Mall Man





 Art Michael Kirwan

 Story by Bill Carpenter





Originally published in Playguy magazine - December, 1991


Shaggy hair, sweat pants, and a jiggling dick....



I was horny as hell. Maybe it was the weather unseasonably warm for March, just hot enough to get those spring mating juices flowing. I was standing in a phone booth outside the mall, calling every fuck-buddy I could think of, but they were all out for the evening, or so their answering machines said.

That's when I saw him. A dark-haired young guy in white sweat pants, coming out of the drugstore. I watched his dick bobbling back and forth under the loose cotton as he slowly strolled past me. Then he stopped, walked back toward me a few yards, and took the end phone in the row of booths. He dropped a quarter in the slot, and leaned back into the little waist-high cubicle. After a minute, he started jiggling his leg and groping himself, practically showing off for me under the light of the pinkish street lamps overhead.

My own dick was thickening as I dug into my pocket for more coins. I stacked them on the phone shelf and leafed through my dog-eared address book. I'd have made the calls from home, but the phones in my building were on the blink. So now, I had one eye on the cramped writing and the other on my phone neighbor. He was turning to face into the booth, and showing a fine tight ass. If I didn't know better, I'd swear he even looked back out of the corner of his eyes, to see if I was watching. Which I definitely was. I nodded my head and dialed another number.

This one was for Cy, a humpy auto mechanic I sometimes join after hours at his garage. I have to wait around awhile 'til the rest of his crew goes home, but it's always worth it. His specialty is having me sit on his face and jerk off while he eats my ass and fucks himself with a big greasy dildo he keeps in a toolbox under the cash register.

No answer. Man, I thought, I'm horny enough to fuck a snake. These guys know I'm always good for a hot session, no holds barred. In fact, usually it's them calling me all the time. I gave myself another hearty grope and dialed again.

Mike wasn't home either he's the guy who likes to lick my balls for about half an hour before getting me off. Really digs a hot load all over his face. Or Petey, who'll leave the door open and be lying on his back on the kitchen counter, wanting me to walk in and pork his sweet little butt right there. Or hairy Dave, whose scene is getting naked and sweaty in a hot shower, then doing a long grunting sixty-nine on his big, black bath mat.

And what was the guy in the phone booth doing now? He seemed familiar to me somehow dark, with slick curly hair and big lips. Sparkling black eyes that looked like they knew something about me. Long sideburns and a wispy little moustache. Wiry, defined build, shown off real nice in a thin black T-shirt with the sleeves ripped out.

And that big thing in those white sweats of his had me really interested. I swore I could see the heavy head of his dick jostling around about halfway down his right leg.

Damn. It had been a horny kind of day at the adult counseling center where I work. A couple of my hotter clients had pretty much come on to me during our sessions. Like sweet little Maurice sitting there in my office palming his ripe-looking crotch while he told me how long it's been since he's gotten off. Or big Albert running his hand down over that hefty thing in his pants, telling me how much better he'd be doing in school if he could just get some good head once in a while. Mario scratched his nuts elaborately and let me know that he wouldn't even be tempted to break parole if he could just find some hot lip action that kind of shit. It had taken all my control not to just shut my office door and take these guys on, one at a time. But I do have my priorities.

Once the workday is over though, I'm game for anything. And a few busy signals aren't going to stop me. How about Mel and that long, delicious cock of his? Maybe we could trade blow-jobs or invite his weightlifter neighbor in for a three-way.

Busy. Maybe this phone is jinxed, I decided. I scooped my change into one hand and moved to the next booth. As I did so, the other guy looked over at me and smiled, then turned away again. Yeah, I definitely knew him for sure. Just couldn't place him. Though how could I forget that picture-perfect ass? Maybe if I could hear his voice ...

"I told you, I'm all ready," he said. Voice a little high and nasal, sounding impatient. His shoulders working. He was practically giving himself a hand job right on the spot, for Christ's sake. "You said I should call any time I needed it," he went on. "Well, I'm calling now. Why? 'Cause I need it bad."

As though to convince the other party, the guy really squeezed his dick now, and I could definitely see the flared edge of his cock-head as he rubbed it with his thumb. Those sweat pants really clung to his legs and butt. And that white cotton just molded itself around his heavy swelling prick. What with the free show he was putting on, I was beginning to lose all interest in my phone connections.

"Aw, c'mon," he was saying, "it wouldn't take long. You know how fast I get off. How big I shoot. Gimme half an hour, you can do me twice, I guarantee it. Two big juicy loads for the price of one." He had scooped up his balls now, then looked over at me and caught me watching. I raised my eyebrows and went back to picking out another possible playmate from my list. A guy and his giggling girlfriend walked past toward the parking lot.

