Illustration by 

 Michael Kirwan 

 Story by 

William Cozad


— originally published in Playguy Magazine - August, 1990 issue —



You can always make time to make a hot man!



It had been a month since I had a trick. Boy, was I horny. But it was no wonder that I hadn't scored in so long. I was locked into a routine, focusing on my career and chasing a buck. I had put my sex drive on hold and went out prowling only on Saturday nights.


I started at the toilet in the mall because I often found some hot numbers there, even if they were fast and anonymous encounters.


When I parked in a bathroom stall, I could hear what was going on. The man in the stall next to me was rocking on the throne and moaning softly. Taking a peek underneath, I could see a stocky blond man who was bent down like a jockey in the irons and fisting his prick like mad.


What had him so turned on was the nice round hairy butt mooning him from the bottom of the next stall. The squatting man was obviously giving a blow-job to someone in sneakers who was standing above him.


No one interrupted this hot scene. The urinals were vacated for the moment. There I was with a big boner watching the man in the next stall work his thick meat while he bent down and eyeballed the hairy ass and the blow-job.


The man in sneakers getting sucked off was a groaner, the type that attracted attention. You could hear the slurping and sucking sounds of the cocksucker, and the hand slapping the dick of the watcher.


Suddenly the guy getting sucked off let out a banshee cry when he shot his wad. I was sure that would attract the security guards, even though the toilet was somewhat isolated in the mall.


The door to the john creaked open. It was like a moment of panic. It was only an old-timer shuffling in but that broke the spell and made the tearoom players aware of reality and the dangers that lurked. The other three men scrambled right out of there. So did I.


I drove down to the sleazy part of town where the adult bookstore and its back room arcade were located. I'd had numerous encounters there, few memorable, and none recent. The peep-show arcade was humming. I spotted a seedy, red-eyed hustler who lured his trick into a booth like a spider with a fly.


While leaning up against a booth and checking out the cruisers who were checking out me, I saw Freddie. He was a young hustler I'd partied with before. He was cute and friendly. It wasn't the ten bucks that was his fee which bothered me. You paid that for a cheap meal nowadays so that's not outrageous for a cheap hustler. But I craved fresh meat and a hot man who did it for love, not money, even if it was only for a moment, only that one time.


Freddie was tall and dark and boyish. Those jeans he wore were molded to his thighs and ass. Hot stuff, no doubt about it. His fee was cheap because he dealt in quantity, not necessarily quality sex. He had big, sad puppy-dog eyes and a thatch of brown hair.


"You want sex with me?" he asked, as if he'd never seen me before.


I was so horny I wanted sex with anything that was alive. But I got control of myself. "How much?"


"Whatever you want to give me." That was his pitch to regulars, a cat-and-mouse game that translated into "not less than ten," like a pitch by a television evangelist for not less than a sawbuck.


I pulled a ten-spot out of my wallet and Freddie pulled me into the nearest video booth.


I fed the machine quarters to keep the "Occupied" light on outside, so that we weren't interrupted by the attendant.


Freddie went right into action. He grabbed my crotch and kneaded my dick through the trousers. He unzipped my fly and freed my stiff dick, which was no stranger to his hand.


I rubbed Freddie's basket and his cock was soft. I wondered how many tricks he'd had before me tonight. But that was his business. He undid his belt and peeled his jeans down his legs. He knew that I liked his butt. I fondled it. Nice muscular ass cheeks and a moist crack.


For ten bucks, all he gave were hand-jobs and feels but that was okay because even if I spent more he wouldn't cum. He always claimed that he didn't fuck, but I was sure he would for the right price.


It didn't matter because what I liked was his smile and friendliness, and to Jack his dick and feel his ass while he did the same to me. He got my pants down over my butt. He unbuttoned my shirt. For some reason he liked my hairy chest. I remembered that. He sucked on a nipple until it got hard.


I tugged on his cock and it showed signs of life. It was fat and the head was encased in skin like a pink sausage.


He felt my prick which had gotten decently hard after he sucked my tit. He started to jack me off.


Now I was more interested in his ass than his dick, because his dick was soft again. Too much sex, or hard living. I don't know. When I was nineteen like him, my dick was perpetually hard.


I grabbed his butt cheeks and he liked that, I could tell. I felt his hairless crack and slipped a finger up his hole, and it was fairly tight. While he jacked my cock I fingered his asshole. But I knew that I wasn't going to get off this way or any other way with Freddie.


I needed passion. I wanted a hot man with a hard dick or hungry ass who craved heavy-duty sex.


The video stopped running. Fred­ die gave me a kiss on the cheek, which was the hottest thing he did to me because it was unexpected I guess.


He flew out of the arcade as fast as the mall cruisers had vacated the toilet when their scene was over.


Leaning up against the booth once more, I watched the other guys there. One offered to suck my dick but he didn't turn me on.


I watched a real fem bitch who held her cigarette like Bette Davis and puffed it. This queen took a number into a video booth but they didn't stay inside long enough to do anything. Then she snagged another fish that she didn't throw back, probably one with big meat.


Cruising used to excite me. Now it depresses me at times. I thought about going home, taking a hot bath and crawling between the sheets. I could even fantasize about hustling Freddie while I beat off. I laughed, wondering if he'd expect residuals from that.


Hell, I used to like to do it twice with the same guy if he was hot. Now I preferred doing it once with two different guys if I could. I was so jaded.


I was about ready to pack it in when I spotted a hot number who made my nipples hard just from looking at him. He had to be in the wrong place, or else a hustler asking for big-time bucks. He was not too tall but was firmly packed. He was about twenty, with a big basket, curly black hair, and smoldering brown eyes. I had to have him. He was exactly what I wanted. No longer tired, I felt my cock stir and my ass twitch.


