The Graduate

























 Story by Frank Decatur

 Art by Michael Kirwan

Originally published in Allboy magazine - June, 2004



Mr. Robinson said he had a graduation present for Jimmy...

and that it was a big surprise!




"Hey, Mr. Robinson," Jimmy said, running past the open door of the Super's apartment on his way to meet some of his friends in the park.


"Hey, Jimmy, come back here!" the old man yelled after him.


Jimmy stopped just as he reached the outside door and turned around.


"Yeah? What?"


"I wanted to congratulate you on graduating from High School. Why don't you stop by later. I've got a graduation present for ya."


"Geez, thanks," Jimmy shouted over his shoulder.


As he hurried down the street he wondered what kind of present Mr. Robinson had for him. He liked the old Super who had always been extra nice to him and was always slipping him a fiver or sometimes ten bucks to do some extra chores for him. He also felt kinda sorry for Mr. Robinson, who seemed to be really alone and lonesome. He rarely went out, just sat in his apartment all day between doing his regular job of cleaning and mopping and fixing faucets and toilets and stuff.


Jimmy's dad had taken off years ago and Mr. Robinson was really nice and sort of a male figure for him to look up to. He enjoyed sitting around Mr. Robinson's apartment and just talking and listening to Mr. Robinson's stories about growing up in old New York. Jimmy never asked but he'd guess Mr. Robinson was in his fifties, or maybe older.


He also knew that Mr. Robinson rented a lot of videos. He'd see him with a big bag of videos either going to or coming from the video store around the corner. He suspected they were porn videos, but what the hell. The old guy needed some joy in his life.


Jimmy hung around the park for a couple of hours with his buddies. They played a little basketball, flirted with some girls who came by, bullshitted and drank a little beer which one of them had copped from his old man. They were all eighteen but still too young to buy booze.


As Jimmy entered his apartment house he remembered Mr. Robinson's request, so he stopped and knocked on his door.


"Just a minute," he heard Mr. Robinson shout.


Mr. Robinson opened the door wearing an old, white robe which he held closed with one age-speckled hand.


"Come in, Jimmy, come in," he muttered, gesturing with his free hand.


Jimmy had been in Mr. Robinson's apartment many times before so he sauntered into the kitchen, helped himself to a coke from the fridge and flopped down in a chair.


Mr. Robinson shuffled over to the other chair and sat down.


"So, how's it going?" Mr. Robinson asked, smiling.


"Uh, it's goin' okay, I guess. I gotta' start lookin' for a job soon, since I ain't going to school no more.


"You ain't goin' to college?"


"Naw, Ma don't have the money, and it would take me forever to save it."


They sat in silence for what seemed longer than a half a minute.


"You said you had somethin' for me?" Jimmy felt embarrassed but apparently Mr. Robinson had forgotten.


"Uh, yeah. Yeah, I got somethin' for you Jimmy. I been waitin' a long time; for you to turn eighteen and graduate High School."




"Well, first I have ta' tell you somethin'."


Jimmy was getting nervous. This seemed kinda' weird and Mr. Robinson was smiling at him funny.


They had always been at ease with each other but this time, something was different. Jimmy felt his hands getting sweaty.


"You remember when I walked in on you in your apartment a while back and you wuz with your friend Jose and you guys were naked and ..."


"Oh, Jesus! Yeah, yeah, I remember. Jeez, what's that got to do with anything? Why are you bringin' that up?"


"Well, remember that you were jerkin' each other off. Well, I found that very exciting, Jimmy, but I would never have touched you before but now you're eighteen and, well, I've been waiting a long time ..."


"Uh, so what's this leadin' up to, Mr. Robinson?" Jimmy asked, but for some reason he felt his dick getting hard.


"It's leading up to me wanting to suck your dick, Jimmy. And I think you'd like it. Every boy likes getting his cock sucked, but I think you in particular would go for it. It's just a feeling I have. That's going to be your graduation present ... if you want it. I ain't forcin' you or anything, but think about it."


Jimmy sat there, stunned for a minute, but his blood was racing and his libido was rising rapidly and he couldn't disguise the fact that his dick was standing straight out in his jeans.


"So, Jimmy, whaddya think?"


Jimmy sat there for a minute. "Okay," he muttered. He really did want his dick sucked. He had thought about it a lot of times. He had even thought about sucking Jose's dick but neither of them had done anything except jerk each other off, or lie on top of each other and rub their dicks together until they shot their load all over each other's bellies. It had been great, but Jimmy always wished there'd been more.


"Stand up and c'mere," Mr. Robinson said softly.


