The Geek

 Story by Frank Decatur

 Art by Michael Kirwan




















Originally published in Allboy magazine - January/February, 2003



They had always picked on him, but Dennis knew something about human nature, and he had a bizarre plan to get even.




The kids all called him The Geek. He wore glasses, His hair was unfashionably long and his clothes were haphazard, at best. Girls used to giggle and whisper about him when he walked by in the hallways, and the jocks and school bullies either ignored him or went out of their way to push him around, lock him in the broom closet or torture him in some other ways. Some of the guys even called him "queer," grabbing their crotches and making sucking sounds whenever they saw him.

Eighteen-year-old Dennis didn't care. He knew he had an I.Q. higher than any of them, was close to a genius when it came to computers, didn't give a fuck about girls and that he'd been accepted into a top college in the east and would soon be leaving this shit-can of a little town behind.

But before he left, he vowed he'd get even with a couple of the guys who were particularly obnoxious. Monday morning Dennis arrived at school early as usual and was getting his books out of his locker for his first class. There was only one week to go and school would be over. As he closed his locker, books under his arm, he spotted Juan Torres, a Mexican guy who was one of his worst enemies, standing by his locker. Juan, more than any of the others, was always grabbing his sizeable crotch and growling, "Eh, Dennees, ya wanna chupo mi pinga? Ya wanna besa mi culo?" c'mon, man, let me steek my deek een yore asshole, ya mericon!" The truth was, he would have done all of those things, if Juan were a nice guy. And the fact that Juan seemed obsessed with Dennis's possibly being gay.

Screwing up as much courage as he could muster, Dennis walked right up to Juan, who eyed him suspiciously, "Hey, Juanito, ya know what you're always saying to me in Spanish? Well, how'd you like to get your big hot Latino dick sucked?"

"Wha' the fuck? Whajoo sayin'?" Juan struck a defensive pose, his thumbs in his belt.

"Naw, man, I'm serious. You are always saying you want me to blow you. So I thought I'd take you up on your offer."

"You really are a mericon!" Juan laughed. "I figured joo was. Yeah, I'd let you suck my deek. Where you wan' it?"

"Well, meet me in the woods at Martin Park, you know, the south end where there's a tunnel under the highway, I'll be there at 4:30 today."

"Cool ... I'll be there. You better not try no sheet, man, or joo'll pay."

"No, man, I'm serious," and Dennis walked away smiling. "Bingo!" he muttered under his breath.

The next guy on his list was a mean little fucker named Vernon, a kid who was dumb and mean as an ox. He pulled straight D's in every class and had been suspended so many times it had become a joke. His modus operandi was to shove Dennis, knocking him on his ass, every time they passed in the hall.

And there he was, gazing out the window with an unlit cigarette dangling from his lips. Actually, he was a pretty hot guy, small, compact and muscled, with a big basket swelling the crotch of his faded jeans.

Dennis walked up to him.

"Hey, Vernon, wha's up?" He hoped his voice wasn't quavering.

"Whut the fuck dew yew want?" Vernon snarled.

"Listen, " Dennis whispered, "At 4:30 this afternoon, I'm gonna be in Martin Park, in that tunnel on the other side of the pond, and if you show up, I'll suck your dick."

"Yer shittin ..."

"No, I'm serious. I always wanted to suck you off and now's your chance."

"Hmmm, well, I'll think about it. I always figgered yew were a cock-sucker," Vernon said and walked away, his shoulders hunched as always and his tight ass bouncing in his jeans.

By 4:30, Dennis was at the appointed place and ready. Within a minute, he heard footsteps outside the tunnel.

"Dennis?" a voice hissed.

"I'm in here!" he answered. The bushes parted and there was Juan, cigarette in his mouth, his tight T-shirt pulled up to show his muscled belly, and the bulge even more evident in his blue jeans.

"So, you wanna suck me?"

"Yeah, just wait a minute or two; I told Vernon to come along too."

"Fuck man, I don' wan' any udder fuckah seein me get my dick sucked."

"It's okay I'm gonna blow you both."

"Oh, okay," Juan muttered.

