Raunch Break

 Illustration By Michael Kirwan  

 story by Randy Archibald

— originally published in Honcho Magazine - January, 1997 issue —

I'll be outta this stinkhole soon. Overripe fruit, heavy boxes and - worst of all - the disgusting smell of rotten potatoes. Shit comes in on boxcars or modular containers and the winos, bums and a few of us just down-on-our-luck types unload it. Pallets and forklifts, sweat and grunge and smells - Jesus, the putrid smells! The filthy man smells turn me on, but I can't fucking take the spoiling vegetables. No one would eat supermarket vegetables if they knew.

Over the loudspeaker comes, "Mike Johnson. My office." I know I'm gonna be fired - can't figure why. I'm a good worker. Losing my real job hasn't kept me from eating and taking care of myself. Thirty-five and still hefty as ever, six feet, two hundred eight. I work hard - only guy here who can press a hundred-pound bag of potatoes overhead. Never drunk or late. Never set no pallets down on anyone's toes. Or any other shit the winos do. Any­way, I go worried to the foreman's office and open the door slow-like. I freeze in my tracks. Throat dries out.

Chuck's standing there naked head to toe except for a worn-out jockstrap. Big, solid muscleman, 40. Over six feet. Furry as some mountain critter. He's pulling a clean shirt over his massive chest - mountains of pecs slimming on a tight waist. His biceps must be 24 solid inches. Abs look to be rows of ridges but I can't see them for the pelt fanning out from his tight waist down under his shorts. Powerful thighs covered with kinky black growth. In the middle of it all, grapefruit-sized bulge slung heavy in the stretched-out jockpouch.

My joyswingers pull inside me - hope he don't see the eight-inch bulge down my leg. The faded denim is tight around my beefy thighs and got no underwear to con­tain my boner. I feel the strange itching in my heavy red beard that always happens when I get horny and can't do nothing about it. I want that fucker and wonder if I'd save my job if I drop my jeans and stick my broad, hairy ass in the air and say, "Fuck me, boss."

He says, "Need you to be in charge for a coupla hours. Got an errand to run. Here's the work orders for the after­noon. Just keep things going."

"Me?" I go weak in the knees and forget about my bon­er and get nervous. "Crews won't let me order 'em around."

He goes to the loudspeaker mike and say, "Listen up. I'm going out for awhile and Mike's in charge. Anyone gives him trouble will be outta here before the shift ends. Hear me?" He finishes dressing, shakes my hand and is gone.

I don't know quite what to do except rub my hand down my dick, which ain't got no softer thinking about that body. Always knew Chuck was bearish, but never thought I'd see him that close to naked. Now I'm sup­posed to go back to work like nothing's happened? Well, I work my boner to the inside of my pantleg and get on Chuck's forklift. Everything goes fine and the crews let me tell 'em what needs to be done. I'm feeling good, and a supermarket faxes a huge order for bananas.

I drive to the banana walk-in - don't see the crew. I walk through the hanging rows of uncut green fruit - the sweet smell is overpowering - and find the asshole in charge. Guy, a big ugly black-haired French Canadian, is at the back.

Shocked as shit by what I see. Guy's back's to me and his pants are down around his ankles and his sexy, sinewy legs are wide apart and he's thrusting his chiseled ass back and forth. With every thrust backward, his hairy crack spreads so I see the dark sex loop in the center and I wanna drop to my knees and take that hairy hole with my tongue.

On the floor - hands grasping one of the ceiling hooks for hanging long clusters of bananas - is this pretty, dark-skinned Mexican guy taking a face-fucking. He's naked and shivering and his smooth body is lithe and well-mus­cled and it's hard to tell how old he is (20? 21?) and he's got this nice uncut boner. When he sees me, he tries to pull away, but Guy grabs his head and forces that dick down his throat.

"Don't try to get away from me."

Guy don't know I'm there so I just walk in front of him. He yanks his cock out of the guy's mouth and stands there with his veiny meat bouncing up and down and I get hard. Guy is ugly - nose broken and healed crooked in two places. Thick black whiskers not shaved for days. Hair too long. Missing a tooth right in front. He smells almost as bad as the winos, not from living on the streets but because he's a pig. He's in the cooler all day, but he sweats because he wears thermal under­shirts to keep from freezing, and thick, long, straight, black hair tumbles out over the top button.     

Guy's body's as muscled and sexy from the front as from the back. And the thick, black hair piled around his dick ain't kinky like normal, but straight and long like his chest hair. And talk about long. His big dick is ten if it's one inch, cut and medium-thick.

