Art by Michael Kirwan  

 Story by William Cozad  

originally published in Honcho Magazine - October, 1992 issue


Stud-Buddies Make Up for Lost Time



The phone ring jolted me out of sleep. It was Jake, and hearing his voice again threw me for a loop. We'd been in the Army together seven years earlier, finishing our hitches when we turned twenty-one.


"I was passing through town, staying overnight at the Hilton. Thought maybe we could get together for a drink or something. When can you meet me?"


"Give me about an hour," I said, looking at the late hour on my clock.


I frantically took a shower to shake the cobwebs out of my head and got dressed. I wouldn't lose sleep over just anybody. Just thinking about Jake I got a hard-on and was tempted to beat off, but decided to save it.


How I remember him. Like it was yesterday. The short soldier in khakis. Brown hair that was parted in the middle and crowned his head. Perfectly chiseled features. Bright brown eyes. And God, those bee-stung lips. I'd seen him naked in the showers. A patch of hair between his small nipples. The hair fanned out around his belly and completely covered his solid trunk. That cock was a beauty, fat and uncut, hanging over hefty and hairy balls.


Once I swore I spotted him whacking off in the latrine. Lots of horny soldiers did that on the sly. He was breathing heavy but when I barged in he jumped up off the crapper and stuffed his fat cock into his uniform pants. No way he could conceal that bloated meat. He had a shit-eating grin on his face.


When I jacked off I often thought of Jake. The little fucker got me off every time that I fantasized about fooling around with him. Jeez, I was hard again already. That's the effect Jake still had on me after all these years.


Of course I wondered whatever happened to him. He never wrote, he wasn't the type, but I later heard from another Army buddy that Jake had gotten married. That didn't change things; I still had the hots for him.


Arriving at the Hilton, I spotted him in the lobby sitting in an over-stuffed chair. He hadn't changed much. His hair was longer, kind of sassy, like he could shake his head and it would fall in place. His skin was a bit more leathery. He'd grown a thin mustache which only served to make him look more macho.


He jumped up when he saw me and we pumped each other's paw and embraced.


"Let's go to my room and have a drink," he said, turning toward the elevators.


"It's great to see you. Looking good, old buddy."


"Hey, you too."


In his room in the tower on the fourteenth floor, overlooking the bright lights of the city, we drank whiskey with beer chasers, boiler-makers, his way of drinking.


"How's the wife?" I asked.


"Decided to call it quits. No kids, thank goodness. We got married too young. Neither of us was ready to settle down."


That surprised me, how a woman could give up a guy who looked like him and had a sweet way about him, but marriage changes people I guess.


He was gulping the whiskey while I sipped mine. He'll be shit-faced in no time at that rate, I thought.


"She started running around on me. Can't blame her. We had problems in the sack. I couldn't get it up for her after awhile. Too much pressure, working for her old man. So I'm on my way to Nevada. I've got an older brother who has a ranch there."


"I'm sorry things didn't work out for you."


"That's history. Hey, you remember Sergeant Jackson?"


"Who could forget him?" Not me. He was my first sex experience.


"Yeah, you got all those weekend liberty passes. Everyone said you were his cock-sucker. Of course, I didn't believe them at first. Then when the Sarge hit on me I realized the truth."


"You had sex with him?"


"Hell, no. I wasn't no queer. But I never forgot about it. And I always wondered about you."


"No use denying it. I'm queer as a three-dollar bill," I said, refilling our glasses. I had nothing to lose, and maybe something to gain.


"But you don't look like a sissy. Never acted like one."


"I'm the butch type, sweetie." Now I was gulping down the whiskey. What the hell was I saying, baring my soul to my old Army buddy?


"I always wondered what it would be like, you know, doing it with another guy."


"Don't knock it if you never tried it."


"I'm not. It's just that I'm curious. Sometimes I even looked at other guys. But I never did nothing."


"Well, if you did, just about any gay guy would like a stud like you."


"Would you, Bill?"


"Let you in on a little secret. I whacked off over you dozens of times, maybe hundreds."


"Wow! You're bullshitting me." He sat back in his chair and grinned. He got a kick out of my confession.


"The truth, Jake. You were my idol. Oh, sure, I did it with the Sarge but that was to get passes to go cruising in town for other meat. I'd have stayed in the barracks and done shit detail every weekend if I even thought I had a shot at you."


"Maybe I'm too old for you now. We ain't little soldier boys no more."


