Rig Ridin'
































 Story by John J. Stroakes

 Illustration by Michael Kirwan

— Originally published in Inches magazine - June, 1995 —



Trucker and hitch-buddy plow up the road




The Pink Python Cafe was small, but it was warm and pleasant, and the coffee was rich and strong. The old waiter was kind and had a genuine concern for my predicament. He didn't mind that I'd sat at the counter sipping coffee for hours. Each time he gave me a refill. I protested, due to a shortage of money--and each time he just smiled and refilled the cup.


The cafe was located in a nowhere place in the Yukon Territories. I was headed for a winter job in Alaska, hitchhiking because my car had a terminal seizure the day before my departure. Hitchhiking had been a mistake. It took me three weeks to reach Canada from Arizona, and I swear I did more walking than riding. In Canada the weather turned bitter cold, and when I reached the cafe it was snowing heavily, an Arctic wind blowing down from the north. To make it worse there was little traffic, and what little there was, was headed south.


Weary with fatigue, I fell asleep with my head on the counter. I was groggy and dazed when the waiter gently shook my shoulder, waking me with news of a trucker who might help me out. I rubbed my eyes, thanked him, took a sip of cold coffee, walked to the end of the counter and introduced myself. He listened without comment as I talked, just looking me up and down. After I'd finished talking I began to fidget, fearing he wasn't going to give me a ride.


Finally he just said: "Let's go."


The storm was blowing fiercely when we climbed into his truck. For a half hour he drove in silence, negotiating the slippery snow-covered road with casual expertise. Then he began to talk. "What's your name?"




"Well, Ken, I'm Jock." He extended his hand until it was just above my lap, and shook mine firmly. When he let go, his hand briefly touched my thigh. For some reason the touch sent shivers up my spine.


Looking at me with a half smile he said, "You're a nice-looking young man. I bet they all lick their lips when they see you."


I laughed. "I doubt that!"


Again he looked over, glanced at my crotch. "You're being modest. I bet back home they fight to sit on that big crank of yours."


I blushed, embarrassed that my dick had begun to swell. I started to sweat, wondering where this was going.


"I know how that is, Ken. It can be a burden at times, once the word gets around. My cock is renowned up here in the North Country. You can't believe how many beg to see it, to run their tongues over its thick, beautiful length."


Out of the corner of my eye I noticed he was gently rubbing the growing bulge in his pants.


"I bet your lot is the same as mine." He laughed heartily. "I guess it's a crotch we have to bear."


The truck began to slow. The storm had worsened, the snow was deepening on the road. "I think we'll stop for awhile. Getting too dangerous to drive." He smoothly pulled the truck off the road behind an abandoned motel. "This storm should lessen in a couple of hours." With the brakes locked, headlights off and the transmission in neutral he leaned back in the seat, letting the big diesel idle. Looking at me, he brought both hands to his bountiful crotch.


I watched astounded, never before having seen a man fondle himself openly. As he lowered his zipper a strange warmth of excitement came over me. His talk about his cock had made me curious to see if it lived up to his bragging. And there was another reason--I had never seen another man's penis in a state of erection. Still, there was a nagging in the back of my mind that I should tell him to stop. But the hard throbbing in my pants and my curious excitement kept me mum.


He didn't just open his fly, he removed his pants and shorts, stroking his cock and adjusting his balls. "Ahh! That feels better." He watched me watching him stroke himself. "Looks good, doesn't it?"


I had to admit it was an awesome sight. In my youthful naiveté I had never realized a cock could grow to such magnificent dimensions. What really made it spectacular was that it was perfectly proportioned, the big knob matching perfectly with the thick, vein-bulging shaft. And he had the biggest balls I'd ever seen.


Jock's face showed how turned on he was by my appreciation of his proud phallus. "Touch it, Ken," he rasped. "Touch it."


I didn't move.


"You heard me. Don't be afraid, Ken.  Touch it. My cock needs loving. Go on, you know you want to touch my beautiful cock."


