One Summer's Vacation





































 Art by Michael Kirwan 

 Story by J.Z. "Zack" Stone

originally published in Honcho Magazine - June 1994 issue



The "once in a lifetime" lover



Cody Greer had always been an unknown factor in my life, a true enigma. I knew that he managed a ranch my lather owned and had been on that land for longer than I had been alive. He must have done a damn good job because we never had complaints from any of our friends who stayed at the ranch in Colorado.


I remember that when I was a kid my parents took me to the ranch a couple of summers for vacation. During these vacations Cody Greer taught me to ride and to work on a ranch. My father was a big believer in work, just as my mother was a believer in the theory that travel broadens a person. Looking back, I can only vaguely remember Cody Greer as an elderly stranger who I thought was nice. I could remember nothing specific and certainly not the man himself except that he was always referred to by the two names together, Codygreer.


I wanted desperately to get away from home the summer I turned eighteen. In the fall I would be starting life anew as a freshman at the University of Illinois and I wanted time alone, in spite of my mother's negative response to my needs. A vacation alone, away from everyone and everything, became the only important goal in my life.


Arriving in Denver I was confronted by a tall, broad-shouldered, handsome young man who appeared to be only a few years older than me. I was looking for what I was sure would be an ancient Codygreer and, despite myself, I almost ignored the young blond hunk. When my dream-come-true approached me saying, "My name's Cody Greer," I wondered if I had died and gone to big-pec heaven. His voice was deep and lyrical, his smile tentative but captivating, and it topped a body that was pure perfection. Tilting his head in a way that would soon become familiar and loved, he began explaining.


Cody Greer Jr. told me in a very worried voice that he had simply taken his father's place--his father had died a few years earlier. The look on his face, his downcast eyes, the massive slouched shoulders, were all enough to make me want to put my arms around him and make him feel better. Given the chance, I would do more than that.


He was expecting to be fired and I was desperately wanting us to become the best of friends. On my long train trip west, I'd gotten a couple of great blow-jobs from a middle-aged man who shared my compartment. Now, looking at Cody, I imagined doing the same for him. But I pushed away the thought and assured him that he wasn't going to be fired.


Relieved that his job was safe and secure, Cody immediately transformed back into the tall, handsome young man who I hoped to bed before the sun next came up.


The ranch was further from civilization than I remembered. It was also much bigger and more isolated. The main house was a large log building consisting of an enormous room with a matched pair of stone fireplaces facing each other from opposite ends. The ceiling was more than two stories high, with hand-carved beams that had been brought in from Florida. At the back end of the living room were more rooms that formed a wing of their own. Lofts containing sleeping facilities spanned each end of the main room. Trophies adorned the walls, adding a look of exotica to the room. I would have preferred erotica, but sometimes you take what you get, and that isn't always all bad either. All in all, it was a very different house than anything I was used to, and it was not only all mine but it was home to someone I daydreamed could be the love of my life.


Discovering the huge, well-stocked bar, I offered to make Cody a drink. Turning suddenly, I caught him rubbing his cock, the size of which showed clearly through his pants. For a second I forgot about the drinks and watched as he fell into the nearest chair in an attempt to hide his hard-on.


Swallowing deeply, I turned back to the bar cabinet and mixed us both strong drinks that I hoped would get us going even faster. "Don't you get lonely out here all by yourself?" I asked in an attempt to evaluate his possible sex life, as it either did or did not exist.


"No, I'm used to it I guess. I've never lived anywhere else." His answer sent shivers up and down my spine. His voice and the fact that he was talking directly to me was even more intoxicating than the stiff drinks I'd mixed.


"What do you do for entertainment?" I asked, broadly scratching my crotch. To me, the meaning was very clear. To him, it didn't seem to be.


"What I'm doing now," he answered.


"Always alone?"




"What about sex?" I asked, deciding to push on, regardless of the risk.


"I take care of myself," he answered, in what I thought of as a most ambiguous tone.


"How?" I prompted.


"Hand-jobs, mostly," he answered, honestly but nervously.


