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Illustrations by Michael Kirwan

Story by J. Melsna





Previously published in Inches magazine - September, 1998


Postman bends for 10-inch package

The doorbell had already rung several times before I decided to answer it when you work nights, it's not always easy to sleep while the sun's up. Besides, I don't usually wear anything in bed, so I had to find my robe in the closet before I could go to the door. I jammed myself into my robe, yanking the cord tight around my waist as I headed for the front of the house. Once I looked through the door's peephole and saw who it was, though, I didn't mind being awakened.

Matt was the letter carrier for my block, a good-looking guy with sandy brown hair and a lean, attractive body. Sometimes he would bring the mail before I went to sleep, and I'd spot him heading my way. I enjoyed seeing his long, athletic stride coming down the block, and I loved watching his ass retreat from view as he continued on his appointed rounds.

We had spoken briefly once or twice, so I knew his name, that he was unmarried (good sign?), and that he had worked for the post office for five years, though only the last few months on this route.

Now he was standing at my door, holding a small parcel wrapped in brown paper. As I opened the door, I quickly looked him up and down. His uniform shirt hugged his slim but muscular torso. He'd pulled the brim of his hat down to shade his blue eyes from the bright morning sun, and little crescent stains of perspiration already marked his armpits.

"Gotta collect on this one," he said, holding the package just out of reach. Although the wrapper was pointedly discreet, I knew at a glance what it was the new videocassette I'd been expecting.

"You want to come in?" I asked. "I haven't got any money in this...."

Matt followed me into the apartment, and I took my wallet out of a jacket pocket. "They make enough on these tapes," I muttered absently as I counted out the money. "You'd think they could make sure the postage was right." He put his initials on a small receipt and handed it to me.

"That the new one?" he asked. "I've been wondering whether to buy it myself...."

I couldn't believe my ears. I'd used this exact dodge more times than I could count, but now I was on the other end. "Why don't I just put it in the machine," I offered, "and we can take a quick look at some of it. I'll just go put on a pair of jeans...."

"Don't bother," he said with a smile. He leaned forward and undid the sash on my robe, so that the front fell open. "Yeah, just like I figured," he said. "You've got a nice one."

"What about you?" I asked, my ten-inch cock going hard.

"What the fuck, I'm ahead of schedule," he said laughing, then opened his belt and undid his pants, stepping out of his loafers. He was wearing no briefs, and the thick, uncut cock that emerged from between his shirt-tails was certainly tantalizing.

He followed me into the darkened living room, and I loaded the tape into the VCR and pressed the "play" button. Matt stepped out of the pants that had fallen to his ankles. He was slowly fisting what looked to be a nine-incher while he stared at the screen, where a three-way was already in progress, a blond twink on all fours taking it at both ends. "I don't know which one of those guys I envy most," he said. "Maybe the one in the middle."





The muscles of Matt's legs, after five years on the job, were really nice, defined everywhere along his smooth thighs and calves. He unbuttoned his shirt slowly, exposing his tightly muscled chest, also hairless, from which his dark nipples poked, already erect. If his upper body lacked the powerful curves of the lower, it was still taut and seductive.

Matt walked toward the TV, staring at the screen. He had removed his shirt, and as he stood beating his meat to the video action, my eyes were glued to his magnificent backside.

His full butt was just made for fucking, and I could feel my cock beginning to stir as I looked at it.

Matt turned, his erect meat visibly throbbing as he stroked it lightly. It was nice and long, and when he let it go, it pointed straight at me, inviting even closer inspection. I went down on my knees and kissed the head of it as he lowered his hands to my head.

My own hands circled his waist as my tongue worked its way under the foreskin and around his knob. I liked what I felt very much; so did he, to judge by the way his fingers dug into my shoulders. Once I had licked his entire erection, I went back to just the tip, opening my mouth wide to accommodate it.

Matt sighed softly as I sucked him in bit by bit. Then he leaned away from me, sliding out until only the head was between my lips. The next time I took him in deeper still, and the sigh was louder. Then, I concentrated on relaxing my throat, and he pushed in gradually until I could feel the soft brown curls of his pubic bush brushing against my face.

He squatted a little to change the angle of his cock in my mouth, and his thigh muscles popped out in bold relief. I ran my hands over the warm, silky flesh, pressing down on the strong curves, feeling the resistance and tension under the skin. The tape continued to play, almost unnoticed. I grabbed the remote and muted the sound so I could hear the noises Matt was making, the low groans and growls that accompanied his increasing excitement. "Suck me," he demanded. "Suck my cock." I had thought him completely erect before, but his dick continued to swell in my mouth, growing almost another inch while I worked on it. I could tell he was getting close, so I made my way up from his crotch, tracing the lines of muscle in his firm stomach with my tongue, flicking at the tips of his nipples. I could smell the salty odor of his armpits, and I greedily dove into the one nearest me, burrowing into the fine fragrant hair with my nose.

Matt's hands were all over me, feeling my arms, my back, squeezing my ass as we pressed our bodies together, grinding our crotches into one tangle of hot flesh. Dropping to the floor, he slurped all over my crotch, his spit lubricating my thick oozing shaft.

