Illustrations by Michael Kirwan

 Story by L.M. Ross



Originally published in Inches magazine - May, 1999


Brothers Bang It Out in the Barbershop


He strode into the Barber Shop sporting the Daddy of Colossal Afros! A big curly bush that rivaled "Linc Hayes" of the Mod Squad! HELLO? All that hair distracted me. But then, as I really checked him, my attitude and cock were like: "Solid!" The man standing in my shop was fine as a midnight's FUCK! Tall, dark, tantalizingly buffed in black jeans so tight, they looked possessed by long, lean thighs. I gazed at this dude's protruding package, and wondered what kind of sexual contraband he was smuggling behind that bulging zipper? This man took my imagination and rammed it firmly against his outsized crotch. Still, it was almost closing time, when he asked, "You free? Folks say I could use a makeover. But hell, I'll settle for getting my head shaved."

I think I said, "Yes, I'm free." I was too busy falling into the sex of his face. My gaze raced from his bushy caterpillar brow, and jumped off the hard-bone cliffs of his cheeks, landing onto the slow rafts of those full, moist lips. He was so hot, even his dark cocoa skin had a slow burn about it.

He sauntered to my chair, and I wrapped a barber's cape to his neck. First, I broke out the wide-toothed electric clippers. The thick clumps began cascading. Clipping his hair became a bonding experience. I touched his face, jaw, neck. I brushed the curls from his wide shoulders. Then smoothing warm lather on his head, I traced his ears. As the blade skated along his skull, I smelled his man scent, wiped his sweat. We shared a powerful silence; a trust that, when our ritual was over, he'd emerge looking and feeling better. Then, I witnessed what our closeness had done. He'd turned the thin material shrouding his lap into a tent and that tent was high.

"My name's Derrick," he said.

"Hey, Derrick. I'm Malik."

"Malik? That's Arabic, right? You mean...?"

"Yes, Derrick. I'm a Brother. Biracial, but still a Brother," I said. His tent pitched a bit higher!

"Oh. Okay. I wasn't sure. Thought maybe you were, Latino," he shrugged.

Suddenly we could relate. I found out all kinds of personal shit on the sly. Could be he was feeling out which way I leaned, because he started revealing all this intimate stuff: Like how there was no better sex than the sweet, tight sensation of getting his dick sucked!

"Guess every man digs it, right? But see, I got a real big joint, and not too many can take it all the way down. Know what I'm sayin'?" he confided, holding, stroking that bozack down his thigh. Shit! I heard, and felt what he was saying! Before it was over, my dick was hard as a fuckin' Chinese math test! As I slowly finished him off, my hands held the mold of his head longer than necessary. His dome had this hot and shiny appeal, like a big ol' good-looking, charismatic dick! And I was into it, for real. I mean, I was giving that smooth naked skull a serious hand-job!

"How's it feel?" he asked.

"Like butta!" I nearly sobbed. "You look good, man. Real good. Damn good!"

"Well, it feels like sandpaper running all down my back. Mind if I wash up man?" he asked, rising slowly from my chair, holding the flex of a Congo cobra in front of his pants.

"Yeah, sure. The bathroom's down the hall and to the left."

The place has a full bathroom. He disappeared, and I'm standing there with a bone the size of a small black Cadillac, knowing he and that naked dick were just a few feet away. The mind's rewinding to that sly way he had of introducing the size of his johnson into the conversation.

"Got a real big joint, and not too many can take it all the way down," he said. Sounded like a real big challenge. I had thoughts of bouncing my buck-wild ass in there, dropping to my knees, and sucking down that mysterious 'zack, Hoover Deluxe-style! But that wouldn't be cool!

Just then, as if on cue, I hear, "YO! YO! Malik!" bellowing, in an echo from down the hall.

"YEAH? WHAT'S UP?" I yell, compelled to follow his voice and my dick into that shower.


OH, SHIT! What was it? Stopped-up toilet? A flood? What?

