Art by Michael Kirwan    Fiction by Frank Decatur 


originally published in Allboy magazine - Holiday, 2005, issue



Does Takin' Your Best Friend's Dick Up Your Ass Make You Gay?



Hey, man, I'm still a little freaked about what happened. That's why I need to tell somebody. Do you got a little free time to listen, man? 'Cause I gotta tell somebody.

Oh, by the way, my name's Kevin.... my skaterboiz buddies call me Kev....

My best friend is, or should I say was, Richie. I dunno anymore. He's nineteen, like me. He's tall and skinny and no stud with the bitches, like I am. Well, I could be if I wanted to be, but I'm more into hangin' out with my friends than trying to fuck bitches. I dig skateboarding all over San Francisco, scorin' some beer or some weed and... you know, just fuckin' off mostly. I'm only five-foot-six but I got a good bod and bitches tell me I'm "cute," whatever the frig that means. I'm horny and beat off almost every day, sometimes I take off to the park and do it while I'm skateboarding... like it's a thrill to think somebody might see me, you know, shoot my load while I'm ridin'. It's way cool.

Richie and me have known each other forever. We was, like, twins... we did everything together... including sleepovers at his folk's pad or mine.

Lookin' back at it now, from about the time we turned eighteen, I realize that Richie was takin' every opportunity to get his hands on me. He would grab me and start wrestling, or punch me in the arm to get me to react, grab for my crotch, and when I'd sleep over I'd usually wake up with him practically on top of me. I stopped the overnight shit when I woke up one day with a woody and he was pressing his hard-on against my ass. It kinda freaked me, man. But, nothin' else ever happened so I tell myself that shit like that happens when you're asleep and young and horny all the time. I've heard the expression that guys will fuck mud if there ain't anything else around. They're prob'ly right, but now I ain't sure about nuthin'.

So, here's what happened. The other day, Richie and me had been hangin' out as usual. Now that we're both out of school and waitin' to go to Berkeley this fall, we don't have much to do. I got a scholarship and Richie's old man is loaded so we're set for school. Don't have to flip burgers at Big M's or shit like that... degrading shit. You dig?

We'd been skateboarding in The Park, the huge park in San Francisco down by the ocean. It's like miles of nothin' but paths, walkways, trees, cliffs and a cool place to be, with lotsa hills to skateboard on. I broke a finger there once a coupla years ago... but I ain't getting into that right now.

We end up at Richie's house, and his parents aren't home. We're all sweaty from bein' out in the sun all day. So, we're chillin', sitting in the family room with the TV on some hip-hop station and I'm sprawlin' out in one of the rattan chairs with my feet on the hassock and Richie's sittin' across from me, and we're drinkin' some red wine he copped from his old man's stash in the bar. We're sorta goofin' around and Richie reaches over and pulls the hassock, tryin' to land me on my ass but instead, I spill the whole friggin glass of wine on my pants and shirt and all over him. My hand just flew up when he jerked the hassock and that shit went everywhere.

"Oh, man, fuck," Richie yells, "Ma's gonna kill me if I get that stuff on the furniture. Get up! Take off your clothes!" And he runs into the kitchen to get some soap and a sponge. "Put your clothes on the back steps," he yells. "Don't get that shit on the rug!" So, man, I strip. Richie comes in and takes off his clothes, like we wasn't wearing anything but a T-shirt and shorts, but they were soaked in red wine.

"You better put these clothes in the washer, dumb ass!" I tell him. "I can't go home all covered with wine stains. "What the fuck was you doin' anyway?" I pretended I was pissed but I really wasn't. But he was shook up.

He finished wiping the wine off the furniture, which was some kinda plastic shit that doesn't stain anyway, and cleaned the floor and then he picked up the clothes and headed for the laundry room.

He came back and flopped down in the chair opposite me. It felt kinda weird sprawling there naked. It wasn't something I do around another dude, know what I'm sayin?

"Man, I'm sorry," Richie whines, lookin' up at me like an ass-kicked dog.

"Don't worry about it, I just hope your parents don't get home and catch us bare-assed."

"Naw, they're away for the weekend. I was goin' to axe (he always said 'axe' for 'ask' for some stupid reason) you if you wanted to stay over."

"Uhhhh, I don't think so. I better go home when my clothes dry."

"Ahhhh, come on, Kev! You never stay over anymore."

"Yeah, because we're over eighteen!" I answered. "Older guys don't do that shit."

"Sez who?"

"Sez me, dumb ass. It would make me uncomfortable."

"Fer crissake, why's that?"

"Oh, no reason in particular."

"Come on, what makes you uncomfortable about spending the night with me? We done it a zillion times."

"Yeah, but the last time... uh..." (I didn't want to go further but I just blurted it out.) "Because you were rubbin' your stiff dick on my ass when I woke up the last time. Uh, maybe you was asleep, but it just was... you know... weird!"

"Did you think I was tryin' to make out wit'cha?" he asked.