It felt great to have his tongue dancing between my balls, and I was soon stiff as a board. "Is your cock always so big?" he asked me, with a grin.

I looked down at him and smiled back. "Only when I really want someone...."

"Oh, man, it's beautiful," he muttered. "I gotta have this in me."

He continued to bathe my prick with his saliva. I ran my fingers through his close-cropped hair as he slipped his lips over the tip of my meat, forming his mouth into a tunnel for my hard ten inches, making me get even bigger.

Then, Matt bent over the sofa, offering his upturned ass for the taking. I straddled his body, striking first one ass cheek, then the other with my tool. "Aw, yeah," he growled, "give it to me."

Spitting into his butt crack a few times, I used the tip of my cock to smooth the saliva into his ass. Beneath me, he pulled on his nine-inch pecker with rapid motions, working himself into a lather, his exclamations getting louder every minute.

Rather harder than I had meant to, I plunged into him instead of pulling away, he pushed his backside up to meet me. Reaching around, I grabbed his stiff meat, and began to ply it in time with my own thrusts, his sphincter tightening around the base of my rod.

Matt worked my pole with his ass muscles, tensing and relaxing them, while I ran my free hand over his chest and stomach. When I stopped for a moment to catch my breath, Matt pulled away, my cock slipping out of him.





Then he climbed onto the sofa, turning so he could face me. He put his feet around my back, and guided me back into his warm ass. Inch by inch I pressed in until I could go no further, then took his organ in my hand again as we resumed our fucking.

Stroke on stroke, I pushed with all my might until Matt had to grip the arms of the sofa I could feel his lean gut quivering beneath my fingers as he panted and gasped. I squeezed and twisted his hard tool, making him feel as good as he was doing for me.

I barely heard Matt's warning cry before he exploded, hot semen spattering us both. I let go of his spasming cock and grabbed his legs as I tried to drive myself deeper into him. Each shot from his rod caused his hips to buck and his ass to clench on my dick. For a brief moment, I was aware of myself growing larger than ever, then the gushes of my own cum, flowing into him with no barrier between us.

The next thing I knew, we were both on the sofa in a heap, holding each other tight, my slowly softening prong still wedged in his hole. I ran my hands up and down his beautiful legs as we lay there, catching our breath. I wanted to hold him a bit longer, but he got up too soon, pulling his ass off my cock with a loud smack. As he bent to retrieve his pants, I managed to slip one finger into his back-side. He must have liked it, because by the time he'd slid the trousers over his hips, buttoned his shirt and refastened his belt, he was hard again.

"I have to go," he sighed, looking at his watch--but he didn't make any move to go. "What the fuck," he finally said. His cock sprang from his trousers, totally hard. "We've got to make this one fast, though."

I wasted no time getting his full length into my mouth, swabbing his shaft with my tongue, and sucking like a sonovabitch. Matt fucked my face enthusiastically, urging me on with his gasps and yelps.

I stretched my jaw to give him room, fumbling meanwhile with his belt. Slipping one finger between his ass cheeks, I teased him with it, moving nearer his hole by degrees. When I could see his knees trembling, I put it right where he wanted it, right in his cummy asshole. He leaned over to hold the wall as he swung his hips back and forth.

"Faster, faster," he barked, and I poked in and out of his ass as quickly as I could move my hand. I could taste the first dribble of his pre-cum as I finger-fucked him, and I wanted to taste his man-juice as well.

My own hard-on was bobbing back and forth in my lap, but I couldn't do anything for it while I was so busy getting Matt off. But that was okay; it felt good just to listen to him carrying on about how hot I was getting him. The sweat was pouring off him now, making his skin slick as I massaged what I could reach of his body.

Then Matt stood perfectly still, and I knew he was about to pop his second wad of the day, his balls grazing my chin as they tightened up into place. I licked twice at the very tip of his pecker, and he blasted his load into my mouth, his cries becoming one long moan.

I chugged it down as fast as his dick could spit it out, but there was just too much for me, and I felt his hot sperm sliding down my jaw. Then, when we were quiet, I could hear his breath whistling over my head, and the chime of the local church clock.

"Shit ... I've got to go," he said. "People are waiting for their mail ..." Buckling his belt and jamming his shirt back into his pants, he ran out so fast that he forgot his uniform hat.

I paced around for a few minutes after he left, still very much turned on by the sight and feel of him. Then I picked up the hat and held it over my face, breathing in his smell from the lining and brim, and jacking my cock with my other hand.

I spat into my hand and thought of Matt as I gripped my ten-incher. With the taste of him still in my mouth, there was a limit to how long I could hold back, even if I had wanted to. I dropped the hat on the floor in front of me as my cock swelled that last little bit, and came into it, one big jet of spunk, then three other squirts saturating the material.

After I cleaned up, I jumped in the car; I had an errand to run. I must have crossed Matt's route, because there he was, walking down the sidewalk ahead of me. I gave him a couple of honks and a wave. He waved back at me, but seemed puzzled by the way I was laughing. I guess he had no idea about the big wet spot on his butt, which could have only been caused by one thing. I knew whose fault that was, and as weird as it is to admit it, it made me feel kind of proud.








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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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