"Yeah, well, this really sucks," my phone buddy said loudly into the receiver after a minute. "You're always tellin' me, 'Rafe, please come over, you're such a stud, I'd love to get it on with you, I'll do whatever you want.' And now when I'm telling you I could use some serious action, suddenly you're too busy."

Rafe? A hot jolt ran through me. He used to live in the neighborhood, in the big apartment house at the end of my block that's where I knew him from. Got into trouble a couple of times, breaking and entering the local bodega, I think. He'd been sent away to a correctional school a couple years ago. And now here he was, back in town and looking for something hot to plug. And from the looks of him, he had the right equipment to do the job.

"Yeah, well, I don't think I want to wait around 'til the weekend," he shouted. "There's plenty other things I can do with what I got, believe me." He slammed the phone down angrily.

"Fuckin' cock-teasers," he said, flashing a hot look at me. "Who needs 'em?" I nodded in sympathy, but my attention was on his crotch.

His sweats tented out now in a serious way, the head of his fat dick plainly discernible, making a faint damp spot in the soft cloth. My own dick throbbed sympathetically. Rafe gave himself another long squeeze, then walked off in the direction of the back parking lot. I kept my eyes on that sweet butt of his 'til he'd turned the corner; then I realized I'd been standing there listening to a dial tone for five minutes. I snapped back to reality when I heard a car squeal out of the back lot and speed away.

Hell, I told myself, tucking my address book back into my pocket, maybe this will be another night of solo-stroking with the baby oil and triple-X videos. I pocketed the rest of my change and headed for my car.

You'd think they'd want to light these back lots better, I thought the mall managers are always whining about the crime rate. I'd parked way in the back corner, where two low concrete walls hold back a small stand of stunted pine trees. Most of the other cars were gone. I was trying to decide which video I'd watch later when I saw him.

Rafe was leaning against the hood of my car, looking off into the bushes. I didn't notice him at first because of his dark hair and dark shirt. I didn't see his white sweats at all.

"Can I help you with something, buddy?" I asked as I came around the side of the car. Then I was sort of sorry I'd spoken.

He had those sweats of his down around his knees, and was pulling and twisting one of the nicest, fattest dicks I'd ever seen. Thick from the root all the way out to the head. Big bouncy balls, too. Amazing how a man's eyes can adjust to the dark if there's something worth looking at.

He glanced up at me.

"Yeah, I could use some help, man. I got me a big problem here, and if you eat dick, we can take care of it."

"What makes you think I'd be interested?" I asked, trying to play a little hard to get, even though my tongue was practically hanging out.

Rafe laughed. "I know all about you, man. You work for the state, don't you? Live half a block from my folk's place? I know you dig getting it on with guys. I got a cousin who stays with us in the summer; he tells me he still jerks off over the good head you gave him four years ago."

I guess that's a compliment, I thought.

"Yeah. I've had my eye on you for a while," Rafe said, "way before I gave you my little show back there by the phones. Don't you think it's time you and me an' my fat friend here got a lot better acquainted?" He tugged his dick to one side, and squeezed just the head for me. It practically filled the palm of his hand.

That was all the convincing I needed. I looked back toward the parking lot entrance. No one was coming.

"I'll keep watch, man," Rafe said. "It won't take long, I promise you." He jutted his chin toward my erection, straining in my jeans. "It looks like you need it as much as I do."

I nodded and squatted down in front of him. Took a deep breath at the sudden change of perspective. We're talking a really fine dick here. I reached up to grip the base of his hard-on. Gripped it and squeezed it, watching the whole length shudder and jump. Yeah, this was what I'd been looking for all day--a nice dick to munch on. Some cock to suck.

"Oh, man," Rafe sighed, "you're gonna make me crazy, I can tell." I laughed the best I could around a mouthful of cock-shaft I was gently biting my way along one side of his dick and back down the other, while I rubbed his cock-head against the palm of my hand. He was leaking a lot, and I smoothed his own slick juices back around his piss-hole. I know what I can do to a man. His legs jerked and shivered.

"Shit, why did we wait so long for this?" he whispered. I had my mouth full of his salty, hairy nuts, or I'd have reminded him that he'd been in the joint for quite a while, and prison guards don't usually let visitors treat their inmate pals to long, luxurious blowjobs. I hummed deeply around one of Rafe's nuts, and then gave the other the same treatment. His cock, bouncing gently with his heartbeat, seemed to get heavier and harder. This could really be something, I thought.

