Reunion in the Woods 

 Art by Michael Kirwan

 Story by James Pedwin

originally published in Inches Magazine - April, 2001 issue



Two men taste the summer of 1977


It was hot and windy that summer afternoon in 1977. The lake had been cool and inviting, but Jeb and I decided that a little heat was better. We took off our swim trunks and tried to soak up a few rays. As usually happens with horny men, the talk turned to sex and the dicks turned to stone.

Smooth as velvet and hard as a rock; that was the way Jeb's dick felt in my hand as I moved his foreskin back and forth across his fat mushroom cock-head. It was pulsing and hot with the musky odor of his pre-cum sharp in my flaring nostrils. The loose flesh made a sticky "snick-snick" sound as it slid back and forth over his leaking knob.

I was holding his balls in my left hand and felt them jerk as he shot off, his cum splattering my face. Four large hot globs of juice painted my sparse black mustache, my mouth and my cheeks. I continued to stroke his throbbing cock with my right hand as the rest of his spunk dribbled onto my chest and down across my pumping fist. His cries echoed across the choppy waves of the lake, a faint smile of relief playing across his face.

While I licked his cum from my mustache and lips, I watched him. His breathing was rapid and shallow. I continued to gently stroke his still-hard cock as he emptied himself, sliding his ass back and forth on my stomach, fucking my hand through his slimy cum. A man can take only so much of that kind of treatment before he had to take his dick away from the source of friction. Jeb pulled away and stretched out beside me, sighing and uttering a muted "Daaaaaamn!"

Even though I had enough foreskin and didn't really need it, I used Jeb's creamy spooge as lube to stroke my own hefty cock. It just made it more fun, more masculine, to have Jeb's cum on my dick while I beat off. I was about to hit my peak when I felt Jeb's hand cup my balls and his head lay on my belly. That set me off. Several jets of cum flew from my cock tip. My hand slowed to a stop but I squeezed the base of my cock and stripped the last remaining drops of my wad up through my cum-tube. It was my turn to lay back and sigh.

Jeb raised back up on his elbow. His face was dripping with my cum.

"Hey, man, what's it taste like?" Jeb asked.

I grinned at him. He was talking with barely open lips, afraid that my cum would get into his mouth. Still trying to get my breath back to normal, I grunted that it was a little bitter and kind of salty. "But it actually doesn't taste too bad," I said. "Try it. You may like it."

He parted his lips and slid his tongue out to lick up some of my juice. Rolling the glob around on his tongue before finally deciding that it was all right, he swallowed it and wiped his face with his hand. He brought his hand to my lips, offering me a taste of my own cream. I licked it off his fingers, tasting our difference. He leaned in and licked some of his cum from my cheek.

Having satisfied his curiosity, he lay back down beside me, our cooling bodies touching each other. A summer breeze, blowing both warm and cool, brushed across our sensitized skin as we eased down from our sexual high. Dark clouds were rolling in from the Southwest. A few big drops of cold rain had already fallen on us and there was no doubt that a storm was brewing. The clouds were moving faster and there was also some thunder in the background getting closer.

"Maybe we better get back inside the cabin before it starts lightning," I told Jeb. With that, I jumped up, pulled on my loafers and grabbed my swimsuit. Jeb followed my lead and we trotted up to the cabin a few yards from the lake.

We stood on the porch under the eave watching the rain sweep across the lake toward us. I wasn't really thinking much about the weather and Jeb probably wasn't either. We turned at the same time and looked at each other then quickly looked back toward the lake. It was getting darker and the storm clouds were almost upon us. "Let's go inside before it gets too bad," Jeb said.

He pulled open the screen door and I followed him in. He was still naked, carrying his swimsuit. I admired his ass as he walked across the room toward his bed. He stood about six feet tall, weighed around a hundred and eighty pounds and had an unruly shock of black hair that always looked like it was windblown. His eyes were kind of an olive color that complimented his natural tan. He was muscular from working on the farm, muscles which showed his tight ass as he walked.