"I think you're even hotter looking. I dig men, not boys, now." Now I was getting worked up by his cock-teasing.


He leaned back in the chair at the small table by the window and rubbed his crotch.


"You still want me?"


"Oh, Jake, I can't tell you how much." For a moment I thought I was just drunk and making a fool out of myself. Like when I used to have to get drunk in bars to make a move on other guys.


Right there in that hotel room my wildest fantasy came true when Jake stood up and stripped naked right in front of me. His body was even better, more muscular than before. I was too blown away to move.


He took my hand and led me over to the big king-sized bed. "My body's yours. Do whatever you want to me."


That was an offer I couldn't refuse. It almost sobered me up. Quickly I stripped out of my clothes. The lights were still on and I was glad that Jake wasn't repelled by my body. I wasn't a fat wreck or anything like that, but I wasn't the real trim stud I used to be when I went to the gym all the time. Whereas, his body was still great.


I was a little disappointed that Jake's cock was still soft, what with all our hot talk. Maybe it was the booze. Maybe he couldn't get it up for anybody.


Where to begin? The naked ex-soldier was a feast for the eyes. I lay down on top of him, feeling his body heat, listening to his heavy breathing.


I did what I had to. Maybe I'd repulse him. Strange as it sounds, I wanted to kiss those sensuous thick lips almost as much as I wanted to suck his fat dong.


Pressing my lips against his, I felt the tickle of his mustache. He wrapped his strong, muscular arms around me. I felt his cock rub against my belly, like mine did against his.


"Oh, Jake, you're such a beautiful man." After gushing about the obvious I dove in. To his pits, that is. I don't think he realized how sensitive his body was. He giggled and squirmed but I wasn't about to be denied. I nuzzled in his pits individually, lapping the tufts of chestnut hair.


His nipples were dime-sized but I tweaked and sucked on them till they became erect. I laved the patch of fuzz between them.


Heading south, I licked his washboard belly. Even rimmed his inner belly-button.


Spreading those sinewy, hairy thighs, I ignored his cock which now showed signs of life. I mean the rosy cock-head was peeking out of the folds of foreskin. His low-hangers heaved and tightened up against the base of his prick as the spongy tissue became engorged with blood.


I licked his hairy thighs, pasting the hair against the skin, tasting the salty skin.


"Do me, mother-fucker. Get down on my dick."


I ignored his nasty macho talk. This was my party and I wasn't about to rush things. Seven years I'd waited for what was for me one of the seven wonders of the modern world, Jake's cock.


Attacking his genitals, I lapped at his ball sack, coating it with spit. I licked down the cord below his balls to his butthole, despite the forest of hair. I even sniffed his musky hole and blew my hot breath on it.


I licked his balls like a cat taking a bath. He squirmed some more.


I gobbled up those suckers separately, then together, swishing the hard nuts around in my mouth.


"Oh, shit, I never felt nothing like that. Got the fucking cream churning in my nuts."


His cock was fully engorged after the ball-sucking. It was even bigger than I expected. Might have been only seven inches or so but it was really thick, veiny and pulsing. It looked enormous on his compact frame. Meat for the poor and cock-hungry.


His cock throbbed. The bulbous head with the wide slit had turned from rosy red to a purplish hue. It was glossy, coated with clear pre-cum. I held the thick base of his cock and licked the prick-head.


"Oh, God, God, God," he groaned.


It was a divine worship service on my part as I did a quick butterfly flick on the shaft.


"Eat me. Eat my dick."


I took the plunge. Just dove down on that stiff fucker which bore into my throat tunnel.


Beyond redemption now, Jake pulled my hair. I thought he'd snatch me bald. He had his fat cock in a masturbation rhythm now and wasn't about to stop. He thrust and pumped his randy prick down my throat, battering my tonsils.


I drooled spit down his cock until his dense bush glistened with dew. He held my nose in the wet hair. He throttled my throat. I felt like I was being choked but I didn't care. All that mattered was that hard meat sliding down my gullet, getting closer to exploding.


"Fucking you in your mouth, cock-sucker. Ramming my big dick down your throat."


Suddenly I heard him groan. I felt his cock throb wildly and it gushed what had to be the thickest and sweetest cum I ever tasted.


As steely hard as his cock had been, it deflated like a pricked balloon after he blasted his wad. I swirled the soft meat around in my mouth and licked off the spunk until he pulled his prick out.