He gave his cock one long, slow stroke. My eyes widened when I saw a pool of clear fluid form on the piss-slit. He scooted closer. "Touch it."


I sat frozen, mulling over his words. Jock chuckled. "Well if you won't touch it, let me see yours. Let's compare dicks. You might as well take it out--it's about ready to bust out anyway."


He was right. My cock really hurt, straining against my tight jeans. Nervously, I released my cock, not just to show him, but to relieve the unnatural restraint.


"God, that's beautiful! Your cock is so fucking hard. You have a cock to be proud of." He scooted closer. "Take your pants off. Let me see your balls."


Can't really reckon why, but I did what he said. I removed my pants, curious to find out what it would feel like to have someone else's hand touch my cock.


"It's beautiful." Jock stared at my naked crotch and scooted closer. "Hey, it's warm in here, lets get naked."


When we were both as bare as the day we were born, he caressed my thigh, coming closer to my quivering balls with every stroke.


"You're a beautiful young man." A fingertip grazed the hair of my scrotum, sending waves of pleasure through me. "Touch yourself, Ken. Touch your beautiful hard cock."


Dazed by all that was happening, I took hold of my cock. A sigh of unexpected delight escaped my throat. I couldn't believe it! I couldn't believe how big and hard my dick was, how much pre-cum drooled over the tip when my fist passed over it. My whole body jerked uncontrollably when Jock touched my balls, rolling them in his hand. The touch was so thrilling that my balls began to churn. Closing my eyes, I relished my hand's stroking, relished the way Jock fondled and pulled on my balls, stretching the scrotum more than it ever had been stretched, more than I thought it could be. Lifting my buttocks off the seat, I sighed a sigh of unrestrained ecstasy and pleasure.


My eyes flew open in disbelief when jock released my balls, and I looked into his gleaming eyes. He smiled. "Calm yourself--you're getting too excited. You don't want to cum yet. Let it last. Enjoy this moment. Let go of your cock; play with your fat nuts."


I played with my balls, really exploring them for the first time. I clutched them, rolled them in my hand, pulled down on them like Jock had. For the first time I discovered how pleasurable it was for a man to play with his own balls. I became so wrapped up in my newly discovered pleasure that I all but forgot I wasn't alone.


I again became astutely aware of Jock's presence when he ran a fingertip up the long hard length of my blood-engorged cock. It jerked and flopped around, more clear fluid dripping from the unexpected touch. "God! That feels good!" I blurted.


"Is this the first time you've been touched?"


"Yes! Oh, God, feels good. Don't stop."


"Touch me, Ken. Let my cock experience what your cock is feeling."


I didn't hesitate. Opening my eyes I brought my left hand from my balls to feel his hardness. That first touch of the magnificent turgidity of a man's cock almost caused my balls to expel their too-long stored load of hot sperm. Taking a deep breath I willed my balls to calm down. I didn't want to cum yet, but I did feel a massive discharge of pre-cum escape my pee-hole, then roll down the tingling shaft and wet the tips of Jock's stroking fingers.


"God, you're hot, Ken. I've never met a young man so hot." He took my right hand from my balls, bringing it to his.


Stroking the long thick length, I was amazed how big and fat his balls were, wondering how much sperm they must contain. My eyes were glued to his stunning genitals as I manipulated them with loving tenderness.


"That's good, Ken, real good. Your hands feel good on my cock and balls. So gentle," he croaked. "Take me in your mouth. Worship my mighty dick with your mouth and tongue."


How could I take a cock in my mouth? Yet in the atmosphere of the cab, the fact was--I wanted to. I lowered my head to his lap with my mouth wide open. I had become so overwhelmed with lust that I would have done almost anything for satisfaction.


Though I had intended to, I didn't take him into my mouth immediately. I started with the hairy sack containing his fat testicles. They were huge, a third bigger than mine, but to my tongue they were the biggest thing it had ever touched, and taking the hairy scrotum against my lips almost brought me over the edge. But what really captivated me was when Jock said, "Take my balls in your mouth. Suck 'em."


