Art by Michael Kirwan

 Story by T.A. MacMillan  

originally published in Playguy Magazine - August, 1992 issue

I am eighteen again, standing naked under the shower jets at my old high school. It is Saturday, but the track team is practicing weekends in preparation for our first meet. I have run some extra laps so I don't have to hit the showers with my teammates.

I don't like to be naked in front of other guys. I get hard just looking at their bodies and I don't want them to see me like that and see through me and all my pretenses. I am alone with jets of warm water massaging the fatigue out of me. My eyes are closed as I lather my cock and start whacking it off while imagining I'm slurping down on some anonymous cock.

I am really getting into the mental pictures crashing through my mind. They come with stereo sound and smells, and I am totally oblivious to anything else.

"Look at the stuck up little faggot playing with his meat!" a voice says from in front of me. I open my eyes as the sound of the voice penetrates my brain. "Feel good, cocksucker?"

I strain to see the person speaking. For the moment, my hand sliding up and down my soap covered cock is forgotten. Then, my shock begins to dissolve and I realize my worst fears have become reality - my naked hard on has been seen, betraying me, and, worse, I've been caught whacking off. I turn red and turn toward the shower.

"What a cute ass, Markie, and I'm willing to bet my summer holiday you know what to do with it." The voice is now closer. I turn my head to see the face of my tormentor. I turn even redder as I recognize the quarterback of our football team. And he's as naked as I am.

"What do you want, Ciencia?" I growl, pivoting and trying to ignore him.

"You, Markie - your mouth slurping up my cock!" He pauses and I turn back to face him. "And I want to fuck that cute ass of yours!"

"I don't do that shit, Ciencia," I hiss, turning off the water. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get dressed." My eyes watching his face, I start past him. His hand strikes out from his hips and grabs my balls. "Let go, asshole!" I gasp as I freeze in my tracks, afraid now. He squeezes slightly and I cry out. There is fear in my eyes when they meet his again.

"You ain't going nowhere, Markie," he hisses and squeezes tighter. I double over in shock at the sudden pain shooting out of my balls. I am also suddenly staring at the biggest cock I've ever seen or even imagined. "Open up, cocksucker, let's get started!"

"Ciencia . . . " He shoves that throbbing monster between my lips and I suddenly find myself doing what I've always dreamed of doing. His other hand comes up to my head, its fingers ensnaring themselves in my hair. Slowly, he shoves his thick cock farther into my mouth, my lips pushing its foreskin back down its shaft as it seeks my tonsils. I gag and he pulls almost out.

"I'll start off slow and easy, Markie," he says softly as he pushes back into my mouth. He lets go of my balls and brings that hand up to my shoulder. Instinctively, I begin to run my tongue over his big cock head. "That's it boy, lick it up good!"

My mind turns off there in the shower and I start reacting with pent up pleasure to the cock in my mouth as well as my own rock hard member. I began to fist myself in time with his plunges into my mouth. His hands explore my back, searching for my ass. They spread my cheeks and I feel my balls tightening. I suck faster, surrendering to my hunger.

I cum. Globs of my jizm splatter his feet. He pulls out of my mouth and I look up at his face with lust glazed eyes. "I - I want . . . " Words fail me as he steps around me.

"We'll have plenty of time for cocksucking, Markie, but right now, I want to try it all . . ." His fingers spread my asscheeks and I whimper. I know what he wants and I want him to do it. I want all of him. He spits on his fingers and spreads his saliva over my asslips.

One of his hands comes up to my hips and grips it while the other guides that spit slicked pole to my asshole. He grabs my other hip and lunges forward. Hard.

I cry out, biting my lips to diminish the loudness of my yelp. My tightly stretched assring screams out at his invasion of it and then surrenders. The sensation spreads out over my whole body from my violated chute.

Then I feel his pubic thatch scratching the inside of my asscheeks. I am impaled on his huge cock and the trauma of its invasion is beginning to subside. It begins to feel good inside me and I wiggle my ass around on it and smile. "Fuck me!" I demand in a grunt. My cock is hard again in my hand as it begins to move in time with his thrusts. "Fuck me good, Ciencia," I growl softly.

