Fiction by Frank Decatur and Art by Michael Kirwan 

— Originally published in Allboy magazine - February, 2005 —



One more week as college freshmen and

Steven had some home work to do




If there was one thing Steven had learned in his first year at college, it was that every one of his dorm mates were horny. It seemed that all they ever talked about was pussy. Even if you mentioned hamburger, one of the guys would somehow connect it to pussy.


Steve knew he was different, but he wasn't sure just why, or how, or what he could do about it. All he knew was that when he jerked off at night, he always thought about one of the other guys ... especially Antonio, the buff, gorgeous, mature-beyond-his-years Italian guy. But he convinced himself that it was okay to think about Antonio's cock as long as he thought about tits just as he was shooting his load.


So, a week before the semester ends, Steve is alone in the dorm and all of the other guys are out for a big beer-bust to celebrate but Steve had begged off, saying that if he didn't cram for the final exam on Monday, he was sure he'd flunk.


The truth was he just couldn't stand another evening of hearing about pussy. He had already studied. He knew he'd ace his final exam, so he settled down in the dorm lounge with a bottle of Yahoo Chocolate drink, a couple of comic books and his X-box to enjoy a quiet evening of looking at muscular superheroes in his comic books (yeah, immature as hell but comics were where he first realized that looking at Superman gave him a hard-on). And, he had some rad games he'd play that had some pretty hot characters in them, too.


Just as he was settling in, sitting on the floor in front of the couch, he heard a noise on the stairs. Shit! He thought as he tucked his dick into his shorts (it had begun creeping out of one leg as he pored through a comic book). He thought he was alone.


Looking up, he was totally surprised to see Antonio coming down the stairs. "Hey, dude," Antonio said, spotting him. "I thought I wuz alone here."


"Yeah, I thought I was," Steve replied, actually pleased that he was alone in the house with Antonio.


"I guess I better go upstairs and put some pants on," Antonio muttered. Steve had already examined the pair of leopard-skin bikinis Antonio was wearing ... barely enough to cover the enormous package in his crotch.


"Don't bother," Steve said. "I'm in my underwear too."


"Yeah, but yours is a little more conservative than mine."


"Didn't know you were into the Tarzan mode," Steve laughed.


"Nyah--my girlfriend bought me these. She thought they looked sexy. I don't wear 'em but I'm all outta clean laundry, as usual."


With that, Antonio sauntered over to where Steve was sitting and plopped down on the couch behind him.


"What-cha lookin' at?" He asked, pick­ing up one of the comic books.


"Uh, comic books. I'm writing a paper about comic book heroes and their influence on society."


"Interesting," Antonio muttered, leafing through the one he had picked up. "I never was much into comics. My mom wouldn't let me have them," he said as he turned the pages. "These are really well-drawn," he said. "They sure exaggerate the hero's muscles, don't they?"




"How come there's no pussy?"


Oh, fuck, here we go, Steven thought. I gotta listen to another hour of pussy talk.


"Uh, there's plenty of pussy in other comic books, like Super Woman, and Spider Woman, and ..."--he stopped right there as he had turned his head and was confronted with a huge cock that was stretching the leopard-skin bikinis to the point of bursting. He was as mesmerized as if he were staring into the fangs of a cobra. He swallowed hard but couldn't, for some reason, turn his head away.


Antonio didn't seem to notice, since his nose was buried in the comic book, but he reached down and gave his enormous hard-on a squeeze and then leisurely scratched one of his big hairy balls that was lolling outside of the small underwear. Steve could smell the warm, slightly musty odor of cock and warm balls and was suddenly aware that his cock, too, had snaked its way out of his shorts and was creeping across the carpet on its way to becoming nine inches of tumescence.


Antonio dropped the comic book and Steven quickly turned his head away to pretend he was watching the T.V.


"Fuck," Antonio muttered. "I'm so friggin' horny; I think I'm gonna go up to my room and jack off."


