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 Art by Michael Kirwan

 Story by Niels Grant, Jr.

originally published in Inches Magazine - December, 1994 issue



A late night office orgy




I heard the voice and froze.


"You're doing good, babe. You're sucking that cock the way it likes to be sucked."


I was back at my company's office, after hours, picking up some extra materials I needed to complete a financial report. The boss had insisted I work on the report at home, since we were on a deadline. But then I realized some of the figures were missing, and headed back to the office. It never occurred to me I'd find anyone else there.


The outer lobby was dark. The only light--and that voice--were coming through the open door of the boss's office. The voice came again. The boss's voice. "Ummmm, yes, that feels good, too. Suck 'em, babe! Suck those nuts!


Someone was giving the boss a blow-job!


I was in a bind. I needed those figures, but I couldn't turn on a light. Well, I told myself, I'll just have to come back later. I turned, but stopped. There was a magnetic draw. For two reasons: one, I happened to be secretly interested in the boss, and wanted to see how he was hung. Two, I was dying to know who was sucking his cock! It would be one of the secretaries, of course, but which one?


I tried to resist but the draw was too strong. I tiptoed across the room and peeked around the doorjamb. I fucking near shit!


The boss, Todd Sloan, is thirty-two years old and a really handsome blond. He was sprawled in his desk chair, shoulders and head back, stark naked, displaying a well-muscled chest and pectorals. His long legs were spread and there was someone between those legs. That someone was naked, too, and it wasn't one of the secretaries. It was another guy!


Whoever it was had his head in Todd's crotch and was still working on Todd's knockers with his mouth. He had a fist wrapped around Todd's joint and was stroking it slowly while he slobbered on the nuts. He had a lot to stroke. My mouth almost fell open at the sight of Todd's manhood. It was at least a nine-incher, thick enough that the guy's fingers and thumb didn't quite meet. The head had a thick flange and tapered to a blunted tip. A really fine cock!


My first thought was: Shit, I could have gone for that fuck-stick after all! I was pissed at myself. And disappointed.


I lowered my eyes to the guy.


He was young, I could tell. His body looked trim and smooth and he had a nice ass--firm buttocks with a deep groove between them. He could only be one person: Tory Carlson, the twenty-year-old who handled the mail.


Fuck, Tory hadn't given any indication that he liked to suck dick! If only he had ...


My hand crept into my crotch. My fingers were wrapped as best they could around a hard tube of meat. I rubbed it through the material of my pants and my throbbing dick flexed eagerly.


Tory's hand slid down to the base of Todd's big rod and, for a couple of moments, that beautiful prick stood in full view. I could almost taste it. Then Tory let Todd's balls slide out of his mouth and licked his way up that long, thick fuck-pole. He wrapped his mouth around the head and went to work on it with his tongue. "Ooooh, yeah," Todd moaned. "Eat my dick-head!"


My prick had pushed its way out from under the hem of my shorts. It was hot against my leg. It spewed out a little sticky juice.


Todd's arms moved. His hands landed on his hard pecs and he rubbed them slowly, almost lovingly. He started fingering his nipples, giving himself a little extra sensual pleasure while Tory munched on his cock-head. "Ooooh, God!" he murmured, "Uuuungh!" There was no doubt that Todd Sloan was enjoying himself.


Tory's lips slid over Todd's dick-head and down the shaft. He could only fit about half of that long, thick prick into his mouth, but started sucking on what he could take. Todd said it again. "Yeah, babe, you're doing good. You're sucking that cock the way it likes to be sucked."


There was no doubt about it. Tory was enjoying himself, too--having himself a feast on Todd's big whang.


I was mauling my hard dick through my pants and my leg was getting stickier. I could almost feel what Todd was feeling: a hot young mouth sliding up and down. Or what Tory was feeling: my mouth sliding up and down that good-sized, mouth-filling cock. A little voice inside my head said, "Take that fucker out and whack on it!"


But before I could make a move, Todd made his. His hands went from his chest to Tory's head. He grasped it and stopped Tory's sucking. Tory was just sitting there between his legs, with Todd's big dick in his mouth. "I think we can move on to the surprise I promised you," Todd said. He lifted his head from the back of the chair and looked right at me, smiling. "Come in, Jeff," he said. He added, "You can see now why I didn't give you all the figures for that report."