I did as he said--to tell the truth I chewed down on them, mouthed them, licked them, even gnawed lightly with my teeth. I tried to get both of them in my mouth, tried desperately, but they were too huge. I loved his balls with abandon, completely out of myself, and totally happy about how my trip to Alaska was working out. Hearing Jock sigh let me know I was doing all right. He moaned, curling his strong fingers in my hair. My mouth, tongue and teeth had made Jock's cock even harder, and more sap oozed down the shaft, mixing with my saliva, saturating the wrinkled wet flesh of his ball sack. This new taste was heady. With flaring nostrils I left his balls and slowly took the wet, silky-fleshed cock-knob between my slimy lips.


I loved it, loved the taste and feel of cock. Sucking the pre-cum out of the expanded tip sent electric shocks up and down my spine, made my balls jump and my cock throb and pulsate like it never had before. My cock was so hard, the sensitive skin stretched so tight, that I knew if I even touched it, it would convulse sperm all over the cab of Jock's truck.


His cock-head was huge, the skin incredibly silky and smooth. Weird sounds escaped Jock's throat as I attempted to take more of his cock in, pulling down on the ball sack at the same time. He clutched my hair, pushing my head down, his naked ass lifting off the seat. Then his cock touched the back of my throat. I didn't even attempt to take it down--I knew that would take a lot of diligent practice, practice I was looking forward to. Instead I began to move my head up and down, my mouth a vacuum, my tongue swirling on the bulging, pulsing veins. I don't know how I knew how do these things, but I did. Maybe it's some inherent knowledge that all men are born with.


Jock began clutching my head ferociously, moaning, rocking his hips. "I'm ready! I'm ready!" he yelped. "I'm ... I'm ... I'm ...!"


Just before he ejaculated, I wondered what I was going to do. Was I going to take his sperm, swallow the seed from his testicles? Was I going to back off at the last second? Was I going to chicken out, stroke his cock, watch his sperm shoot uselessly into the air?


The moment his cock expanded with his ejaculation, I knew what I was going to do.


I tried to prepare myself for the first discharge, but I wasn't ready for the sheer volume of his potent spurt of hot, chunky cum as it completely filled my mouth. I was so shocked by the quantity that I was unable to savor the flavor or swallow very much. Most of it escaped my mouth and cascaded over my chin, soaking my hand and his heaving balls. The second ejaculation was just as massive, but this time I was ready, able to taste and savor his sperm. To me, Jock's ball-nectar was the most delicious substance that had ever been introduced to my taste buds. I swallowed most of it, only losing a dribble over my lips. My moans of pleasure were muffled by the massiveness of his spewing cock and the copious amount of fuck-juice that continuously refilled my hungry mouth.


With his balls totally drained of sperm, I continued to suck and lick, cleaning every inch of his proud cock, even sucking up the chunky cum-gobs coating his testicles and my fist, continuing to stroke his slick, still-hard cock.


My prick ached, throbbing so violently as I took one of his balls into my mouth that my own nuts tingled, letting me now that I was going to climax soon. I couldn't believe it! I was on the verge of shooting. My dick hadn't even been touched. Releasing his balls I gasped, "I'm going to cum!"


Instantly Jock moved, changing position so he could engulf my dick with his mouth. I was surprised. In the back of my mind had been the suspicion that this was going to be a one-way deal, that when he got his rocks off he would abandon me saying, Sorry, you fucking little cock-sucker, I don't suck dick!


But that's not what happened.


As soon as his mouth encompassed my prick, all my breath was forced out of my lungs. My guts and balls heaved and my sperm ejected with such a violence that I came close to blacking out. My butthole quivered erotically. My sperm left my balls and dick with such force that I was sure Jock's head was propelled backward. I groveled on the seat as Jock sucked my exploding dick, slurping down the largest load I had ever ejaculated.