A few seconds later, Vernon showed up, he looked nervous but was still swaggering and trying to look macho. He too was surprised to see Juan, but they high-fived each other and soon they were standing on each side of Dennis.

Dennis reached over and unzipped both flies at the same time, and then fished out both cocks and held them in his hands.

He had his first chance to see what these guys were packing and he was very impressed! Juan's dick was big, fat, long and uncut. Vernon's dick, which was circumcised, was even fatter with a shining red head, blue veins running its length, and a dribble of crystal pre-cum seeping from the piss-hole. "Let's get these fucker hard," Dennis muttered and began jacking them off simultaneously. And soon the cocks were at full attention.

"Ya wanna suck it?" Juan muttered, taking hold of his cock himself and waving it.

"Yeah, in a minute," Dennis replied, concentrating on Vernon's big ass-packer.

Soon Vernon pushed Dennis's hand away, muttering, "Yore gonna make me shoot my wad."

"Man, you guys really have big dicks. I wonder which one is the biggest?" Dennis asked. "Mine is," Juan boasted.

"Fuck it is!" Vernon replied.

The two boys looked at each other and then Vernon reached over tentatively and grasped Juan's big, brown pinga in his hand and began sliding the foreskin fore and aft.

"It's pretty fuckin' big," he muttered, still grasping Juan's dick.

Juan hesitated at first and then took Vernon's fat cock in his hand and they stood there, jerking each other off.

"Mine's bigger than either one of yours," Dennis said, fishing his own hard dick out of his jeans.

"Sheeit, it ain't that beeg," Juan replied and reached over and took hold of Dennis's dick.

"Fuck, man, you're right. I can't reach around it."

"Bet you can't get it in your mouth," Dennis sneered.

"I wouldn' wanna," Vernon piped in, "but I bet I could."

"Betcha five bucks."

To Dennis' great surprise, Vernon leaned down and attempted to put his mouth around Dennis's cock. It was too big.

"Let me try, I can get that fucka' in my mouth I bet," Juan said, and kneeled down and, sure enough, was able to put the head of Dennis's dick in his mouth. Without another word, all three of the guys began sucking each other. Vernon kneeled down and got a lip-lock on Juan's fat dick while Juan was still sucking on Dennis, and Dennis stood there and didn't do a thing.

Soon, Juan stopped sucking Dennis and started blowing Vernon.

Things just got totally out of control after that and before you could say "cock-sucker" the two boys were down on the ground in a sixty-nine position and were sucking each other's dicks like professionals.

Juan was on top of Vernon and as Dennis stood over them, Juan licked a finger and began rubbing it back and forth across Vernon's asshole.

Vernon muttered "gmmphhh" with his mouth full of dick, and Juan must have taken that for a yes because he plunged his finger into Vernon's ass and Vernon started bucking and wiggling as Juan proceeded to finger-fuck his partner, pulling his finger out and then plunging it back in until Vernon started moving his ass in rhythm with Juan's finger.

Juan pulled his dick out of Vernon's mouth and said, "I wanna fuck you, man," as he spat a mouthful of saliva into his hand and added it to the spit already on his dick.

Vernon said nothing as Juan moved into position and lifted Vernon's legs skyward. There was lots of hissing and groaning as Juan worked the head of his cock into Vernon's tight hole until it finally reneged and let the big, brown fuck-stick enter.

Juan began a steady rhythm, plunging in and out of Vernon's tight hole, grasping his ankles and wiggling his ass as Vernon growled and hissed and said, "Fuck me, yeah, fuck that ass, fuck that tight ass!"

The boys were so totally wrapped up in their fucking that they didn't even notice Dennis standing over them, jerking off. He began pounding his dick faster and faster and then with a moan, just as Juan let out a whimper and stiffened and began shooting his wad, Dennis shot a load of white jizz which landed on Juan's ass, followed by another and another, splattering all over Juan's ass cheeks and back.

Vernon was pounding his own cock and soon moaned as he shot his own load, hitting himself in the mouth and licking his own cum off his lips.

As the boys lay there, half-conscious and panting from the exertion, Dennis shoved his prick back into his pants, zipped himself up, reached up and picked the video camera out of the niche in the wall and quietly left the scene.



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