Night of Lust


































 Illustrations by Michael Kirwan 

Story by William Cozad



Originally published in Playguy magazine - April, 1991



When too much of a good thing simply is not enough...




I didn't think so much about it when Ryan invited me over to his house, figuring he was just being friendly. We were both freshman in the same sections of English and history. But while I lived in the dorm on campus, he lived in town with his folks.


I welcomed any excuse to get out of my dorm room. My roommate was a geek who spent most of his time blasting his stereo, much to my annoyance. And I was about to give him a piece of my mind when Ryan saved the day and picked me up in his red Volkswagen bug.


"Party time," he said, popping the tab on a Bud. Though I didn't approve of his sipping a beer while driving, I didn't say anything. He didn't drive er­ratically, just a little fast.


He was a real good-looking guy, short and blond with baby-blue eyes. His folks must have been well off because he sure wore fancy clothes, like Joe Boxer T-shirts that went for twenty bucks a pop and Levi's dockers which cost double what my jeans did. I think he mentioned that his father owned an insurance agency.


Ryan lived in the better part of town in a new red-brick house with white columns and shutters on the windows, kind of colonial style. It was beautifully furnished. But I was surprised that there was no one there. He hadn't in­vited anyone else but me. And he said that his folks were gone overnight.


"Just kick back and relax, Bill," Ryan told me, making me feel right at home.


I drank some beer and the television was on but I didn't pay much attention to it. My eyes kept darting toward Ryan. And I have to admit that I liked being alone with him.


Of course, I had some ideas about what I'd like the two of us to do. I'd messed around with another guy on the swim team back in high school but nothing serious, just mutual jacking off which had stopped when he found a girlfriend. But that experience had changed me, made me realize that I preferred guys.


I wasn't so sure about Ryan. He didn't give any clues. He was macho looking, handsome but not pretty. And since I hadn't found any action in college and had had to settle for beating off when my roommate wasn't around, I was horny enough to drop a few hints.


"Going into the insurance business?" I asked, rubbing my crotch.


"Nope. I don't like business. I don't know what I really want to do. Travel some, see the world."


"Join the Navy?" My eyes glided across the fat bulge in the front of Ryan's pants.


"No way, Jose. I don't like toy soldier games either. How about you?"


"Probably teach school like my father. "


"No big bucks in that."


'Tm not looking to get rich."


"I like the way we live but I don't like all the crap you gotta do to get it. Like suck ass and socialize with snobs. My father belongs to every country club in town."


"You must have some idea what you want to do. You're pretty smart."


"I've still got time to decide. Besides, I'm not like my dad."


I wasn't sure what that meant. We drank some more beer, munched on chips, and the television set played on. But my mind began to wander.


I wondered what his body looked like, how big his dick was. Naturally I wanted to get it on with him. But if he wasn't game I didn't want to lose his friendship.


"You've got nice clothes;' I said, wishing he'd take them off.


"Good clothes make me feel good. Do you want to see my black bikini briefs?"


"Okay," I said, trying not to act too excited. Maybe he was just teasing, testing me. But there was always the chance that he *wasn't*.


Slowly, Ryan pulled off his Joe Boxer T-shirt, revealing his smooth chest and big, ripe-looking nipples. A patch of blond fuzz led from his belly button down to his crotch. But the best part came when he slid down his gray dockers and I discovered that he was wearing black cotton bikini briefs with a Jockey Poco tag on them--and they were stuffed with a fat cock and balls.


"Like them?" Ryan asked, striking a pose.


"You bet."


"Wanna see what's in them?"


"Yeah," I replied, hardly able to believe how luck was playing into my hand. My cock was already stirring in my pants. But maybe Ryan was just a show-off ... Maybe he only wanted to tease me some more.


"Let's go to my room," he suggested, erasing my doubts. Of course I followed him to his room.


The next thing I knew, he lay down on his narrow bed. Then I started breathing hard and groping my crotch.


"I'm real horny," I admitted.


"So am I."


