Hustling Homeslice    Art by Michael Kirwan

 Story by William Cozad



Previously published in Playguy - June 2000


I stopped at the fast food restaurant to get a cup of coffee. It was Friday night and the place was busy. After getting my coffee, I sat down on a stool at the counter near the entrance. I sipped the hot coffee and looked over at the four guys in the front section. They were black and eighteen, wearing bright, baggy clothes. Three of them were seated and facing the window. The other was standing up and leaning backward against a stool.

I pretended to watch the customers coming and going. But I was really scoping out the black guy facing my way. Although he wore low hanging jeans, he showed a big crotch bulge. He was medium height and muscular. His short black hair was shaved up high on the sides. He had soulful brown eyes, a big nose and thick, sensuous lips.

I couldn't even remember the last time I had a black guy. I'd always admired their naturally muscular bodies and how they were blessed with big dicks, at least the few I'd had. My balls rumbled when I thought about how I'd like to slide down those baggy jeans and get my mouth on what was obviously a big, black dick. But I dismissed the idea, what with his buddies around.

I listened to him talk about how when he lived in Chicago it was so cold and windy and how his mother made him pull his jacket up over his head to keep warm. He demonstrated and one of the other guys slapped him on the head. They all laughed.

After they finished their food, three of them left. The one I'd been eyeballing stayed behind and sipped his soda.

I stared at his basket and then made eye contact with him.

"What happened to your friends?" I asked.

"My homies? They split for a concert."

"Why aren't you going?"

"Costs too much. I don't got the twenty bucks for the ticket."

I motioned to him and he came closer. I decided to take a chance.

"Maybe you could earn the money for the ticket," I said.

"How's that?"

"Do you like head?" I whispered.

"Yeah." he grinned.

"Hey, I live nearby. Come along with me. Let me blow you and you got your ticket." He studied me for a moment.

"Okay. I really wanna go to the concert."

He left the restaurant with me and went to my place. His name was Greg and he was leaving for college in a month.

Inside my studio, I wasted no time.

"Go ahead, lay down on the bed." I said.

He sprawled out on the bed.

I sat down by his legs. I rubbed his crotch and felt his dick. It didn't feel as big as I hoped. Unbuckling his belt and unzipping his fly, I tugged down his jeans. He wore white cotton briefs. His chocolate skin was totally smooth.

I sniffed his shorts. I nibbled his dick through the cotton fabric and felt it stiffen. When I peeled down his briefs, his dick was getting harder. Jesus, it was bigger than I thought. He had plump balls and fuzzy black pubes.

I grasped his dick. The shaft was chocolate, but the crown was pink. I swabbed up the clear, sweet pre-cum with my tongue. Slowly stroking his throbbing shaft, I lapped at his balls. I stuffed them into my mouth. His cock swelled to at least 8 inches.

Looking up at him, I saw him watching me.

"Suck my dick, man." he said.

Still clasping his dick, I wrapped my lips around the crown. I bobbed my head up and down on it while I jacked his shaft. "Oh yeah, that feels good." he sighed.

Letting go of his shaft, I deep throated his dick. It tickled my tonsils, but I managed to take it all the way down to the base.

He held my head and guided me in the rhythm that he wanted. His dick got real stiff, despite its size. The few humongous cocks I'd had before were rubbery; not this one. It was totally hard. He thrust upwards and battered my tonsils.

"Oh yeah, you gonna get me off, honky cocksucker. Keep sucking my big, black dick."

I fondled and squeezed those hefty, black balls and drooled spit down his shaft, slobbering onto his pubes. "Oh shit. I'm gonna cum!" he shouted.

He tried to pull his prick out of my mouth, but my lips were sealed tightly around the shaft.

His dick just gushed, squirting gobs and gobs of hot cum down my throat. I saw fireworks. I swear. "Hey dude, you ain't gonna swallow that stuff, are you?"

I answered by showing him. I drank every drop of his hot, sweet ball-juice.

Coming up for air, I let go of his dick. It stayed stiff and throbbed.

"That's some kind of dick you got." I said.

"Ain't never done nothing like this before. Only been with one bitch. She wouldn't suck it, just beat it off. She wouldn't let me stick it in because she didn't wanna get knocked up, you know."

While looking at the size and stiffness of his dick, I felt my asshole twitch. "You can fuck me with that big thing," I said.

"You take it up the ass? Don't look like no sissy."

"Not every day you see big meat like yours. Yeah, I wanna feel that big thing up my butt."

"Cost you more. I mean, can you let me have some extra money so I can party after the concert with my homies?"

"You got a deal."