I dash into the john expecting to find some small plumbing catastrophe. But all I see is Derrick, in the raw; and the view's so hot, it's ridiculous!

"What is it? What's the problem?" I asked.

Derrick slides open the glass, and says, "THIS!"

His nakedness makes my dick stand up and scream! My eyes swept over the chocolate succulence of him, from his ripped, glistening chest and along those extra-large, sable nipples. The six-pack looked tight, firm, lickable. And shit! He didn't lie about that dick! I'm talking about a long-hanging, massively thick, scare-the-horses type. It was encased in a dense, coal-black skin! He seized the turgid organ by the hairs of its nappy thatch, and he said, "I think this here is the problem. It's way too hairy down here don't you think?"

But I couldn't think with that huge, hypnotic, uncut bone dangling beneath that woolly, wet thatch!

"C'mon, help a Brother out! The place is closed. Why don't you grab a blade, and shave down there for me? Yeah, I know it's kind of kinky, but I'll make it worth your while!" he said in a purr. "I'm starting to like this clean-cut look and I was thinking, why stop at the head? Why not just go all the way!" he said.

In a flash, I grabbed a can of shaving cream, wanting to slab it on his region, manually, and lather him up the right way! But in case I read the situation wrong, I handed it to Derrick, and retrieved a razor. When I turned back, my eyes drank in the sight of puffy-white froth billowing all around a long, viciously thick, angling cock! Hell! I almost shot off!

"Step over to the edge of the tub and, here, roll a rubber on it," I told him. As I sat on the side, Derrick slid on a safe, for protection's sake. He put his hands on his hips, and the rubberized prick suspended just over my forehead, his nuts swung down, like fur and leather pendulums.

"You ready for this?" I asked.

"Go for it, dude," he said. "Just be careful! Don't wanna lose these jewels!" he warned.




























With a steady, if sweaty hand, I let the blade glide through the lather, holding onto one strong thigh for support. I traced, then skated along the sides of his furry crotch, taking away great nappy tufts with each sweep. Derrick held his hardening prick downward, and the schlong pulsed several inches below his burly nuts. With intense concentration, I drew the blade up, then down, as fresh dark skin surfaced, skin he probably hadn't seen since the onslaught of puberty! In a few hot minutes, he was spanking-clean of hair, and his dangling hose looked even longer than before!

"Now the balls!" he said. "Don't forget those nuts!"

"Uh, er, look, Derrick. I'll have to hold your balls, if you want this done right," I tell him.

"YO! Grab what you need to, Brother!" he said. "I trust you!"

I cupped his nuts and went to work! My razor skirted a trail through the foam, erasing all traces of his thick man-forest. I'm sweating my way between his spreading legs. He held the swelling tube vertically up his belly giving perfect access to the thick ringlets dotting his full-jizzed heavy sack. The razor was full of Derrick's curly tangles. Figured I'd use this as beat-off fodder when he was long gone. I almost didn't want this shave to end, but finally, he stood, ripped and dangling before me, hairless and hot! I can't believe he's the same Brother who'd strode into the shop an hour before looking like a Woolly Mammoth! Now he was completely bald, head to big prick!

"Thanks, dude! You're all right! I appreciate this. Feel like a new man, now!" he said.

As I turned to place the razor in the sink, I hear Derrick ask the horny question: "You ever, er, jerk your dick in here, man?" he asked. I could feel his eyes on my ass. I didn't turn, just kept cleaning up, pretending I didn't hear the question. But he was insistent.

"I said, you ever jerk your dick in here?" he repeated.

"All the time. Especially when no one's around," I confessed.

I heard him shut off the water. It got so quiet, my ears were tuned to his breath. Then he said, "Get naked, man. Let me see how you do it."

Now was his chance to get a look at The Barber! With my back turned, I pulled off my sweat-soaked shirt. I let him see the shoulders, the delts, the traps weight trained and sculpted into a perfect V-shape. I loosened my belt, running hands along my thirty-inch waist, then to the slopes of my ass. I pulled my pants down, inch by inch, giving him a view of these taut, caramel globes, the cheeks, etched and rounded by years of biking and countless hours on a Stair Master. Finally naked, I turned to find him soaping his cock with long, slow, lazy strokes.