"Uh ... yeah, okay," Steven muttered, realizing that his voice had that gravely hoarseness that indicated sexual tension.


"You horny?" Antonio asked.


"Uh, kinda ..."


"Looks to me more like 'kinda.'" Antonio smiled. "You got a real boner workin' there."


"Yeah? You too," Steven said, pointedly looking at Antonio's throbbing dick just an inch from his mouth when he turned.


"Did y'ever jerk off with another guy?" Antonio asked.




"Me neither. Ya wanna help me out?"


Steven didn't say anything, but kept staring at Antonio's hard-on, watching the fabric covering the head of Antonio's cock, begin to darken as moisture wetted through it. He reached up slowly with one hand and grasped the covered mon­ster meat and gave it a couple of squeezes.


Antonio reached down and wedged his cock out of its confinement and it stretched even more as it dangled and throbbed right in Steven's face. It was brown and huge with the pink head edging its way out of the foreskin. Thick veins of a darker hue wove along the length of the cock and the stiff, wiry hairs that covered his balls were black and shiny.


"Ohhh, man," Antonio moaned. "I wish I had a mouth."


"What?" Steve croaked.


"I wish I had a mouth on my dick. I love it when my girl gives me head."


Steve just stared.


"C'mon, Stevie, help me out here. Put it in your mouth."


"Uh .... naw ... I don't ... I ain't ... I ..."


"C'mon, man. I'm so fuckin' horny. Do me a little and I'll do you." With that, he grasped his cock and moved it toward Steve's mouth and Steve automatically opened his lips and got his first taste of man-cock. It was salty, smooth and fucking delicious!


Antonio began moving his hips, and with each thrust, a little more cock would enter Steve's mouth. The cock was so big that Steve opened as wide as he could and as Antonio began face­fucking him, streams of saliva would drip from Steve's mouth onto his belly. Steve wetted his hand with his own spit and began jerking himself off.


"Ohhh, fuck. Man, that's sooo good." Antonio muttered. "Stand up, let me show you how friggin' good it feels."


Steve stood up and Antonio grasped his rock-hard cock and took a couple of swipes at the big, swollen head of Steve's dick where a glistening drop of pre-cum was oozing out of the hole and then he opened his mouth and slid slowly down the shaft until his face was buried in Steve's pubes.


Steve moaned. "Ohhh, fuck. Ohhh, that's sooo good."


Antonio then proceeded to jack-hammer his head on Steve's cock, taking all nine inches to the hilt and then backing away again to grasp the head between his lips.


Suddenly Steve pulled away. "Oh, fuck. I think l'm gonna cum!"


"No!" Antonio half-shouted and he grabbed Steve's dick just behind the head and squeezed real hard between two fingers until the urge to cum subsided and Steve relaxed.


"Don't come yet. I wanna make this last." Antonio said. "I've been lusting after your cute ass ever since I met you."


"My ass?"


"Yeah. Turn around."


Steve hesitated.


"Come on, I ain't gonna fuck you."


Steve turned around. Antonio swept the shorts down to Steve's knees and then reached up and pushed on his back, motioning for him to bend over.


Steve felt a little silly with his ass in Antonio's face and his hands on his knees, but only for a moment. When he felt Antonio's tongue making fluttering motions on his asshole he forgot all about embarrassment and moaned in appreciation. When he felt Antonio begin probing his butthole with a saliva-wetted finger, he moaned even louder. When Antonio began sucking at his butthole and probing it with his tongue in earnest, Steve got wobbly-kneed.


"Let's go upstairs," Antonio whispered. "Don't want anybody to catch us doin' this shit here."


They went upstairs to Antonio's room, locked the door and then stripped naked and lay down on the bed together. They began kissing and fondling each other's bodies. Steve was fascinated with the hair on Antonio's arms and legs and crotch since he was almost totally hair­less except for a small patch at his crotch. He instinctively began licking Antonio all over. He even grasped his feet in his hands and sucked on Antonio's toes while his partner moaned.


