How to Fuck a  

 Hockey Player  


 Art by Michael Kirwan  

 Story by James Brock 

— originally published in Torso Magazine - September, 1998 issue —

Just as the puck slammed into the side of my helmet, I caught a glimpse of Kevin smiling at me from the penalty box, a hank of blond hair sexily slashed across his face. My cock started to thicken as I went down, my head focused on the hot, sweat-slick blond waiting to get back on the ice.

I've been on skates as long as I've been walking. We lived on a lake in the Midwest and started slapping things around on the ice as soon as it froze over. Some of my brothers were better at hockey than me, but I was fast —besides, the thick padding kept my hard cock hidden from the other guys. I couldn't help it —some got me hot because of their smiles, some because of their laughs, some just because they were, well, guys.

Anyway, I got good at the game and just out of high school got signed to a minor-league team, then was traded to a more-than-minor, less-than-major-league team that was currently in a dead heat for eleventh place on the circuit we were running through a series of small Canadian cities. I was keeping my cool (and my cock in my jock) and biding my time as I honed my skills so that I would continue my climb up the trading ladder. I'm not a Gretzky, but knew that several scouts had their eye on me. Which also meant that in addition to keeping my nose clean on the ice, I had to keep my reputation clean. Let's face it —there just ain't any "out" hockey players.

We'd sloughed off the bus early in the day and checked into the motel then had gone on to practice. We'd warmed up, had dinner and gone back to the arena to squeak out a win by the slightest of margins. We'd gone out to celebrate at one of the three tiny bars, the locals buying round after round for both us and the team that arrived to play the winners (us) the next night.

I'd seen Kevin almost as soon as we'd come into the bar. My cock had twitched in my underwear when the blond stranger had grinned at me from across the smoky little room. I'd just assumed that he was one of the locals at this impromptu meet 'n' greet until I worked my way over to the bar and managed to sidle up next to him, my cock going hard as our legs brushed together.

A big, sexy grin crossed his face. He lifted his beer glass slightly and tipped it in my direction. "Looks like we'll be crossin' sticks pretty soon."

Smiling back, I tipped my glass in return, my cock throbbing as I felt him press his leg against mine. I knew it was more than hockey sticks that we'd be crossing.

"I like t'get t'know th'guys I'm playin' with," Kevin slurred as he drained his glass and put it down on the bar. "These guys is gonna be here a while. Wanna come up t'th' room?"

In reply, I drained my glass and slid it back across the bar and turned to follow the high, hard cheeks of Kevin's ass through the crowd, my dick all but tearing through my jeans.

We crossed the deserted highway, coats bundled tight against the cold. With the fire of this unexpected (and sudden) encounter going on I could have crossed from the bar to the motel he was leading me to naked and still have been sweating bullets.

Kevin fumbled with his key for a second before the door burst open with a creak and we stumbled into the dark room. He had stripped out of his coat and shrugged out of the blue plaid flannel shirt he was wearing as soon as he'd flipped on the light. As I was pulling out of my coat, the blond crossed his muscular arms across his body and skinned the thick thermal underwear shirt over his head, shaking the silky sweep of his hair back into place as he tossed the shirt onto a chair. My dick started oozing pre­ cum at the sight of the rippled muscles of his hard flat stomach . Absently stroking a wide hand down over his fiat gut, he glanced at the pile of bags, bottles and assorted junk guys on the move toss around night after night in hotels and motels while they 're on the circuit.

I wasn't interested in another fucking thing in the room but the blond slut I was about to take up my ass. Pulling my own shirt off, I let it fall to the floor behind me as Kevin stepped forward. Reaching out, he traced a strong finger slowly back and forth across my chest from nipple to nipple. My skin pebbled with excitement as I shuddered and looked up into his face. He smoothed his strong, rough hands down over the sculpted muscles of his stomach and unbuckled his belt as he eased just the tips of his fingers down into the waistband of his tight jeans. I pressed my face forward and stroked my lips back and forth over the hard lump of his swelling cock, my hands curling around the rock-hard cheeks of his ass as he moaned and took another step forward and worked the buttons of his fly with his fingers.

Pulling my hands back around his body, I helped him get his fly open and ran my hands around his narrow hips and skinned his jeans and white jockey underwear down to his knees. His long hard cock sprang up and away from his body and brushed across my cheeks and lips sexily as Kevin moaned and worked his fingers into the back of my already sweat-damp hair.