I fucking near shit for the second time. But I knew what had happened. Todd had been listening for me. He'd heard me arrive. And, with Tory's help, he'd put on a show for me. Gotten me hot as a firecracker.


I stepped into the office. Todd's hands fell away from Tory's head and Tory stood up. As our eyes met he smiled. Tory's a little guy, only about five-six, and dark-haired--a good-looking kid.


"Come on, Jeff," Todd said. "Strip and jump in. The water's fine!"


Tory still had hold of Todd's big prick by the root. I still couldn't see how Tory was hung.


They both watched as I undressed. I knew what they were seeing. I'm twenty-four years old, five-eleven, a hundred and sixty pounds. My body isn't as muscular as Todd's, but it's okay. And I hadn't been cheated in the crotch department. As I slid my pants and shorts down, my hard-on popped free: six-plus inches in length and half-dollar-sized girth, with average-sized balls in a half-loose sack. The head was shiny with pre-cum.


"Maybe I should explain," Todd said. "Tory's been taking care of my cock for me for several weeks, but ... How do I put it? There's something he wanted that I couldn't give him. My cock is too big for his sweet young butt. So I arranged this little surprise for him."


"You mean ...?"


Todd nodded his head. "Yes, Jeffrey, that's what I mean. While Tory sucks my cock you can give him the fuck he likes."


I looked at Tory again. His eyes, and the look on his face, said he was all in favor of it.


Todd opened a desk drawer, reached in and pulled out a tube. "Here, Tory, take this and get Jeff's cock ready for action." Todd had worked out all the details for his little surprise!


Tory accepted the tube and turned to face me. My eyes automatically went to his crotch and widened. That little guy, his body slim and trim, had certainly not been cheated, either. His bone was as big around as mine and at least an inch longer, and it had done some drooling of its own. The long, tapered head was shiny with pre-cum. I ran my tongue across my upper lip. That prick of Tory's would be a tasty one, too!


Tory went to his knees in front of me, uncapped the tube and squirted some gel into his hand. He went to work on my stiff rod, lubing it from stem to stern. Fuck, it felt good. If he'd kept going that way I'd have shot off. But he didn't. He pulled his hand off my dick, got to his feet, and handed me the tube. I knew what he wanted.


Todd had watched the whole operation with interest. a pleased smile on his face. Now he leaned his head back again. His hands went to his erect nipples.


Tory got on his knees again between Todd's long legs, but this time that young, slim ass of his was higher in the air--firm buttocks with that deep groove between them. He bent his head to Todd's crotch and I went into action. I sank to my knees too, behind Tory. I squirted some gel onto a fingertip and went for his butthole, resting my hand over his butt-cheeks and sliding a finger into his crack. I found his puckered little hole and rubbed it. teased it with my fingertip, then gently shoved my finger through that tight opening. Tory didn't make a sound. I started readying his snug fuck-hole for cock. Finger fucking, cork-screwing my finger in and out. That was one tight young butthole!


Tory had taken hold of Todd's balls with one hand and the root of his long, thick dick with the other. He was bobbing his head up and down, sliding his mouth up and down that joy-stick. I pulled my finger out of his asshole and inched my way up on my knees. I took hold of my slippery dick and started running the head up and down his hot ass-crack, forcing it between those tight cheeks. I zeroed in on his fuck-hole. Leaning over his back a little, I started fucking. My dick-head broke through that tight gate, followed by hard cock. Tory was going to get the tuck he wanted!


I started sort of slowly, but before long I was pounding my entire six-incher into that hot, cock-grasping fuck hole. My nuts swung forward each time and slapped against Tory's nuts. I swear that was the tightest hole I'd ever fucked--it was doing really good things to my stiff prick. But I wasn't the only one getting his meat pleased. "Ooooh, man," Todd murmured, "you suck cock even better when you're getting fucked! I should have thought of this sooner. Fuck him, Jeff. Fuck that hot young ass. Suck it. Tory! Suck my cock!"