"Enough playin' around, man. Get to the meat," he urged, pulling at my ears and stroking my cheeks. I laughed and slicked his cock with another smear of spit. I like to do things my way, though it is nice to have some encouragement. Maybe it would be better to get on to the main attraction ...

I pulled down on Rafe's dick and opened my mouth wide enough to slide his cock-head in. Delicious. Hot. Broad and firm and tasty. I fed on that for a minute or two. He didn't have any complaints.

And then, I started to suck my way forward, down along his heavy shaft. Tonguing my way along. He hunched forward with his hips, but there was no way I was going to swallow this jawbreaker in one thrust.

"Oh, man, suck it good. I got a lot of juice built up for you, you better believe it," he said. He was hunched over me, and had wrapped his arms around my head as he tried to force himself all the way in and down my throat. I grabbed his balls and pulled. He groaned and shoved more gently. I pulled back and drove myself forward again. He grunted and tried desperately once more to feed me all he had. I gave his nuts another twist. We were getting to understand one another pretty well.

"0h, man," he whined, "please take it all. I know you can do it. Please?" He straightened up and leaned back against my car, giving me free and open access to his crotch. I held on to his tensed thighs and skewered my face with his dick. Twisted my head back and forth. Grated the back of my throat with his cock-head. Stroked his balls, feeling them tighten up.

"Did you see anybody?" I gasped quickly between down-strokes. "Is anybody coming?" He looked back over his shoulder and shuddered.

"Nobody," he said. "Except me, the way you're eating me so good. You want it? You want my juice in your mouth?" he asked in an intent whisper. The idea made his cock lunge a little harder. He was definitely hot to get off, but he wanted permission. I liked that. I ran my fingers back under his nuts, and he shifted his thighs apart a little, to give me more room to play.

"I'd love your juice," I told him. "But not right now. Turn around," I said.

"What for?" he asked. I had a good grip on his legs, and with his ankles tangled in his sweats, he didn't have much choice. "What you want, man? I'm almost ready, man."

"I know," I said. "This will only take a minute."

I had him facing my windshield now, and pushed him forward, watching his ass cheeks spread as he lay down on the cooling metal. Before he had a chance to think twice, I had my big, hard hands all over his butt, and wedged my face right in there where his sweat pants had been. Rooted around. Nosed closer and deeper. Slipped my tongue out and found what I was looking for.

"Oh, man, that's so dirty," Rafe hissed. "Nobody ever licked me there before. Oh, man, I can't take it." He had his thighs pressed tight against the front grill, but he wasn't trying to get away. "Oh, man, what are you doing to me?"

I'm rimming you, pal, I wanted to say and don't tell me nobody's ever thought of doing it to you before. But of course, I couldn't really say anything because my tongue was already busy, working its way all around over Rafe's tender, hairless, little hole, and then slipping on through while his butt muscles jumped and clamped. From the inarticulate gasping I heard overhead, the guy was in seventh heaven. And if I had my way, I just might be able to nudge him a little bit higher.

"Oh, yeah, buddy, eat that ass," he grunted as he pushed back against my face. A quick study, I thought, and then I obliged him. Spread him open even further and brought my lips and teeth into play, nibbling and kneading and sucking at his musky opening until I was pretty sure it was just about ready.

"Now what?" he panted, looking over his shoulder as I stood up slowly and leaned in against the backs of his legs. "You nearly got me off, you know. I almost came all over your car here."

"Yeah?" I asked as I unzipped my pants and struggled to release my own hard-on. "Well 'almost' doesn't count. Let's see if we can't do better than that."

"Hey, wait, Mister," Rafe said, looking back at me and starting to wriggle further up onto the hood. I guess he must have gotten a glimpse of my cock, or felt its heat against the back of his leg: "You don't want to do anything weird...."




























I had one hand in the middle of Rafe's back, and enjoyed the feel of him twisting this way and that as I firmly planted myself between his sopping ass cheeks and nudged forward. Cock-to-ass contact, nice and solid. With the best yet to come.

"Wait," he whined. "I ain't ready for this."

But his ass lips were hot and wet, clamping down hard and then releasing as I pushed myself forward. He sure felt ready to me.

"Hold it," he said. "Fuck, it's too big, man."

I laughed, and then shoved forward again. I almost believed him, feeling his tight, little hole kiss up against my fat cock-head, but then he squatted back a little and spread his thighs, and my aching prick speared its way in.

"Oh, shit, you're fuckin' gonna kill me with that thing," he gasped. "Oh, man, I don't think this'll work. Aww, please, I can't take it. Pull out some, man ..."

