though you should have heard the song and dance he gave the folks.”


“Your brother has a strong sex drive and oversized equipment,” I laughed nervously, “and I guess you do, too.”


“How did you meet? If he’s been here two years, you must have met almost the day he arrived.”


“I picked him up in a gay bar close by here. Don’t tell him I said that. He thinks he picked me up.”


“No fooling!”


“In the restroom at the bar, when I saw what he had to offer, I suggested we adjourn to my apartment — for privacy. He’s been enjoying it ever since.”


“This gets better and better,” Ritchie said. “You’ll have to show me this place. Maybe I’ll get lucky, too.”


Now, it was my turn to stare at Ritchie in amazement. “You mean you’re gay?”


“Must run in the family,” he said, with a smile. He was cupping his crotch. The fly of his jeans appeared on the verge of splitting apart from the pressure inside. “When can we check out this gay bar? I’ve had a hard-on all the way from Chicago, just thinking about finally making it in San Francisco.”


“First, I’d better call Craig at the magazine and tell him that you’ve arrived so he doesn’t drive all the way out to the airport to pick you up. I should also warn him that you discovered me in the apartment and put two and two together about his sex life.”


“Don’t tell him I’m gay,” Ritchie said, with a twinkle in his eye. “Let him stew a little. I get a kick out of bugging him. He was always complaining to the folks about what a pest I was when we were kids.”


“What can your folks do now?” I asked. “You‘re both old enough to live your own lives.”


“Our mother is very proper and always wants everything just so. Pop, I think, might swing a bit if she didn’t keep him on such a short leash.”


I was again staring at the huge bulge in Ritchie’s jeans. My roomy, Craig, was heavily hung, which is why I’d initially invited him to share my bed and board. It appeared that his kid brother’s cock was equally large.


Suddenly, Ritchie unzipped and pried out a drooling boner. “I can’t wait ‘til we get to this bar you told me about,” he said, jacking on his aching meat. Where’s your john?”


“Would you like me to take care of it for you?” I have absolutely no conscience when it comes to oversized cocks and Ritchie’s was as luscious as his brother’s.


“I wouldn’t want to get you in trouble with Craig,” he said, not moving except to skin back the sheath on his magnificent cock. The exposed head was deep, ruby red and glistening with precum.


“I think he’d understand,” I said, though I did feel some qualms, “Just so you don’t make it a habit.”


“I don’t usually have much trouble finding people to suck on it,” he said.


“I don’t suppose you do. It’s a beauty.” I fished his balls out of his tight jeans and lapped up the sweat that coated the hairy sac. Here was the family resemblance — below the belt. Even his crotch sweat tasted like Craig’s.


Slowly, I nibbled up the shaft, which was rock-hard and smooth as an ivory tusk. The ridge of the cockhead extended out a good quarter of an inch and gave me a lock for my lips when I took the knob inside my mouth. It filled the entire cavity, and I could barely do more than move my tongue around, massaging the surface and pushing the hard mass of manflesh against my cheeks.


I had considerable practice with Craig’s big cock, so I was soon able to pull forward on his kid brother’s ass cheeks, pushing the head of his cock down past the back of my throat.


“Far out,” Ritchie shouted when he felt his cockhead sliding down deeper and deeper. Then suddenly, he lost all control and started pumping out cum in huge gushes. His climax seemed to go on forever.


When his big cock finally slipped free, he lifted me up by the head and placed his lips over mine. I really wasn’t expecting a kiss, especially a passionate one. His tongue was digging deep, sucking in some of his own cum.


“No wonder Craig’s stayed here for two years,” he said, when he finally broke away. “You are one helluva cocksucker!”


“Thank you.” I said “I’ve had quite a bit of practice, thanks to your brother.”


“His cock was always so much bigger than mine when we were growing up,” Ritchie said. “We shared a room with twin beds, and he used to wake up with

a hard-on practically every morning. I used to wonder if my dinky little thing

would ever grow as big as his.”


“It’s sure as hell not dinky anymore,” I said. “I think you may have caught up with your big brother — and I foresee growth still ahead for you.”