"What the fuck you doing?" I ask. I feel stupid 'cause I'm real turned on.

And Guy acts embarrassed and then he pulls himself up and says, "What's it look like, fuckhead?"

I say, "Want me to get you fired?"

"You wouldn't dare."

And I say, "Call me 'fuckhead' again and we'll see."

The kid jumps to the corner of the cooler and puts on his clothes, but Guy stands in front of me with his pants down.

And I say, "Let me see you finish yourself off, or I will get you fired." I got no idea if Chuck would back me up.

Guy don't say nothing but squats down on his haunch­es so his heavy sinkers swing free. And he takes that mon­ster meat and slides his bony hand back and forth over his spongy mushroom head and he puts his other hand under his thermal shirt and pinches his tits and blood pounds in his dick and his man smells take over the cooler.

The kid squats in the corner and tries to hide his dick from me. He's taken it out and beats off like he wants to suck Guy and can't contain himself, but I ain't going to give Guy the satisfaction.

I hope they don't see my own fat eight inches sticking out from my jeans or the precum and head cheese oozing through the denim. My beard itches and my dick push­es down and the skin peels back and I feel a slight pain as the crown of my dick pulls against the zipper.

Guy pulls his dick back so far I think it must hurt bad and shoots his load - spurts of thick man juice slop onto the floor, and that Mexican kid is there in a flash licking the goo from the floor and slurping the excess off Guy's dick and then the kid cums and catches his own joy juice in his hand and eats it himself

And I say, "Get back to work and don't let me catch you at this again."

I go to the john and sit in a stall and the smell of piss excites me and I beat my hard fat club fast so my huge balls bang against the crapper rim and the pain turns me on and I wish some fucker'd come in so I could watch him through the glory hole. But no one does and I decide not to shoot my load yet cause I really want fucking, not just beating off.

Right after, a container car of potatoes arrives. I gotta make sure the assholes unload it right and keep track of the bags. The winos keep losing count as they pile them on pallets on the loading ramps so I got to supervise.

I see this guy - must be a new day worker - and he keeps watching me. I stick the lift under the loaded pallets and drive them to the storage area. Every time I drive back to the ramp, he stands at the door and touches himself - rubs his stomach, runs his hand down his leg, scratches his thick brown beard, or wipes his hand across his load­ed crotch - and stares at me.

Half the pallets are loaded. I tell the winos it's break time and they scatter to the john or the soda machine or behind the warehouse. I spot-check the bags left. I take a count at one end of the car. I turn around and perched on the pile of potato sacks at the other end is Mr. New Guy and he's taken his shirt off. His chest is colossal, a V taper­ing to a tight waist, and I try not to suck a short loud breath but it happens and I can't take my eyes away and he knows it.

He's a younger, shorter version of Chuck. Probably 23 or 24. Maybe 6'1". Pushing 200. Thick hair - sweaty, brown mat in his pits, on his chest and forearms, and fanning out below his belly down under his jeans. And he takes his massive hand and sticks it down in front of his abs under his jeans and the top button pops open.

I say, "Don't do that here."

He says, "Then where?"

And I say, "I'll take care of you after work."

But he goes right ahead and stands up and pulls open the buttons and he doesn't have to take his boner out because it hurdles over the denim and stands there rigid and dripping with man lube and it must be fully nine inches long and uncut and fat like mine. I mean fatter. I walk over and don't give a shit if the winos see me.

I take his big long hard cock club in my hand and begin to pump. I wrap my hand around the top of that thick boner and, as I pull, the head warms my palm and my fingers press in tightly on the spongy underside of his slippery sliding foreskin and I can feel the pulse in the veins bulging out the sides of that big hard cock.

He feels my arm and runs his hand up inside my T-shirt and grabs a handful of my chest hair and pulls down and says, "Take it."

And I want it so bad I can't stand it but I can't take the chance and so I say, "I'll take you to my place later and we'll have a hell of a good time then."

And he says, "Okay." But he's determined to get some satisfaction right now, so he takes the back of my head with one hand and forces my face into his other armpit and I smell the rank sweat and feel the wet armpit hair grinding against my nose and I taste his man salt on my lips. I lap his pit with my tongue and my fat dick is so hard inside my jeans I think it's really going to rip out through the worn cloth.

He pushes my head down again and now I lap his hairy chest and stomach and bury my face at the spot where his thick, wavy ab hair turns to pubes. I run my tongue out the full length of that long fuck club he’s got and take his fat cock knob into my mouth and I can barely contain myself but I know we've got to stop before the winos come back. I pull back.

