Taxi Dancing

































  Story by William Cozad  

  Illustration by Michael Kirwan  

Originally published in Honcho magazine - March, 1994



Hurry up, the meter's running ...




After a night of hitting the bars, striking out everywhere, I was pretty loaded.


My whole life was on a downswing. I'd been laid off work. The unemployment checks wouldn't last forever. My savings account was nearly used up. I was sick of filling out all those job applications. The promised calls that never came. The interviews that led nowhere. Looked like I was doomed.


Tonight I hadn't even bothered to eat. After downing a few vodka-7Ups in the bar I was beyond feeling pain. I didn't like the smoke, the mindless chatter or the brokenhearted melodies from the jukebox. By the time last call rolled around I was in the bag. Outside the rain was pouring down, and I was only wearing a thin windbreaker. Usually I hoofed it.


When I spotted a cab I flagged it down. The driver made a U-turn. To my astonishment he was one of the hottest-looking men I'd ever seen. Or I was blind drunk. Instead of piling into the back seat I got in the front beside the driver.


"Where to?"


"Cheapest whorehouse in town."


"You're in it," he chuckled.


"Where did all this fucking rain come from?"


"Started about an hour ago."


The rain was coming down in sheets and the windshield wipers were clacking away.


"Well, I'd better head home."


I gave him my address.


Looking at him in the shadowy cab made me nervous. He was indeed incredibly handsome. Twenty something. Tall and swarthy. Curly black hair and bright brown eyes. Sensuous, full lips. Beard stubble on his face that I found real sexy. He wore an Army field jacket.


As he turned onto my street, I pointed out my building in the middle of the block. He parked in front of it. The fare on the meter registered four dollars.


I opened my wallet and fished out the four singles left in it.


"Jeez, I'd like to tip you but I'm tapped. Spent more money at the bar than I thought."


"Hey, that's okay. I've been there."


"Uh, how'd you like to come up for a nightcap?"


The words just spilled out of my mouth. "Why not? I'm ready to call it a night myself."


At the front door I was kind of unsteady. I fumbled with my keys and on the second try managed to get the right one in the lock and the door open.


I opened my apartment door on the first try. But when I reached for the light switch I stumbled and fell.


"Easy, fella."


The cabbie caught me and lifted me up. He switched on the light and closed the door. Guess he was used to drunks but I didn't consider myself one.


I clung to him like a cat with its claws out. Looking up into those brown eyes, I melted.


"God, you're cute," I said.


"You ain't exactly chopped liver."


I closed my eyes and that's when he kissed me, right on the lips. His kiss blew me away.


Brazenly, I groped him. He didn't stop me.


Down on my knees, I rubbed my face against his black twill trousers.


"Take it out, dude."


Unzipping the fly, I freed his cock from his briefs. It was short, fat and uncut. He had hairy bull-nuts that dangled between his legs, making my mouth water. I skinned back the foreskin and swabbed my tongue over his flared glans, tasting the tangy cheese. His cock grew and grew into a fat seven-inch tube.


"Suck it, dude. Suck my dick."


Holding the thick base of his prick, I licked the veiny shaft until it glistened. Clasping the shaft, I darted my tongue into his pee-hole, tasting the pre-cum that drooled out of it.


"Oh, yeah, eat it, cock-sucker. Eat my dick."


Fastening my lips around the cockhead, I licked at the base of the crown where his foreskin gathered. I gobbled up his cock.


He rubbed my wet locks.


Rocking on his heels, he fed me his dick. It got so bloated I almost choked and had to back off.


"Oh, Jesus, that feels good."


I was sucking myself into sobriety. I wanted to service this hot stud the best I could. I wanted him to grimace, grunt and groan, and shoot the biggest load of his life.


Taking a breather, I lapped at his hairy balls. I sucked them separately, then together in my mouth.


"Oh, yeah, suck my nuts. No one's ever done that to me before. Got me ready to blow, dude. Get back down on my dick and suck it."


My own cock was straining in my jeans. The hotter I made him, the hornier I got. Getting back on his throbbing dick, I vacuumed it with my mouth.


"You really know how to suck dick good. Guys suck better than broads. Ain't had a guy honk on me since I got out of the Army."


That sounded strange to me, with his hot looks and eager personality, but I let it go. For now I was determined to suck up a storm. I did just that. I slurped up every inch of his pecker, deep-throating it all the way, with my nose nestled in his black curly pubes.


"Keep sucking it. Faster, dude. Oh Christ. I'm gonna blow. Gonna shoot my fucking load in a queer's mouth. I'm cumming! Take it, cock-sucker. Eat my fucking jizz!"


I held onto his strong thighs which he bucked and blew. Gobs and gobs of the thickest, sweetest cum I ever tasted shot down my throat and filled my mouth.