Neither one of us had to be told: Tory was playing with Todd's balls and sucking his juicy joy-stick; I was fucking that tight young ass--we were a fuck-suck machine going about it nicely. Todd was adding to his own pleasure by fondling his pecs and playing with his nipples again. It would have been hard to decide who was enjoying it the most--if one of us were enjoying it more than the others.


Then suddenly a sound came from the hallway, and the door to the outer office was slammed open. All three of us stopped: Todd, with his hands still on his tits; Tory, with a mouth still full of cock; me, with my dick buried in Tory's fuck-hole. A voice. "Mr. Sloan, are you in there?"


"Oh, shit!" Todd spit out, raising his head. "I forgot about the fucking janitor!"


We started to move but it was too late; the janitor appeared in the doorway. "What the fuck!" he bellowed.


The janitor is an older guy, somewhere in his forties. He's as tall as Todd, six-one. It was hard to tell with the coveralls he was wearing, but he didn't look like he'd be heavily built. His brown hair was just beginning to gray at the temples and he had a rather plain face, with brown eyes. Shock was registered on that face and in those eyes--he was seeing something he'd never seen before.


No one said a word, but the fuck-suck machine started to dissolve. I pulled my hard prick out of Tory's fuck-hole and rolled over onto the floor. Tory raised his head out of Todd's crotch. He let go of Todd's cock and balls and rolled away, too. He went into a sitting position on the floor. Todd straightened up in his chair. "Well," he said, "you caught us having a little fun."


The janitor tried to say something, but he couldn't find his voice. He was looking from one of us to the other--from cock to cock.


"It looks like you've never seen this kind of fun," Todd said.


The janitor shook his head slowly. He was still in shock--and he was still looking from hard cock to hard cock.


Todd got slowly to his feet. He stood there a moment, his muscular body straight and tall, and his big, thick prick straight and tall, too! He started forward and I knew instantly what he was thinking. The sure way to win the janitor's silence would be to get him involved!


Todd reached toward the janitor, straight for the man's crotch. His hands curled over the man's equipment. then rubbed and squeezed gently. The janitor made strange sounds, but he didn't move. It looked like he couldn't move. He was paralyzed.


Todd's hands went to the janitor's shoulders, and undid the hooks, then pulled the coveralls down. A flat, hairless chest came into view, then a pair of Jockey shorts well stretched by an obvious hard-on. Todd pulled the shorts down, revealing a prick that pretty well matched Tory's.


Todd stepped back. "Tory, why don't you give him a little sample of your talents?"


A moment later, Tory was on his knees in front of the janitor. He wrapped his fingers around the root of the man's hard dick and leaned in. He took it into his mouth, and his other hand took hold of the man's balls. He started sucking cock.


The janitor was coming out of shock, and found at least part of his voice. "Jesus!" he said. But he didn't try to pull away. He looked down. He was watching Tory suck his joint.


"How about it?" Todd asked. "You want to join the party?"


"I've ... I've ... I've ... never ..."


Todd smiled. "Why don't you help him undress, Tory?"


Tory pulled his mouth off the man's stiff love-joint. Still on his knees, he went to work. When he was through, the janitor was like the rest of us, naked and hard-cocked. His body was on the thin side, but it was still a male body. And that hard dick of his was nothing to sneeze at.


Todd was still running things. "Well," he said, "now that we're all in working order, how'll we go about it?"


He answered himself. "We'll play choo-choo train." Before any of us could ask, he said, "You know. A lot of trains have at least two cabooses. Tory, get that cock ready for action. Our friend here can fuck Jeff While Jeff's fucking you."


Tory went into action again. He got the tube of gel, lowered himself to his knees in front of the janitor, squirted some gel out and went to work on the guy's fuck-stick. He lubed it like he had lubed mine, from stem to stern. This time I was watching along with Todd, and it was interesting to see one hard-cocked guy working on another guy's hard prick.


Tory wasn't finished. "Turn around, Jeff," he said.


I turned around. Tory squirted more gel onto a finger and went to work on my fuck-hole. He finger-fucked and cork-screwed, getting it ready for cock.


