The Riding Academy

 Art Michael Kirwan

 Story by Marty Rubin



— Originally published in Honcho magazine - May, 1991 —


"Yes, it may seem a little strange at first, said Rory, the young man who was driving, "but no more so than any other clean, wholesome fetish."


I rolled down the window and breathed in a lungful of the crisp, cool Virginia air. The trees along both sides of the two lane road that wound through the gently rolling hills were already changing colors. It was a most welcome change from the crushing heat and thick, humid air back home in Florida.


"When I was in the Navy," my driver went on, "I used to have this so called straight buddy, a gorgeous blond kid, who would never let me fuck him. We'd take liberty or leave together, rent a car, go to the nearest large city, get a room, and have sex until it was time to go back to the base. But he swore he'd never let any man stick a cock up his ass. What he did let me do, however, was to fuck him between his smooth, boyish thighs. First he'd hold his legs together as tightly as possible. Then I'd lie on top of him, face-to-face, his huge cock pressing against my stomach, and fuck him with my cock rubbing against his balls and with him clinging to me as though I were actually fucking him."


"Did he get his rocks off that way?"


"You better believe it. Of course I also used to give him head and let him fuck me, too. Then one night when we were very drunk, he took me in his arms, and then sucked me off. It was the greatest sensation I can ever remember."


"And did you become lovers after that?"


"Unfortunately not," Rory said wistfully. "After we were discharged, we went our separate ways. Last I heard he was married, with three kids. Probably cruises the men's room in department stores and highway rest stops. Cest la vie."


We drove in silence for several miles. Then Rory cleared his throat, glanced in the rear view mirror and surprised me with a question: "By the way, do you have a lover at home, Benjamin?"


"I did until two weeks ago," I replied, "but the sonuvabitch ran off with a blond tramp. Now I'm trying to nurse a broken heart. That's why I asked my editor for this roving assignment, with my first stop being your — shall we say... rather unusual — riding academy."


"It is rather unusual. But after all, why should it seem so strange that there are men who get their rocks off from riding or being ridden by other men?"


"Oh, I can accept that," I said. "But Rory, you can't buy and sell human flesh the way you can horseflesh! It's more than just slightly illegal!"


Rory laughed. "That's not how it works, Benjamin. We accept applications from guys whose fantasy it has always been to be a man-horse. In exchange for light duties around the farm, we train and equip them. When an interested equestrian shows up, he gets to meet our stock, and if there is a strong mutual attraction with one of them, he reimburses us for our expenses. Then, off they go into the sunset, hand-in-hoof, so to speak."


Although I'd thought Rory was handsome when he picked me up at the airport, I suddenly realized how strikingly handsome and how powerfully built he was. I could feel the strong, masculine sexual aura that radiated from him when he put his hand on my knee.


"Tell me, Benjamin, haven't you ever ridden — or been ridden — by another guy?"


"Not since I was a kid. Sure, we used to carry each other piggy-back or astride each other's shoulders. But then I grew up, and now I'm in my mid-thirties and six feet tall and weigh almost two hundred pounds. Not an ounce of flab, either, I'm happy to say."


"Doesn't mean a thing," said Rory. "A good man-horse can carry almost twice his own weight. All it takes for a strong, healthy dude is a proper diet, some bodybuilding, and knowing how to position the weight. Come on — want to try it?"


Actually, what I wanted to do was suck the big cock that I could see outlined against Rory's Levis. But I nodded, and in a few minutes he turned off the paved road and followed a rarely used track into a patch of woods. When it dead-ended, he stopped the pickup truck.


"Shuck off your clothes, Benjamin. There's nobody here in these woods. Actually, it's part of our property and it's posted. But if you want, you can leave your briefs or jockstrap on."


"No," I replied. "I'll go all the way."


Standing naked in front of me, Rory's tanned, powerful body had just the right amount of hair in all the right places and showed no tan line whatsoever. He flexed and stretched for a moment. Then as he stooped to place his head between my legs from behind, I felt myself being lifted from the ground astride his powerful shoulders. The next thing I knew he was galloping through the woods along a path that I could barely see!


Suddenly I felt an overwhelming surge of sexual arousal. Beneath my bare thighs, I could feel the strength and movement of his muscular naked body as he carried me along. My cock was standing straight up, pressed against the back of Rory's dark, curly hair. I fought off a moment of dizziness, afraid that I would fall, but my man-mount reassuringly placed his large, strong hands on my thighs.


"Take deep breaths, Benjamin," Rory coached me.


"I'm really getting super hot," I gasped. "My cock is ready to burst and my asshole is twitching so bad I can't stand it!"


