BY Michael Kirwan

     It was obvious to me the minute I laid eyes on the guy. Our new roommate was queer. He was scrawny and delicate looking, with a too-pretty face. This kid was so intimidated by the masculine atmosphere permeating the academy that I half expected big tears to well up in his baby blues any minute. I felt sorry for the poor sap, I was positive that his old man had caught him milking some other dude’s bone and thought that a military setting would “make a man out of him” before he started showing up in dresses. There were four of us in the corner room now, us three men who’d grown close during our grueling first year and this pathetic transfer student sissy. I could hardly wait for Kyle and Rob to see what we’d be sharing our tight quarters with for the next two semesters. I gave the newbie a cursory tour and outlined the various duties we were expected to take care of before inspections, all the time noticing how his uniform hung like a bad costume on his under-developed frame. He whispered in a girlish manner and I envisioned all sorts of torture that this punk was going to have to endure at the hands of the other cadets. I grinned and went back to my laptop.

     Kyle came in with some research books and some junk food and started peeling off his tunic and pants before even registering the butterfly cringing in the other corner of the room. After I made the introductions, Kyle bounded over to shake hands, probably unaware that the new guy was fixating on the considerable bulge protruding from Kyle’s tidy whities. Kyle stood in front of our little shrinking violet carrying on meaningless conversation in his briefs, completely disregarding the way our new roomie tried not to stare at the cotton-clad cock less than a yard from his watering mouth. I almost laughed out loud when Kyle absent-mindedly adjusted his package causing the kid to audibly gulp.

     Rob barged in during this cordial exchange, fresh from the showers with a towel snugly hugging his muscular butt. He dumped his laundry in the basket and had whipped off his towel before even noticing Kyle yakking with our new pet homo. It was fucking priceless.  Rob was forever walking around half- naked in our dorm. He was a jock-type who seemed to be on four or five different teams that all required him to rinse off afterward, so he seemed to be swathed in damp white towels more often than in his cadet grays. As Rob swabbed at his damp nuts with his towel, I watched the new boy’s face. He was definitely turned-on. I’m sure that he was thinking that he’d dropped into a homo’s paradise being housed with three hot studs (although it was probably homo hell since we’re all straight). I checked out the new kid’s crotch to see if he was getting a hard-on as he feasted his eyes on Rob’s hot body but I could detect no unauthorized lumps so I concluded that his dick was as under-developed as the rest of him.

     When Barry (even his name was faggy) left for new recruit orientation I shared my observations with my buddies. When I had them properly convinced that I was right (no small feat, these two gave everybody the benefit of a doubt) they weren’t sure how to react.

     “Jeez, I didn’t even notice him staring at my basket. I guess I’m gonna hafta be more careful about hanging around in my briefs. I don’t want him getting the wrong idea.” Kyle said, squeezing his pouch, checking that his meat showed large.

     “I guess I’ll start changing in the locker room.” Rob added.

     “Are guys nuts?” I asked, “Let’s have some fun and play with the pansy’s head. We can fucking drive him crazy! We should let our dicks hang out all the time and do a lot of horny talk in front of him like it’s no big deal. Let’s just act like it’s completely normal, playing with our cocks, wrestling, whatever and see how long he can fake that he ain’t queer. He’ll fucking snap. He’ll have to admit to being a cocksucker. It’ll be hilarious.”

      It took a while to convince them of the entertainment value of this enterprise but eventually they came around and started jumping in with new little ploys to plague the fairy. As they became more animated about the project a grin spread across my face. This was gonna be sweet.

     I was at my desk surfing the internet for naked chicks when Rob limped into the room, the damp towel sliding off him before he even shut the door. He hobbled over to his bed, his face twisted into a pained grimace and groaned about pulling a charley horse during practice. The muscular blond rummaged through his kit and found some cramp cream.

     “Hey! Will one of you guys rub this stuff into my thigh? This fucking really hurts.” He grunted as he hopped across to where Barry and I were. Barry looked up from his book and gawked at the naked Adonis approaching him.

     “I’ll do it.” I offered.

     “No way!” Rob said, maybe a bit too theatrically. “Who knows where your hands have been? Looking at all that cyber-pussy, you’ve probably been groping yourself all afternoon. Barry, you look like a guy with clean hands. Do me a favor and work this cream into my leg.”