“No kiddin,” Ritchie said. “I was always so afraid to ask Buzz anything about sex. Maybe now, we can talk man to man — as equals.”


“What’s this Buzz business? A nickname? He’s never mentioned it.”


“When I was small, I tagged around after him all the time — which used to drive him bananas. I couldn’t pronounce ‘brother,’ so all I could say was ‘Buzzer.’ Then later, that got shortened to ‘Buzz’ and his friends in school picked it up.”


He stuffed his cock back in his jeans. “I’m ready to go cruising, whenever you are,” he said.




“I haven’t done anything like this since your brother moved in,” I said, as we headed up the street towards my old haunt where I’d picked up my friend Craig. For some reason, my balls were in an uproar, and I had sprung a boner that wouldn’t subside. I was turned on by the kid brother, and I knew the moment I laid eyes on him that I was going to have to fight my impulses every step of the way.


I was amazed in the bar, how little the crowd had changed. Besides the bartenders, there must have been a dozen guys I knew — by cock bulge if not by name. We found stools at the bar and ordered draft beers. The vultures were circling, and Ritchie seemed to be thriving on the attention.


“Do you see anyone you’d like to lure back to the apartment?” I asked.


“Not yet,” he said. “I’d like to study the crowd a bit more, though I’m ready,

now, for another blowjob.”


He slid off the bar stool and headed toward the door marked “Men.” Turning towards me with a sly smile, he asked “So what are we waiting for, then?”


There were three or four other guys in the tiny room when we entered. All there for sex, though they were pretending to pee or wash their hands.


Ritchie unzipped his jeans without any ado and pulled out his stiff cock and drawn-up balls. Right there in front of everyone, he rolled on a rubber that sheathed only the top half of his big cock. “Does anyone here take it up the

ass?” he asked. I nearly died. In fifteen years of cruising tea rooms, I’d never

heard such a direct approach. The other guys in there looked shocked, too.


“I’m hurting, too,” I told him, pulling out my own hard-on, which wasn’t quite as big as Ritchie’s but in the same general ballpark.


“When you sleep with Buzz,” he asked, “which one of you is on top? Your cock must be as big as his.”


“We take turns,” I said, “I don’t let anyone fuck my ass whom I don’t fuck first.”


“Far out,” he said, fishing another foil-wrapped condom from his pocket and handing it to me. “I may just have to take you up on that.” He unfastened his belt, opened the top hook on his jeans, and pushed the pants and his undershorts down toward his ankles.


“You fuck me, and then I’ll fuck you.”


“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”


The onlookers in the tiny rest room had moved closer to block the entry door and to get a closer look at Ritchie’s magnificent body. Two of them now had their own cocks out and were pounding away as I squatted down to begin preparing the kid’s incredible ass.


The puckered opening was tight, but I could tell that it was not virgin. Somebody

handed me a tube of KY, and I forced in a huge gob of lubricating gel with my fingers.


When I forced my stiff cock past his rosebud pucker, Ritchie asked the crowd, “Anyone want to play with this baby? I’m horny as hell.” He was waving around his rubber-sheathed cock. “I hate to waste a load though there are plenty more where this comes from.”


There was a mad scuffle to accommodate him. One guy took Ritchie’s rubbered cockhead in his mouth and another had his hands on his balls, lower shaft and tits. Somebody else had forced a finger up my ass.


I wrapped my arms around Ritchie’s washboard stomach and fucked him slow and deep. I slid the ridge of my cock up one side of his chute and down the other. The sensation was excruciating. The kid’s ass was hot and tight and fit my cock like a velvet glove. When I finally reached my climax, which had been building steadily for about ten minutes, I really blasted out the jism.


And my climax must have sparked the kid’s, which was also pretty violent. The guy who was chomping on the kid’s dong was literally knocked back on his ass.


“You throw one mean fuck,” Ritchie said. “No wonder Buzz won’t move out

of your apartment.”


“Are you going to fuck me here, or are we going back to the apartment?” I asked.