"Hang on a few minutes more, Benjamin. I know what I'm doing."


In a few minutes, we came out into a grassy clearing. Rory slowly squatted to allow me to dismount. Then he took me in his arms and kissed me hard on the mouth.


"Ever been kissed by a man-horse, Benjy?"


"No," I replied. "Or fucked by one, either."


We sank to the grass and Rory threw my legs up over his shoulders. Then, he spat into his hand and rubbed it on his thick, hard cock. "Just relax, Benjy. This is one ride you'll never forget!"


I almost screamed from pleasure as his man-horse cock plowed into me. He lowered my legs so that I could wrap them around his waist. But all I could think about was the erotic sensation of having been carried on Rory's broad shoulders. As I clung to his heavenly body, he drove into me, pumping harder and deeper with each stroke. Finally, I could contain myself no longer.

"Rory — please — I can't hold it!"


"Then let it go, dude. Go for it!" Rory urged, planting a lip-lock on my mouth, his tongue probing deep inside it. Suddenly, I felt him explode inside of me. Then, I shot spurt after spurt against his chest.


Afterwards, we lay on the grass in each other's arms.


"I don't suppose," I asked shyly, "that you're part of the stock available for man-horse lovers?"


"I'm afraid not," he replied. "I manage the place. But don't worry. There are plenty of others. Before you leave here tomorrow, I guarantee you'll fall in love!"


On the way back to his pickup truck, Rory carried me piggy-back. From that position, I was able to nuzzle his ears and his head as I played with his large, firm nipples. Already I was caught up in the sexual excitement of man-riding. To hell with the story I had been sent there to research!


After driving for about a quarter of a mile, we drove through an open gate and up a long winding driveway to an eighteenth century brick farmhouse with white columns along its porch and a fountain surrounded by a meticulously manicured lawn.


"I'll show you to your room," said Rory. "Then we'll go out to the barn and meet the stock."


The bedroom was furnished with colonial charm, but real-colonial—not the kind you see in schlock furniture stores. It had flowered wallpaper, a huge four poster bed, and the rest of the furnishings would have brought a high price at any antique shop. The only modern touch was the adjoining bathroom.


"May I make a request?" I asked, taking quick stock of the lavish accommodations.


"Of course, Benjamin."


"I'd like to fuck the hell out you in this big old bed tonight."


"Done deal," Rory said with a chuckle. "The only hitch is that after you've seen all the stock, you might change your mind."


The barn, which was freshly painted white with green trim, looked like the stables at Mt. Vernon. The lower floor held real horse stalls; this was, after all, a working horse ranch. In one section of the upper story, however, were the quarters where the man-horses lived. To my surprise, it was more like a dormitory than a stable. Each man lived in an immaculate, if somewhat sparse cubicle, and wore nothing but something resembling a horse collar. For reasons unknown to me at that time, a clean set of denims hung within easy reach in each stall.


"They're very well cared for," explained Rory. "We keep this section cool in summer, heated in winter. We have five man-horses in stock right now, and if you like, I'll introduce you to each one."


The first four were all about my size, but much more muscular. Rod was a gorgeous redhead with milk-white skin and an unbelievable horse-cock. He gave me his front hoof to shake and looked me over appraisingly. Next, I met Frank, a Nordic blond with broad shoulders and curly blond hair on his chest and all around his crotch. He also gave me a friendly greeting. Then, there was Jerry, a dark haired Italian stallion, with deep brown eyes. My attention fixed on his enormous dong. But before I could get my fill of such an incredible sight, Rory was hurrying me along to the next stall.


"Meet Greg, our big black stallion," he said, chuckling at the way my eyes remained glued to the incredibly thick horse-cock dangling down below Greg's knees.


With so much to choose from, I felt like a kid in a candy shop. Any one could have given me a run for my money — so to speak. Then, Rory led me to the last stall and my mind was made up.

It was love at first sight. When I looked at the horse-boy who stood gazing out the window, my heart did flip-flops. Then I turned to Rory in dismay. "He can't be a man-horse," I cried. "He's too little."


Indeed, he couldn't have weighed more than 145 pounds, 150 tops. Though solidly built, he stood no more than five foot six or seven. Never mind that he had a fresh, wholesome, country boy look, with clear, perfect skin, blue eyes, and a cowlick that flop­ped over his forehead! His cock, to my delight, was somewhere in between small and medium — the perfect mouthful, by my estimate!


"That," said Rory proudly, "is our Ponyboy. And don't let his small size fool you. He can easily carry over two hundred pounds. Why... do you like him?"


"Like him?" I exclaimed. "Rory, I've just fallen in love!"


"I thought you were nursing a broken heart," he teasingly countered.