"Somethin' like that."

He looked long and hard at me and then said, "I was."

I couldn't say nothin'.

"Yeah, Richie," he said in this soft voice I could barely hear. "I been wantin' to make out with you for a long time. I guess you can call me a homo if you want, but I did want to make it with you, and I still do. I ain't never been with a guy and I don't really want to... just with you."

I gulped. But I looked down and saw my dick was getting stiff. And I looked up at him and suddenly, and I don't know where it came from, I said, "Go for it."

And he did, like a porpoise after a mackerel, he reached over and grabbed my ball sac between his fingers and took a long swipe at my cock with his tongue. I moved forward in the chair to give him more access. He leaned forward even further and took my cock in his mouth and began running his tongue around the head of my dick.

Holy fuck! It felt fantastic!

"Stand up," Richie tells me.

I do and he takes my dick, which is long and curves sorta downward, into his mouth and then he begins going down on me. He just keeps sliding my meat down his throat until it is completely buried with his nose in my pubes. The fucker is ten inches long, man! Far out! I would'a gagged.

I moaned. I grabbed his hair and started face fuckin' him real hard, and he's sputtering and spit is running down his chin, and he's pullin' on my balls with one hand and hangin' onto my ass cheek with the other, and I don't want him to stop.

Finally, he comes up for air.

"Turn around," he says.

"No fuckin' way," I answer.

"C'mon, Kev, I ain't gonna fuck you. I just wanna lick your ass."

Fuckin' weird! But I turn around and I bend over, and he starts lickin' up and down my ass crack, and then he's spreading my ass cheeks and is licking around the hole and tryin' to get his tongue up there. At first I felt really, like, humiliated, but pretty soon I was really getting into it.

"You like that ass? You like that ass and cock?" I ask, friggin my meat.

He mutters and keeps eatin' my ass.

"Yeah, come on, fucker. Eat my fuckin' ass. You wanted my ass, now eat it. Eat it. You're a filthy cock-sucker!" You like my asshole? You want it don't you, you fuckin perv! I'm gonna shoot a load down your throat!"

That just drives him further into his frenzy, and he's slapping my ass cheeks and spitting into my hole and diving his tongue in and I'm getting hotter and feel like I'm gonna nut right there.

I feel him probing at my asshole with his finger but by then I'm so fuckin' hot, I'll let him do anything... and that's what he did. He stood up and spit a big mouthful of drool on my asshole and another on his dick and then he slides that fuckin' rod right up my ass!

Okay, you're waiting for me to stop him and kick the shit out of him, right? And never speak to him again, right? Well, I don't know if you've ever been fucked before, but if you have, it ain't that easy to stop it 'cause that stiff pole pounding your prostate feels so fuckin' good that you want it to go on forever, especially if it's your first time. We all know a stiff dick has no conscience, right?

Well, he's really pounding my ass, and I'm jerking my cock, and I hear him moan and he drives into me and then holds my ass cheeks and I feel his throbbing cock shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum up my hole.

"Oh, fuck," I mutter, "I'm gonna cum!" I try to hold back 'cause I know I'm gonna shoot a load all over the family furniture, and that gives Richie time to pull his drooling dick out of my asshole and turn me around, just as I let go and shoot this long stream of jizz right into his face. He looks up at me and takes my cock in his mouth and I finish shooting my load down his throat. The force of cumming almost buckled my knees and I had to put my hands on his shoulders to stay standing. And my knees were shakin' like a motherfucker.

He finishes slurping down my cum and then he smiles up at me, like the happiest asshole on earth. He's got this big white line of dick juice running from his hair, down over one eyelid and over his cheek and dribbling off his chin, and he looks really stupid. And I start to laugh! I don't know whether I was embarrassed, humiliated, or just plain fuckin' happy. But it was my first real lay and it was wild, even if it was with a guy... and my goofy friend Richie at that.

Okay, so I shouldn't be freaked out. I know dozens of guys who've gotten blow-jobs from other guys, so that's no big fuckin' deal, right? I know especially in San Francisco it's really easy; if your bitch won't give up the pussy, you can always go down to the Castro and get your dick sucked. Yeah, I don't know too many guys who've taken it up the ass though, but fuck, man, when you're hot and horny, anything can happen... know what I'm sayin'?"

But what kinda freaks me, and this is the part that I really can't figure out, is that I did stay over at Richie's that night and I ended up sucking his dick and fucking him... twice.

And I don't know what this shit is about, but we actually ended up kissing each other for crissake! Me with my tongue down another dude's throat, and our arms wrapped around each other, and waking up with wood and fuckin' again, and I'm going over to his place tonight to spend the night, and I know we'll get into bed as soon as we can and do all that shit again.

I still think I'm straight, 'cause I sure as hell wouldn't let some other dude get his dick in my ass or in my mouth, but it just seems so... I don't know... so natural with Richie.

Fuck, I don't know. Maybe I'm in love with the weird fucker.


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