He was panting and clawing at my windshield, but I noticed that his ass was still jutting back toward me as I rode on in, pressing onward and upward, sliding my cock firmly up into his hot, moist butt. I pulled him open a little more, hooking both thumbs in at his butthole, alongside my dick. Then, I held still for just a minute before slowly sinking my itchy cock all the way in until I could feel those big nuts of his rubbing against my own. Sure felt awful slick and hot and nice in there. He was moaning softly.

I wiggled my dick from side to side, stirring it around his searing insides, trying to hold back. His ass gripped all along the length of my cock, then released and gripped again, like he was getting used to the idea. From the feel of it, it wasn't going to take either one of us long to get where we wanted to go.

"Oh, shit, man," he complained, "it feels like you got a fuckin' baseball bat crammed up there."

"Yeah? Well maybe I should take a few swings then," I said, "see if I can't light up your little scoreboard." I pulled out about halfway, and then shoved all the way back in. He squealed, and I did it again. And again. Then I gradually pulled almost all the way out, and when he started to relax and thank me, I stuffed it all to him at once, hard and fast.

He was really writhing now, but instead of pulling away, he seemed to be trying to match my rhythm. He was pressing his groin against the car, squashing that big dick of his against my hood, and then raising his hips back up as I drilled him.

"Oh, mister," he panted, "I really wish you hadn't done this." His bucking hips were picking up speed. I had the feeling he couldn't stop them if he wanted to.

"Oh, man, I mean it," he moaned. "Really. I really wish you hadn't. Oh, no. Oh, fuck."

He sounded urgent. "Don't stop now, it's gonna... Look, I can't help it, mister. Don't stop. Please. You're gonna make me...."

I picked up speed, really slinging my dick to him. All resistance was gone he pushed way back and opened up, whimpering, his breath ragged. He tried to tell me something but couldn't make sense. That was all right. I jabbed in and out, hard and deep and fast. I knew.

He came. There was no doubt about that. He had his face pressed sideways against my windshield, his arms outspread and his chest plastered to the hood while his asshole clutched and gripped and bore down hard, as his cock spewed out its load. The way he slewed his hips from side to side took me by surprise, sent me right over the top. I took a deep breath and dumped my own load, shoving and punching my cock into Rafe's butt while he whined and shuddered and sucked his teeth.

Then, I slowly leaned forward against him and lay still for a moment, feeling the pounding of his heart gradually slow and his breathing return to normal.

"Did that do it?" I asked as I gently pulled myself out and wiped my cock on my shirttail.

"Did that do what?" he asked dully, as though he'd just woken up.

"You said you 'almost' came all over the hood when I was eating your ass," I reminded him. "Did getting plugged do the trick?"

Lying there, his bare butt gleaming in the dim light, he looked tempting enough to eat. He began to pull himself to his feet. I heard a slick wet sound, and saw a faint trickle of moisture run down the grill. His great drooling slab of cock was definitely more relaxed, though still impressive.

"What do you think?" he asked, nodding his head toward my car as he pulled his soft white pants back up. "That's about a pint of juice you pushed right out of me, pal."

I laughed and tucked my dick away. Mission accomplished for both of us. I sure as hell felt better, and from the way Rafe was still hanging around, slowly arranging himself in his pants instead of running off into the night, I was pretty sure he hadn't had such a bad time either.

"So, you gonna give your friend there a call and brag about how you got taken care of anyhow?" I asked as I got into my car.

"What friend do you mean?" Rafe asked.

"The friend you were talking to on the phone back there," I said. "I couldn't help overhearing your conversation."

"Oh, that," he said, leaning over the car door as I shut it and rolled down the window. He smelled ripe and sexy in the evening air. "Nah, I don't think I'll call 'im again. Can I get a ride?" he asked. His hair was falling over his eyes now, and he looked at me kind of yielding and hard at the same time.

"Sure," I said, and unlocked the passenger door. "I don't know," I went on as he got in, "if somebody was coming on to me and then backed down and I still got laid anyhow, I'd be kind of tempted to rub their nose in it, if you know what I mean." I couldn't help thinking about how Rafe said to his phone friend that he was good for a couple of times, that he could probably get off again. He was already playing with himself in his pants. Of course, if I had that big thing living in my lap, I'd probably never leave the house for the rest of my life. I started the car.

"Yeah, well, I know what you mean," he said. "But maybe I should tell you something."

"Yeah? What?"

"I ain't got a clue who I was talkin' to back there. I just pushed some buttons and made that shit up as I went along."

I had to laugh. "You're trickier than I thought," I said. "So ... you wanna come home and talk dirty to me while you push a few of my buttons?"

He gave me a big, broad, smirking grin. "Oh, yeah, man," he laughed. "No problem!"




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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
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