“Here,” the onlookers said in chorus. Several of them had removed their pants and were in a fucking mode, too.


“If you’ve been taking Buzz’s cock up your ass,” Ritchie said, “you should have no difficulty with mine. This is going to be a real pleasure for me since I usually just about rub my cockhead raw getting it in the hole.”


He rammed a big finger in to check my prostate. I had also sprung another hard-on despite the fantastic climax I had just experienced. One of the bare-assed onlookers had backed up to me and eased my still-rubbered cock into his ass, and then another guy did the same to him. In minutes, we had a daisy chain going.


It was clear immediately that Ritchie had fucked ass before. In fact, he fucked almost as expertly as his older brother. He was taking long, slow strokes that were setting me on fire, and I was fucking the ass off of the guy who had impaled himself on my spear.


“Fantastic ass,” Ritchie said, as he pumped away. “I’ll never talk Buzz into coming back to Chicago.”


“Is that what you came out to San Francisco to do?”


“That’s why Mom paid my air fare. Though the main reason I flew out

here, I told you before, was for sex.”


He was getting what he came for — and so was I.


After we all came in the steamy john, I said. “I think we ought to head back. Craig will be getting home from work, and he talked about taking you out to dinner; so you may want to shower and wash the sweat off. And I’m getting to be an old man. I’m pooped.”


“You don’t fuck like an old man,” he said, then turning to the group, “does he?”




Back at the apartment, we showered but Ritchie wasn’t ready to get dressed and put that cock of his away, yet. He was walking around with a kind of semi-hard-on that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. I kept warning him that Craig would be home any minute, expecting to go out to a restaurant. But Ritchie was operating on his own agenda.


Suddenly, he walked over to where I was pulling up my pants and he kissed me, again. I not only dropped my pants, I threw my arms around him, and I kissed him back. I have no resistance in moments like that.


He pushed me over toward the bed, pulling off my undershorts and crawling between my legs. “Do I do it as well as Craig?” he asked.


“You fuck great,” I said. “I’m just used to Craig after two years. He knows all the little tricks that turn me on.”


“I bet with practice, I could be as good,” he said, ramming his fuck pole up my loose ass all the way to the balls, while leaning forward to invade my mouth with his insistent tongue.


It was then that Craig walked into the bedroom. With all our fucking, we hadn’t even heard his key in the lock.


“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” my roommate roared by the way of welcome to his grinning brother.


“This is what is known as fucking ass,” Richie said with a straight face. “I understood from my friend Tom, here, that you’re something of an expert.”


“Tom’s my friend,” Craig was practically screaming, “not yours!” I’d never seen him so angry. “Go find your own ass to fuck, if that’s what turn you on. Why do you always have to have what I have? That’s why I left home. I never could have anything of my own.”


“I never took any of your stuff,” Ritchie protested.


“You did it all the time. And any time I’d complain to Mom or Dad, they’d say, ‘He’s just a little boy. Humor him.’ Well, you’re not little anymore. You’re bigger than I am. It’s your turn to humor me.”


“Let’s not get into a big hassle, Buzz. We haven’t seen each other for two years. I didn’t come all the way out here to get in a fight.”


“Didn’t it occur to you that sticking your prick into my lover’s asshole might not be a very brotherly thing to do?”


“Tom didn’t object… and it’s his ass.”


The battle was raging over my head, but I was not allowed to participate. I could see, however, that Craig was stripping off his clothes. Despite his anger, or maybe because of it, he was aroused and his drooling cock looked more impressive than ever.


“I thought maybe I’d finally caught up with you,” Ritchie said, glancing at his brother’s erection. “How big is that fucking thing? I never dared ask back home.”


“A hair over ten inches,” my roomy said, with justifiable pride.


“Mine’s just under nine-and-three-quarters,” his kid brother replied. “Maybe by the time I start football camp in August, I’ll have finally caught up. I plan to give it lots of exercise this summer to get it in shape for the team.”


Richie had been a star football player in high school and had won a football scholarship to college.