"Maybe it ain't gonna get too bad out there," I said,

breaking the momentary silence. "Why don't we break open some beer, turn on the radio or ...," I trailed off. I didn't want to appear too eager. We were just beginning to get acquainted.

We were both college freshmen at different universities, but both home for the summer. The cabin and the lake had been in my family for several years and I had used it as a place to get away by myself many times. The fishing was great in the lake, but the solitude of the area was what I most appreciated. I figured this would be a great place to get to know Jeb.

"Or ... what?" Jeb asked.

He opened a couple of bottles of beer, handed me one and walked back out on the porch. I noticed his dick had softened some as he went through the doorway. The rain was still coming down, but Jeb walked to the edge of the porch and let his piss fly while he raised his bottle to his mouth and drank deeply. He looked back at me standing in the doorway and grinned.

I walked out and stood beside him, trying to pee, but it just wouldn't come. My dick was already hard, and straining just made it harder. I looked down at Jeb's meat. He had stopped pissing and his cock was standing back up again. There were a couple of drops of yellow pee on the head of his dick. He took his hand and rubbed them into his meat, then he started stroking it, slowly, all the way from the head to his balls and back again, skinning his fleshy overhang all the way back on each down-stroke.

Jeb turned his bottle up and finished his beer. I did the same. Facing me and looking straight into my eyes, he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. I knelt there on the porch, in the rain, with Jeb's fat cock pulsing against my lips. I looked up at him and then sucked it in, coating it with spit.

I pulled his skin back and rasped my wet tongue all around the mushroom head of his cock.

"Fuck, man! That's fucking it! Suck that big cock like you want me to suck yours!" Jeb grabbed the back of my head and started trying to force his big dick all the way to the back of my throat. When I gagged, he eased out a little and said, "Keep working that hot tongue around my head like that, and I'll give you my load in another few seconds. It's coming, man! Take it Ted, fucking swallow my hot spunk! Awwww, fuck, yeah! Eat it bro', eat it all! Damn! Damn! Damn!"

His cum jetted into my mouth, coating my tongue and the back of my throat. I sucked his dick in as far as I could take it and just held him there. I was greedy for everything I could get out of him. Jeb, talking his sexy shit to me like that, had really turned me on. Even when he grabbed his cock and tried to pull it away, I kept a tight lip-lock on him.

"Fuck, man," he said, "You gotta let me go if you want some of the same treatment." He put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed my face away from his crotch. His cock was still hard as a rock and he was breathing heavily, but I allowed myself to be pushed back.

He pulled me up by my shoulders and pulled my face to his. His lips opened and he forced his tongue into my mouth. His tongue pushed onto mine, battling with it, searching my mouth, tasting me.

As I was trying to get used to this new sensation, I felt his rugged farm hands on my cock and balls. I was already leaking pre-cum and Jeb rubbed it around my dickhead and up and down my shaft. He pulled his lips away and nuzzled my neck, whispering in my ear, "I'm going to suck a hot load out of your big cock, brother. You just stand still and enjoy it while I make you feel as good as you made me feel."

He went down to his knees, fluttering his hands and fingers along my chest and stomach as he went. I was already weak in the knees. He took my cock into his mouth in one motion and put one of his hands around my nuts. He went to work on my dick. I was so excited that I knew it wasn't going to take long. He moved his mouth faster and faster, his tongue slipping around the underside of my dickhead with every stroke. Just before I came, Jeb eased a couple of fingers on his other hand between the cheeks of my ass, and that was all it took.

My spunk seemed to hiss as it fired out of my steaming dick, shot after shot after shot. Jeb took it all down his throat and kept sucking. I pulled his head into my crotch and held it there until my spasms of pleasure stopped. He gently pulled his fingers from my ass crack and eased his head out of my grasp. He looked up at me and smiled, a strand of my creamy sperm oozing from his bottom lip and down his chin.

"Well, brother, I think we'll get along just fine as long as we can take care of each other this way. What'cha think?"

I just grinned, still trying to catch my breath, and nodded.

Then I stepped to the edge of the porch and took that piss.



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