When he pulled his prick out of my mouth it deflated, the head retracted into the wrinkled foreskin. He zipped up.


"What's your name, amigo?" I asked.




"How about taking care of me?"


I thrust forward my tented crotch. Ripping open the metal buttons of the fly of my jeans, I let my throbbing cock breathe. It was every inch as big as his.


"Sorry, dude, I ain't into sucking dicks."


"But you liked me getting you off. Said you'd been with men before."


"True. That was the best blow-job I ever had; I mean that. Only one other guy sucked me, a soldier buddy I got drunk with. He pretended he was drunk and didn't know what he was doing. But he took my whole dick in his mouth, even though he scraped it with his teeth. No bitch ever did that to me before. But you, you swallowed me whole without biting once and got me off totally. Definitely the best cock-sucker I ever met."


"Not been with anybody since you got out of the Army? Hard to believe, with your looks."


"Been shacked up with a bitch. But she was a whore. Just wanted me to pay her bills while she while she played around. Kicked her ass out when I caught her in the sack with another guy. Let him pick up the tab; he's screwing her."


All this talk wilted my prick. I let my anger subside. Keith had woman trouble. Oh, well, I could beat off over him later.


"How about that nightcap?" I said, putting the horse back in the barn.


"I'm mostly a beer drinker."


"You're in luck. Always keep a six-pack on ice."


In the kitchen I got us each a good brew out of the fridge.


Sitting at the kitchen table, I couldn't get over Keith's smoldering looks. Those bedroom eyes. He'd actually kissed me with those sensuous lips. There were some straight guys who were more affectionate than your average gay guy. That always surprised me when I met one.


"How long you been driving a hack?"


"Couple months."


"Like it?"


"Hey, it's a living. Meet some interesting people. Talk a lot. Listen a lot. Play music cassettes for some customers so they don't have to listen to the dispatcher on the radio. I hear cab orders in my sleep sometimes."


"You're a real looker, Keith. But you already know that."


"Naw, I'm just another taxi driver."


"Not so. You're so macho-looking. Just the kind of stud I like to fuck me."


"You take it up the ass?"


"I have before, but not often."


Keith rubbed his crotch. I could see his cock lengthen down his leg.


"That's what I like. Matter of fact, fucking is my specialty. Never dicked a dude before. Never found a bitch who'd let me backdoor her."


Just looking at Keith made my asshole twitch. I didn't even remember the last time I'd let some guy screw my ass. Now I wanted it more than ever. I wanted to feel Keith's big fat dick inside me.


Cold sober now, I stood up and peeled down my jeans. I didn't bother wearing briefs. I liked the feel of denim on my naked dick. I liked to show the outline of my pisser meat to interested guys.


Leaning over the kitchen table, I flashed the cabbie my butt.


"Come and get it, big boy."


Keith stood up and unzipped his fly.


He tentatively rubbed my smooth butt.


"Feel the heat inside."


He raked his fingers across my cheek. He poked at my pucker and shoved his middle finger up my chute.


"Finger it, stud."


I clenched his finger with my butt muscles, letting him know what I could do to his dick.


"Got a hot hole, dude. Feels real tight."


"Made for a big dick like yours, Keith. Do it to me. Fuck me with your big meat."


I spat on my palm and lubed my crevice.


Looking over my shoulder, I watched Keith slap his randy prick against my ass mounds. It felt hot, like a fiery poker.


I wanted it to go in just right. Smooth and easy. Grabbing hold of his cock, I guided it right on target.


He pushed his cock-head forward, splitting my ass lips. My ass ring expanded. All at once my chute was crammed with the cabbie's cock.


"Fuck me, you hot bastard. Fuck me in the ass with your big dick."


It hurt at first but I wanted it so bad I bit my lip, determined to take whatever pain necessary to get corn-holed by the hunky cabbie.


"Tight hole. Feels good." Keith punched me slow and deep. I felt his hairy balls slap against mine, making them tingle.


"Fuck me rough, the way I like it. I need it bad."


He hammered his cock up my ass. I leaned against the kitchen table, bent over, hitting it against the wall. Afraid I'd wake the old woman next door who'd think it w as an earthquake. I remembered the young couple who used to sleep on the other side of the wall. I heard the bedsprings creak. Sometimes when they got carried away, the headboard banged against the wall.


"So big. So hard. Keep banging my butt."


Keith was a natural-born stickman. He drilled my hole relentlessly, slamming his balls against mine.


I had a roaring hard-on. With my right hand I grabbed hold of my dick and jacked it in the same rhythm that Keith pumped my asshole.


I tried to hold off. I wanted to wait for him to get his gun. But my nuts were churning. I whacked off furiously. His cock was hard as a rock up my ass. He was at the brink. But I just blew off, squirting all over like a broken pipe. My asshole clamped around his cock, contracting.


"Cumming up your faggot butt. Take it, bitch. Take my fucking load!"