"I was, but now I'm in love, again." I looked at those fuzz-frosted flanks. "Are you sure he's legal?"


"We make damn sure of that!" said Rory. The last thing we'd allow here is jailbait. Come over here, Ponyboy, and meet Benjamin!"


Ponyboy gave me his front hoof to shake, then zapped me with those baby-blue eyes. Either he was a very good actor, or else he also liked what he saw.


"Okay, guys, you can stop shaking hands now. Ben, you can take him out for a little canter if you like, or a trot around the property in a dog-cart, with reins and our custom-made soft bit. Would you like that, Ponyboy?"


The boy's eyes glistened as he took my hand and led me down the ramp to the large double doors of the barn. To the right of the doors was a mounting stump on which I stood while Ponyboy put his head between my legs from behind. Then I felt myself being lifted from the ground on the small but sturdy shoulders of my boy-horse.


If riding on Rory's broad, powerful shoulders had been an incredibly erotic sensation, being carried by my beautiful Ponyboy was almost dizzying. As Rory had done, he reassuringly placed his hands on my thighs. But his hands were smaller and more slender, though incredibly strong.


The ground sloped slightly as we made our way across a large fenced corral, but carrying me uphill did not seem to bother my Ponyboy. After skirting through a gap in the fence, we followed a winding trail into some thick woods. Then when we were out of sight of the house, Ponyboy lowered me to the ground so that I could dismount.


"I like a little privacy, don't you, Benjamin?"


Before I could respond he was in my arms. Hungrily, we necked and caressed each other. His hot little tongue twirled around my nipples while I kissed his neck, his shoulders and his chest. Then I felt his hard huge Pony-cock press against me and I almost went out of my mind.


Dropping to my knees, I took his huge erection in my mouth. Ponyboy clung to my shoulders as I sucked on it. Then, I tongued his sweet little pony-balls before kissing the inside of his thighs.

With my hands clasped firmly around his small, firm, little asscheeks, I slid one finger into that hot, little asshole as I took his cock in my mouth once again. Almost immediately, I felt him release a couple of drops of pre-cum into my mouth. Then he whimpered — make that whinnied! — as his body began to convulse.


Ponyboy's entire frame shook in spasms of pleasure as he shot a salty-sweet load of his ponyjuice down my throat. I held him in my arms and kissed him as he collapsed in my arms. Then, he looked up and lovingly caressed my face before he dropped to his knees.


"Your turn, dude," he said. With one hand, he fondled my balls as he took my raging cock into his mouth. That incredible little tongue of his did a vibrating number on my dickhead, flicking in and out of its slot. Then my entire body began to tremble.


"Oh, God! Ponyboy! I'm ready! Here it comes! PONYBOY!!!"


I felt my cock explode in rapid spurts. Hungrily, Ponybody took it all. When I was drained, he nuzzled his face against my crotch. Then, from the house, came the sound of the dinner bell.


"Aw, shit," I said.


"That's okay," said Ponyboy. "We can come out here again later . . . Now why don't you ride me back to the house; that way we can both enjoy horsing around!"


After enjoying a delicious country dinner, Ponyboy and I left the table, the two of us holding hands. "If you'll please excuse us," I told Rory.


"I promised I wouldn't hold you to our deal," he reminded me with a smile. "By the way, I've left Ponyboy's harness and the bit on your dresser. You may need it later."


"We can walk to the woods, you know," I told Ponyboy.


"No! Please let me carry you, Benjamin. You see, I really want to be your Ponyboy!"


In no time, we were back at our private spot in the woods, eager to make love. As I nibbled at his brownish haunches, Ponyboy whispered something in my ear: "I've waited a long time, Benjamin. I didn't want to belong to just anybody who enjoys riding. It had to be that special someone. Do you know what I mean?"


"Of course. That's the way I feel, too."


"Let me carry you up to the top of that little hill. We can watch the moon rise from there."


Once again I was astride Ponyboy's shoulders. We had made it almost to the top when suddenly disaster struck. My mount let out a sudden cry of pain. Then all of a sudden we were thrown in a tangled heap on the ground.


"Ponyboy! What happened? Are you all right?"


"Oh, Benjamin, I'm so sorry!" he cried. "I caught my hind hoof in a tree root and twisted the hell out of my ankle!" His face was wet with tears — more from shame, I suspected than from pain. "I can't carry you anymore tonight, Benjamin, can I?"


I felt his ankle, already starting to swell. "Carry me?" I exclaimed. "Ponyboy, you can't even walk!" As I lifted him in my arms to carry him back to the house, it occurred to me how fortunate I was that it was Ponyboy who had taken my fancy and not one of the others. Even with him slung across my shoulders, I could barely make it back to the main house.