I had a diamond-cutter boner to say the least after having sucked off my idol and tasted his precious cum. His brown eyes were glazed and he reached out and touched my cock. He slowly masturbated it. I didn't have an overhang like him and my rosy mushroom crown pulsed and oozed.


"Want me to jerk you off, buddy.?"


"No way. No how. Can do that better myself."


"But you're horny. You wanna get off, don't you?"


"Oh, yes, I've got plans for you, prick-teasing soldier. All those times you flaunted that big cock of yours. And that maddening ass."


"I never did it deliberately."


"Doesn't matter. You're going to pay for it now. What goes around come around."


"What are you talking about?"


I said no more. He'd told me at the start that his body was mine, to do whatever I wanted to him. That was enough for me to forge ahead.


I rolled the compact, hairy-trunked ex-soldier over onto his belly. What a nice round, muscular butt. Hairy butt. I kneaded his ass cheeks.


"What are you doing?"


"You're about to find out. Strike while the iron is hot. Fire in the hole."


I spread his cheeks and dove into his fur-lined crevice. I lapped up a storm. His pucker was cherry and protested it but I darted my tongue right up into his brownie. His crack was steamy and I could feel the heat from his ass-guts.


"Stop. Don't take my manhood."


"Shut up, you slut. Don't think you can wiggle that thing in my face and not get porked, do you? I've waited seven long years for a chance at your ass. Wild horses couldn't drag me away."


"Okay. Okay. Just be gentle. Don't hurt me. I've never been corn-holed before, you know."


"Yeah. And what a waste. What a waste of boy-pussy."


I slapped my hard cock against his hairy buns. I was crazed with lust when I pointed my guided muscle on target and it slowly penetrated the soft membranes of his cherry asshole.


"It hurts, buddy."


"You can take it. You were a United States soldier. Still prime beefcake. Hang in there."


I hovered over him with my prong penetrating his butthole, his ass skewered on my meat. I felt his ass-ring expand and clamp around my cock.


This was the hottest, tightest hole I'd ever penetrated. Not only that, it was the butthole of my soldier idol. I was at the gates of paradise for sure.


I was overheated and sweating heavy. I started to stroke his hole, ever so slowly.


"Yeah, it's in me. A big prick up my ass, fucking me. I can't believe it. Getting dorked by another man."


Once my tool was firmly entrenched in his hole and I was sure that he could handle the assault, I started to really kick butt. I pounded his butthole relentlessly. My heavy cum-laden balls slammed against his hairy cheeks. I could even feel his crack hairs tickle my cock.


"Fuck me. Fuck me in the ass." I crammed his butthole, hammering inside his guts until my cock got harder than I could ever remember it.


"Big cock tearing up my ass. It's so hard. Oh, my God, it's gonna shoot!"


I lunged my meat balls-deep in his hole and shot off with wild abandon, spurting gobs and gobs of fiery jism deep into his ass-guts.


I collapsed on his sweaty back and stayed there, covering his smaller body until my cock softened and slid out of him.


Jake showed his mettle. I half-expected as much. I mean I'd fucked and rimmed him into a real brand-new hard-on.


In a quick maneuver he scooted out from under and mounted me. I reached back and spread my cheeks for him.


"Spit in that hole if you're going to fuck it," I insisted. A glob of cold saliva hit my fanny.


Showing no mercy to my slutty ass, he rammed his cock into it and rode me like I'd never been ridden before. He prodded lustily.


"Fuck me, will you, you bastard? Take this big dick! Gonna fuck the shit out of your queer ass."


That he did. He pumped away until my asshole was on fire, then he spewed on more fuel in the form of his scalding jism. Even when his cock finally softened he didn't pull out for some time, just plugged my hole.


He kissed me afterward and we polished off the bottle of whiskey and lots of beer between more bouts of my cock-sucking and mutual ass-fucking.


At gray dawn I reluctantly dragged my ass out of bed and got dressed.


Jake was sleeping like a baby with his brown hair tousled, his long lashes touching his cheeks, the sexy thin mustache. I took a long look at his muscular body, the hairy lower half and his fat jewels in repose.


I kissed him gently on the cheek. He stirred but didn't waken. I had to get my ass in gear. My sore ass. It was another day at the salt mines for me but I had a smile on my face.


I tried to call him at the Hilton around noon but he'd already checked out. I never heard from him again but I still feel blessed for the late, last chance to spend the night with him. Wet dreams can come true.



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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
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