Art by Michael Kirwan

Story by John J. Stroakes

originally published in Honcho magazine March, 1992

On his knees before twenty hard dicks


I first met Marty about fifteen years ago. Almost immediately, he began pestering me to join his club. But he was very secretive about the exact nature of this "men only" group. Wouldn't even tell me where the meetings were held.

Two other men were in the car the night he picked me up for my first meeting, my initiation. I'd already been voted in as a member. After Marty introduced me to John and Peter, John announced, "We're going to blindfold you."

"What's this all about?" I asked Marty. "I'm not so sure I like the idea."

"Don't worry, Bill," Marty laughed, "this is only a formality, a silly game. Until you're initiated, you're not supposed to know the location of the club."

Curiosity is one of my major faults, so I agreed, though I didn't understand why all the mystery was necessary!

The car stopped, they helped me out and guided me into a building. When the blindfold was removed, I saw we were standing in a small lobby. A tall bearded man was in front of a set of closed double doors.

"Hi guys," he said casually as he locked the outer door.

"Dan, this is my friend Bill," Marty said.

Dan shook my hand. "Glad to meet you, Bill."

He smiled warmly. "I think we'll become very close friends, very close indeed," he said chuckling, opening one of the double doors. "Come, join the fun." He gestured for me to enter the room.

I entered the room, then froze. The place was large, dimly lit, with a bar on one side and a small stage on the other. Thirty men were in the room holding drinks and talking. They were all stark naked. I wanted to leave. Dan grabbed my arm and propelled me further into the room. "Relax, Bill," he said softly. "You're going to have the best time in your life."

I wasn't sure. I was shocked to see Marty removing his clothes. "Get undressed, Bill; have a good time," Dan said softly.

"No!" I brushed his hand away forcefully as he reached for a button on my shirt. "I have to go!" I shouted, my voice trembling. I lunged for the door.

My path was blocked by John and Peter. "You can't go," Dan said. "Give in to the inevitable; it'll be much easier for you." I bolted. John and Peter grabbed me. They were both naked already. Dan started to undress me.

"Easy," Marty said gently as I tried to resist. "Everything's going to be just fine. You'll enjoy this."

Dan unbuttoned my shirt as Marty undid my belt. In a few seconds I was standing there completely naked. I was shivering, not from cold, but from fear. Everyone in the room was staring at me, smiling knowingly. "Our initiate tonight is Bill," Dan announced in a loud voice.

"Now is the time for your initiation, your training," Dan said.

"I don't like this. Let me go!" I begged.

Dan smiled. I noticed, to my shock and dismay, that his cock was hard. He walked around me. I flinched when he touched me. "You have a nice ass," he said, gently stroking it. "Are you a virgin?"


"Have you ever been fucked in the ass?"

"Jesus Christ, NO!" I screamed, struggling harder to break away. I felt my ass cheeks being spread, then a finger touched my butthole. I struggled harder, consumed with terror.

"Listen, Bill, this can go down two ways," Marty said. "Take the easy way, please."

"I'm scared, Marty. I don't like this."

"You will enjoy it. You'll thank me for bringing you."

Dan stood in front of me. I flinched when he cupped my balls, lifting, weighing them. "Nice," he commented, smiling. "Get on your knees," Dan commanded softly. I refused. The two men forced me down. He motioned Marty to step closer. "Suck your friend's balls, lick them gently." His hand forced my head closer to Marty's crotch.

My mind and body were on fire with fear and embarrassment. Mary's penis was erect. I'd never seen another man erect before. "No!" I screamed. Everyone laughed. "Is this a joke?" I asked.

"No, no joke," Dan said, then he slapped me hard on my ass. "Do it!" He struck again, harder. Tears welled in my eyes as my head was forced into my friend's crotch. "Lick him!"

I wished I was stronger, that I could break away and escape, but I couldn't. Marty's sack felt crinkly on my tongue as I tentatively licked, large tears streaming down my face.

"Good, that's a good start. Lick him more, that's it. Feel his balls with your tongue." They felt heavy in their sack, alive. "Take them in your mouth!" he commanded. The rubbery testicle filled my mouth. A few moments later, when it plopped out, I sighed in relief, resting my head on Marty's thigh, glad that my ordeal, this disgusting initiation, was over.

I was wrong. "Suck the other ball," I was ordered. I did as I was told. "Feel how heavy they are, full of cum. Sperm you'll suck out of his cock. A spunky load that'll squirt on your face, fill your mouth."

I panicked, struggling to break free. I was forced back." Now lick his cock." This was my worst nightmare. Dazed, feeling like I was in some weird dream, I tentatively licked. Marty's dick was big, and extremely hard. A clear liquid oozed from the tip. "Lick it off, Bill. Taste that pre-cum. Get it all over your lips." The taste was strange.

