Story by Dave Williams  

  Illustration by Michael Kirwan  


— Originally published in Torso magazine - August, 1994 —



Caution:  Road Work Ahead!  



Up until Alex Myers came along, me and my buddies hadn't ever done nothing wilder than go into a couple of topless bars to knock back the suds, and make wisecracks while we watched the babes shake their tits at the crowd. Jim had been married since his senior year in high school and Paul was always bragging about laying some broad or the other. As for me, well, when you're thirty-two and ain't got a steady girl or a wife, you just hope your buddies don't get too curious. Hell, maybe the guys had it all figured out, but if they did it didn't seem to bother them none. We were all pretty tight, which was a good thing considering we damn near lived on top of each other when we were out on the job.


The three of us were on a road crew, working for the state, and we were hotshots. The boss always came to us when there was something that needed to be done right the first time. That usually translated into being sent out to take care of the repairs on the more isolated mountain roads, where things could get tricky if you fucked up. This summer it was a real killer of a job: taking care of a shifting roadbed up near the tree line on Hooker's Pass. We were a hundred miles from nowhere and there wasn't even a grocery store around to break the solitude. Still, we were making top wage with the promise of a big bonus when the work was finished.


It turned out we needed an extra pair of hands, so the boss sent Alex along with us. Nobody was too happy about this choice at first, because he was the son of our boss's best golfing buddy. He was fresh out of high school, earning money for college. Believe me, the last thing we needed was some green kid who didn't know shit about anything. We were all expecting some spoiled brat with a bad attitude--the type of guy who'd loaf around, get in the way, then complain to the boss if we looked at him cross-eyed. Bottom line was, we figured we'd been screwed over royally.


Well, when Alex showed up, we changed our tune in less than a week. He was the kind of guy you couldn't help but like. He was eager, helpful, quick-witted and friendly as a puppy. No matter what you asked him to do, he'd do it right the first time and then come bounding back, looking for something else to keep him busy. It didn't take long to figure that the boss had done right by us.


The boss had also done me a personal favor, although there's no way in hell he could've known it. Alex was the handsomest young stud I'd ever laid eyes on. He had the face of a blond-haired angel: all peaches and cream, with big blue eyes, and full red lips and a body by Peterbilt. How the guy had gotten that kind of definition in just eighteen short years was a mystery to me, but I sure as hell liked the effect. His pecs rose up full and tight from his broad chest and they were capped with lush pink tits that made my mouth water. His belly was like a washboard, his arms were damn near as big as my own. To top it all off, the golden skin that stretched over his prime bod was hairless as a baby's butt. The dude was hot!


I got plenty of chances to look at him during the day, which kept me in a constant state of horniness. The temperature was in the nineties most days and Alex generally shed his T­shirt before noon. Believe me, all that muscled-up, blond beef packed into a tight pair of faded jeans was pretty hard to take. Add a silver hard-hat and a pair of steel-toed boots; the dude had "wet dream " stamped all over him.


The days made me horny, but the nights damn near drove me nuts. The construction company had hauled an old trailer up to the job site because there weren't any motels for miles around. There were only two rooms; one with a couple of old twin beds, and the living area with a couch that made into a bed. Phil and Jim got dibs on the bedroom, which meant that I got stuck sleeping with Alex. I know this sounds great, but believe me, it was sheer torture. The springs sagged so that every damned night I ended up with Alex snuggled next to me, snoring contentedly, while I fought to keep from jumping his humpy young bones. He usually ended up with his head on my shoulder, a leg thrown across my thigh and his fingers tangled in the curly fleece on my belly. Believe me, it was pretty damned tough to take.


Living in such close quarters, we didn't have much privacy. All four of us got to taking walks in the woods to relieve the pressure on our balls with some hand action. Alex was so full of spunk he sometimes sneaked away two or three times a day. Once, in a weak moment, I decided to follow him when he went for a sunset stroll. I ain't usually one of them dudes who gets his jollies by watching other fellas taking care of business, but I couldn't help myself. I was so horny I couldn't see straight, and I was getting real bored with my palm.


