By David Douglass and Illustrations by Michael Kirwan


originally published in Inches magazine - May, 2001



More Of A Man Than Man Can Handle



Mr. Sol Kaplan scanned the evening news on the vid-screen as absentmindedly as usual. The usual wars, famines, scandals and natural disasters, the usual nothing of interest to him. He was not much interested in what went on outside his own narrow world. He lived, entertained, dressed, invested and sold sedately. Not that Kaplan didn't have his wild side. During his youth, he'd been a hell-raiser, sowing his share of wild oats. But now, in the year 2260, approaching fifty in a time when prudent humans could expect to live for a hundred and fifty years, he was beginning to have regrets, rapidly approaching a midlife crisis.


He'd experienced sex in all its raw forms but never fallen in love. Now Kaplan was feeling the loneliness. He had many friends but was tired of eating alone, traveling alone, vacationing alone and, worst of all, sleeping alone. Alone for far too many years, Kaplan had picked up the bad habit of talking to himself. He pretended there was a warm someone sitting across from him at dinner, beside him at the theater, sunning with him on the beach, on top of him at night. Kaplan was nearing the breaking point. He was ready to flip off the vid-viewer when an advertisement in the lower right corner caught his eye.



Kaplan stared thoughtfully at the advertisement. Then he glanced upward. His invaluable collection of Willy Dolls stood in the wired and hermetically sealed showcase above the vid-com center. Then he glanced back to the vid-screen. The germ of an idea began to sprout in Kaplan's fertile mind. His hands shook. His stomach churned. It couldn't be done! But what if it could?


Kaplan was a collector. For years, he'd paid exorbitant prices for the highly prized, erotic male dolls as they came on the market. Some Willy Dolls were now literally beyond price. "Olympic Willy" had been appraised at over a half-million dollars. The only four known to exist were in gay museums. Marketed during the 1990s, Willy Dolls had gained immediate popularity among gay men. Kaplan owned the world's largest private collection. Museums and private collectors around the globe and off-planet had tried to buy, beg, borrow or steal the collection. But Kaplan refused all offers.


Kaplan reached into the vid-desk, selected a pair of sani-gloves, and slipped them onto shaking hands. He recited the code to unlock the cabinet, swung open the doors and tenderly grasped Wrestler Willy. In his revealing red wrestling singlet this doll, above all others, had been his favorite. On lonely nights he bid Willy a loving good night before retiring to his empty bed. Without further thought, Kaplan voice-activated the vid-com.


The screen hummed; the picture resolved. "Good evening. You have reached ANDROIDS, LTD. How may we be of service?"


Kaplan stared at a heavily made-up woman on the screen, unable to speak, suddenly embarrassed, unsure.


"Sir, how may we be of service?"


Kaplan mentally shook himself. Was he the man who'd wagered over two million credits on the market in one grueling week--and emerged the wealthier? He tried to regain control. "I ... uh ... I'm calling about the ... uh ... ad in today's Vid-News. The one on ... page 93?" Kaplan gulped. He'd always prided himself on his self-control. The air in his office felt stale. He was short of breath. He'd have to check the environment controls. A drop of sweat fell from his nose and splattered the vid-desk. Kaplan was presently not in control.


"Oh, yes, sir, then you wish to speak with our Norville Jenkinson. One moment while I connect you."


Kaplan depressed a button that would block transmission of his picture to the viewer on the other end. His shirt clung to his flesh. Sweat rolled from his head, down his back, into his trousers. His underwear crept upward. He was sitting in a puddle of sweat.


For an instant, the vid-screen went blue, then another image, a male, appeared. Kaplan stared while the man on the other end fidgeted with his bow tie, then looked up, briefly startled. Kaplan thought Norville Jenkinson looked exactly like a bird. His red hair stood up like the crest on a cardinal. His long nose hooked. The face was thin, the cheeks sunken. Even his movements appeared birdlike. His head bobbed as he talked.


"A-ha! A shy one. I'm Norville Jenkinson of ANDROIDS, LTD. How may I help you?" The voice was the sprightly chittering of a bird.


Kaplan's tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth. Jenkinson fidgeted with a paper clip. "I assume you're interested in one of our androids?" The chittering had an edge of impatience.