“I would think a lot of sex this summer will make it awfully difficult for you to abstain in the fall,” Craig said. “College football players lead very cloistered lives.”


“They keep us isolated in our own dorm,” he said, “but there’s no way healthy guys my age can abstain. We have to get our rocks off — a couple of times a day.”


“I don’t see what you need to practice,” Craig said. ‘‘You mastered the art of jacking off years ago.” He was standing by the bed fisting his big cock while he watched his kid brother hump away at my ass. Despite his bluster, Craig had not forced his brother to stop in the middle of a fuck.


I was the one racked by another orgasm. Craig was standing next to the bed playing with his big schlong, and Ritchie was ramming his equally impressive fuck pole in as far as it would go. I was on my stomach, and I could feel his hairy balls sliding along my upper thighs until they came flush against my crotch. I have seldom been so turned on. I was sprawled in a puddle of cum that must have been a foot in diameter.


“Pop clued me in on the situation at football camp,” Ritchie said to his brother as if they were having a quiet chat in the living room instead of screwing the bejesus out of me.


“You talked with Pop about sex?” Craig sounded shocked.


“You know Pop.” Ritchie said. “He never comes out and makes a factual statement.”


“I can’t believe he told you to fuck some ass. What exactly did he say?”


“I hadn’t bothered to lock the door on the downstairs powder room,” Ritchie said, breathing heavy in my ear, “and Pop came bursting in on me while I was pounding my pud. He didn’t chew me out. He just said, ‘I didn’t realize you were in here. I have to take a leak bad.’ I was too far along to stop; so he stood there and watched as I shot a load down the toilet I really thought I was dead in the water.”


‘What did he do?” his brother asked.


“While I washed my hands, he pulled out his cock and pissed a bucketful. I think his cock may be even bigger than yours though it wasn’t hard. There’s no question he’s our sire.”


“Then what happened?” Craig asked.


“We went in the family room, and he said, ‘When you’re on a team in college — or in the pros — they keep pretty close tabs on you. You eat together and sleep in separate dorms from other students. They don’ t allow fraternization. So after curfew, quite a few of the guys ‘fool around’ with one another.’”


“He was on the football team in college,” Craig said. “Did he admit that he fooled around?”


Ritchie said, “He just told me I was fortunate to have a big dong. It meant that I’d be more likely to do the fucking than be on the receiving end.”


“And so, you‘ve been going around fucking every ass in sight ever since he wised you up?” Craig said. “Hurry up and cum. Let me at my roomy’s ass or I’m going to have to ram it up yours.”


“I’ve been killing myself trying to get in guys’ asses,” Ritchie said. “As I am sure you can attest, having a big dong presents some problems.”


“They are problems I like,” Craig said.


“Where do you find asses loose enough to plug it in? I spend so much time trying to loosen up the entryway that I cum almost as soon as I get the knob past the asshole.”


“You don’t need practice fucking, then,” Craig said. “You need practice rimming ass.”


“Until today, when I met Tom,” Ritchie said. “I never really appreciated how great fucking could be. He’s got an ass that can really accommodate what I have to offer, which I imagine is why you have stayed on here for the past two years.”


“I warned you,” Craig said, starting to climb on the bed behind his brother.


“I’m cumming,” Ritchie protested. “Hold your water — just a minute or two longer. I never felt anything so great.”


The minute Ritchie’s cock slid out, Craig plugged his cock in my sloppy ass and began fucking furiously. I blew another load into the sheets, my balls drained from my fourth orgasm of the day. Usually, I’m astounded if l make it more than once.




“Are we going out to eat?” I asked. “There are frozen things in the freezer, but I’m really in need of a big steak.”


“We’re going to have to go out and find a guy with a loose ass for my kid brother. I can’t have him screwing you all the time.”


“Is that how you think of me? A loose ass?”


“Your ass is broken in the way I like it,” Craig said. “Just like my favorite pair of Levi’s.”


“It’s a fantastic ass,” Ritchie said. “My cock fits just perfectly. If you ever get fed up with Buzz, just give me a call, and I’ll come running — with a hard-on.”




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