Alex stopped at a little clearing with a view out over the valley across to the next range of mountains. The sun was going down, bathing the trees and Alex in a golden light. He didn't waste any time when he got there. He peeled out of his jeans and laid back on a big mossy rock. Just looking at him in that light was damn-near enough to get me off. His hair and skin glowed, every chiseled curve of his bod highlighted. And the pecs bulged up from his rib cage, looking even more massive than usual because of the way his concave gut sucked back toward his spine.


While I was hauling my pecker out of my pants for air, Alex started pinching the fat tit capping his left pec. I swear, the damned thing looked like a gumdrop; full, lush and chewable. In nothing flat, his dick came to life, rose up from between his thighs, and flopped on his belly. He had a nice hang on him, straight and thick, with a cap perched on the end like a mushroom. His balls nestled up against the base of the shaft like little pink bird's eggs, sparsely dusted with a fine golden down. The wispy curls of his pubes were the same blond color and damn-near invisible until the sun glinted off them.


Alex fisted his prick and started stroking, moving lazily up and down the shaft. His flexing muscles and blissful expression showed how good it felt. I was pumping myself, running my callused palm up and down every veiny inch of my hard cock. I stared at Alex, imagining how it would feel to be rubbing up against his belly or his ass. Hell, I could practically feel that soft, silky skin touching my bod.


I was getting up a good head of steam when Alex really got me revved. He quit playing with his tit and started sucking on his middle finger until it was nice and wet. Then he lifted his heavily muscled legs high into the air, and spread them out in a wide V. I crept west a few feet through the bushes and got a good vantage point to see his asshole. It was pink, like his tits, with a tiny little pucker that glistened in the rays of the setting sun.


My dick surged when I saw him start rubbing between his legs, tickling his crack. When that spit-slick finger got to his asshole it popped inside, right up to the webbing. I heard Alex moan softly as he shot a thin line of clear juice all the way up to his neck. He started stirring his finger around slowly, letting it slip out part of the way, then stabbing it in as deep as possible. Hell, I was aching to help him out with something longer, but I didn't quite have the nerve to make a move on him.


Instead, I whacked my meat harder and faster, just like Alex was doing. He was getting noisy; grunting and snorting as he squirmed around on that old rock, getting ready to blow. His nuts were pulled up tight, just like my own big cum-makers, tingling in anticipation. There was a flurry of pumping, then he got real still, except for one finger that was slipping up and down on the little nerve trigger at the end of his piece. A drop of white oozed out of his cum-hole, then he shot an arc of jizz high in the air. It cleared his head and splattered on the rocks behind him. His succulent ass knotted up and spit the finger right out of his channel. Just thinking about how tight the little fucker's hole would be during those jizz-pumping contractions got me off as well. I sprayed the rocks all around me with my steaming load and sank to my knees. My eyes were still glued to Alex. He lay there a good long time, panting, then wiped himself off and pulled back on his pants. I stayed behind and jerked-off again, sniffing at the rock where his hot ass had just been squirming around. Even after I'd shot off a second time, I still wanted the dude in a big way.


The evening routine was to sit around after dinner and watch movies on the VCR. There wasn't any TV reception, but we got a new shipment of movies every week when the supplies were brought in, so we always had something to watch. We each had our regular spots on the old sofa-bed in the front room, which never got folded up, so there was plenty of room for all. I sat back against the pillows, Jim and Phil perched up on the front edge on either side, and Alex sprawled out on his belly. His feet were up toward me, with his head down between the other two guys.


Alex had a habit of wrapping a towel around his middle when he got out of the shower in the evening, never getting dressed again. When he sprawled, the towel would usually creep up over the tight rise of his ass, so I spent as much time watching his butt as I did the movies.


I'd never seen Jim and Phil take to a guy the way they took to Alex. They were good guys, but I'd always figured them as redneck pussy-hounds who'd freak if they thought a guy was looking at them funny. With Alex, though, they were real different. He was pretty touchy-feely, but the guys didn't seem to mind--actually, they seemed to enjoy it. Maybe they got off on his angel face and that silky golden skin, just like I did.