Kaplan stuttered. "Yes, I ... um ... I saw the ad on page ... uh ... page 93 of today's Vid-News and ... thought ... I'd inqui ... inquire ..." His office was much warmer. Another drop of sweat splattered the desktop.


"And what kind of android are we contemplating? Worker? Companion? Standard or custom-made?' Jenkinson paused expectantly.


Kaplan managed to croak, "Custom-made."


"Ahhhhh. Very good! Is this to be a specialized worker 'droid?"


"No, ah, no." Kaplan's trousers stuck to his legs and his underwear crept further up his ass-crack.


"Driver? Butler? Maid? Nanny? Our nannies are armed and programmed to defend their babies to the death, so to speak?" The salesman had a tendency to end each statement with an upswing, as though each were a question.


"I was ... uh ... considering a ... uh ... companion 'droid." Kaplan tried on the new lingo.


"Very good. Human or animal? Y'know? We have some very satisfied customers? One lady ordered a 'droid of her dear dead doggy? But a rather famous vid-star, male, had us construct a pair of 'droids, transvestites who have all the male ... ah ... equipment but can walk, dress and talk like women in public? And no one the wiser? 'Married' one of them? Stopped a lot of rumors." Jenkinson chuckled and bobbed his head. Sol thought Jenkinson possibly talked too much.


"I ... uh ... said I'm thinking of a ... uh ... companion." Kaplan had never before repeated himself.


"I see? Are we talking female? Male? Pet?" Jenkinson pursed his thin lips.


"Male." Kaplan wondered when the word must be spoken.


"I see?" A lock of hair flapped as the head bobbed. "You have a specific type of male in mind?"


"Yes, I do." Kaplan's eyes caressed the muscular Willy Doll on his desk. "Could you make a life-size 'droid to look like a ... uh ... statue, say?"


"Oh, yes. We often do?" The bobbing head, the flapping hair were most disconcerting.


Almost involuntarily, Kaplan's hand rose to touch Wrestler Willy's massive cock. "You don't damage the original?" Now Kaplan was ending each sentence as a question. He hoped he didn't begin bobbing his head.


"Oh, by no means. Tell you what? Let's set an appointment for you to come in and fill out our questionnaires? We can talk? You can show me what you want?"


They agreed to meet on Wednesday, two days away, at 3:00 p.m. Kaplan hung up and took a long, cold shower.


By Wednesday, Kaplan was no calmer. He gobbled over-the-counter tranqs by the handful and took endless cold showers. He neglected investments, forgot engagements. His clothing was always damp and wrinkled. He had no appetite. He couldn't sleep. His eyes constantly drifted toward the vid-desk and Wrestler Willy. Kaplan began avoiding the room.


On Wednesday morning Kaplan nearly fell apart. Before leaving for his appointment he took three showers. His hands were clammy, his gait unsteady. He'd lost ten pounds. Twice Kaplan went to cancel his 3:00 p.m. appointment. Twice he relented. At 2:30 p.m., clutching a large security box to his chest, Kaplan exited his building. The doorman summoned an air-cab. Kaplan spoke his destination into the speaker-phone and sat back. The drive-droid flew the taxi through the afternoon traffic. His stomach was in an uproar. As Kaplan rode the elevator to the hundred and thirty-second floor offices of ANDROIDS, LTD., he had to pull his underwear from the crack of his ass, twice.


He entered the lobby. The heavily made-up woman greeted him effusively and introduced a young hunk. Ralphie had a swimmer's body, red hair and a spattering of freckles. He took Kaplan's package and led him down a hallway. Had Kaplan not been so nervous, the tight jiggling mounds of Ralphie's truly phenomenal ass would have strongly affected him. Ralphie knocked on a door.


"Enter." Kaplan recognized the voice.


Ralphie led Kaplan to a chair, placed the package on a table. The birdman twittered. "Thank you, Ralphie. Please arrange for tea, lemonade, sandwiches, whatever Mr. Kaplan would like?" Kaplan indicated he wanted nothing. The birdman leaned back in his postu-cliner. The young man left the room. "No need to be nervous, Mr. Kaplan? We've never lost a customer at ANDROIDS?" Jenkinson attempted a thin-lipped smile of reassurance, leaned forward. "Com-link? Karl, come in, please? And bring the questionnaires for Mr. Sol Kaplan? Thank you?"