Todd lowered himself into his chair again and stretched out. His head and shoulders went back, and his legs spread. His hands went to his tits. Once again, with that big dick sticking out he was ready for action. Tory tossed the tube aside, wiped his hands on the rug, and crawled up between Todd's legs. One hand reclaimed Todd's balls, the other went around the base of his big joint. He leaned in. I went to my knees behind him and did a re-run: took hold of my prick and ran it up and down his crack, then zeroed in on his fuck-hole. I sent my dick-head into him, followed by cock.


"Do you mean ...? Do you mean I'm supposed to do that?" the janitor asked.


I knew Todd was smiling, but he didn't raise his head. "Yes, you're supposed to do that. Stick that cock of yours into that hot ass and get yourself a good fuck!"


I felt the janitor go to his knees behind me. He had been watching. I felt his warm, pliant dick-head hit my balls, then he pulled it upward. That dick-head pressed between my solid ass-cheeks, and he started running it up and down. He had to move in and out a little because I was slowly fucking Tory's tight ass. Then as he straightened his cock, I felt the head right over my pucker. He gave a powerful thrust, and that prick of his pierced my ass. He slammed the whole fucking thing into me, and I let out a yell. Fuck, my ass was on fire. The janitor froze. But Todd was still right on top of everything. "Don't let that scare you off!" he said. "Go ahead and fuck. He'll be begging for more in a minute or two."


The janitor unfroze. He pulled his prick out until only the head was in my fuck-hole, then sent the whole thing in again. It didn't take long before two things had happened: One, the janitor had gotten into the full swing of ass-fucking--he was doing it like a veteran. Two, Todd had been right--I was begging for more. Still fucking Tony with even strokes, I groaned out, "Oh, yeah, man, fuck me! Fuck me good!" That dick of his was doing amazing things to my asshole.


Tory was sucking away on Todd's big dick. The janitor and I were like a couple of cabooses, connected and moving together. His fuck-stick plunged into Tory's ass, then both pulled out and both plunged in again. I realized that something else had happened--Tory had reached under and taken hold of his own hard meat. He was jacking off while he sucked cock and got fucked.


Somehow that didn't seem right. Tory shouldn't have to take care of himself while the rest of us (and our cocks!) were getting pleasured. Neither the janitor nor I missed a stroke, but I sent my arm around Tory and into his crotch. I pushed his hand off his hard rod and took hold of it. It was a good handful, and I started pumping on it. I'd done it to please him, but I discovered that it added to my own pleasure. Jacking on a nice prick while I was getting fucked and fucking added a little extra.


"Oh, man," Todd muttered, "this has gone from great to greater. Ooooh, yeah, suck that cock, Tory. How about you, Hannigan? What do you think?"


"Oh, fuck, yes," the janitor answered. "This is great. Jesus, fucking ass ... my prick ... tight ... better than my wife's cunt." He said it a little breathlessly. Like I said, he'd really gotten into the swing of ass fucking. He was shoving it into me, dragging it out, pounding it in again.


Hannigan reached the finish line first. He suddenly started ramming my ass faster and faster, and finally shoved his fuck-pole all the way in and left it. "Oh, sweet mother of Christ!" he cried out. Humping against my butt-cheeks, he started filling my ass with his jizzum.


A moment later Todd cried out. "Oh, fuck, Tory, you're gonna get it! Oh, fuck, eat my spunk! I'm coming!"


The janitor fell away, dragging his still-hard prick out of my ass. Jizzum dribbled across my butt-cheek. He landed on his back on the floor.


Fireworks started going off in my head--it was my turn to fill an ass with spunk. At the same moment I shot my seed up his guts, I felt Tory's hard prick swell. He started shooting off, too.


Tory and I ended up on the floor with the janitor. Three guys fiat on our backs, breathing heavily. Todd sprawled in his chair in the same condition. The smell of sex was heavy in the room. Our four pricks slowly wilted.


Todd Sloan's surprise for Tory had turned into a series of surprises, good ones, especially for me and the janitor. The proof came when the janitor spoke. "Look, Mr. Sloan, if you do this again, will you let me in on it?"


Todd chuckled enigmatically, not giving anything away. But I had a hunch Hannigan would be back for more.





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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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