When I appeared at the front door carrying my Ponyboy tenderly in my arms, Rory's eyes almost popped out of his head. "Benjamin, that's very romantic, but it's just not the way it's supposed to work!"


"No!" I said. "You don't understand! He's hurt! Get the veterinarian right away. Sorry, make that the doctor," I cried, holding Ponyboy in my arms while Rory dashed to the phone.


Eventually the doctor arrived and bandaged the injured ankle. After he gave Ponyboy something for the pain, he spoke to me in private: "I'm afraid he'll have to stay off that ankle for at least two weeks," said the doctor. "It really is one hell of a sprain."


When the doctor had left, I carried Ponyboy up to my bedroom and gently laid him on the bed. "Does it hurt very much?" I asked, helping him undress.


"Hardly at all, thanks to what the vet — I mean doctor — gave me."


I held him in my arms and kissed him, my hands roaming over his firm little body. "Anything I can do to make you feel better?"


"Yes," he replied. "Fuck me, long, hard, deep and often!"


First I placed him on his side, with his back to my front. It took no more than a handful of spit and we were both ready, my hard cock pressed against his butt. His hot little pony-hole felt incredibly tight, so I took it slowly and gently until I was all the way up inside of him. "Oh, God, that feels so good, Benjamin!" He moaned softly in my arms.


"It does to me, too, Ponyboy." I rolled him over onto his stomach so that he lay beneath me, facedown. Then I remembered what Rory had left on the dresser for us — Ponyboy's halter and soft bit. Clasping him tightly in my arms, I rolled Ponyboy over on top of me. Then I sat up in bed while still holding Ponyboy on my lap.


"What are we gonna do, Benjamin?"


"I'm going to try to cock-walk you over to that dresser and fetch your gear without taking my cock out of your ass. Then I'm going to fuck you pony-style"


Carefully, we slid off the bed and stood up. With Ponyboy clasped tightly in my arms, I lifted him off the ground so as not to put any weight on his injured ankle. Then he quickly grabbed the equipment from the dresser and I carried him back to the bed.


After Ponyboy slipped the bridle over his head and placed the bit in his mouth, I positioned him on his knees. Then we were ready to take the ultimate ride.



"Ride me, Benjamin. Ride the hell out of your Ponyboy!"


I reached forward, grabbing the ends of the bit where they clipped onto the bridle and forcing my cock into him just about as far as it could go. His hind flanks bucked and reared as I pounded him from behind. Then he gave a moan and a whimper — and I could swear he almost whinnied!


At last, I could contain myself no longer. Pulling him back against my crotch, I exploded inside him in lusty spurts. Then my man-mount clenched his tight, little butt-muscles to milk the last drops of jizz from my horny pecker. Finally, we collapsed, exhausted.


I slipped off his bridle and bit, then held him gently in my arms. "It wouldn't bother me at all," I said, "if we were to grow old together doing this."


"One day at a time, Benjamin. We'll know pretty soon how well it's gonna work," Ponyboy sighed, pulling free of my arms and holding me in his, my head against his shoulder. "Just one little thing for right now."


"What's that, Ponyboy?"


"It's my turn, dude. Just so happens I love to fuck ass, too. Do you mind?"


"Mind? It's what I've been wanting since I first laid eyes on you!"


Ponyboy bent over me and kissed me lovingly, his sweet little tongue deep inside my mouth. "Any special way you prefer, Benjy?"


"Same as you, Ponyboy: long, hard, deep and often."


"Just lie on your back, then. I'll do all the work," he urged, lifting my legs and digging that hot, sweet little tongue of his into my asshole. Once he had eased his throbbing pony-cock deep inside me, he lowered my legs so I could scissor them around his slender waist. Then he gave a snort and sent several stiff inches of horse-cock barrelling up my behind.


"Fuck me!" I cried, clinging to his shoulders. Then I pulled his face down to mine and kissed him hard, shoving my tongue all the way in his mouth.


"Pretty please?" he teased, his swollen balls thumping against my ass cheeks.


"Pretty please with sugar on it," I gasped, fighting to keep from popping a second load before my Ponyboy finished with me.


Suddenly, I felt his body lunge forward. At the exact same moment, something snapped in my nuts. The simultaneous climax — Ponyboy shooting big hard spurts up inside my ass while I drenched his smooth, boyish chest with a big blast of slimy fuck-juice. Cuddling up beside me, Ponyboy wrapped his arms around me and gave a squeeze. "Feel like horsing around some more?" he asked.


"With you?" I teased, stroking his thick mane of hair. "Anytime, anyplace!"



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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
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