My voice is a dry whisper and I tell him as soon as Chuck gets back I'll be out here working and we'll make a plan. He sticks his massive muscled hand down into my crotch and grabs my balls through my jeans and squeezes and I nearly cum right there from the pain. He gets this almost scary look on his face and drills his eyes into mine and says, "Better not be any fuck-up. I don't like to be horny and unsatisfied very long."

I say, "Don't worry. I gotta have that big thick thing fucking my tight ass. I'll be here."

It's a good thing we stop because over the speaker comes, "Mike, I'm back. Come on in here." I bend down quick and stick my tongue under his skin and swirl it behind and around that big dickhead for another taste and I head back to Chuck's office with the smell of cheese in my nose and my beard itch­ing

Chuck's sitting behind his desk. He's already changed clothes and in a tight tank top and I look at his chest and arms different than I ever have because I know now his body's as great as I always dreamed. He's on the phone and motions me to shut the door. He hangs up. "Every­thing okay?" he asks.

"Yeah. No problem. Order for bananas came in and Guy and his crew got right on it, and a container car of potatoes came in and it's almost unloaded."

"Guy tells me there was a little problem. You fucked up his fun."

"But, I thought - "

"I didn't tell you to think. Just to keep the assholes working. And Guy don't work if he's horny. Why do you think I got that little cocksucker in there with him?"

Chuck stands up and - Jesus! - he's naked from the waist down. He comes to the front of his desk and hunkers himself down on the edge of his desk and his great horse-meat is as huge as I ever fantasized it was - seven fat inches soft, thicker than mine and uncut with an overhanging skin-sheath. And his balls hang lower than the dickhead and flop over the edge of the desk 'cause he has opened his hulking legs wide to me. "You were saying?"

I don't get the words out and I hear the door open behind me and I figure we're in deep shit now because here's Chuck naked and me standing in front of him and I've got another long boner bulging down my leg and my oozing precum has made a big wet spot in my jeans. I look over my shoul­der and Mr. New Guy comes in and locks the door behind him.

"And Rick here is pissed 'cause he says you're a cock-tease. Played with his hose and gave him a stiffer then not let him fuck you."

"I thought - "

"Your thinkin' seems to be strikin' you out. So, Rick, whaddaya think?"

"Think we'd better find out if his ass is worth all the trou­ble."

"Me, too." Chuck steps toward me and I feel his hot breath and smell Rick's sweat behind me and I feel like a big beef sandwich and I can't quite contain my excitement and I start to shiver all over. I feel Rick's massive hands on my shoulders from behind.

"Easy, man. Better relax and you’ll enjoy it," Rick says and he reaches in front of me and unbuttons my jeans. He pulls up one of my legs and then the other and Chuck pulls my shoes off. Then young Rick puls his arms under mine and lifts me off the floor and Chuck yanks my jeans down and I'm standing there bareassed between them.

My big pecker don't take a second to stand up fully hard. Chuck takes my T-shirt and rips it down the front and off me and now I'm stark naked and I'm so hot I want to take on both these guys at once. We're all 'bout the same size - hefty and strong. They're in better shape than me. They've got piles of defined muscles and I'm a little chunky because - what the fuck - who can afford a gym on warehouse wages? And I wonder how the hell Rick can be so tight with Chuck after one day on the job.

Anyway, now I can hardly contain myself and I want to kneel in front of one of those thick cudgels and get on with the fucking and sucking. But it ain't that simple. Chuck picks up a pair of nylon running shorts and pulls them on over his hefty butt so his ballsac hangs out below, and he says, "Let's go, cocksucker."

And I can't believe it. They're dragging me outta his office buck naked, one on each side holding my arms, and I stammer, "Please, I'll do anything. This is dangerous - "

And Rick laughs. "He thinks anyone's gonna care if we show him around?"

And Chuck reaches down between my legs from the back and pulls my heavy balls up against my sweaty asscrack, and my dick starts filling up full again. "Looks like his cock likes it good enough even if he don't." And they're laughing and carrying on, and I'm getting scared shitless, only he's right about my dick because it's jerked itself up full hard and oozing more precum and as usual it seems to have a mind of its own.

So Chuck's forklift is right there and he pushes me foward up on it. And I get up on one fork and Rick gets on the other and Chuck gets up on the seat and I turn around to beg him not to ride me through the warehouse naked. But he's sitting with his legs spread and his horse-dick and bull-balls flopped out from the crotch of his running shorts and all I can think about is happily tonguing that jumbo spout to full erection so I can mount him and take the ride of my life.