He went into a booth alone and watched a video. But there was no way to watch him; the peepholes had all been covered up by the management.


I waited, I'm sure, with the expression of a lion watching a herd of zebras. When he came out of the boot I forced myself to speak. Even if you get your face slapped a hundred times, there's always someone who will agree to go with you. Let it be him, I prayed.


"See any good movies?"


He smiled but didn't move on. He wasn't sure what to do. He looked like a real innocent, checking things out on Saturday night.


"Wanna watch a movie with me?" I asked.


He shrugged his shoulders.


I sort of backed him into a booth before he could change his mind or run away.


"What's your name?"


"Richard. And you?" He looked at me as If he really cared what my name was.


"Oh, Bill."


He shook my hand and I shook his dick. I mean I groped him. I know I sound terrible but I was so fucking hungry and he was exactly what I wanted.


I wasted no time. I got his pants down below his ass. His cock was soft and uncut but meaty, just like his balls. First I put ten quarters in the video machine. Then I let him know right off that I worshipped his hard body. He lifted up his knit shirt. His chest was smooth and muscular. I went to my knees and wondered if I could get his cock hard. Maybe he wasn't really into it, or would ask for money. But he hadn't mentioned it.


I decided to drop my drawers. When I get my mouth on a juicy dick like his, I want to beat off while I service him, especially after he shoots. My cock bounced up and down while I knelt and admired his equipment.


I held his beautiful, soft fat cock and licked it. It didn't respond instantly but I nursed it with kisses and licks until it started to grow. That's when I knew I had my mouth on a prime piece of meat.


Richard sort of leaned back while I sucked his cock. His dick grew and grew until I realized that I had a monster on my hands. I just chewed and slurped and slobbered on his cock while he pretended to watch the video. But I knew that he was watching me work on his cock and that it turned him on.


I felt his hard butt and his muscular thighs while I mouthed his cock. He was really getting into the cock-sucking scene and wasn't going to be just idly blown.


That's when I felt his strong hands clasp my shoulders and it sent shivers through my body. My cock quivered. He pumped his big, fat juicy cock down my throat and just took over. He was fucking my face. I held on for the ride. And it was a long ride. He just kept fucking my mouth. I glanced up at him towering over me. He was so hot-looking and all-man; hot, horny and hard as a rock!


I was sweating now. But he just kept battering my tonsils. His cock got harder and I knew he was going to blast soon. I could hear his labored breathing, the short gasps. I could feel his cock pulse with life and get stiff as iron.


I clasped his sweat-drenched butt cheeks and silently begged him to be merciful and cum, to give up his load. He must have heard my silent plea because he rammed that huge rod down my throat and his butt muscles flexed. He whitewashed my tonsils, sending bursts of scalding cum down my throat.


He let out a sigh when I let go of his cock. It retreated slowly into the hood. I was stiff as a board and had to get off or blow a fuse.


Standing up, I faced Richard and he grinned at me.


"You wanna cum?" he asked.


"Oh, yeah. Fuck, yeah. God, you're so beautiful. Your cum is so sweet."


He reached up under my shirt and tweaked both of my nipples at the same time while I beat my meat. Waves of electricity shot from my tits to my cock.


I was lost in lust and in the fiery brown eyes of Richard. He wasn't timid any more. He just smiled and kept pinching my tits.


I held onto his soft cock and threaded back the foreskin, touching the sensitive head and feeling the texture of it. I fondled his balls too while I jacked off for him.


"Shoot it, dude. I wanna see you cum."


I pounded my meat while he watched me. My legs got wobbly. I threw back my head and came like crazy, watching his hot body and feeling his cock. I spurted gobs and gobs of hot jizz that hit the wall of the booth.


When I came back down to reality I saw Richard jacking his cock, which was hard again.


"That's such a beautiful natural cock," I said.


He didn't say anything. He just reached around and felt my ass and I knew what he wanted. He fingered my hole while he beat his big dick. "Do it. Shove that big thing up my ass. I want It. Fuck me, Richard."


Bending over and presenting my ass to him, I got a gob of spit on it just before he probed my crack with his fiery cock. There wasn't much room in the booth but I knew this stud would make room.


"Stick it up my ass," I begged.


His flared cockhead nudged my pucker and opened it while he slipped his shaft inside me.


He held my waist and slapped my ass while he rode me. He fucked slow and deep, setting my insides on fire. I didn't know how much I could take, not that I had much choice.


"Shoot It, Richard. Shoot your hot load up my ass," I said.


He picked up the pace and fucked faster and slapped my ass some more.


"Do It, Richard. Cum inside me now!" I was practically bent over double.


His big balls banged against my ass cheeks which stung from his hand slaps. I felt his cock stiffen harder as it suddenly spurted and creamed my ass-guts.


I was suddenly aware of my own hard cock. I gave it four or five quick pulls and it exploded another load of jism. My butt muscles clenched his cock and drained his balls. Finally he pulled out and I held onto the wall of the booth and stood up.


Richard didn't say anything. He just buckled up his pants and smiled. I smiled back. I think my eyes mirrored my pleasure, even in the dark booth.


He was gone like other fuck­mates that had gone before him. But that was all right because that's the way it was.


He had creamed my throat and ass and put out the fires of lust for the moment. Maybe for the month! A hot gorgeous number like Richard restored my connection with other men and reminded me that there are plenty of hot men out there who want the same thing you do. But you got to keep looking and never give up.



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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
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