I let his hard juicy cock slap back and forth across my face a few times as I worked my fingers around the base and stroked its length before closing my lips around the head. I'd wanted to slowly taste every fraction of the hard, throbbing cock, but nothing on earth could have stopped me as I swallowed the entire shaft in one gulp, pulling the thick skater's meat all of the way down my throat until his hairy balls were nuzzled up tight under my chin. He was bucking and groaning against my face with every push.

Lacing his strong fingers around the back of my head, Kevin pulled my face in against the base of his cock, the slick, tight muscles of my throat massaging every inch of his cock as my fingers probed the globes of his hot fucking ass.

"Suck it, man, suck it," he grunted, his hips pounding his cock all the way down my throat until my lips were ringed with his thick, blond tangle of pubic hair. Tiny rivulets of sweat had begun to trickle over his muscular body, working down through the soft bush of his pubes until they eased over my lips and into my mouth. I was shaking with excitement as I clenched my hands over his ass cheeks and slowly worked the tips of my fingers down deep into the crack of his ass.

"Fuckin' A, yeah, man! Suck it!" he moaned as he pressed down harder on the back of my head, working his wide cock­ head against the very back of my throat as I held on and took his meat.

Letting his hands fall from the back of my head, the blond slowly backed his cock out of my mouth until only the mouth­ slicked head was riding lightly in and out of my face. Pulling the head all of the way out finally and letting it bounce in front of my lips before taking a few steps back, Kevin eased a wide palm down under his steel-hard meat, cupping his cock. He bounced it a few times, the sexy splatters of my own spit and his pre-cum spraying my face sexily, almost causing my own untouched cock to explode. Then he squatted to untangle the knotted laces of his running shoes.

Taking advantage of the moment, I quickly slid a hand into my own crotch and popped the buttons, lifting my ass high were enough to ease my jeans and shorts down over my thighs. Kevin reached over and quickly untied the laces of my boots.

Yanking them from my feet, the blond tossed them over his shoulder as he stood, hard cock pulsing straight out in front of his lean, muscular frame, and stamped his feet back and forth to work his jeans off.

Standing, my own hard cock pushing straight out and the sticky head almost brushing against Kevin's hard-on, I shoved my pants down and kicked them free as he grinned at me. I'd faced off with a lot of guys in my time both on and off the ice, but this fucker was hands-down the hottest. Stroking a hand down over the flat muscles of his stomach again, wrapped a palm around the shaft of his cock and gave it a few fast pumps before nodding toward the bed with a fast jerk of his head that sent a soft, sexy sweep of his hair over his smooth cheeks.

"Let's go," he hissed as he made a side leap onto the bed, the springs bouncing as he sprawled, his legs wide, his hard cock smacking against his stomach as he lifted his arms and tucked his hands behind his head.

Turning toward him, I eased down onto the end of the bed, slowly moving my face down toward Kevin's crotch. I ran my nose up and down the length of his pulsing cock.

"Eat it man, swallow that dick, dude," he whispered hoarsely as I brought my mouth around the sticky head of his cock and slowly started sucking it, savoring each hot fraction of his skin as I let my mouth sink farther and farther down over his shaft.

"Fuck," I heard him mutter as I worked the entire length of his shaft deep into the back of my throat and let the slick muscles start working on it, lost at that point to anything the sexy blond would have said or done as he groaned and bucked his hips up into my mouth. I just let his throbbing cock work against the back of my throat, my own meat aching as it drug back and forth against the rough bedspread and oozed a thick, steady stream of juice.

As I sucked, he worked his fingers through the damp strands of my black hair, twisting and tangling them into a knot at the base of my neck as he groaned.

"C'mon, twist around so I can get yours, man."

Keeping my mouth firmly planted all of the way down to the base of his cock, I managed to squirm around slowly until we were in a 69. Kevin let go of the back of my head and slid his hands back over the globes of my ass as he opened his mouth and swallowed about half of my cock. I shuddered as the blond's soft lips closed around the top half of my shaft and he started to suck. I'd never felt so close to heaven. I didn't want a fucking thing to change —ever— after he closed his lips around my meat.

Sixty-nining while groping each other's ass cheeks was about the best feeling I'd ever had —even the hat trick I'd gotten two weeks earlier hadn't felt this great. Pulling Kevin forward, I choked down all of his cock as I fingered his sweaty balls, my fingers trailing slowly up into the hairy furrow of his crack until I reached the tight, pulling muscles of his asshole. I let the slick muscles slowly pull just the tiniest end of my finger into the slick hole. With a groan, the blond pushed back to take more of my finger as I jammed the last of my cock deep into his throat. Kevin's finger followed my lead and goosed up into the tight muscles of my ass.