     Barry hesitated as if he didn’t want to touch the nude hunk standing beside him. When he slathered the wintergreen goo onto the golden pillar of flesh presented to him I had to turn around and suppress a giggle. If he wasn’t so dick-crazed he’d have realized that his small feminine hands were hardly the ideal tools to knead a cramp from Rob’s powerful upper leg. When I could watch with a straight face I turned and looked. Rob’s broad shoulders tapered down to a slim waist and then ballooned into two perfect globes atop his great legs. He was humping slowly as if to ease the muscle ache causing his uncut cock to bob slightly before Barry’s face. Barry was scrupulously avoiding catching a glimpse of Rob’s impressive pecker. His eyes drifted everywhere except at the object of his desire.

      “Hey, Barry.” Rob said intimately, “ You should watch what you’re doing. That stuff burns like hell if it touches sensitive areas like the scrotum. You’re doing a great job. From now on I’m gonna have you work out all my kinks.” So Barry was forced to stare at Rob’s genitals to make sure he didn’t accidentally smear any of the minty white cream on Rob’s tender bits. Rob was fucking genius. When he was done he had a semi-hard and our resident pervert was covered in sweat.

 That night was my turn. Kyle and Rob were cut off from sight on the far side of our desk area when reclining. Barry was positioned at a right angle to my bed so had a great view of my nocturnal activities. He was awake and watching. I knew because he wasn’t snoring out that girlish noise that he produced when he was really asleep. My hand lazily stroked the taut pouch of my underwear, perfectly illuminated by a swatch of moonlight pouring through the small window. When my prick was stiff with blood I silently pulled my boxers off and spread my legs wide. Pumping slowly, caressing my jizz-heavy bag, really putting on a show for our in-house sodomite, I brought myself so close to cumming that my nuts started retracting. My cock was at its most bloated and veiny as I quietly got up and padded over towards Barry’s bed. I fished a soiled tee shirt from our laundry hamper and focused on his face. There in the dark we looked into each other’s eyes in wordless collusion.

     “A guy’s gotta get off sometime.” I whispered to him, fingering my drooling boner right over his head before returning to my own narrow mattress. I finished myself off, shooting a load thick enough for the two of us into the shirt. I could imagine how hot my blast-off must’ve been for the little fag. He must’ve been craving my thick engorged prick slipping into his asshole. After tossing the scum-slimed garment back to the hamper (Hey! So my aim’s not that good! I can’t help it if the gooey wipe-up landed on his pillow!) I rolled over and went to sleep with a satisfied smile on my face.

      A few days later Kyle went into action. It was the weekend and we’d all passed on town leave so the whole wing was pretty deserted. The four of us were in our skivvies (it had taken quite a pep talk to get Barry to strip down, he was embarrassed by how slim and smooth he looked compared to our buff lean physiques) and we were taking turns swigging from a bottle of fruit-filled rye. Kyle, Rob and I openly toyed with our family jewels (really not much more obviously than horny teenagers anywhere) but Barry never groped himself. If you concentrated on the white cotton patch of fabric concealing his manhood, you could almost see a thimble-sized protrusion. With no obvious sign of his gender apparent it almost seemed like Barry was a sexless waif. The three of us joked and shoved one another and made sexy remarks to make Barry, who was apparently not a very inexperienced drinker, more comfortable and relaxed around us. Kyle got up and shut off all the lights but one weak lamp on the dresser top. My dick got really hard as he set the stage for some serious fag-baiting.

     “Let’s circle jerk.” Kyle suggested as he sat next to me on the bunk. “It’s no big deal.” He added when Barry softly protested.

     Rob got up from the floor and planted himself next to Barry. “Yeah,” he said while flashing a conspiratorial grin in Barry’s direction. “We do it a lot. You wanna be part of the team, don’t you?”

     Soon we were all masturbating, checking each other out and enjoying the feeling of comraderie and boycock. Barry was very reluctant but eventually caved in and pulled out what he had. It was fucking small. Barely reaching three inches from where I sat. I wondered if he’d gone homo because his piece was so inadequate that it wouldn’t even penetrate a pussy. Maybe he wouldn’t need to use his mouth and ass to feel pleasure if he had a fat over-sized prick like mine. My flesh-hammer would destroy pussy when I got around to it, Barry’s wouldn’t make it past the labia.

      “Hey, Doug.” Kyle addressed me in a hoarse whisper, “Wanna give a hand here?” and leaned back on the bed, his hands behind his head and his thick, slightly-curved tube of manmeat twitching on his belly. I glanced back at him and he winked and grinned, letting me know that it was part of the plan to ensnare Barry. The tumescent shaft rose from a tangle of moist brown curls and jumped slightly in anticipation of my touch, causing his testicles to rise within the smooth skin of his sack. I reached for his inviting bone and stroked it a few times, feeling the heat and weight of his engorged cock. I glanced in Rob and Barry’s direction to gauge their reaction to my jerking-off one of my buddies. I could tell, I understood immediately, that my holding the two cocks (Kyle’s and my own) in both hands was a ruse too get Barry excited. Barry looked longingly at my activity and I wondered whether Rob realized what an excellent opportunity it was for him to suggest Barry follow my lead and give him a meat massage.