I was so horny and anxious to feel that big black dick up my asshole that I'd have promised him almost anything.

I used to tease straight guys that after they went with me they'd never go back to women. Now I got the feeling that after getting fucked by this black monster I'd never go back to white worms.

"Let's get totally naked and you can fuck me like a bitch!" I said.

"Let's do it." he said.

I got real excited when I undressed him. I took off his wind breaker and tee. I pulled off his sneakers and socks. I tugged off his jeans and briefs together. Naked, he was awesome. Not a feather on him, except for the pits and pubes. Not a blemish on his smooth, chocolate skin.

Shedding my clothes, I felt his eyes on me. I was in decent shape because I worked out some. As anxious as I was to feel him inside me, I wanted to taste that body of his.

Crawling on the bed, I straddled his body. I licked his satiny-smooth chocolate skin, which tasted bittersweet. He watched me sniff and lick his fuzzy pits. I swabbed his chest. He had small pointy nipples which I pinched and sucked on, switching back and forth. He squirmed on the bed. I bathed him in spit, even his outie belly button. Spreading his legs, I licked his muscular inner thighs. I nuzzled under his ball sac. I lapped the cord of flesh that led to his fuzzy crack. I swiped his asscrack with my tongue and even darted it up his tangy butthole.

His big black dick was throbbing like mad with goo oozing out of his piss-hole. His fat nuts heaved in their sac. I plopped down on my back on the bed beside him.





I pulled him over and he climbed on top of me. His dick was like a big black snake and I wondered how I could take it.

I got a gob of spit in my crack. Holding my thighs up underneath. I showed him my asshole. For some reason, I wanted to look at him while he fucked me in the missionary position.

Instinctively, he knew what to do. He scooted forward and rubbed his oozing dick into my crack, smearing it with pre-cum. "Do it. Shove that big dick in me!"

He punched his bloated crown into my asshole.

"Whoa! Stay still a minute."

When my ass-ring expanded, 1 scissored my legs around his hips.

He leaned forward and threaded his dick up my chute.

"Okay, now fuck me with that big thing." I said.

He probed slowly at first. "Oh yeah. Give it to me. Gimme that big dick."

I watched his face contort. His forehead was beaded with sweat as he humped my ass. He was breathing heavy. "Lemme have it, man!"

He responded by ramming his big dick all the way in, pulling nearly out, then ramming it home again. "Oh yeah, that's it."

After that, he really battered my butthole. I just hung on for the ride. I loved the sight of his chocolate skin which contrasted with my lily-white skin.

"Keep fucking me, man."

He was a natural stud. I'd had some good humps in the past, but never one with the enthusiasm of this young buck.

"Fuck me deeper. Harder! Really let me have it," I wailed.

He meant to please and he was out to get his rocks off big time. He pulled out all the stops and really tore up my asshole. His balls slapped wildly against my butt checks. I'd never been screwed so hard and deep and fast in my life.

His dick got rock hard and was ready to squirt I'm sure, when he slowed down the pace.

He un-scissored my legs. Sitting back on his heels, he looked down at his big black dick as it slipped in and out of my white ass. I watched, too as he bored into my butthole.

I moved my ass around and humped back. That's when he really let me have it. He spread my legs like a wishbone. His sweat dripped down onto my body. He gasped for air. I moaned and shivered.

"Keep fucking me, man! Don't stop. Oh shit, your dick's the biggest, the hardest I ever had. Oh God, it's gonna shoot!"

"Got that right; gonna cream your queer honky ass. Oh shit, here it fucking cums. I'm fucking cumming!"

My own dick was hard from his heavy duty fucking. He'd massaged my prostate beyond the point of no return. He'd reamed my shithole deeper than anyone ever had before.

Whether it was coincidence or not, I don't know. All I know is that the instant I felt the hot spray of his cum up my ass, I felt my own balls erupt and squirted hot cum all over my belly.

Exhausted from his big climax, he collapsed on top of me. I held him tight. I felt my cum squish around between us and bond us together.

I felt both of our hearts beating rapidly.

His ragged breathing returned to normal. I felt his massive dick soften and slide out of my well fucked asshole. "You were terrific." I said.

He rolled off me and lay on his back. I leaned over and licked my own salty cum off his belly. I tongue swabbed cum and butt slime off his dick and savored the delicious taste in my mouth.

He hopped up off the bed and got his homeboy drag back on. I gave him double the amount of the concert ticket. "Thanks, dude." he said.

And he left for the concert.

I was his first john, but I'm sure not his last, since I had shown him what a moneymaker his big black dick was.




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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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