I saw stars and slapshots as the blond sucked harder than ever and worked his strong finger deep up into me. I knew that I needed more.

Sliding Kevin's throbbing cock out of my mouth, a long thread of drool connected us from my lip to the head of his cock. I kept pushing back onto his finger as he let my dick out of his face, keeping his finger deep and hard in place up my ass.

"Fuck, man!" I grunted, twisting back on his hand. "Give it to me."

"I got the real thing for ya right here," he grinned as he leaned over and lightly bit at my shoulder —shudders of pleasure wracked my body as he suddenly slid his finger from my ass and hopped off the bed. My hole felt wide open to the cool air.

"Got rubbers?" I panted, my ass aching and itching to be fucked. I watched the sexy pickup's big, hard, wet cock bouncing back and forth as he crossed the room. He stepped into the bathroom then came right back out with a small shaving kit. Reaching inside, he hooked out a length of rubbers.

''I'm a hockey player, man. 'Course I got puck covers." He tore the packet open, tossed the wrapper aside, and slapped the condom down over the length of his dick. Holding the base firmly, he stepped back to the bed where I'd rolled over and eased up onto my hands and knees. Reaching back, I grabbed the sides of my ass cheeks and pulled them apart as he slowly stroked the wide head up and down the length of my crack, eventually nuzzling the hot head against my slick hole.

"Get ready," he said as he tore into my ass, the searing pain of that first second causing my cock to throb and go harder. He hunched up over my back as he slowly started working his rubber­sheathed dick in and out of the slick muscles of my ass.

"So fucking tight," Kevin hissed through gritted teeth, sweat rolling off his back and grazing me, white-hot bullets of wet stinging me sexily as Kevin twisted his hips and with a deep sigh planted his throbbing cock all the way up my ass. Wrapping his muscular arms around my waist, the blond started to pump, quickly increasing speed until his hips were slamming like a piston shoving his cock deep in and out of my ass as I groaned and pushed back against him. My cock ached as long strands of pre-cum oozed down over his hands and forearms. He eased down against my back, sexily swiping his tongue up over the length of my ear, then parting his lips and biting at my shoulder which sent another shiver through my body.

As Kevin fucked, I eased down onto the bed, spreading my legs for him to have a clear shot at me. Kevin pulled his hands from around my waist and planted them on either side of me, piledriving into me. He then grabbed the sides of my ass and held me firmly, resting his weight on them, splitting my fucked-out hole wide open.

"Here it comes, man —oh, fuck, yeah!" he suddenly groaned, his fingers gripping my skin as he yanked his cock out of my ass and in the same movement peeled the rubber and shot his load onto my back. His cum shot out in high arcs that gushed across my muscular back, hitting me like a ton of bricks. Leaning forward, Kevin's fat balls brushed back and forth across my ass as he groaned and came again and again, his thick wad easing down over my sides and pooling onto the bed next to me.

Pointing his hard cock down against the cheeks of my ass,Kevin slowly swiped it back and forth over my butt, my cock near the bursting point as he groaned.

"C'mon, man. Your turn," Kevin said as he lightly smacked at my ass, and I rolled over, immediately wrapping a hand around my throbbing cock as I looked up at him.

"Let's see what ya got."

Reaching down, Kevin twisted my right nipple, his thick fingers making me groan. I felt my nuts catch on fire, my cum suddenly erupting and squirting up over the smooth muscles of my chest as I stared up at Kevin's sexy, sweaty face. I'd not cum like that since I'd first learned how to jack off. Kevin closed his strong hand over mine and slowly helped me jack out the last of my load, then eased down onto the damp bed next to me.

"If you guys play as hard as you fuck, we're in trouble," he teased, his lips nuzzling my ear and making me hot enough to throw another bone almost before I'd even finished cumming with him the first time.

We didn't stop for several hours —without even being fully awake, we rolled around, jacked each other, sucked each other, and Kevin threw another wild fuck into my ass before we finally pulled out of each other's sweaty arms the next morning. We necked on the way to the shower before we each had to go eat then meet up with our teams for practice.

One hockey game to go, then we could concentrate on how to arrange our lives around what promised to be a long and satisfying fuck-based relationship.


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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
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