Ryan held out his arms and I went to him. When I touched his hot, smooth skin, my cock leaked pre-cum, wetting my shorts. Unable to resist, I rubbed his crotch and felt his cock stiffen. Then I cupped his bare ass cheeks underneath the leg-bands. "You've got a hot body," I gushed.


"Let's see yours."


I stripped down to my white cotton briefs. They were tented by my cock and there was a widening circle of pre­cum. But to hell with that! Lying down on the blue comforter, I let go a sigh. Then our limbs intertwined and soon both of us were breathing heavy, hug­ging each other like lovers would do.


"How did you know about me?" I asked.


"I didn't. I was just hoping. I jacked off a lot thinking about you before I got the nerve to invite you over. I had to find out for sure."


"You've done it with other guys before?"


"Not much. Just had a couple of blow-jobs from other college guys when I rode my bike around campus. I used to go shirtless and wear tight white shorts to attract attention."


"I've never sucked a dick before. But I'd like to suck yours."


I thought I'd shoot off when Ryan said that. Turning around on the bed in a sixty-nine position, he kissed my cock through my shorts and pulled them down. Then I pulled down his black bikini briefs and took a close look at his fat, uncut cock.



"Big dick," I said, hardly able to keep my hands off of it.


"So is yours."


Then it was time to get down to business. Since he had more experience, I let him take the lead. Ryan wrapped his fingers around the base of my cock and jacked it. Then I did the same to his, feeling the heat of his throbber.


I thought I'd go through the ceiling when his hot, wet mouth engulfed my cock. But I somehow managed to lick his cock-head, tasting the lube and cheese under his sheath. Then I put my mouth on its flared knob.


Then, suddenly letting go of my shaft, he began deep-throating my dick. I wanted to do the same to his but I started to gag. So I had to settle for licking all up and down its sweet-tasting shaft.


While Ryan fondled my balls, I roll­ed his nuts around in my hand and I sucked him. Then he let go of my cock and licked my balls, sucking them into my mouth. Then I did the same, suck­ing his balls.


"Oh, fuck, I'm gonna shoot off!" Ryan abruptly announced.


All of a sudden, globs of hot cum splashed out of his cock and landed on my face. But I didn't care. That was hot! And I licked my lips, tasting his sweet cream.


All it took was the taste of his jizz to get me off. When I grunted and blasted, Ryan gagged a bit, but he didn't let go of my pulsing prick; I shot down his throat, flooding his mouth.


Ryan pulled me around and hugged me, pressing his hot lips against mine. When I opened my mouth, he dripped some of my own load into my mouth. It tasted more salty than his sweet jizz. But variety is the spice of life, right? Holding onto each other, with his leg wedged between mine, we soon drifted off to sleep.


Later that night, when I awoke, I felt his hard cock pressing against my thigh. I reached down and grasped it and he moaned. Then, though I'd never done anything like it before, I had the urge to lick his body and taste his skin.


In the amber glow of the lamp on the desk in his room, I started licking his chest. First I pinched one of his nipples while I sucked the other one till it was hard. Then I switched to the other tit. Next I licked his belly button. Then I licked the patch of peach fuzz that served as his bush. Then I held his throbbing cock and licked it like a lollipop.


Ryan rolled over onto his belly, ex­posing his butt. It was round and smooth and muscular. And I couldn't help but slap the cheeks and spread them, running my finger into the steamy cleft.


"Kiss my ass, all along the crack," Ryan begged, spreading his legs apart.


I'd never considered doing anything like that before but I nibbled on his fleshy mounds. Spreading the cheeks, I tongued the fuzzy cleft. Then I slathered it with spit and darted my tongue into his puckered hole.


"Put your finger up there, too," he moaned.


All too eager to comply, I probed his hole with my middle finger. It was fiery hot and tight. And soon he clamped his butt muscles around my finger and said: "Rub your cock in my crack. I wanna feel your hot dick back there!"


I mounted Ryan's butt, straddling his silky smooth thighs. After rubbing my cock into his wet crack, I slipped it between his legs. Then he massaged it with his thighs.


"Put it in me! Fuck my hole!" he whimpered.


I never expected to do that, to fuck him in the ass. But I was hot to trot. I couldn't believe my good luck, getting my hands on a hot number like Ryan and sucking and being sucked by him. Now he actually wanted me to bang him!