"Mark?" I woke up to my mother calling to me from the open door of my room. I was awake immediately - a hard cock can be a major embarrassment when good old Mom is checking a guy out. My jockeys were wet with my own wad. Quickly, I turned over on my side so she couldn't see what was so painfully obvious to me.

"Yeah, Mom?"

"Breakfast and then it's off to class." I checked my watch and saw that it was already nine. Another two weeks and I would be finished with my junior year at the local college. She left the door open and I had to wait until I lost my erection before I could get out of bed.

The dream scared me as I thought about it. I remembered Ciencia all right; a Cuban whose family had escaped when he was still a baby. And he was one mean quarterback back at Bishop O'Connell High. He also had the biggest lovestick I'd ever seen on a guy - I had wanted him all through high school. But he never seemed to notice me. Not in the locker room, not in the halls, not at the convenience store near where we both lived, not even when I managed to walk my dog by his house a couple of times every evening for all those years. He lived only a block from me, but my love for him had always gone unrequited.

I got dressed and headed toward class.

Even in high school, my dog was my best friend. Brandy listened to my most secret dreams. She knew how much I wanted Ciencia and how I imagined it would feel to have his cock playing tiddly-winks with my tonsils.

Even though I was now twenty one, it was still me and Brandy against the world. And I paid her back for the singular faithfulness she'd never failed to show me. I walked her, petted her, fed her, played with her, and I told her all my deepest darkest secrets.

I was walking past Ciencia's house. I was lost in thought, letting Brandy lead me over the route we'd carved so long ago. "Markie! Mark, hold on a minute, guy!" a voice called from behind me.

I stopped and looked around for the voice. Brandy sat down, ready to wait for me. My eyes caught the stocky figure jogging up toward us. A man - and hunky as hell. Then he was close enough to recognize: Ciencia! He was a ghost, a figment of imagination. Yet, there he was, coming to a stop in front of me, in the flesh. My eyes grew wider. If anything, he had become better looking.

"Are you still a stuck up asshole?" he asked, grinning. "You went right past me and didn't even say hello."

"I'm sorry - my mind was a million miles away. Finals are only a week away." I realized I was prattling. "What're you doing here? Aren't you in school?"

"Georgia's on the quarter system, so I've been home almost a couple of days now. What're you up to these days?"

"Getting ready for finals. Then it's summer holidays," I shrugged. "No big plans. How about you?"

"Oh, I'm working for the old mean. TGIF, right?" I'd forgotten it was Friday. "It's really good to see you again, Mark."

"Yeah, you too." I felt the brush off and got ready to walk off with Brandy again.

"What're you doing tonight?" he asked suddenly.

"Uh . . . " I couldn't think of anything to tell him. "Same old shit," I offered finally. "You know, watch TV, drink some beers and wish I could get laid . . . "

Ciencia grinned. "Look, Mark, do you think you could just sort of, well, let your hair down?"

I didn't know whether I should get mad or what. "Sure. Why?"

"Me and Darren - you remember, from O'Connell - he's at Tennessee, we're going to get together tonight."

"What're you going to do?" I asked, wanting to get invited but not willing to believe I'd be that lucky.

"Just drink a few beers, drive around town and relax. You want to come along?"

I couldn't believe my ears. I'd hardly known anyone in school - not as a friend. I wanted to say yes, but these were guys I hardly knew, jocks with low tastes as my mom would say.

Ciencia saw my hesitation. "Come on, Markie! You don't want to miss out on an experience you've never had - one you've probably always wanted."

That did it. "Sure," I answered, "I'll go." And even though I didn't know what kind of "experience" he had in mind, I was ready to find out.

We picked Darren up at his house and sped into the northern Virginia night. Darren was a tall guy, even taller than Ciencia, and slim. He'd been on the swim team back in high school and was everybody's favorite boy. His parents had even thrown a graduation party and invited the entire senior class.

I leaned back in the seat behind the two athletic hunks and reveled in their comraderie.    Ciencia glanced up in the rear view mirror and looked at me, then he glanced over at Darren and asked, "How about it? The reservoir?"

"That's pretty redneck with Marine shit, you know," Darren answered.