I later learned that he was acutely aware of the fact that at the age of twenty-four, practically, he was still a virgin. "It was more trouble than it was worth," he had explained. He admitted that occasionally men from adjoining ranches, as well as rare campers, had passed his way, and provided him with just a few of the basics.


The evening was beautiful and we carried our drinks outside. Sitting on the porch, I had no trouble pretending that Cody and I were the only people in the world.


"Where you going?" I asked when I saw him standing up in front of me. I'm sure I saw a huge bulge in the front of his pants but couldn't be positive in the dark.


"Time for a refill, don't you think?"


"Good idea."


"I'll just stir the stew and then be right back."


Stir the stew! I realized that I had not given a thought to food or who was going to prepare it. I hoped that Cody was as capable in the kitchen as I was sure he would be in bed. I was aware that the soft light from the lantern had glamorized his appearance, but there was no questioning his strong cleft chin, his broad shoulders and long, well-muscled legs. Reviewing my short but frenzied sexual experience, I realized that I couldn't claim a single blond. I smiled at the thought as I realized that soon, hopefully, that would be changing.


Returning with the drinks, Cody said, "We can eat anytime you want."


"I'm in no hurry, are you?"


"I always eat late just to stretch the evening."


"Don't you ever miss people?" I asked.


"When I get lonely, I just drive into town. When I see all the people rushing around like so many chickens with their heads cut off, I buy gas and groceries and rush back home."


"I see what you mean," I answered, accepting his statement but not truly understanding it.


After our third drink, Cody loosened up considerably. He explained how the ranch worked and what he did to fill his time. With a good deal of prodding, I learned how he felt about living alone.


"I like sex; I just don't seem to need it like some people do," he explained.


"Everyone needs it, just some more than others," I said as I grinned and raised my eyebrows. He knew I meant myself.


"Sounds like you've really been around," he said, with what I hoped was a note of envy and approval in his voice.


"Not as much as I intend to, now that I'm going to college," I bragged.


"Well, you see, I don't meet many people out here," he offered as a half-hearted excuse.


"That's one more reason to go into town more often, if you want to see someone, that is."


"Takes too long and I haven't the time. I make do with a strong right arm, and occasionally a friend stops by."


"Who's your friend?" I asked, without thinking.


"Whoever happens to come by that I like."


"Could I be your friend?"


"I think so," Cody answered, just before he stood up and suggested that it was time to eat.


All through dinner I refused to let up, I didn't want to let him off the hook.


When dinner was over, Cody pushed back his chair saying, "You won't let it drop, will you? You got a one-track mind, you know that?"


"You're right," I admitted, before asking, "How about finding out if I'm as good as my word?"


"You're on," he answered, staring me directly in the eye. "Come on; let's go up to the loft."


"Who the hell needs the loft? I like it right here in front of the fire."


"Won't be the first time," Cody said, half to himself while pulling his shirt out of his pants, unbuttoning it as he continued to stare.


I sat mesmerized, watching him reveal himself. He had undressing down to an art form, in spite of the fact that he was a country boy. His natural grace and agility showed clearly with every movement. I thought that I had traveled into the world of perfect centerfolds when I saw his broad, golden-haired chest. He hung his shirt over the back of his chair and if I had any doubts before, they were at once dispelled. The size of the man alone was thrilling and exciting, but the ripple of his muscles as he moved and the firm roundness of his pecs almost made me cum in my pants.


As Cody stepped out of his jeans, his underwear bulging, he asked, "You just going to sit there like a bump on a log? Are you all talk?"


Jerking to attention, I began undressing without taking my eyes off the most beautiful body I had ever seen. Much to my delight, Cody seemed as pleased and interested in my body as I was in his.


We melted into each other's arms, our bodies fitting together in a seamless mesh that felt better than my most perfect fantasy. Kissing Cody was like tasting heaven and we were both anxious to progress to the next plateau of pleasure. Our hands roamed, slid, wandered, drifted, rambled and roved as we explored each other's bodies.


Gently squeezing Cody's balls in one hand, I moved my other hand back and forth over the length of his rock-hard cock. Seeing the large drop of pre-cum at the tip, I leaned forward and licked it off. It tasted so good that I couldn't stop myself, I drew as much of his cock as I could into my mouth.