A door behind Jenkinson opened. A man of such surpassing beauty stepped into the office that Kaplan gasped. Karl was easily the most stupendous specimen of male that Kaplan had ever laid eyes on--except, of course, Wrestler Willy. And Wrestler Willy existed only in his mind and in the box beside his chair.


Everything about Karl--his voice, his walk, the way he sat--was perfection. Kaplan could barely breathe. Then the door opened again and Ralphie returned with a trayful of refreshments. Kaplan couldn't believe his eyes. Which of them was more desirable? He couldn't have said. Each, in his own way, was a masterpiece of humanity.


"I see that you're quite taken with our products? Yes, true. Both Ralphie and Karl are products of our design program. I thought it might be helpful for you to see for yourself what your money might buy?"


For the next two hours, while Karl and Jenkinson asked Kaplan questions, Ralphie made sure that his cup was never empty. Kaplan felt less self-conscious lifting the doll from its box and showing the model for his dream companion. Jenkinson didn't bat an eye but continued to ask questions. Karl entered the answers into the steno-vid before him. Height, weight, hair color.


"Now, Mr. Kaplan, we come to the question of sexual preference? This android? Will it be straight, bisexual, gay?"


Kaplan stuttered. "Uh ... I ... uh ... He'll be ... uh ... g ... gay. Totally."


"I see?" Karl recorded the information. At the end of the session, Jenkinson said he was sure Karl had enough information to begin production and led Kaplan to the door. They made an appointment for exactly one month in the future. Kaplan left the office without his precious Willy Doll, but in much better emotional state than when he had arrived.


During the following weeks, Kaplan lived his normal life. Only occasionally, when he looked up to admire his collection of dolls and saw the empty space, did Kaplan have doubts, never serious enough for him to cancel production on his companion. Once Kaplan had seen Karl and Ralphie, he was committed to having his own android companion. Kaplan was sick of a life of just making more money--and of sleeping with his own cold feet.


Exactly one month later, Kaplan again entered the offices of ANDROIDS, LTD. Again, Ralphie met him at the door. Kaplan was tempted to grasp the tight, round buns, but he let Ralphie off with a visual fondling. He knew that in the next few minutes he'd be meeting his own dream man for the first time.


When Kaplan stepped through the door of Jenkinson's office, only Karl was there. Warm, pliant, lifelike Karl.


"Mr. Kaplan, if you'll have a seat, I'll bring in Willy." But Kaplan was too wound up. Karl smiled with knowing excitement. In moments, the door swung open and Karl stepped back into the office. Kaplan couldn't breathe. Time stopped. Behind Karl walked another.


Willy strolled naked through the door. Kaplan grasped the back of a chair to keep from falling. This was the Willy he'd lusted after, loved since the doll had become part of his collection years ago. Willy was, at first glance, perfection.


Willy paused and smiled at Kaplan then strode across the carpet, arm extended for a handshake. But when he reached Kaplan, he stopped, raised both muscular arms, clasped Kaplan, pulled him into a tight embrace and kissed him. Kaplan moaned and shook. Only Willy's strong arms supported him. Kaplan kissed back, kissed lips, nose, cheeks, eyes, ears, everything he could get his lips on. And Willy matched him, kiss for kiss.


Willy's massive cock rose between them to poke at Kaplan's stomach. Kaplan's clothing-entrapped cock rose too and struck Willy's naked flesh. Kaplan ran his hands down Willy's smooth back, relishing the voluptuous musculature, embracing the massive, sensual ass, exploring Willy's broad chest, his chiseled abs, the small pubic bush, grasping the monstrous cock. Willy froze, then began to grind his hips into Kaplan's, causing Kaplan's hands to stroke his hardening, expanding cock.


A hand came between them. A voice. "Mr. Kaplan, Willy. Enough." The voice, Karl's, giggled. "Please, stop. Stop. Not here. Not now."


Reluctantly, Kaplan and Willy broke apart. Kaplan stepped back, sank into a chair. Willy stood before him , head down, as though stunned. Slowly, he looked up to meet Kaplan's eyes and mouthed one word, a word in a voice which sounded like a warm summer breeze, caressed like a sun ray. "Sol."