But my cock was much thicker than my finger. And when I put it up there, Ryan cried out: "Oh, it's so big! I don't know if I can take it. Stay still a minute."


But I popped my cockhead in deeper and slid the shaft further inside, cram­ming his hot, tiny hole. .


"Oh, it hurts so good. Do it! Fuck me! Fuck me in the ass," Ryan gasped.


I started humping him. Evidently, Ryan liked that because he moved around under me and shoved back, bucking and squeezing my cock with his butt muscles. Then he started to talk real dirty.


"Oh, yeah. Big, hot cock up my ass! Fucking it. Ramming it hard. Keep doing that. Oh, yeah. Fuck yeah! Feels so good, fucking my hole. Do it! Get it off. Make it squirt inside me."


I humped his hot ass until I was pant­ing and sweating like mad. The hairs on my nuts suddenly stood on end. Then a delicious chill raced down my spine.


"Oh, Ryan, I'm cumming! Cumming up your hot little ass. Take my load! Take it all."


Collapsing on top of him, I shot my load. His hot ass clamped around my cock, siphoning the cum out of my balls. Then Ryan slid out from underneath me and my cock fell out all soft and wet and coated with cum and ass-juices.


I felt great, getting my first real piece of ass but I was kind of scared that Ryan would want to fuck me. I didn't want him to, mostly, I guess, because I didn't think that was manly, taking a dick up my ass. But Ryan didn't mention that he wanted to fuck me. Instead he rolled over onto his back and stroked his big hard cock.


"Lick my balls and finger my hole while I jack-off," he begged.


To make him happy, I tongued his balls and stuck my middle finger up his squishy cum-filled hole. He beat his meat fast and hard, really abusing himself, tugging the foreskin over the glistening red crown. They Ryan asked me to chew on his balls.


"Give 'em hell," he insisted.


I sucked real hard on his nuts while I fingered his asshole. But before long he shoved my hand away, grunting and groaning like a stuck pig: "Oh, yeah. Fuck, yeah. I'm cumming. Ungh. Aw, shit. Uhhh!"


Big globs of creamy white jism flew out of his cock and landed on his chest and belly. He writhed while he rubbed his ball-juice into his skin. Then he grabbed hold of me. I felt the sticky goo on my skin. But his breathing soon returned to normal.


We both dozed off. Then at dawn I awoke. Gray light filtered into the room. I rubbed my eyes but I didn't say a word to Ryan. Never mind that my cock was as hard as a rock!


Silently I spit on my palm and lubed my dick. It was drooling pre-cum like crazy. So I pushed Ryan on his side until my cock lay against his crack. Then I just slid my hard meat right up his tight hole.


Lying on my side, I tweaked his tits. Since his cock was hard and throbbing, I also wrapped my fingers around his shaft and jacked the foreskin over the cock-head. Then I started to pump my cock up his ass.


"Oh, yeah, fuck me," he moaned, letting me know that he was wide awake after all.


His body felt like it was on fire. While I fucked his ass, I also jacked his cock in the same rhythm that I used to fuck him.


Then I slammed my cock in deep--nearly pulling out, then ramming it in to the hilt again.


"Oh, God, it's so big. So hard. I can feel it ready to shoot. Oh, fuck!" Ryan cried out. I felt his butt muscles clamp around my cock and realized that he was shooting off. Hot cum flew out of his cock and coated my fingers. Then he bucked his ass up against me. "Shoot it. Shoot your cum up my ass!" he hollered.


Letting go with a gut-wrenching orgasm, I flooded his ass-guts with wads of scalding jism. I stayed inside him 'til he moved away. Then Ryan turned around and grabbed my cock and cleaned it off with his tongue.


We slept some more. But upon waking up, we did a sixty-nine again, both shooting off at the same time, both swallowing each other's fuck-juice. Even in the shower we got hard-ons and blew each other, making a grand total of five orgasms each.


It was a night of lust, one neither of us will ever forget. Ryan and I have had plenty of hot times since then. But none will ever top our first time together!




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