"You chickening out here?" Ciencia asked under his breath. "Have a beer, Markie!" Ciencia told me. "They're in the cooler behind me." I bent down and pulled out three cold ones. "Well?" he demanded of Darren as I handed them each a beer.

"Shit!" the swimmer growled. "I'm in."

"Great!" Ciencia grinned the way he had back in high school when he'd taken the ball in for another touchdown. "Let's get this party on the fucking road!" He checked me out in the mirror and smiled. "Let's put down another beer, okay, Markie?"

"Sure." I guzzled the beer and fumbled for another one in the cooler.

I had a buzz going by the time we piled out of the car and were standing out over the darkened water that gave all of the Virginia suburbs their drinking water.

Ciencia turned and faced me for a moment. "Come on, Markie, we're going skinny dipping. Get out of those clothes!"

Before I knew what was happening, the two fantasies of my wet dreams were throwing off their clothes - and I had a strong feeling we weren't going swimming.

"We said, get your clothes off," Darren ordered.

It seemed like I was dreaming as I slipped out of my clothes, my pale slim body standing between Ciencia's stocky dark physique and Darren's tall, bronzed swimmer's body.

Suddenly Ciencia grabbed me by the hair and pulled me down toward his crotch. I bent forward in sudden pain and yelped. But there was that big cock with its skin pulling back slightly, right at my eye level.

"Take it, Markie, or I'm going to have to make you . . . " He humped his hips forward and his swollen cockhead was inside my open mouth and its skin was peeling all the way back along its thick shaft.

"Slow and easy, Markie," he mumbled softly as he started to pull away in his backstroke. "Use your tongue on the head. Use your tongue to explore it all."

My fear had evaporated with his cock's initial penetration of my mouth. The couple of beers helped to control my brain processes - and so did the pleasure Ciencia's cock was giving me. My own manhood was beginning to ache and swell. His hands locked on the back of my head. Gently, his fingers ran through my hair, directing my head up and down on his cock.

"Yeah! He really is doing it!" Darren's voice grated against my lust, but bounced off. I was beyond caring; I was doing something I'd wanted to do for years.

"I told you," Ciencia told him. "Get back there and plug him from the rear - that ought to give him a real treat!" Ciencia laughed, but I didn't care. I was finally doing what I'd always dreamed of.

"You think I should?" the swimmer asked, but I knew they'd planned this. I felt Darren's wake as he made his way around to my rear. Ciencia entwined his fingers in my hair, ready for an escape attempt on my part. But I wasn't paying them any attention. My whole consciousness seemed to be centered on the throbbing monster sliding so easily in and out of my mouth.

I felt Darren's hands pulling my asscheeks apart. Something hard and wet was rubbed against my pucker and I shivered. But the sensation that caused it was but a minor ripple at the edge of my consciousness. Even the cockhead that began to probe its way to my opening asshole was just a ripple. The only thing that mattered to me was Ciencia's huge cock in my mouth.

"Press back and open your ass wide, Markie!" Ciencia commanded from over me and I did what he told me. After all, he was the one plugged into me and it was only his commands I wanted to hear. There was a sudden flood of pain spreading up through my tight asshole. I knew it was Darren's hard dick inside me, but I also knew the pain wouldn't last - it never had in my dreams when Ciencia was doing it.

The pain subsided quickly and for a moment there was no sensation other than the movement of Ciencia's cock in my mouth and the hot taste of its seeping nectar. Darren's pubic hairs started to tickle the insides of my asscheeks and I knew he was all the way up inside me.

"Feel good yet, Markie?" Ciencia cooed down at me bent over his cock. It was beginning to feel real good.

"It's got to feel good for you too, Markie," the Cuban continued. "We're doing this for you . . . "

The two big cocks inside me were now the whole of my consciousness. My thinking was in a hold pattern. I was totally immersed in the pleasure they were giving me.

Ciencia and Darren were taking me, but not just for themselves. They were helping me understand what I truly wanted.

As I worked on the monster joystick down my throat, I kept that thought in the forefront of my mind. I grunted and moaned to show them both how good it was all feeling. One of my hands gripped Ciencia's hips, directing his movement in and out of my mouth; the other gripped my own oozing cock, stroking it to blast its goo, just as Darren started to fuck me harder and faster.


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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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