"Oh, guys, that was a close one!" Karl sprawled in the chair behind Jenkinson's desk, red-faced, legs wide, a tent in his tight trousers. Sol wondered what Karl would look like naked. Then he looked back at Willy and shuddered. Willy's cock must be fourteen inches long and literally as big around as a beer can. Sol knew he couldn't handle that.


Karl adjusted his cock and turned to slide his legs beneath the desk. "Sol, I hope you don't mind that I've taken over. Jenkinson was due for his yearly reprogramming, and I'm the staff member most knowledgeable about your needs and ... desires." His hand disappeared beneath the desk. "Whew! You two are going to be a great team."


Sol was stunned. Jenkinson, too, was an android! As though reading Sol's mind, Karl smiled. "Most of us here are."


Sol held out a hand to Willy. Willy knelt by Sol's chair. "Sol, I love you." He leaned forward and nuzzled Sol's neck.


"Hey, guys. Don't get started again, or I'll blow a fuse. We need to talk about fine-tuning Willy. Especially his sex drive. You couldn't live with him trying to jump you every time he gets near. Sol, have you seen anything about Willy that bothers you?" Karl reached again beneath the desk and gave his balls and cock a squeeze. "There are always necessary minor adjustments."


Sol studied Willy for long moments. The beautiful, azure blue eyes looked back with human passion. Already, Sol was fearful of hurting his feelings. But Sol did have a problem--with the size of Willy's cock. "I guess the cock on the doll just looked right. But no human hole could accommodate this one." He fondled Willy's rampant hunk of meat. It flexed; Willy moaned.


"Oh, that's easily taken care of. Program, decrease cock size by twenty percent." Sol could feel the cock in his hand begin to shrink. "If that still isn't manageable, you'll be able to adjust it yourself later. For now, we've programmed Willy to accept commands from any of the upper-level design staff. By the time he goes home with you, only you will be able to program him, able to instill any desire and he'll carry it out."


Willy fondled Sol's cock. Sol whimpered and slid downward in the chair. He hadn't been this sexually excited in years. Willy grasped the opener at the top of Sol's trousers and began to disengage it. "Sol, I love you. I want you."


"Okay, guys. Let's call a halt. Sol, you're sure that everything is fine? Hair color? Eye color? Skin tones? The taste of his mouth? Remember, Sol. This is your ideal man. You deserve the best."


Sol gazed lovingly at Willy. "There isn't a single thing I'd change now. He's perfect."


"Okay, then. I'll send Willy off to finish his programming--classical music, literature, athletics." Karl walked around the desk, stood looking fixedly down at Willy's hand, the hand which still cupped and fondled Sol's cock. He looked quizzical. His cock throbbed in his trousers. "Sol, in private with you he'll have the needs of a slut and the acumen of a whore. But in public he'll exhibit the behavior of a nun." Karl continued to observe Willy stroking Sol's body. "Life with Willy ought to be very interesting. Now, Willy, kiss Sol. In four days, he'll be back to take you home."


Willy willingly obeyed. By the time Willy exited the office, Sol was breathing like an antique steam engine and so aroused that when he attempted to stand he couldn't. His skin burned and glowed with the need Willy had awakened.


Karl smiled at Sol's predicament. "Well, Sol, is there anything further we can do for you?"


"I don't believe so. As soon as I can get out of this chair, I'll be on my way." Sol fidgeted and wished his distended cock would deflate so he could gracefully exit. Sol watched as Karl strolled around the desk and stepped between his outspread legs. Karl stared at the cum-stain on Sol's slacks.


"I disagree, Sol. There is definitely something more we could do for you." As he spoke, Karl began to disrobe. "Ralphie, would you please step in here now?"


Sol heard the door open as he watched Karl remove his trousers. His eyes were riveted to the sight before him. Karl's body was phenomenally beautiful. He wasn't Willy, but no other man ever could be. Despite his love for Willy, at that moment Sol lusted for Karl. And it was obvious from the state of Karl's cock that Karl wanted him. But, Karl was a 'droid!