Jim had been having some trouble with a strained muscle in his shoulder, and when Alex told him he'd massage it, Jim jumped at the chance. He sat there in his underwear while Alex scooted up real close behind him and began rubbing the knotted muscles in his broad shoulders. Alex worked on the dude for a good hour, and Jim was damn-near purring when he finished. After that, he asked Alex to work out the kinks every night. Then Phil got into the act, complaining about his neck. Both men were strong and in peak condition, and I'd never known them to have any major aches and pains before. On the other hand, Alex had never been around before. Alex offered to rub my back as well, but I refused because I figured I couldn't take it.


Sometimes, during one of these massages, Alex would take a little break. Then, instead of sitting back, he'd slip his arms over the shoulders of whichever guy he was working on and lean against him, watching the tube. His hot bod would be pressed up tight against the guy's back, nothing separating his cock from bare flesh except for that little scrap of damp towel around his hips. Shit, I wouldn't have believed either man would have let another dude hang all over him like that, but I knew what I was seeing.


When Alex wasn't draped over one of my buddies, he was wedged between them. The little tease would actually get Jim and Phil to make a little headrest for him. He'd prop his head on their knees with his upper body resting on those big, hairy thighs. Jim and Phil would rub his back and stroke him like he was a pet dog or something. More than once, I saw their hands slipping down past the small of his back to the lush hillocks of his butt. Sometimes Jim would sit there for hours on end with his huge paw parked on one of Alex's succulent cheeks. He wasn't just touching the towel either. He always pushed the fabric aside so his palm rested right against bare skin. Alex usually had his legs spread, so from where I was sitting, I had a clear view of that pretty pink asshole and the downy bag that housed his balls.


I knew something eventually had to give, and one night all hell broke loose. Jim was real hairy and Alex kept grabbing at the long fur on his shaggy chest. Jim told him to stop, but Alex kept it up. Well, we'd all had a few beers, and everyone was getting pretty loose. After Jim's final warning, he grabbed Alex and hauled him over his knees, saying he needed a spanking. Alex was laughing and squirming, so Phil got into the act, pinning Alex's arms. The way Phil was holding him, he had the kid's face right down in his crotch. I'd copped enough glances at Phil's basket to know that he was hung like a stud-horse. Hell, if Phil cut loose with a stiffer, I knew for a fact that Alex was gonna be staring at a flesh-and-blood baseball bat. Not that I really expected anything like that to happen.


"Dave, get down here and hold this pissant's feet," Jim grunted over his shoulder at me, still fighting to keep Alex down. I was feeling no pain and was ready for anything, so I joined the fray, gripping the bumpy young blond's bulging calves tightly with my arms. Jim tore Alex's towel off, tossed it aside, and started whaling away on his ass. He wasn't hurting him but the blows were real noisy and the guy's butt turned a bright pink in seconds.


Alex had stopped struggling, but his butt was flexing like crazy. No doubt about it, the little fucker was humping Jim's leg like a horny Labrador retriever! Jim still had a hand on Alex's rear, and I watched as his fingers started playing around in the crack. Alex thrust his ass up and damned if Jim's middle finger didn't suddenly sink out of sight. I couldn't fucking believe it, and my cock got so hard it popped right out over the waistband of my shorts.


"Christ!" Jim yelled gruffly. "This guy's ass is tighter than any pussy I ever fingered in my life." Phil was watching Jim's hand like a hawk and Alex began to moan softly, his ass­cakes flexing. Jim's other hand found Alex's blond curls and he yanked his head out of Phil's crotch. Alex's lips were shiny and he licked them as he looked up at Jim, wide-eyed.


"You want it?" Jim rumbled.


"Yes, sir," Alex said meekly.


"Help me get him up here on the bed, boys," Jim snapped. We stood up and tossed Alex on the sofa-bed, face-down. I glanced around and saw three stiff cocks waving in the air, each ready for some serious fucking action. When Alex looked over his shoulder and saw those three big, veiny hard-ons, I swear his eyes lit right up.