With each hard thrust he slammed me against the kitchen table, banging it against the wall as he buried his prick to the balls up my butthole and blasted wads and wads of his syrupy cock-snot.


My knees buckled and he had to hold onto me. He kept his cock entrenched in my chute until he deposited every drop of his climax into my ass-guts. Then it plopped out.  My asshole was throbbing from the heavy-duty fuck it had gotten. I could feel his ball-juice trickle down my thigh.


Looking behind me, I noticed that his rod stayed stiff, didn't deflate like it had after the suck-job. Turning around and getting down on my knees on the linoleum, I grabbed hold of his fucker. His cock-head was rosy red and glistening with cum and my ass juices. I licked it off with my tongue.


"You're a good fuck. Got a tight hole, tighter than any pussy I ever had."


"Wanna fuck me some more?"


"You got the idea, dude."


The rain was beating against the windowpane in the kitchen, reflecting blurry lights from the street outside.


My asshole still hurt. I wasn't sure that it could take another pounding.


Keith's brown eyes were glassy. He wasn't lying about being a stickman. His cock stayed engorged, all spit-shined.


I had to get a look at his hard body first. He'd shed his field jacket. His biceps bulged and hair peeked out from under the neck of his T-shirt.


Pulling up his T-shirt, I put the neck-hole behind his head. His chest was covered with wiry black hair. That made my cock quiver.


I licked his small nipples and he moaned. I tweaked them until they were erect. I licked his sweaty armpits. He just watched me, somewhat dazed. I even poked the tip of my tongue into his bellybutton.


Unbuckling his belt, I let his black twill pants fall down around his ankles. I pulled his white cotton briefs down over his cock, which jutted straight out. His thighs were muscular and covered with the same black wiry hair. I licked them.


Getting behind him, I noticed that his butt was hairy too. I decided to give him a thrill. Before he knew what happened, I spread his cheeks and licked his funky crack, darting my tongue into his pucker.


"Oh, yeah. Lick my asshole. That's nasty. I like it."


By now he was hot to trot. Like a slut, I tugged off my shirt and kicked off my jeans and sneakers. I was wearing just my socks.


"Take me on the floor, you hot fucking stud."


Lying on my back, I spread my legs. He kneeled down between them. I hooked my ankles on his shoulders.


"Fuck me, you horny cab driver. Ride my butt."


I was delirious, looking up into his burning brown eyes. I could feel his cum swish around in my butt.


Holding his prick, he guided it right up my butthole. It fit like a glove.


"Hump me, Keith. Hump my butt."


No warming up in the bullpen this time. He pumped my chute hard. He spread my legs wide. I held up my thighs with my hands.


He sat back on his heels, and rocking like a seesaw, he pummeled my butthole, watching his dick slide in and out of me.


"Harder! Fuck me harder."


He sat up and lunged his cock up my ass. He prodded my hole lustily.


By now he was breathing hard and sweat was dripping off his body onto mine.


"Fuck that ass. Fuck it hard and fast. I love your big dick inside me, tearing my ass apart."


Keith went into overdrive. He rammed my butthole like a piston. I could feel the power of his prick as he approached orgasm. It was steely hard.


My own was only semi-hard and bounced around like crazy while he stroked my butthole. But I felt the cum boil in my balls.


"Oh, Keith, your prick is so hard. I can feel it cumming. Shoot it up my ass! Give me your wad!"


He slammed his balls against my ass with his prick buried to the hilt up my hole and gushed big globs of scalding fuck-juice inside me.


The moment he creamed my butthole, I lost control. I couldn't believe it. Not even touching it, my cock sprayed pearly white cum drops all over my chest and belly. Some of it even hit as high as my chin.


This time Keith pulled his prick out of me and it softened, the head retracted inside the sheath.


"That was the hottest sex I ever had in my life. You're really something else," I said.


"Not bad yourself, dude."


He leaned down on top of me. My cum-drops matted the hair on his chest. I felt his beard stubble when he crushed his lips against mine.


He got his trousers hiked up and put his field jacket back on. "Gotta get the yellow prostitute back to the barn."


It sank in that he was talking about his cab. I stayed naked. I liked the way he stared at me.


"Now that you know me and where I live, don't be a stranger."


I knew I'd never see Keith again. He was just a hot trick, the hottest I ever had. Maybe he wasn't the Greek god I'd imagined. I was pretty boozed up that night.


Well, I got my shit together. The rain let up. With my confidence renewed after scoring with the taxi driver, I went job hunting with vigor. Maybe it was my attitude, I'm not sure, but I soon landed a better job with better pay.


I didn't forget about Keith. I even thought about looking him up at the cab company but thought maybe that wasn't such a good idea. Might make him mad, me bothering him at work.


But I'll always have the memory of my beautiful taxi-dancer.




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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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