Then Ralphie stepped from behind Karl, his graceful swimmer's body stark naked. He sported a major woody. Sol inhaled the bouquet of real men, skin, pubic hair, cum and lust.



Now Karl and Ralphie stood before Sol, so close that he could reach and touch them both, naked, aroused. Karl stroked Sol's face lightly. "Sol, since Willy isn't ready to go home with you and you're in the condition you're in, Ralphie and I feel there is definitely something we can do for you." As Karl spoke, Ralphie knelt by Sol who was stunned by this turn of events. "And there's something you can do for us in return. Do you think you could help us?"


Sol couldn't concentrate. His skin was afire. His ears buzzed.


Every hair tingled. Karl's cock throbbed so close to Sol's face that he could feel the flesh radiating heat. A clear drop of fluid hung momentarily from the tip, then dropped to Sol's arm. Sol ran a finger through the fluid and took it to his mouth. He tasted and smelled Karl's maleness. Gently, he drew the 'droid closer and ran his tongue over the tip of the huge cock, savoring the crisp, clean taste. Karl jerked and leaned closer.


Ralphie softly nuzzled the cleft beneath Sol's chin and fumbled with the closings on Sol's trousers, completing what Willy had begun. Sol's hand crept around Ralphie's waist and began to explore.


"Sol, we've observed you alone and with Willy, and we want to know what sex is like. We've never had sex." Karl looked pleadingly at Sol. "Is what Ralphie is doing ... is it pleasing to you? Is this part of sex?"


Sol managed to nod his head. Ralphie grasped the tops of Sol's trousers and underwear and drew them downward. Sol arched so Ralphie could completely remove them. Now he reclined limply in the chair, entirely naked. Ralphie bent and took Sol's cock into his mouth--all of it. Down and down and down he traveled until his nose was pressed into Sol's pubic hair. He paused, sniffed, then swallowed; Sol nearly shot. Slowly, Ralphie slid back up the length of the cock, let the tip slip from his sensuous mouth and looked a question at Sol. Sol nodded approval and Ralphie again took the cock into his mouth. This time his head moved up and down in time with the silent directions of Sol's hand on his head.


As Ralphie sucked on his cock, Sol drew Karl toward his mouth. He licked the leaking head, ran his teeth over the tender flesh, nibbled lightly on the swaying balls and down the long shaft. Karl whimpered. He begged. "Please, Sol. Yes. Please. Is this sex? I like sex." The android began to quiver in Sol's arms. He writhed and bucked as Sol sucked and pulled on his inflamed cock.


Sol stroked Karl's ass and the android moaned. When Sol's hand moved to the small, wrinkled pucker hidden between the mounds of Karl's ass, he wailed. His cock in Sol's mouth, Sol's finger in his asshole, the android bounced, gyrated and collapsed to the floor. There he lay, legs and arms sprawled, cock leaking cum. He stared in amazement up at Sol. "Oh, Sol. I like this sex."


Gently, Sol lifted Ralphie from his throbbing cock. Ralphie protested, looked piteously at Sol. Bending, Sol kissed the android full on his pouty lips, thrust his tongue into the sweet mouth. Ralphie drew Sol's tongue into his mouth and sucked. Sol played with Ralphie, tempting, then taking back, offering and then denying. Slowly, the frustration built. Ralphie grabbed at his own cock and Sol seized his hands, denying him release.


When Ralphie began mumbling incoherently, Sol broke the frenzied connection.


Forcibly, he pushed Ralphie to kneel on the carpet and positioned himself on his knees behind the magnificent ass. He then beckoned Karl to take a position behind him. He spat on his cock and began pushing the head into Ralphie's asshole. Then he gestured to Karl, who had observed everything Sol had done. Sol pointed to Karl's cock and then to his own ass. Grinning shyly, Karl mimicked Sol's actions and began to push his cock into the offered ass. Sol gasped. Karl's cock was far smaller than Willy's and it hurt. Not impossible to take. Just enough to make the penetration a reminder of the years it had been since he was last fucked.


Slowly, the three established a pleasurable rhythm. Sol fucked Ralphie silly as he used his hand to stroke the guy's rampant cock. And on each backswing, Karl's cock shoved further into Sol's exposed hole. Once, Sol looked back and met Karl's eyes. The expression of concentration, lust, determination and newfound wonder delighted him. Karl was having the time of his brief life.