"Damn! Got some size on you, too!" he said, surveying my hard, nearly nine-inch rod. "Look at that! You're kinda large!" he grinned. But when I looked down at him, his cock was even longer! A BIG WET FUCKING PIECE OF EBONY HORSE-MEAT! He skinned it back, and shit! Damn dick must've been ten and a half or eleven inches, at least! It's still encased in rubber, but throbbing as he urged, "C'mon! Let's stroke these big motherfuckers 'til they shoot!" Then, pulling his johnson up his belly, he let it slap hard to his dampened thigh.


As I stepped into the shower, beads of soap and water whipped off it. I wished it was his cum. He scooped his cock and balls, shaking, jacking them simultaneously. I stroked my shaft's base, running my hand up slowly to its juicing head. Derrick spread his muscular legs and began showing off, pinching his skin at the reservoir's tip, and wiggled his whole dark dong like a slippery eel! Then, he took that long, brown log in both hands, beating it, flogging it, making it SNAP! Slowly, I began to fuck my fist, bending my knees, and bucking my ass as I did. Derrick sort of snaked his hand around and grabbed my wet cheeks.

"Can you take a finger?" he hissed. Before I answered, he jabbed a long digit up my chute!

Shit! I felt my knees buckle from the jolt, and I'm a breath away from his ripe nipples. I latched on, twisted one, and his body jumped from the pleasure. Shit, yes!

Now, we were finally touching each other! His finger plodded up my ass, as I moved in to suckle his sweet man-tit. He shivered, banging his big, hard dick to my belly. OH! I ground my upturned cock head on the smooth skin of his shaved crotch. That thick finger started motioning, deeper, jabbing, stabbing it, making my heated asshole even hotter! He slid it out, and slowly moved me from his nipples, down his pounding belly, to his looming dick. Breathless, my lips snatched the wide head up in a gobble. He groaned! Man! Even rubber-clad Derrick's cock was delicious! Echoes of soap and sweat rode along my slick tongue. He pushed. I grabbed his wet, bubble ass, guided the globes forth, and led him into my motion.

"Oh, Damn! Suck my dick! Oh, yes! Suck my big dick, baby!" he sighed, as my lips swam down the dark length of it. I could feel his every throbbing vein pumping as it aimed toward my gullet. It was such a long, hot, meaty motherfucker. I had to know what a dick this size felt like in its entirety. Opening extra-wide, I battled to cram the whole fucking mass down my throat. I took a deep breath, lunged down. My horny mouth enclosed the full rod, but only for an instant!

"Oh! Aw! Shit, yes! Damn, man! No one's ever done that before!" he sighed as my cheeks bloated around him. Pulling back, I gasped, then went for more. Flexing my throat, I burrowed down the long, stifling shaft, burying the tip of my nose in raw pubic skin! Oh! He pumped, gagging me, but good! Yet, the clutch of my throat seemed to set him off. Derrick groaned, pulling the long, vein-jagged tube from the depths of my sucking throat. Suddenly the wet dong POPPED free. The enormous cap was a bubbling, brown hue. I just knew it was about to erupt!

"AW! AW, SHIT, BABY! Now, now you did it! I'm gonna shoot! Shooting, shooting, SHIT!"

He whipped off the safe just as the first rope dashed a wild, white streak from his piss-hole! Oh! Then the fucker just went off, spitting, spurting, spraying this vat of ivory slop like there was no stopping it. He leaned against the showers wall, cock still sputtering, leaking cum down his thigh. His fine, hairless body heaved and pitched, his torso was coated with a sheen of water and sweat. I gripped his long, jutting dick, squeezing the last bits of jism out his wide, sticky slit. It was still fidgeting as I drew back its skin to admire it. The long, slick, mahogany tube curved up. I bent, and it wavered as I kissed the warm, pulsating shaft of this HUGE, fucking beautiful prick! "You... you... you're so hot, baby! Do you fuck, or get fucked?" he asked, between panting.