When my balls were drained Jock kept sucking and licking, energetically pulling on my balls, jiggling them in his talented hands. I tried to push him off, but he was content to work on my dick, obviously wanting to see if he could urge another load out of my recovering balls. Relaxing to the inevitable, I relished the way his mouth worked on my cock, memorizing the way he swirled his tongue and nibbled gently on the hard flesh. The way he sucked me informed me that my dick wasn't the first he'd ever sucked. Compared to him, my cock sucking had been inadequate and awkward.


It didn't take him long to have me breathing hard, my butt straining off the seat in the total pleasure of having a talented expert sucking my inexperienced prick. Before I knew what was happening I was shooting another load into his mouth. My first climax had been a mind-blowing experience, but that second one was even better.


After Jock cleaned my genitals he sat close to me, hugged me and stroked my slick cock. I was amazed when he brought his cum-sticky lips to mine, kissing me with a passion that took my breath away; an intimate, passionate kiss that caused my slightly softening cock to spring back to life. I responded, licking sperm from his lips.


Breaking off the kiss Jock said, "Let's climb in back. We'll be more comfortable." Even though the storm had abated some, Jock was not anxious to get back on the road.


I didn't hesitate, quickly crawling into the sleeper compartment of the truck. Jock immediately followed, laying his naked body next to mine, our hot flesh touching. It was wonderful lying naked, chest to chest, cock to cock with a man. His huge meat felt electrifying, pulsing on mine. Stroking the smoothness of his buttocks, kissing him, I wished I had met a man like Jock sooner. Lying up against him I realized how much had been missing in my life.


Jock became more passionate, kissing me, stroking the sensitive flesh of my butt, squeezing my butt cheeks, undulating his hips, his cock sliding erotically on mine. When he began nibbling my neck, sparks of unreal pleasure shot through my body, forcing a sigh from my throat.


Jock pushed me onto my back, crushing over me, licking down my chest, licking around my nipples. The sensation coursing down to my balls and dick was sensational, and became even more excruciating when he began to pinch harder, twisting the rubbery nubs, nibbling and chewing. The biting of his teeth made me cry out in pleasure. I loved what he was doing to me, loved the way he took control and pleasured my inexperienced body.


Moving lower he dipped his tongue in my navel, pulled on my pubic hair with his teeth, licked the length of my cock. My breath caught from the alien sensation of his tongue on my balls. I sucked air when he took one into the moist warmth of his mouth, "Suck my balls! God, that feels good! I never knew anything could be this good!" I quit babbling, lifting my butt off the bed when he hummed on my right nut. He cupped my bubble-butt in his hands, massaging and squeezing my cheeks. With his thumbs he pried open my butthole, exposing the pink interior for the first time.


Instinctively I knew where all this lovemaking was going to lead. Jock was working me up so I would not be able to resist when he was ready to stick his cock in my butt. He planned to fuck me, to butt-fuck my untapped tightness. He was going to pop my cherry. The surprising thing was that I wasn't afraid, wasn't afraid in the least. Although I had never thought about cock up my ass, I wasn't fearful. I wanted it. I wanted my virile new lover to bust my cherry good.


With my balls in his mouth, his thumbs teasing the virginity of my butthole, I gasped deliriously, "Fuck me! Fuck me, Jock! Fuck me! Bust me! Please, please fuck me! Make me a man!"


My balls loudly popped out of his mouth. My butthole snapped shut when he let go of my butt cheeks. Looking deep into my lust-clouded eyes he asked hoarsely, "Are you sure? Are you sure you want it?"


"Yes! Yes, I'm sure! I need to be fucked. Fuck me. Make me take it."


"God, you're the hottest young man I've ever met. Don't worry--I'll fuck you good. I'll fuck you face to face. It'll give me the chance to watch your expression when your tight little butthole swallows its first dick." He kissed me hotly, his breath ragged with excitement. "Don't worry, Ken, I've had plenty of experience. It won't be long before you're begging me to bury my hard length all the way into your cringing guts."


