Art Michael Kirwan

 Story by Frank Decatur



Originally published in Badpuppy magazine #14 - June, 2005



"Yo, dude, whassup?" I heard Carlos's deep baritone behind me as I stood naked in the locker room preparing to put on my basketball uniform before the big Saturday night game.


"Not much Carlos, how ya' doin?" I answered, not turning around, suddenly feeling shy about being naked in front of him. I always felt sort of self-conscious and shy around Carlos. I didn't know whether it was because he was by far the best athlete in school or because he was so physically intimidating. Carlos was one of those guys who had everything going for him. He was about 6'4" tall, had a perfectly proportioned body, a movie-star face with black hair and the darkest eyes I'd ever seen with inch-long lashes and a mouth so red you'd swear he painted it. Oh, and perfect teeth and, in case I forgot to mention it, a cock that, soft, was bigger than anything I'd ever seen between a guy's hairy legs.


Don't ask how I knew so much about the sizes of guy's dicks. Man, you know everybody checks out every other guy when he sees him naked. It's sort of penis-envy, so we compare, and don't mean anything except that, well ... guys want to see the competition. At least that's what I always told myself.


There ensued some idle chatter (with me deliberately keeping my eyes off Carlos' dick ... because I always got this feeling around him that I'd pop a woody). Okay, I know what the fuck you're thinking, and I guess you're right, but, as they say, I was the last to know. Anyway, it was a good game and we beat the opposing team about 100 to 30, with Carlos making at least half the points. He was amazing ... a natural athlete whereas I had to work my butt off in practice to even hope to score a few points. I scored nothing in this one.


So, the game's over. We're all finished with the shouting and back-slapping and the coach's congratulations and everybody's finished showering and they've dressed and are leaving, most of them to stop at the local bar and grill for beers and burgers. I didn't feel like joining the usual crowd for some reason. I just wanted to go home and sack out.


I had been shooting the shit with a couple of guys and hadn't even showered yet, so I stripped, grabbed my towel and headed for the shower room. As I approached the steam-filled showers, I heard water running. What the fu ...? I thought. Who's still hanging around here?


The room was full of steam and I saw the vague outline of a guy at the far end of the room under one of the showers. Curious, I walked over closer to him and ... yeah, you guessed, it was Carlos!


"Wha!" he almost shouted as my sudden appearance startled him.


"Hey, man, what'cha doin' here? I thought everybody'd left?" he asked, trying to appear nonchalant as he soaped his hairy chest and belly.


"I was shootin' the shit with Ricky and forgot the time, I guess," I answered, trying to be super cool even though I felt kinda shaky inside, standing naked next to Carlos with nobody around.


We continued showering and soaping ourselves although I was careful not to make too many moves in my crotch because I felt like I was getting a woody.


I have to confess that I sneaked a couple of peeks at Carlos' crotch and that fuckin' dick was huge! It was also about half-hard, standing at about a thirty-degree angle from his hairy crotch above two huge hair-covered balls. I see all of this in an instant because I don't want to be caught staring. I felt really fucking weird! I was really happy to be where I was but was so fuckin' nervous that I could feel my knees shaking.


"Hey man," Carlos said, "do me a favor and soap my back, will ya?"


"Sure," I muttered as he turned his back to me and I took the soap and began rubbing it across his slick, brown skin.


"Aaah, man, that's great. Since I broke up with Angie, I ain't had nobody wash my back for me," he moaned.


I kept rubbing across his shoulders and down to the small of his back as Carlos arched his back and purred. "Yeah, that's great. Soap me down lower," he said, pushing his muscular ass toward me.


I almost dropped the soap, but I began soaping him down lower, just to the "V" between his ass cheeks.


"Soap my ass," he half-whispered.


I cautiously began at the top mounds of his ass cheeks and was rubbing them and wondering how the fuck I was going to get rid of the hard-on that was standing straight out, 9 inches in front of me.


Then Carlos reaches back and grabs my wrist and moves my hand down between his ass cheeks, motioning me to soap him there.


When my hand went down the crack of his ass, he moaned.


"Ahhh, fuck, man, that feels great," he says arching his back and pushing his ass toward me.


Just as I got down almost to his asshole, I stopped. "That's enough," I murmured, turning my back to him.


"Okay, I'll do you," he muttered and suddenly he was soaping my back. It didn't take him very long to get his soap-holding hand down to my ass cheeks and he's moving further and further down and I put my hands out to brace myself against the wall 'cause I feel like I'm going to fucking fall down, I am so shaken.


"Feel good?" he whispers as he slides his soapy hand down the crack of my ass.


"Mmm," is about all I can mutter.


"You like that, Davey?" he whispers in my ear as his fingers touch my asshole.


"Mmm," I mutter again.


Then I feel his free hand reaching around me and he grabs my stone-stiff prick!


It's his turn to "mmmm" as he begins moving his soapy hand up and down on my dick.


I'm still shaking and he drops the soap on the floor and reaches around my waist with that arm, holding me and jerking my cock.


"You like that?" he whispers. "I like it. I been wantin' to do this for a long time. I thought you'd want me to."


"Why do you say that?" I answer, hoping he won't stop friggin' my wood. "'Cause I know you," he says. "I knew you were like me. Like, I know you like to fool around, too. I saw you lookin' at me."


