Art Michael Kirwan

 Story by Jason Mahon




originally published in Playguy Magazine - April, 1994 issue


A look back at the sporting life!



I was walking through the woods, on my way to the brook to get in some twilight fishing. First it was just noise; a grunt, then a slapping sound. Immediately I thought Bear! and froze, carefully scanning the dark woods. I almost didn't see the pale bodies on the bank of the brook. It took a moment for my mind to identify the actions. It was two men having sex. Rough, down and dirty sex at that.

I was suddenly close to them, on my knees in the thick firs. My mouth was dry, my heart was pounding. Had they looked my way they would have seen the whites of my eyes. My cock was already rock-hard, aching and throbbing. I lay right on the ground and wormed my way closer. I had to hear this too.

"You were just down here waiting for me, weren't you?" This was from the guy pounding his rod up the other guy's ass. He punctuated each sentence with a deep drive. "I knew you'd be in heat, you little bitch ... Ahh, shake it, c'mon, make it tight." He was grinding himself into his partner.

The guy who was bent over arched his back to get a deeper reaming. "That's it ... fuck me hard ... pound that sucker in." He reached for his own straining cock. I could see a gleaming strand of pre-cum in the moonlight. My own hips were pumping, grinding my inflamed cock against my rough denim jeans. I could actually see the thick length of cock sliding in and out of his ass.

"Don't tease me," he muttered breathily. Only the head of his buddy's prick was in his hole. His friend held the rest of the shaft in his hand, stirring it around. With his other hand, he held the guy's ass and kept him from sliding back on his dick. When he let go--*smack!* The sound was like a rifle shot. "Ahh ... easy, I'll be still ..." I was trying to keep still myself, thrusting and straining against the hard dirt of the forest floor.

I could feel my own pre-cum spreading a slick film around my navel.

"I'm almost there, make me want to fuck you ... c'mon ... suck my hot rod up that ass." The fucker shifted his grip, thumbs dug deep, peeling those cheeks as widely as he could. He looked down. "Oh, baby, that's it--oh yes--squeeze me tight. I can see you trying." I could too. His face was screwed up in concentration, as he tried to entice that bloated rod to give him what he needed so badly.

"Come to papa ... oh, yeah! So tight." He pulled those hips back in one smooth motion. "Now, I'm gonna fuck you." It took about ten of the deepest hardest strokes I'd ever imagined. Their cries were wordless as they both came. The fucker shook in ecstasy as he blew his wad, drilling a jet of hot, thick scum from his buddy, who was jacking on his dick. I could hear the wet sticky load hit his flesh.

I had to bite my lip to keep from gasping when I shot off in my own shorts--I'd rubbed the head of my dick raw by humping the ground as I watched these two. My load started to feel sticky and cold against my skin, but I just laid in it. I was so close to these guys I didn't dare move. I was confused: I felt so dirty for hiding in the bushes and spying on people. I'd just turned eighteen and this was the closest I'd gotten to having sex. There was one thing I wasn't confused about--my sexual reactions. I knew this was what sex was all about for me. Hot cocks, hot men, and hard fucking.

The sporting camps belonged to my uncle and I worked for him as a guide that year. You can bet that I made sure I guided those two for the rest of their stay! That first taste of what I called my "nasty little habit" was just the beginning. It was easy to watch these guys. From behind a big spruce, I could see right into their bedroom. They put on a show for me each night. The one guy, Pete, was always rough. The other seemed to lap it right up. Rick took that massive member down his throat as easily as up his ass. They acted perfectly normal toward me during the day, but I wondered if they knew I was a silent partner in their fuck sessions. I spilled a lot of spunk on the ground outside their cabin.

I was there to help them load up their gear when their stay came to an end. Without seeming to pry too much, I got the info I was looking for--they'd be back in the fall for the hunting season. It was a frustrating couple of months--I was horny all the time, and my poor prick was raw from all the jacking off I did. I could not make myself approach anyone with my sexual needs. I mean, these were for the most part well-to-do city guys, sophisticated, I couldn't imagine they'd want me, so I just watched. I guess I wasn't ready for more than that yet. Vicarious thrills took the place of affection--it was easy to carry on a relationship with someone who didn't know I was there.

Come the fall, Pete and Rick returned, and I made sure they got a cabin that would suit my needs. I was dying to see Rick on his knees swallowing Pete's massive dick. I got my wish. I salivated in sympathy as Pete forced his huge log down Rick's gagging throat, casually using his partner for a quick orgasm before they were even unpacked. When Rick stood up again, his hard-on was evident. Pete casually slapped at it, then grabbed it and started to jerk it off. "I bet you wish this was Jason, don't you?" I couldn't believe my ears. He was talking about me. "I bet you'd like to see his pretty little lips wrapped around this wouldn't you?" Rick was pumping himself into Pete's fist. "Then what? Then what would you do to his gorgeous ass, huh? You can tell me." Pete was standing close, looking down into Ricky's glazed eyes, stroking slower, drawing out the pleasure for his lover.

"Oh, God, I'd love to fuck that tight ass, I can feel it now. Would you hold him for me? Just leave his butt free to wiggle; I want it to squirm while I fuck him." I swear I could imagine the feel of his fat cock cumming up my ass as he jerked and trembled while Pete wrapped his arms around me, holding me tight. I was rooted to the spot. I watched them finish unpacking, after they threw on their robes. My aching hard-on and congested balls begged for release, but I stayed where I was hoping to hear more. Rick poured Pete a small glass of cognac, and said, "Do you think he's eighteen? God, I'd like to break him in, I'd open him right up for you. When I was finished with him, then he could take you. I'd love to watch that."

