LOCKDOWN        BY Michael Kirwan

       I tried not to listen. I made a determined effort to avoid looking in anyone’s eyes and I did my absolute best to vanish into the background of any gathering. Aside from addressing the guards as respectfully and obediently as humanly possible, the only other people I spoke to were my cellmates. At first I found Bernardo, the guy in the bunk above mine, so creepy and repulsive that I could hardly stand to be around him. He (or she as Bernardo, excuse me, Bernadette liked to be called) stood 5’4” and weighed under a hundred pounds. Eyebrows plucked out and painted on in ridiculous shapes, pock-marked skin and some missing teeth were all accentuated by his swishing, limping, perpetually talking faux-female persona. About the only time he ever shut up was when he had our other cellmate’s cock shoved down his throat. Even then I could hear her moaning and slurping, crying out in pain or pleasure, from across the small room. I tried not to listen. Patrick, who was a good-looking, normal appearing (although somewhat intimidating) felon, would occasionally taunt Bernadette by playing with his exceptionally big dick while taking a piss in the cell toilet or by jerking-off very slowly in his bunk where both of us almost had to watch him. Every few weeks I’d hear a “pssst!” from Patrick’s side of the room and then Bernardo would clamor down and sneak across the tiny space to service that monster tool. It was mostly sucking but every so often I’d hear spit being hawked into Patrick’s palm and the squealing and grunting as the diminutive Chicano accommodated that pumping, pounding prick anally. Our cell, the entire cellblock really, reeked of spilled spooge every night. I tried not to listen to all of the moaning and the creaking bedsprings of the entire prison wing by focusing only on the sounds made by my two companions. The smell of their sweat and their orgasms filled my nostrils. The hushed, hurried demands and instructions of Patrick as he sought release and the mewling compliance of the Bernadette character emitted from the darkness only a few feet from my ears. I’d sometimes steal a glance in their direction just to check if the actual act was what I imagined it to be from the noise. Patrick caught me staring more often than Bernardo did. Bernardo would proposition me sometimes but I always declined because I wasn’t into that sort of thing. He’d pester me, insisting that since I was masturbating anyway that he’d be glad to do all of the work and take my load. Once I had to physically push him away from me and shout that I didn’t want him touching me.

      One night a guard shone his flashlight on the two of them while they were fulfilling each other’s needs. The harsh light lingered on Patrick’s grinding rump for a few seconds. From where I was watching I could see the thick barrel of his dick shaft as it swirled and poked into Bernardo’s wriggling butt. Like animals, they were too caught up in the heat of the act to stop when the guard interrupted them. All that he said was, “Keep it under the covers, faggots.” and walked away after they had wrestled the blanket over them. That was one of the times Patrick caught me looking.

      In August Bernardo was severely stabbed in the cafeteria by another effeminate prisoner with whom he had been feuding. They rolled up his mattress and Patrick and I waited for his replacement, both of us hoping it wouldn’t be one of the mentally disturbed types. A few weeks later the entire prison was put on lockdown because some inmates had escaped. We had to spend the whole day in our cell. They brought sandwiches and we were told to wash up using only the tiny sink in our cell. All reading materials and personal items were removed and the only thing we were allowed to keep besides one pair of pajama bottoms each, was a bible. It was not a good time.

      Four days into our lockdown, Patrick, who had become very fidgety and irritable, got up from his bunk and stood next to the metal toilet with his enormous prick hanging out. He kept shaking the length of it and skinning back his foreskin, obviously trying to encourage urination. I watched him with some trepidation, it was easy to imagine someone going nuts during a lockdown. Finally he gave up and crossed over to my half of the cell. He hung on the bed frame where Bernardo used to dwell and sighed. Patrick’s cock, slightly engorged from his efforts, swayed into the shell I considered my own territory. I pretended to read the Good Book and not the roadmap of veins crisscrossing his sizable member.

      “I miss our buddy, Bernardo.” Patrick said. “He was a pesky little freak but he sure knew how to get the scum from my balls. The fag knew how to worship cock. Mine is pretty big but he could take the whole thing. Just thinking about it is getting me hard. See? My cock is growing bigger just talking about how Bernardo handled it.”

     I was fixated on the gradual lifting and fattening of his dick as it occupied more and more of my personal space. It was getting so hard and so close. I put down the bible and tried to adjust myself so it wouldn’t get too close. I cleared my throat a few times and realized that my own boner had sprung from my drawers when I shifted. I gulped and stared.

     “You must miss him too. Even though you never let him suck you off I know that you got into it watching us. I’d see you jacking off and watching him service me. Did you ever want to touch my cock?” He said in a low, singsong voice. “All those times he was playing with my meat, didn’t you ever want to try it out yourself?”

    I shook my head, not trusting myself to speak. I felt a drop of pre-cum dripping down my hard-on.

       “My cock really responds to attention. It’s almost totally hard now with me just talking about Bernardo doing it and you checking it out. See how the head is trying to slide out from the foreskin?. I’m pretty comfortable up here so would you mind just skinning it back for me? Just push that extra skin back until it hooks on the rim. That way we can both see it good.” Patrick was speaking in a gravelly whisper from above. “Touch my cock, David.”

       “Why would I want to do that?” I asked, my throat tight and my words strangled.

        “Because I’d let you.” He answered, thrusting his pelvis further into my region.

         “I’m not like that” I said feebly.

         “Who said you were?” he replied.

         “I have a girlfriend on the outside.” I pleaded, tears welling in my eyes as my hands approached his offering.

          “She’s not here.” He mouthed silently.

          I thought I’d just ease the foreskin passed the ridge of his crown and then I’d stop. Then I figured I just feel the heft and circle my fingers around shaft to measure the girth. I would have to stop after I just touched it that much. Otherwise I might have to do it again and again. Patrick’s words droned on somewhere over my head.

          “Ah, that feels nice. The foreskin leaves a slippery build-up, right? But it don’t taste bad or nothin’. I like it when the knob is all wet and shiny. You like my balls too, huh? Yeah, go ahead and squeeze them if you want. Lotta juice in there. You ain’t tasted any of the good stuff yet. Right? Mmmm…..you got the whole tip in your mouth now. Suck it gently while you stroke the shaft. I’m gonna push it a little deeper in your mouth, just an inch or two. Yeah. That’s okay. You’ll choke on it and gag the first few times but with practice…that’s the way. Leave your cock alone! Don’t touch it! You’re so horny that you’ll shoot before you finish me. It’s only my cock you want to be happy. Yeah, I’m going to hold your head and ride it in. Don’t worry about breathing, I won’t leave it in there too long this first time. There you go, Baby. See? You got most of my cock down your throat that time. That was good, right? Bernardo used to lick around inside my foreskin just like that. Is that where you got the idea? You been dreaming about this for almost a year now, thinking about your lips on my cock instead of his? Gulp it down, Baby, let’s take it all the way down this time. There you go. Suck. When it’s lights out tonight you can come to my bunk and suck it again. Get it all nice and sloppy so’s I can give it to you in the ass. You want that, right? You want my bone up your backside, laying beneath me at night, getting filled up with my cock. You came, huh? Not even touching your stuff, just enjoying mines. I’ll finish up soon. Keep sucking. The guards hardly even come checking on us during lockdown so you’ll have plenty of time to love my cock. I’m shooting now, Baby. Swallow it down. Swallow it all down


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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
nor used for any other purpose without the express written permission of the artist or KirwanArts.com.