So we ride through the warehouse and winos are working and I get some stares and a whistle or two, but mostly no one pays attention except I see one young day laborer has dropped his pants and is pulling away on his stiff pud, but it don't bother me none.

Chuck pulls up in front of the banana cooler and jumps down from the lift and says to follow him. It’s almost freez­ing in there, but that same kid is working naked except for a heavy leather dog collar. Guy's wearing just his thermal shirt and a pair of leather chaps and high boots. And the minute he sees us he starts in playing with his long hard pecker.

"You got a score to settle with Mike?" Chuck asks Guy.

"Damn right." And he's already moving towards me.

Rick grabs my arms behind my back so I can't move, and Guy wraps his huge hand around the base of my rigid dong and nut sack. Then he pulls on my heavy sac out and takes one of my balls in his hand and begins to squeeze. I like the pain at first but it quickly gets to be too much and I sort of gasp and beg him to stop.

"What's that, asshole?"

"Please. Not so hard."

And Guy grabs my other nut and starts squeezing, and I kinda get weak in the knees and Chuck says, "Better apologize."

And I say, "I'm sorry," but don't know exactly for what.

And Guy says, "You ain't never gonna mess up my fuckin' again, right?"

And I say, "No, Sir."

And Rick lets my arms go and pushes my head down to Chuck's low hangers and says, "Lick 'em, cocksucker." And my dream is coming true and I take one of Chuck's huge joy eggs in my mouth and taste the sweat on his thick mess of crotchhair and I lap away on his skin pouch and my dick feels like it's gonna explode.

I ain't paying much attention but all of a sudden I feel a thumb going up my tight asshole and I squirm around on it and Rick says, "Work his hole open, Guy."

I feel Guy workin' one finger up my muscled sex ring, and pret­ty soon he's got two or three fingers up there. And he pulls them out and I hear spitting and I feel slimy wetness on my asslips and then a huge cock is forcing its way inside me. And I'm not sure I want ugly, smelly Guy fuckin' me, but Chuck pulls his balls from my mouth and slaps my face with his veiny horsemeat and it's bloody hard and I want it in my mouth.

And he rubs his fat hose all over and around my face, hitting my eyes and my nose and lips and I strain for it with my toungue and he says, "You want it? Catch it, cocksucker. Take it with your lips!" And I lunge quick enough to get the spongy crest of that monolith into my mouth and I feel Guy lunge and thrust and I’m taking his fat thick fuckpole way deep into my bunghole.

I lower my jaw and open my throat and take Chuck's hot horse-dong all the way down my throat and I choke on it, but it feels so good pounding the back of my throat I don't care. I’m taking Guy's  pounding thrusts up my tight behind. His piston does its work and my ballsac pulls up tighter against my body and my own bouncing fat pecker rages harder and harder, flopping and leaking.

I start to stroke my hard cock but Rick takes my hands behind my head and I feel wetness on my dong and I look down and there's Guy's young man sucking my fat cock knob, and I can't move but just have to stand there for them while all at once I’m taking Guy’s hard cock up my ass, Chuck’s huge boner down my throat and the kid is expertly sucking me off and really getting into it.

It don't take long for Guy to start ughing and chug­ging and moaning and I feel his sex stick swell up harder inside me. He thrusts his piston so far up in me it pushes my innards against my lungs and I feel the spasms at the base of his dick and then I feel him shooting his hot load up my funkhole. He's such a pig he takes his spurting dick outta my ass and grabs the kid from under me and pulls him to his sloppy slick dick. Guy says, "Clean it up, slave." And the kid takes that long dripping cock down his throat and slurps it clean.

Rick gets down behind me and says, "Nice, beefy ass, man." He starts slurping my bunghole and I'm afraid I'll shoot off because I don't want to yet. I'm gobbling Chuck's big ram­rod deep and the sides of my mouth are beginning to ache from the stretching I'm taking from that fat hunk of manflesh and now I feel this hunky young man's tongue rasping around my love muscle as Guy's kid goes back to expertly licking and sucking on my dick.

But Chuck pulls his dick outta my mouth and says, "Stop. It's too fucking cold in here. Come on." He heads outta the cooler. Rick pushes me ahead and we all climb back on the forklift buck naked and I've got a boner that won't quit and now I don't care if the winos see it. We pass those mother fuckers unloading the potatoes and Rick bends over and says, "Suck on my asshole." I stick my nose in his crack and just barely get a taste of his delicious musky cincture. I hear cheers from the winos, but Rick stands up straight and then we're back at Chuck's office.