Dan knelt beside me. "Open," he whispered. His hand pushed my head down. The rubbery, bulbous head of the cock entered my mouth. More tears streamed down my cheeks. The feeling of having this massive chunk of human manhood in my mouth was outlandish, unworldly. Dan gently stroked my ass and my hands were placed on Marty's ass cheeks. His hips moved forward, the cock went deeper into my mouth, filling me with its hardness.

"That's it," Dan whispered hoarsely, "suck it now. Suck that hard cock." Marty moaned loudly, trying to force his tortured cock deeper. I could feel the bulging veins pulsing with blood.

"Take it deeper. Take him into your throat," Dan ordered, his hand pushing me. I gagged, then the cock was lodged in my throat. Marty moaned loudly, pumping wildly in and out.

Dan's eyes were level with my mouth, watching me suck. "You're doing good. That cock is about ready to explode, sending gobs of spunk down your throat." My mind cried "NO!" to these words. "Suck harder, make him cum," Dan urged.

I sucked harder. I felt the cock twitch. "Ahhhh!" Marty moaned loudly. "He's ready!" Dan said, grabbing the cock out of my sucking mouth. Immediately a huge gob of sperm erupted from the tip, landing wetly on my cheek. "Keep your mouth open!"

He aimed the spurting cock at my open mouth. The second eruption landed hotly in the center. I tried to spit it out, but Dan forced the sputtering cock back in. More cum escaped the vibrating organ, shooting violently to the back of my throat, filling me until I was forced to swallow the life-giving fluid.

"Suck it all out; suck him dry." For some reason I sucked greedily until there was no more.

Marty didn't remove his cock from my cum-coated mouth until it had deflated. It slipped wetly out of me. Then he got down on his knees, kissing me on the mouth. His tongue entered, sucking mine, tasting his own spunky load. For some unknown reason I enjoyed the kiss, entwining my tongue around his. "Thank you, that was wonderful," he said. I put my head to the floor, sobbing. Dan put his head next to mine, stroking my back, my ass. "You did good, Bill, real good. I'm proud of you. Did you enjoy sucking Marty's cock?"

"I hated it!" I sobbed. "It was awful!"

"I know you liked it," he replied in a soothing tone. "Look at your cock."

I looked back between my legs. I was shocked at what I saw. My cock was stiff, hard, throbbing, pulsatingly purple, the clear fluid dripping from the tip forming a small pool on the floor. It ached with desire. I couldn't believe it.

I jerked when his fingers softly stroked my cock. "Your brain is lying to you, but your cock doesn't lie. You loved it, you want to do it again. Everyone here wants to fuck your mouth, wants to cum in it, wants to see their sticky sperm dripping off your face." I shook my head no. "Yes, you will do it. Before the night is out, you'll be begging for cock, begging."

My dick was throbbing hotly under his gentle caress. "Now I want you to stand up." He took my arm, assisting me to my feet. My erect cock was standing almost straight up. "I want you go to Allen there," he pointed to a tall, well-built man in his early fifties. "I want you to embrace him, kiss him passionately. Then I want you to suck him. I want you to make love to his cock with your mouth."

Everyone in the room waited to see what I would do, especially Allen. I noticed that he was already hard. Clear fluid seeped from the tip of his cock. I wanted to run, but I realized I couldn't escape. And if I ran, I'd be severely punished.

Shaking, I took a deep breath and a hesitant step forward. All too soon I was standing in front of Allen. He smiled, opening his arms. Before I knew it he was hugging me, his hard cock jammed into my groin. I experienced almost an electric shock as my cock rubbed against his. Putting his hands on my ass he drew me closer. His rough cheek rubbed against mine, he kissed me hard on the mouth. Strangely, I responded. It felt like my own cock became harder. All eyes were on us.

With his hands on my shoulders he gently pushed me down, stopping me when my mouth was near his chest. "Suck my nipple," he whispered. My mouth found his small nipple; he groaned as I sucked.

He gently pushed me down. He guided me, sighing when my lips engulfed the head of his cock. I tasted the abundant clear fluid which seeped onto my tongue. Allen's hand was comfortably on the back of my head, coaxing me to devour his hard, throbbing meat even deeper. Huskily he whispered for me to use my tongue. I swirled around the head of his cock, even jutting my tongue-tip into the piss-hole, licking out the pre-cum percolating there.