Jimmy got up and walked over to Mr. Robinson, whose robe had fallen open and his big cock was standing straight up. Jimmy tried hard not to look at Mr. Robinson's cock as he swiftly pulled Jimmy's big, loose hip-hop jeans down below his hips and fished his cock out of his shorts.


As Mr. Robinson leaned over and engulfed all eight inches of Jimmy's dick into his mouth, Jimmy thought he'd faint. He put his hands on Mr. Robinson's shoulders to steady himself. Mr. Robinson began slowly going back and forth on Jimmy's dick and the hot, wet mouth sliding up and down his cock shaft, all the way to Jimmy's pubes, made him weak in the knees.


"Oh, fuck, Mr. Robinson, you're gonna make me come!" Jimmy hissed after about a minute.


Mr. Robinson immediately took his mouth off the stiff rod. "No, no, don't come, Jimmy!" he commanded. "I wanna make this last for ya. Turn around."


Jimmy turned around and put his hands on the back of the chair as Mr. Robinson pulled his shorts down even further and began licking up and down the crack of Jimmy's ass.


"Ummmm," was all Jimmy could say.


"Ahhhhh," was his next sound as Mr. Robinson's tongue found Jimmy's pink asshole and began probing it.


"Oh-my-fucking-shit!" Jimmy muttered as Mr. Robinson stuck a finger in his butthole and began probing around.


"Ohhhhh," Jimmy whined as Mr. Robinson inserted another finger into his butthole.


Mr. Robinson spit on Jimmy's asshole and then licked it up. He spit again and licked and probed with his tongue and then he stuck the index finger of each hand into Jimmy's butthole and pulled it apart so he could get his tongue in even further.


Jimmy hissed and pushed back. He wanted Mr. Robinson's tongue up there as far as it would go.  "Ohhh, lick my fuckin' ass, Mr. Robinson!" he groaned.


Instead, Mr. Robinson stood up and Jimmy saw him reach over and grab four fingers full of margarine from the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" tub sitting on the table. Then Jimmy felt the butter being applied generously to his asshole and a couple of buttery fingers probing deep inside his terribly sensitive, pink lined, and now hungry hole.


Then Jimmy felt the big, fat head of Mr. Robinson's cock probing at his butthole and he reached around and grabbed hold of the fat, fleshy rod and helped guide Mr. Robinson's cock up his virgin butt.


He'd never felt anything so good. It felt completely natural. He realized his ass was made for fucking and that he was going to get fucked and that that was what he had always wanted.


He felt the big, fat cock filling him up to the hilt and he bent over and grabbed his own stiff prick and began pumping his cock as Mr. Robinson began pumping his ass and they hit a rhythm together and Mr. Robinson was hissing and grunting as he slammed his cock home and Jimmy was groaning with pleasure as he pounded his own hot cock and met each thrust with a backward plunge.


"Oh, fuck me, Mr. Robinson, fuck my hot ass. Oh, yeah, harder! Slam your cock in me. Oh, God, you're gonna make me come. Oh, Mr. Robinson! You're gonna make me shoot my fuckin' load!"


And Jimmy's balls began contracting up into his belly and he felt the hot jizz boiling in his nuts and then that incredible sensation of hot white come shooting up his shaft and a big, white stream of boy-come shot from the head of his swollen dick and landed on the chair and then another hit the floor and then a huge gob of white cream dribbled onto his fist and fell onto his sneakers as Mr. Robinson pounded faster and faster and then he suddenly pulled his cock out of Jimmy's now wide-opened asshole and Jimmy whirled around and held out his hand as Mr. Robinson shot a big wad of come which missed Jimmy's hand and hit him right on his naked belly.


Jimmy swiped the jism off his belly and out of his belly button and smeared it all over Mr. Robinson's mouth as the old man lapped it up and continued to jerking himself off as gobs of come splattered to the floor.


They both fell back into their chairs, and Jimmy started to laugh nervously as he looked down at his now splattered sneakers, pants legs, belly, t-shirt and his sticky hands.


Mr. Robinson sat with his eyes closed and his mouth gaping open as his big dick slowly wilted and flopped down between his big, hairy balls.


"How was that, Jimmy? Did you like your present?"


"Yeah," Jimmy nodded, suddenly felling very embarrassed.


"Oh, and that ain't all. You see, kid, I don't have any family, and I've saved quite a bit of money, and I think you ought to go to college. So, I'm gonna give you the money for school and you can help out here at the apartment house. I'm getting' too old for some of the chores around here. What do you think of that?"


"Well, okay, Mr. Robinson. And will you keep on fucking me?"


"If you'd like. And there are a lot more things we can do, Jimmy. I want to be your teacher, okay? Oh, and by the way, my name is John ... so call me John from now on, okay?"


"Okay, Mr. ... uh ... John."



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