From the look of Phil's big piece, he'd already been getting a little head while Jim was blistering Alex's behind. His long, thick stick was glistening with spit and the honey was drooling out of his gaping cum-hole. No doubt he liked what he'd been getting and wanted some more. He jumped up on the bed and knelt at Alex's head. He grabbed the young blond by the hair and pulled his head up off the mattress. Alex opened his mouth and started sucking Phil's knob, making my buddy's big balls jiggle.


In the meantime, Jim crouched at the other end, forcing Alex's thighs apart with his knees. His rosy ass­pucker came into view and Jim made a beeline for it. He finger-fucked Alex roughly for a couple of minutes, his biceps knotting as his arm pistoned back and forth. The young dude bucked like a wild pony, while his hole grabbed my friend's bony digits greedily. Jim spit on his big meat, grabbed it around the base and mashed the snout up against the blond stud's pulsing ass-lips.


"Ow!" Alex squealed, the muscles along his spine knotting as Jim breached his shitter. He might've said more, but Phil shoved his cock back down his throat and all the kid could do was pound the mattress with his fists.


There weren't any holes left to plug, so I stood off to the side, beating my meat as I watched Jim cram his long, fat hog into Alex. Jim had this totally blissful expression on his craggy face, like he couldn't believe what he was feeling. I had a pretty good idea of what an ass like that could do to a man,


o I was anxious to take my turn. Once he was in nice and deep, Jim braced his hands in the middle of Alex's back and started pumping real slow and easy. His eyes were glued to the blond's rear-entry, watching the puffy lips of Alex's asshole as it spasmed along his cock-shaft.


"Man, this beats all hell," Jim groaned, digging in deep, then pulling out gradually until only his knob was plugged in. "This sure as shit puts a hand-job in the shade."


"He ain't doing so bad at this end neither," Phil grunted, holding Alex by the ears as he drove in and out of his throat.


"My turn," I said finally, putting a hand on Jim 's shoulder. He didn't want to stop, but he had to be fair. He thrust a couple of more times, then drew out with a popping sound. I took his place, aimed, then crammed it home. Alex greeted my entry with a little squeeze along my cock from my cum-hole up to my balls. He was so hot and tight inside it damn-near took my breath away. I clamped my hands on his shoulders and leaned into him, rotating my hips around in a tight circle.


Jim got up and washed off his prick, then told Phil to quit hogging his spot. While they were trading places, I rolled Alex over on his right side and scissored his left leg up until it pressed against my torso. That way I could see more of him and sink my tool in deeper. He was obviously loving it; his cock was rigid, his balls were in a knot and his nipples were swollen into hard knobs. I grabbed his cock and flogged it as I banged his steamy sluice.


Jim rammed his cock into Alex's mouth and I gave my place to Phil. Phil ran his fingers around the lips of the blond's gaping fuck-hole, then slipped it to him. Alex didn't even flinch when the entire length of Phil's massive prong disappeared from view; his channel was obviously deep enough to handle damn near anything we could give him. I went to work on Alex's perfect torso, alternately slapping his pecs with an open palm and twisting his nips until his whole body shook.


"Here it comes!" Phil shouted, driving frantically, his dick a purple-veined blur as it churned in and out of the blond's shit-hole. Phil's balls snapped up on the shaft and you could almost hear his jizz gushing up the guy's backside as he dumped his load. When he dismounted, I took his place, slipping easily into the slimy mess he'd left behind. I popped my nuts in about five minutes flat, adding my scum to Phil's.


Jim went for a slick and sloppy third round, pawing Alex all over as he fucked the living shit out of him. Jim bellowed when he blew and Alex wailed as the heat seeped into his well-fucked chute. Phil was already hard again and jumped into the breach. He pumped a solid twenty minutes before his ass knotted and he blasted another load up the guy's hungry hole. I flipped Alex over on his back and pinned his legs against his chest for my next ride, jerking his cock so he'd get off too. When he spewed, it shot thick globs of cum all over my belly, and I dropped another dose of scum into him before climbing off to make way for Jim again. By the time we were done, the poor kid was sloshing, but the next morning he was up early and raring to go. We did a hell of a job on that old road and none of us ever had to take a walk in the woods for the rest of that long, hot summer.



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They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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