Someone placed my right hand on his heavy balls. He jerked forward when I touched them, forcing his cock deeper, pushing it back into my throat. His whole cock, right down to the root, was in my mouth, my lips touching his pubic hair. Slowly he removed his dripping cock. I jerked back, resting my head on his thigh after gasping for air. He took my hand off his balls and placed it on his spit-slick prick, his hand over mine as he showed me how to stroke it. It was hard and smooth and slippery in my hand. The texture was soft and silky. I stroked upwards, my progress stopped by the huge, purple, bulbous head.

Someone knelt down alongside me, massaging my ass. He spread my legs further apart and started to play with my balls. I was startled by this intimate caress. Someone else grabbed my head and jammed it down on Allen's cock, working it back and forth. A voice filled with lust said, "Suck him hard! Make him cum quick! I want you to suck the load outta my balls!"

As I continued to suck Allen, the man started to rub my lower stomach, careful not to touch my aching cock. Allen was moaning loudly, wildly, his hips gyrating, jabbing his cock in and out of my mouth. He was in a frenzy, desperate to shoot. The man behind me was still playing with my nuts, rubbing my ass at the same time; the man massaging my stomach was fondling Allen's balls, urging him to ejaculate.

I hoped that he'd cum soon; my jaw was agonizingly tired. Suddenly I realized he was ready. He jutted hard into my mouth, groaning loudly as the first hot stream shot furiously down my throat. I swallowed hard, trying not to choke on the thick, salty, cum. More volleys followed, filling my mouth, until all the sperm in his balls had been drained. Some bubbled over my lips and dribbled warmly down my chin.

Allen withdrew his satisfied tool from my mouth. Holding the puffy, deflating dick in his hand, he commanded me to clean him off. I licked at the remaining cum, even sucking a drop of the white fluid as it oozed out the small hole at the tip of his cock. Finally he withdrew, thanking me by affectionately patting me on the top of the head.

The man who had been massaging my stomach kissed my cum-sticky lips. He lapped the sperm off my chin, then stuck his tongue into my mouth. His hard cock was sparring with mine.

He lay on his back, spreading his legs. I was so turned on I didn't even wait for orders. I simply engulfed his long, thin cock. He moaned, and began moving in rhythm. His cock pistoned in and out of my mouth.

He was so aroused it didn't take him long to blow his wad. When he came, I was astounded by the great gobs of hot, thick sperm which spewed into my gasping mouth. Having had no previous experience with male orgasm other than my own, this ejaculation seemed greater in volume than I ever imagined anyone could expend. Most of this creamy load flowed out of my mouth, down my chin and nestled in the sparse hairs of my chest.

I wasn't allowed any rest. Rough hands forced my mouth down on the next hard cock. Another dick was rubbing wantonly against my cheek. Hands were forcing my head up and down on the thick angry cock obscenely penetrating my mouth.

The man with his dick on my cheek was over-anxious to have his cock shoved down my throat; he couldn't wait for his cohort to finish. He grabbed my hair, rudely pulling my lewdly sucking mouth off and shoving his own dick into it. He moaned loudly as his cock scraped along my teeth before being planted deep in my tight throat. He jutted in and out only a few times before he came, screaming his ecstasy. His hot sperm overflowed my mouth. Before I could even swallow, the other, thicker cock was reinserted. He quickly shot into my creamy mouth.

The deflating flesh plopped out obscenely, splattering my sperm-soaked lips.

I had little time to regain my strength. Two burly men presented their thick hard-ons. They tried to get in my mouth at the same time. The larger succeeded, his cock huge in my throat. The other man made me stroke him 'til it was his turn.

Dan's voice rasped in my ear, "Suck 'em both, stroke 'em."

My mouth sucked one, while I beat off the other. Then I reversed the positions. They were as eager for my hand as my mouth. The larger cock came first, followed quickly by the second.

As I was cleaning off one's balls, another blood-engorged cock nudged its way into my mouth. I sucked on it with surprising abandon. Another cock was placed between my ass cheeks, rubbing the crack between my firm buttocks. I could feel the cock twitching, the massive head being slapped against my butt. My hands were placed around two firm erections. The cock in my mouth squirted the same moment as the man shot on my back. Hot semen gushed onto my jerking fists, making the hard shafts slick in my hands. Then they all had me clean their dripping, satisfied cocks.

I flinched when I sensed someone sitting beside me. Instead of seeing a hard pulsing cock, I saw a cold can of beer. I took the brew from Dan, quickly draining half the clean-tasting liquid. It not only helped relieve my thirst, it washed the bitter, salty taste of cum from my mouth. I thanked Dan with my eyes.

"Is it over?" I asked.

"Finish that beer, I've got another one for you," was all he said.

As I watched the men gather at the far end of the room, I got a sinking feeling in my stomach. But my fear was strangely tinged with excitement. It was going to be a long, hard night!


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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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