He brought a finger to my butthole, pushed. "God, you're tight! The tightest hole I've ever felt." He laughed. "But I promise you, your virginal little hole won't be tight for long. When I get through, your hole will be stretched wide, sloppy with the biggest cum-load my balls have ever released!"


His words made me hornier and hornier, making my asshole contract in anticipation of being pierced by the mightiest erection in the cold country of the North. I watched him with curiosity as he took a jar from a shelf over my head. With trembling fingers he unscrewed the lid, scooping out a generous amount of cream, a cream I knew was to slick up my hole so his cock could penetrate me with greater ease. He slapped some onto his cock, coating it liberally. Taking more on his fingers he placed the jar back on the shelf, then rubbed the cool lubricant on my puckered butthole. "I should lube you up deep," he told me, "but I want my butt-fucker to be the first thing that enters you." I nodded. That was exactly what I wanted.


Between my legs he leaned over me, kissed me, rubbed his cock and balls on my cock and balls. "You feel so good, so hot, so hot to get fucked."


His genitals felt stupendous on mine. "Fuck me!" I exclaimed, crazy with lust. "I need to be fucked!"


Jock mashed his lips so hard to mine they felt bruised. Then, balancing himself on one arm, he pried his cock down to meet my gloriously horny butthole. When the lube-slimy head of his prick touched my entrance I almost fainted. The pressure of his cock-head on my manhole was immense. Jock strained forward and I tried to accept him, tried to relax my ass muscles, willing his cock to enter me. At first the tightness of my anal opening defeated him. Then suddenly his cock-head surged past my anal ring and entered my grateful asshole and I cried out in a mixture of pain turning to joy.


Jock's fleshy weapon didn't stop there, but continued to slowly push, fucking into me. Physically and mentally I squirmed, wanting and fearing having his whole cock in me. Suddenly, something gave. My attacked hole just opened up, swallowing all of his cock--until his pubic hair was mashed against the sensitive flesh out of my ass-ring.


Jock didn't move after his cock was buried to the hilt. He lowered his sweaty head and kissed me as his cock throbbed in my tight, clutching rectum. Gasping into my mouth he asked, "Are you all right?"


All I could say was, "Fuck me! Fill me with your cum!"


Jock kissed me briefly, then began to back off, pulling almost all the way out before slamming back into me, hard. Again I almost fainted, shook it off as he began to fuck me slowly, giving my smooth interior the chance to memorize and appreciate the powerful beauty of his sexual tool. He fucked me fully, relentlessly, plowed me with the power of a man who really knew how to fuck.


He increased his pace and I urged him on, my butthole wanting to taste his sperm. What really surprised me was that my balls began to heave and tingle, informing me he was going to actually fuck my own juice out of me, a fact I hadn't realized possible. I croaked, "I'm going to cum!"


By the way he fucked me more vigorously, with erratic thrusts, I knew he was close. Then he pounded all the way into me harder than ever and buried his cock deep inside me as he grunted and released the hottest stuff my body had ever felt. The instant his cum filled my guts, my own sperm shot from the head of my dick, the first burst catching me squarely on the lips. So wrapped up was I with his fucking and eruptions that I didn't even lick off the thick, tasty gobs.


After a few minutes, Jock extracted his fat, sloppy cock out of my satisfied hole. We both grunted as he left me, moaned when we kissed. Lying next to me Jock snuggled close, adjusting my body so my back was tight against his hairy chest. I grunted in appreciation when he easily slipped his hard cock back into my receptive butt, and nuzzled my neck, patted the gooey mess on my stomach. The muscles of my hole palpitated gently around him.


With his cock in me, he told me I was the hottest man he'd ever met, that he didn't want to lose me. Caressing my sticky stomach, he asked if I would accompany him to Purdue Bay. I agreed. He also said that if things worked out we could become partners. I was ecstatic.


Before we fell asleep he said, "The pay isn't always great, but I think you'll like the benefits package!"


Fully stuffed with one of the benefits, I fell into a peaceful sleep.



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