     “Does it feel good?” I asked Kyle.

     “Yeah, man. I’m digging this. Put some spit on it so it’ll be nice and slick.”

     I leaned forward towards his swollen cockhead and began dribbling saliva onto his fist-encased boner. He must’ve really liked the way it felt because he squirmed and bucked causing his glistening pink dome to come in contact with my extended lips. My tongue accidentally connected with his piss-slit and I tasted my own spittle as well as the salty tang of Kyle’s pre-cum.

     I backed off a little and forced my attention to the other two dorm-mates. “Come on, guys.” I intoned in a quavering voice, “Get with it. It’s just us guys alone. Barry, why don’t you take hold of Rob’s cock? Look how thick and juicy it is. I bet you never had that much foreskin to play with before.” Barry was pretending to concentrate on his own little dick instead of Rob’s hot cock.

     “A little more spit, Doug.” Kyle sighed.

     I returned to his distended organ. He was right, the spit was drying up and I could see where my tight grasp and constant pumping would require more wetness. I moved back a few inches and got into the right position, which felt more comfortable when I stopped beating my own meat and instead cupped and squeezed his nut-bag. It was definitely easier to use both hands on Kyle, his cock and balls were so big and besides I was afraid I’d shoot off if I kept touching myself. I concentrated on listening to the other side of the room to detect when our little queer would let go of his flimsy façade of being straight like us and get up the courage to handle Rob’s tool. I thought I heard a sound that meant things were heating up over there when I noticed that most of Kyle’s plum-sized dick-crown had been in my mouth for a while. He thrust up and half his stalk filled my mouth with its satiny girth.

     “More spit.” Kyle said, holding the back of my neck to make the scene more convincing. The only way I could supply more liquid was to suck more of his beautiful prong into my mouth so that’s what I did. I didn’t take my lips from his cock, I was sure that if I did Barry would get weirded-out and stop sucking Rob off. I knew he was doing it. There was no way a pansy like Barry could not want to suck a piece as hot as Rob’s, especially after being lulled into imagining that my sucking off Kyle was an everyday, normal bonding activity for dorm residents. I was sure that he was watching my technique so he'd know how to give all of us good head so I forced some extra dick down my gullet. No way that little faggot could resist that perfect a hard-on so close to his face on the other bed. Rob’s prick was a juicy piece of boymeat, fat and hefty, a truly irresistible temptation for a hard-up little closet case queen like Barry. Soon he’d be blowing all of us guys whenever we wanted him to. His pouty little girl’s mouth was really gonna get a workout from us three hot straight dudes and then maybe we’d start fucking him. That little sissy’s ass was going to be our mutual in-house cunt. Us straight guys would pound that fucking punk silly every fucking night. Our big fat cocks would stretch that little queer so wide we wouldn’t even need grease in a couple of weeks.

     “I’m shooting!” cried Kyle seconds after spurting a glob of teenage ball-juice in my throat. I didn’t have time to dislodge his erupting cock from my sucking maw before more cum flooded out. I swallowed his teen cream. Then more sperm shot off in my mouth.

      Over the sound of my rapid breathing and Kyle’s labored moaning I heard Rob’s voice right next to me say, “Do it to me now, Doug..”                                                

      I looked up from Kyle’s sopping crotch and was immediately confronted with Rob’s ready ramrod , the greasy lilac tip pushing through heavy folds of velvety foreskin. I felt Rob’s big athletic hands guiding my face towards his man-stalk. The dick slid easily past my outstretched lips and into the space vacated by Kyle’s cock. Just knowing that Rob’s magnificent member was being lubricated by Kyle’s sperm in my throat caused me to begin squirting my own load onto my trembling thigh.

     “Wow! That feels great.” Rob chuckled as he thrust his big tool deeper past my battered sucking lips. “Hey, Barry. You want to get a blowjob from him after I’m through?”

     “No thanks, man.” Barry said, “I’m not really down with having sex with other men. I think I’ll go hang out in the library while you guys finish up.”

     “Take your time.” Kyle purred as he scooped up some of my gooey boy-juice and punched a slathered finger into my squirming ass. “We’ll be busy for a while here.”

 T H E          E N D    

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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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