A thrill raced through me as I stumbled away, my mind awash with the possibilities. Here was my opportunity, and I was terrified, though my dick indicated that I was turned on too. Honestly, though I thought my lecherous leering had earned me my pervert stripes, the thought of doing it with real people left me scared speechless.

That night, I took up my usual post-even brought my own lubricant with me! I loved jacking off, seeing if I could make myself cum at the same time Pete and Rick did. I slowly stroking my gleaming rod, watching something I'd never seen before. Pete had gone down on Rick, right next to the window. The rod I'd been dreaming about was proudly jutting out from a mattress of thick pubic hair. It was a sculpted masterpiece of male passion. The heavily veined surface was covered with a light sprinkling of hair. I watched as Rick pumped pre-cum out of his piss slot, slicking the mushroom-shaped cap.

My mouth was open as I imagined the taste of that hot flesh. I didn't see Pete approach the window from the side, careful not to interrupt my view. When he threw open the window, I jumped in surprise.

"Why don't you come in and join us instead of standing out there in the dark and jerking off?" He grinned when I walked into the light of the window. "I was talking with your uncle, I know you're eighteen, He doesn't know you've been watching us, but I've had my eye on you." He met me at the back door.

My mind was numb, my body was tingling. I walked into the cabin as if in a dream. I felt disembodied, like I had no control. When I got into the bedroom and saw Rick spread out for me, I stopped. Pete led me over and got me to my knees. "Try it," he quietly urged me. "Taste him; he's dying for it." I stretched out the tip of my tongue and tentatively ran it over his spongy head.

My senses were assaulted by the musky aroma of his crotch, the sticky pre-cum, the sensation of his flesh against mine. Without being told I did what I had seen him do so many times. I drilled into his pee hole with my tongue and sucked him into my mouth.

"You like the taste of that, kid?" He was fucking my mouth with short strokes. As Rick took a hold of my head, urging my mouth farther down his stiff rod, Pete started stripping me. Every time I ran my tongue from his slot, along that crease on the underside of his cock, back to the head he'd shove that baby a little deeper. "Oh, yeah, you want that down your throat don't you?" I readied myself; I'd seen this done so often I knew what was coming. My heart was pounding in anticipation. I vaguely felt Pete pulling and tugging on my balls, and pushed my ass back at him. I took a deep breath, "That's it. Oh, baby, suck my hot meat." His dick pressed at the soft skin at the back of my mouth, and I gagged. "Relax; open up for me. I ain't goin' anywhere but deeper." I sucked that pulsing man-flesh into me, choking, gagging. I felt tears running down my face and he tried to pull away, but I grabbed his hips and slurped him down to the root.

"Jesus, Pete, you ought to see this ... unhh." Rick groaned as my throat contracted. This time my whole body shuddered and jerked while I forced myself to hold him.

I dimly heard Pete say, "Well, he's thirsty, isn't he? If I were you, I'd hose him down." I felt his hands cup my chin and tilt my head up a little more; I got another inch of cock down my gullet. "Hold him like that, and fuck him slowly, let him get everything he can out of it. I'm going to get him ready for you. He's gonna want that cock somewhere else before the night is over."

I felt every millimeter of his cock with my tongue while he followed orders and slowly moved it back and forth. He established a rhythm. My throat expanded as he fucked. He'd drag his cock out of my mouth with a wet sucking sound I couldn't believe was coming from me. I sucked desperately to hold him in my mouth, running my tongue over the head while I breathed around it.

Meanwhile, Pete had lubed up my virgin asshole and was working his fingers inside me. Every now and then he'd prod my prostate, causing my cock to rear up in delicious agony while I hunched back at him. Suddenly, Pete said, "All right, knock it off. He's ready for that big dick of yours up his butt."

I felt like a rag doll when they moved me to the bed. I lay face down, a pillow under my hips, I felt the bed sink when Rick got between my legs. I tried to relax, wanting to feel him inside me. Pete held me in place and pushed the head of Rick's cock into my ass. I couldn't keep still, it hurt so bad, but he didn't force it. I lay still. I could feel sweat cooling off my back, Rick's hot dick nestled between my ass cheeks.

The heat worked its magic, relaxing my ass, and I pushed back at him. His thick shaft slid gently into my tight sheath. Rick rocked on the cheeks of my ass while he drove it in. His greasy shaft relentlessly plumbed my depths. I lay still and took it, feeling it burrow deeper with each stroke. My own cock was leaking a steady stream of juice. The friction from my fucking the pillow made the throbbing more intense, electric. My ass was clenching his cock tightly. I could feel every vein on the surface, gripping and relaxing with a languid rhythm. I had watched, and thrilled to such acts. Taking part was better.

The only thing I was able to concentrate on was the raw friction. Rick lifted me onto my hands and knees, and Pete grabbed hold of my steaming rod. After a few strokes I took off. I could feel the contractions start in my nuts, liquid fire shoot up my shaft, pulse out the end of my rod and cover my belly with slime. Each spasm had me squeezing Rick's rod, my own orgasm tripping his. I felt the velvet-textured rod of steel and elastic snapping and spitting as it filled my ass with hot seed. It put me into orbit, I couldn't contain the sensations. I screamed. I mean, I scared those guys, sending Pete rushing to cover my mouth. I finally stopped, but couldn't quit squirming my ass, my insides quivering with a raw urgency that wouldn't let me be still.

Years later, I still strive to achieve that level of sensuality. I get lots of opportunity to try. I own those sporting camps now, and I get plenty of opportunity to indulge my voyeurism. Word's has gotten out and I have an almost exclusively gay resort. Of course things are different today: I keep plenty of condoms around for my clients. My partner and I often watch together, sometimes joining in the fun, jacking off while regular fuck-buddies put on a show for us. But we always participate when Pete and Rick are our guests.

                                                              THE   END

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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
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