Ralphie took to a cock up his ass like a frog to water. He squirmed, gyrated, bounced and thrust his ass more and more forcibly into Sol's pelvis, attempting to take more and more of Sol's cock. Sol yanked on the smooth cock, determined that Ralphie's first orgasm would be a head-hanger.


Ralphie was the first to explode. That was the only word for what happened. Suddenly, he bucked and shot a wad of cum onto the floor. It nearly ricocheted, followed by a second, a third, another. Each sailed farther than the previous until Sol wondered where it was all coming from and how much of it there was.


Next was Sol. He grasped firmly onto Ralphie's broad shoulders and tried to drown the android from the inside. A fountain of cum flew from the head of his cock. He poured so much into the android that it began to run backward and drip from his cock and Ralphie's asshole. And through it all Ralphie shrieked like a man in pain and begged for more. Another fuck, Sol thought, and Ralphie might be damned near insatiable.


Last to shoot was Karl, as he planted a gentle kiss between Sol's shoulders. Karl's cock opened like a water hose and began to pump cum into Sol's rectum. Sol felt his inner walls expand to contain all the cum the android was pumping into him. A warm feeling spread from his innards throughout his body. He felt golden. He saw rainbows. Karl caressed his back and ran his hands downward to touch Sol's cock where it still penetrated Ralphie. "Oh, Sol, sex is wonderful."


Sol gently drew his cock from Ralphie's ass. The 'droid rolled to his back and grinned up at Sol. Slowly, Karl disengaged from Sol's ass. The three rolled together on the thick carpet and hugged. The heavy, musky odor of sex filled the air. Karl spoke first. "Sol, when can I get fucked?" Sol laughed, grabbed Karl and kissed him.


On Monday, Sol returned to ANDROIDS, LTD., to pick up Willy. This time Willy was dressed immaculately in tight white deck pants, a blue and white striped skin-hugging shirt, a small white boater's cap, white socks and canvas deck shoes. Immediately upon seeing Sol, he walked forward, wrapped his arms around Sol, drew him close and kissed him. Sol kissed back, tasting the sweet essence of Willy's mouth. Slowly, they broke apart. Willy gazed longingly into Sol's eyes. "I've waited so long. I love you, Sol. Take me home." For the next three days, Sol and Willy remained secluded in Sol's apartments. Willy was an inspired lover, solicitous and inventive, always anxious to demonstrate his prowess and the knowledge that had been programmed into him from thirty-two of the world's greatest sex manuals. Sol never felt drained or bored. Sex with his creation was ceaselessly satisfying.


On Thursday, Willy, dressed in a custom-fitted black tuxedo, accompanied Sol to the theater, where the two caused a minor sensation. After the play had ended, Sol and Willy taxied to a nearby restaurant for a late-night snack. Waiters hovered over their table and diners craned to see the pair and wonder at their identities. Through the meal, Willy placed dainty morsels of food into his mouth, chewed and swallowed. He drank sparingly of the wine Sol ordered. No one could have told he was an android.


On Friday, Sol took Willy to the zoo. Each wore form-fitting singlets--Willy's red, Sol's blue. Around their waists they had tied long-sleeved shirts. A maker of cotton candy ran his cart into a fountain at the sight of them.


On Saturday, Sol and Willy, dressed only in the briefest of swimsuits, created a furor at the beach. The lifeguard, captivated by the two studs, nearly allowed a desperate swimmer to drown. As they sunbathed, gorgeous young men strode by, envious of their obvious mutual involvement.




Each night, Willy and Sol slept together, arms entwined, legs touching. Their favorite position was on their sides, Willy pressed into the curve of Sol's stomach, his hand grasping back to hold Sol's ass, Sol's arm dangling over Willy's broad chest. Sol slept peacefully with his nose buried in Willy's sweet hair, inhaling the seductive fragrance. Sol's feet were never again cold.


Two months later, following brief reflection on the matter, Sol bought controlling interest in ANDROIDS, LTD. He and Willy frequently visited the offices, just to check on the ... uh ... productivity of his investment. When Sol and Willy entertained or traveled, Karl and Ralphie were frequent guests.



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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
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