"Both," I said. "But I don't think I want..."

"Good! I want you to FUCK MY ASS!" he said boldly, turning around and spreading those globes to reveal a tight, blackberry hole as his long dark dick dangled several inches below it!

Hell! I was almost relieved he took it in the ass, judging by the size of that pole standing between his legs! Stepping out of the shower, I quickly grabbed a towel, wrapped it around me, and went into the salon to pull down the shades. As I pivoted back, there he was, looking like wet chocolate, his dick full and turgid and slapping thigh to thigh as he walked! Staring intently at my lifting dong, he fell before it. Derrick's tongue shot out, wickedly teasing, licking my shaft, and the touch of his spinning tongue was electric! His dagger-like dick stood straight up without being touched. I clutched tight to his shaved head as he swirled and suctioned me deeper. Then, he pulled back, and dove down with this insanely loud slurp until his lips kissed my pubic bone!

"OH! SHIT! THAT'S ENOUGH! EASY! EASY, DERRICK! Gonna have a throat full of cream if you keep that horny shit up!" I warned and I was, serious!

He rose, and I cranked the handle on the barber's chair, lowering it into a reclining position. I slid a rubber down this pulsing boner.

"Why don't you sit down first, and I'll get on top that way you can fuck this ass and stroke this big dick all at once," he suggested.

"Cool," I said, laying back in the chair, prick jutting high and hard as he climbed aboard, legs over armrests. He held my cock, easing it slowly through the puckered rim of his fuck-hole!




























OOOH! That sudden clamp of tightness enclosed me! The moist anal eye slowly swallowed my dick-cap, then my throbbing shaft, squeezing it in a narrow snatch of skin! I felt every muscle in his stretching anus constrict and grip me, as he whispered, "Yes! Aw, shit, yes! Don't move!" He lowered down my boom, bringing on more intensity as his long dick flopped hot to my belly! Even through rubber, the heat of his ass was an inferno! The head of his cock like a fire poker!

He rose, fell, grunted, "OH, SHIT!" Slowly he churned down and wiggled, forcing every fraction of my swollen dick deep up his grasping gut. I laid back, and let my pole flex inside his hungry tunnel! Shit! He was so deep and vise-tight! The glide and clasp of his ass was already milking me. His anal grip was firm, and with each descent his heavy prick slapped down with a THWACK! It kept growing harder, longer, 'til the fucker was thrusting clear up my chest! As I pulled his erect nipples, his rhythm increased. I jacked his long dick in one hand and squeezed his black poking nip with the other. Sweating, he threw back his newly bald head, and swooned!

I switched on the hot lather machine. In seconds, the cream was nice and warm to the touch. Then I slapped a fistful along his dick, working it up his hard, sliding shaft, as he groaned, "Yeah! Oh, yeah! Ah! Aww! Mmmm, yeah! I like that! Put some down below, too!"

I applied the heated foam to the base of my shaft and swathed the edges of his impaled hole. When he slid down and swerved OH! long, trembling howls echoed from both of us! The heated sensation was so strong, but I'd a few good, primal fucks left in me! My savage hips flew up and slammed his ass! The warm foam had me humping, jabbing his writhing cavern like a man on fire!

"FUCK! FUCK!" he cried! Suddenly, the long, hard dick sliding in my lathered hand erupted! Cum wads jumped from his piss-slit in high, exploding bursts, vaulting, pelting my chest and neck! He swirled with a crazed speed as his jism rained white-hot sparks on my skin.


The clutch of his ass rocking. His rolling on my prick compelled me to shoot! "AW, SHIT! HERE I GO!" I cried! Latching onto his nipples, I unleashed a growl, my cream catapults in wild blasts to the rubber. I feel it, riveting against the spastic walls of his colon as our bodies jitter violently! A cum-soaked, lather-coated Derrick smiled a hot, sweaty grin, and planted a big wet one on my burning lips.



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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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