I couldn't say, "I did not," because I loved what was happening right then even though I had never, swear to God, done anything like this before. So I just kept my mouth shut and let him keep playing with my cock.


Then he stopped and turned me around, took my hand and put it on his enormous cock, and I automatically began jerking him off. My hand couldn't even reach all the way around his cock, I swear.


While my hand moved slowly back and forth, sliding the foreskin on and off the big, bright pink cock-head. He reached around me again and began playing with my ass. The further down his hand moved, the better it felt, and even though I jumped a bit when one of his fingers probed gently at my asshole. It felt fantastic.


He stuck a finger in his mouth, wet it and then moved his hand down to the pink pucker of my butthole and he began slowly massaging my tight pucker with his finger, probing a bit more each time until he had the first digit up my ass. "You like that?" he whispered as he gently began finger-fucking me.


"Yeah," I moaned, leaning my head on his shoulder.


"You want somethin' else up there?" he asked.




"I'll be real gentle," he whispered in my ear as his finger began probing deeper.


Still holding me around the waist he turned me around, took hold of his cock and began sliding it up and down in the crack of my ass. I arched my back and pushed against his cock and then he spit on his hand, rubbed it on his cock and began probing my asshole with the big, plum-sized head of his cock.


As he insistently probed my tightly puckered hole, I began to relax, but I jumped when the head of his cock breached my tight hole. I pulled away but he tightened his grip on my waist and kept pushing until that salami-sized monster was all the way up my ass. After the initial discomfort, it began feeling fantastic and as he began fucking me, I began pushing back on his dick. The fleeting thought crossed my mind that if anyone should interrupt us, we would be more than fucked, but I didn't care.


I began moaning, "Fuck me. Fuck me, Carlos. Fuck me with your big cock," and that excited him to the point where he began pulling all the way out and then slamming his cock all the way to his pubic hair.


I loved it. I hoped he'd never stop, but he did. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of my ass and I whined in disappointment. I wanted him to fuck me forever.


"Come with me," he gestured, grabbing his towel as we left the shower room and headed for the lockers. He started dressing.


"What's up?" I asked as I opened my locker and began putting on my clothes.


"I wanna take you to my place so we can really get it on," he said. "I want us to get real comfortable." We dressed and I followed him in my car to this big apartment house, parked behind his car and followed him.


When we got to his apartment, I followed him inside.


"Want a beer?" he asked?




"Chill; make yourself comfortable," he said as he went into the kitchen. I sat down, picked up the remote and turned on the TV. When he came out of the kitchen with the beers, he had already stripped--down to his shorts.


"Hey, I thought I said get comfortable," he smiled handing me a beer.


"Oh, I didn't know what you meant." I stripped down to my shorts.


"Tell me something," he said, sitting down by me on the couch. 'You ain't ever done anything with another guy, have you?"


"How could you tell?"


"I just can. It's great. I'm glad you're a virgin. That's really hot!"


"I didn't even know I liked doing stuff with a guy," I said.


"I didn't either until Coach Merlin put the make on me at the beginning of the term," he said.


"Coach Merlin? Holy shit! You mean he's, uh, uh, that way?"


"Yeah, he's that way, but then I guess I am too, and I guess you are too. You see, you never know until you've tried it."


We sipped our beer for a little while until Carlos sat his down on the coffee table and leaned over to me and pressed his lips to mine.


Again I was startled. I'd never kissed another dude in my life, but I instantly loved it ... and kissed him back. His lips were incredibly soft and he began probing my mouth with his hot tongue and I responded.


Before you could blink twice, he had my cock out of my shorts and he was blowing me. I had to ask him to stop because I was about to nut and was afraid I'd come in his mouth. Man, he knew how to suck!


Then I went down on him. He held my head and gently fucked my mouth which was stretched to capacity. I tried to cover my teeth with my lips but that prick was so big I had to open as wide as I could.


A little while later we were both ass-naked and he had me bent over the arm of the couch and was sucking on my asshole ... and I was loving it.


"Want me to fuck you some more?" he asked between slurping on my ass.


"Hell, yeah!" I said, bending over further.


He continued rimming me until I felt like my asshole was this big, open, cock-hungry cave and when he shoved his monster cock in my ass it went in much easier than before. He began jack-hammer fucking me until I was grabbing my own cock which was threatening to explode, it felt so fucking good!


As he force fed my ass with his cock, I began jerking myself off, until I felt the jizz building in my balls.


"I'm gonna come!" I groaned and grunted as he continued to pound my ass.


"Me, too!" he moaned, and pulled his cock out of my ass so fast that I began shooting white streamers of jizz all over the couch, he moved around in front of me, grabbed my chin and lifted my face as he unloaded a stream of cock-juice into my open mouth.


"Holy fuck! Fuck!" he moaned.


"Oh, baby, swallow my come!" and I gulped and swallowed the steaming liquid.


Afterward, he sat on the couch and I lay with my head in his lap. It seemed the most natural thing in the world although yesterday the idea would have freaked me totally!


I learned that there are more important ways to score than on the basketball court, and I'm still scoring more with Carlos than I am in the basketball games. But who gives a fuck? I do, every chance I get.



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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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