"I wanna fuck you," Antonio whispered a little later in the ear he had been probing with his tongue.


"I never did that," Steve whispered back. "I never did anything like this before."


"I have," Antonio whispered after kissing him, "I'm gay. And I want your sweet ass. I promise I'll be gentle, Steve. Please ... I'm so fucking horny and I'm so into you ..."


"Well, we can try," Steve said.


In a flash, Antonio had produced a bottle of lube and a pack of condoms and had expertly lubed his dick, donned the condom and poured a generous amount of lube on Steve's ass after he'd put Steve's ankles over his shoulders.


"Now, take a deep breath," Antonio whispered as he positioned the head of his ass-plunderer at Steve's pink hole.


With that, he began slowly pushing and Steve clenched his fists and pushed back, and to his surprise, the big monster dick slid right up his bum.


Covering his face with kisses, Antonio began fucking him and slowly he increased the pace until he was plunging his dick to the hilt and out again as Steve moaned and began muttering, "Oh, yeah--oh, yeah--oh, fuck, yeah. Oh, fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck my hole!" and suddenly he felt the lava building in his nuts and he realized he was going to shoot his load. "Oh, Gawd, I'm gonna cum!"


"Me, too!" Antonio almost shouted and he ground his hips against Steve's butt and Steve could feel the dick in his guts throbbing as Antonio unloaded into the condom on his prick. His own dick exploded and a load of his cum hit him on his face. Antonio quickly licked the cum off Steve's chin and then kissed him, pushing his tongue into Steve's mouth so he tasted his own jism.


Just then they heard the downstairs door open and the sound of raucous laughter and loud voices.


"Oh, shit!" Antonio muttered. "Quick! Go to your room!"


Steve scurried across the hall to his room, wiped his ass with his shorts, pulled on a pair of Levi's and a T-shirt and then walked down the stairs.


One of the guys, Marty, looked up. "Did you get your homework done, Steve?"


"Yeah, I think I'll pass the exam." He turned around as Antonio came out of his room in his khaki shorts and T-shirt, and Steve smiled as Antonio winked at him and blew him a kiss.


Steve gathered up his comic books and X-pad and went back upstairs. A few minutes later there was a knock on his door. "Come in."


Antonio entered quickly and closed the door behind him. He grabbed Steve and kissed him hard on the lips. Steve nervously kissed him back.


"Your roommate is gone home already, right?" Antonio whispered.




"Okay, cool. Leave your door unlocked and when everybody's asleep I'll come in. I want you to fuck me."


"Isn't that kinda' risky?"


"What, fuckin' me?"


"No, we don't want to get caught."


"Naw, we'll be real quiet. Besides, we'll lock the door. How would you feel if I told my roomie that I was changing rooms. That way we could have sex every night."


"I guess that would be okay, but aren't we moving a little fast?"


"Fuck it. I want you. I'm serious. I thought you were cute before; now I think you're totally hot and I want us to be together. We only have another week before the semester ends. Besides, you're new at this and you need to do a lot of homework. I'm gonna give you an exam later."


They both giggled and locked lips together as they could hear voices downstairs.


"Bet they're talking about pussy again, the poor bastards," Antonio said, "If they only knew that boy-pussy is so much better."


"But, didn't you say you had a girlfriend?"


"Naw, I have a friend. She's a female, but she's a lesbian."


"And she bought you those outrageous bikinis?"


"No, man. I bought those myself. I thought you might notice me in them. I saved them until tonight when I knew you'd be alone. I thought they might give me away, so to speak. My lesbian friend would never buy anything like leopard-skin bikinis. You know lesbian taste!"


"Leopard-skin bikinis? And you think lesbians have no taste?"


Antonio laughed. "Aw, shut up and suck my dick!"


"Love to," Steve said and fell to his knees as they heard loud voices coming from downstairs.




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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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