We go in and Rick stands with his back to me and his legs apart and says, "Tongue my shithole, cocksucker." And I dive again for his man-smelling cleavage. I nose my way up and down between the muscled mounds of his ass cheeks and taste the sweet sour musk of the thick, kinky hair surrounding his ass hole. He bends farther and takes his glutes in his hands and pulls them apart and says, "Really use your tongue, man. Taste my ass hole with your hot tongue." I don't need more encouragement. I push my stiff tongue into his rectal vise and feel that muscle first resisting and then relax and open up to my wet probing.

And I hear Chuck pushing stuff around but I don't pay attention because I'm so horned up I'm trying to force my whole head inside Rick's warm smelly sex chamber. But then Chuck says, "All ready, fuckers?"

I pull back from Rick's butt hole and Chuck has taken everything off his desk and he says, "Up here." And I lie down on my back and I just fit with my knees pulled up and my head sort of hanging off the other end.

Rick pushes my knees back to spread my glutes apart and expose my open twitching hole and he starts rubbing his hand up and down between my slick ass cheeks. And Chuck stands with his fat fuck hose dangling down right over my face from above and it's soft and I really want to make it hard again. The flap of his foreskin hangs over the fat bulbous cock head, all thick and wrinkly, and I want to take my tongue and slurp completely around the shiny purpled crown of his lengthening shaft. He rubs his dripping foreskin over my nose and I deeply smell his hot cock.

"Oh, man. Lemme at it," I groan. He skins the tightening hood back off his slickened knob and says, "Lick around my oozing piss-slit." So I do and I can taste the mixture of piss and cheese and precum and I’m feeling the sliding skin around my own fat cock head as it’s firing up and Rick has a couple of his long wet fingers working up in my spread open rumps ass ring and Chuck leans forward and shoves his hard beercan fat dick into my mouth and takes hold of my hard manflesh, squeezes tight and begins to pump, expertly sliding the skin all the way up and down my swollen boner.

He thrusts his hips down into my face in the same hot rhythm as he pumps on my big hard on and I feel his stiff dicks envelope sliding back and forth between my stretched lips and my dicks knob hood sliding hotly around in his hand. His heavy balls are bouncing against my forehead and Rick is lightly twisting and pulling on my own joy apples as he probes away at my ass hole.

Rick can't wait and he takes my ass-ring with two fingers and slides his fat clubs head in beside them. The pain/pleasure is almost more than I can take. I've nev­er had anyone's dick up my ass at the same time as his fingers and it feels wild. Then he lunges and his hard thickness slips in past his fingers into my entrance hall and he rests a few seconds before he begins to pump his hips and rams his ass pounder into my hole in a steady, wild rhythm.

Chuck is pulling my balls up toward my chest and the joint sensations of the asspounding and the stretching of my nuts is now about to make me shoot. Chuck takes his dick from my mouth and gets up on the desk and sits down on my face and I begin to suck and slurp on his hole and smell his heavy male ness and now he’s stroking the full lengths of his hard meat and my hard meat both in the same hot rhythm that Rick is fucking my shit chute. Chuck tightly squeezes my balls and I try to thrust my long hot tongue up farther into him than I did into Rick.

Rick grunts and gives one final thrust and I feel the base of his cock exploding in spasms against my ass hole and he groans in ecstasy as he shoots his thick sex juice up inside my squirming ass.

Chuck quickly pulls himself off my face and pushes Rick out­ta the way and he don't miss a beat, his humongous fuck pole is inside my butt and thrusting away. Rick comes around to my head and rubs his slowly softening and dripping dick in my face and on my nose and lips and I smell myself and his cock and cum and sweat and those smells and tastes are really turning me on now and he dangles his once more lengthening dick over my mouth and says, "Take it."

Soon I’m also slurping and sucking in that same rhythm that Chuck fucks my ass hole with his huge monolithic cock and he starts slap­ping my beefy ass-cheeks with his hands and Rick thrusts his hips into my face and now has gotten fully hard again and everything's going in that rhythm again and all of a sudden I know I can't con­tain my ecstasy any more and the joyjuice is churning up at the base of my dick between my legs and I begin to really thrust and at the very same second I feel the sperm-shoot­ing spasms begin down in Chuck's fuck club and Rick spurts his thick cum into my mouth, then pulls out and shoots again and again more of his hot cum across my face and finally the rhythm stops as we end together in a three-way shudder.

We’re frozen there in ecstasy and then we all three just laugh right out loud and this stinkhole suddenly seems like the best place in the world to work. Three strikes and you're supposed to be out. But three giant dicks inside me in one afternoon and I can fucking take any container car or wino or other smelly shit they can feed me. Bring it on.

THE      END

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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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