Slowly pulling me up, Cody kissed me hungrily. Still kissing, we stretched out on the enormous white polar bear rug in front of the fire. Without hesitating, we licked and sucked the other's stiff cock. I couldn't get nearly as much in my mouth as I wanted, but I loved every inch.


Reaching once again for his balls, I rolled them back and forth in my hand while sucking Cody's perfect cock, squeezing my lips and working my tongue as best I could. For the first time in my life I didn't know if I was enjoying sucking or being sucked more. I did know that this was the best I had ever had.


We came simultaneously, groaning. I was confused at first. I felt him filling my mouth with his hot, salty cum at the same time I felt my cum race into his appreciative mouth. It was as if the cum was one and the same, almost as if I had shot in my own mouth. Had we formed the perfect circle?


Once was simply not enough. We continued on as if we had not come, nor for a second gone slightly soft. I swished his balls, one at a time in my mouth, licking them as I measured and appreciated them.


Running the flat of my hand up and down his hairy thighs, I sucked his big beautiful cock into my mouth. Drawing him in as far as I could, I adjusted my head, allowing him to slide more easily down into my throat. I wanted all of him inside of me. I felt a need unlike anything that I had ever experienced in my life. A need to become one with him. A need to do anything that he wanted or that would make him happy.


Later, when we sat up, we kissed deeply and then he held me at arm's length looking me in the eyes.


Is this love? I silently questioned. I had never before even thought of being in love and now here I was holding and being held by a man who I'd only just met. My only concern was that he be as happy as I was.


"I've never felt like this before," Cody whispered tenderly before continuing to kiss and lick in and around my ear.


"Nor have I," I answered, running my hand down over his firm well-rounded and most beautiful ass.


We were both silent for a moment, enjoying the warmth, taste and feel of each other.


Running my hand along his butt, I slid one finger in the deepest and darkest of his orifices. His ass muscles encouraged me to go further.


"Fuck me--please fuck me," he begged.


I spit on my hand and then rubbed it over the head of my cock, moistening it as much as I could. I used one hand to help him separate his cheeks and my other to guide my hard shaft to the waiting and willing hole. With just the head of my dick inside I asked if he was all right. Again he begged me, "Fuck me--fuck me hard. Give me all of it."


He groaned loudly as I shoved into him. When my thighs pressed against his butt we both knew that was all there was.


"Ride me, baby; ride me. Really fuck me. Oh, yeah! Don't stop," Cody groaned.


I could tell he was enjoying himself every bit as much as I was, which made it all the better. Holding onto his hips I said, "I'll fuck you. I'll fuck you all night!"


Reaching around in front of him, I clutched his cock just to hold it. He groaned and I groaned and we both came. I came up his ass and he came in my hand. We were both weak in the knees, but we kept on fucking. His groans turned to whimpers as I thrust myself into him, on and on, far into the night.


The following morning we both awakened at the same moment and kissed and cuddled. Cody said, "It was real last night, wasn't it? I thought maybe I dreamed it. I wanted you in the worst way from the moment I saw you step off that train, and now I've got you and I don't intend to let you go. Not ever."


Our love affair grew with each day. I postponed the date of my departure and added three more weeks to my stay. We worked out a routine that was simple and to the point. When we worked, we worked. When we played, we gave it everything we had, enjoying it to the fullest. This meant that we got the work done as soon as possible and returned to the house each evening tired but very much in love. After dinner and sometimes before, we made love. To us making love was making the other one as happy as was possible and we both knew how to do that.


We enjoyed talking about anything and everything, nothing was forbidden or embarrassing. We wanted to share everything and we usually held, touched, rubbed and caressed each other as we talked. This, as you can imagine, invariably led to the fireplace, the loft, the porch or wherever was convenient.


To any outsider--not that there had been any--everything would appear very normal. Two young, healthy, attractive men running a ranch in the wilds of Colorado. To us, everything had changed.


We decided that we had to be together and that I had to go to school. Our solution was that I would return to Illinois and as soon as possible I would find a home for us on campus. This done, Cody would join me and we would continue as before.


Two weeks later, my handsome cowboy arrived at my door. We lost no time settling back into our old "routine."



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