The Window Washers





























 Illustration by Michael Kirwan  Story by Ram Emerson



Originally published in Honcho magazine - September, 1991



The cleanest dirty story you'll ever read!



I woke up, stretched lazily and rolled over in bed, reaching for the telephone. "Morning, Louise," I said cheerfully when my secretary answered. "I won't be in today. Make the usual excuses if you will please."

"Sunstroke?" she asked dryly.

"Something like that," I shot back. "Mark it down as vacation. I've got a few extra days floating around."

"Sure, boss. Enjoy the sunshine. Think of me here, slaving away under these lousy fluorescent lights."

"Save it for the talent scouts, Louise. See you Monday." I hung up the phone and kicked back the covers, cheerfully looking down at my hard-on. It stretched up a good two inches beyond my navel, hovering about an inch above the flat surface of my belly.

"Good morning, buddy," I drawled, tracing the bulging cum-tube with my thumbnail. "It's playtime." A rush of pleasure shot through me when I made contact with the mass of nerves tucked just behind the rim of my cock crown. The fine line of hairs from my bush to my belly button stood up straight and my balls shifted in their hairy bag. I was horny as a goat and I was planning an all-out assault on every nerve ending I could think of.

Since I didn't have a man with a big cock on tap, I rolled over and went fishing under the bed for the next best thing. My fingers wrapped around a fat rubbery shaft and I hauled my prize up onto the bed with me. Big Max was a twelve-inch dildo, nine inches around at the base, complete with balls and a fat knob on the end. He was a challenge, but he kept me in good form while I waited around for the real thing.

I pulled a tube of lube out of the drawer of my nightstand and squeezed a big glob on the business end of Max, slicking him down for action. I spread my legs, squeezed another cool glob of lube onto my bull's-eye and poked two fingers up my ass to loosen up the passageway.

My dick squirted juice on the first poke, the head swelling up, sending a rush through my entire body. I knuckled my knob a few times while I worked to stretch my ass-ring, then set old Max up on his safety base in the middle of the bed. I scrambled up and squatted over him, watching in the mirror across the room as the fat head pressed up between my cheeks.

A little tit play and I was on my way, inch after inch of Max disappearing till my butt was resting on my heels. Shit, it felt good! My cock was drooling out a river of honey, trickling down my bulging shaft, then dripping off my balls and onto the sheets. I rubbed a hand over my belly, up to the rise of my pecs. My butt ring spasmed when I pinched my nipples. Then my nuts squirmed around in their hairy bag.

I lifted up 'til Max was nearly in the clear, then sank back down, sparks shooting through me. Damn, I wished the old boy was attached to some hot man. I was in the mood to just lie on my belly, legs spread, while some horny stud fucked me silly. In the meantime, though, this wasn't a bad substitute. I started rotating my hips, gasping every time Max mashed my joy-knob.

I was really getting into it, bouncing up and down on the bed till the springs creaked, when suddenly a shadow crossed the window. That was kind of weird since there hadn't been a cloud in the sky a minute ago and I live on the fifteenth floor of a twenty-five story apartment tower. I looked over my shoulder and froze as a window washer's scaffold came into view, occupied by two men. My drapes were wide open and I was too far away to yank the cord and pull them shut. To top it off, my windows were wide open, providing a clear view of what I was doing.

The window washers immediately saw me and their eyes got big as saucers. They were both big men, the younger of the two a flaxen blond with a chestful of silky-looking hair. His skin was bronzed, making the hairs gleam like silver in contrast. He also had a thick mustache that drooped beyond the corners of his mouth. His jeans were riding low on his hips, damn near showing his bush. A red shirt was tucked into his back pocket like a flag. His jaw fell slack as he took in the sight of me and my butt, packed full of my buddy Max.

The other dude was a redhead, bearded and brawny, his bare arms thick with muscle. He was wearing a T-shirt, cut off just below the swell of his bulging pees, evidently to protect his broad shoulders from the sun. His arms were burned a brick red, almost as brilliant as the wiry hairs growing densely along his forearms. He looked as surprised as his buddy. But the twinkle in his green eyes led me to believe that he wasn't nearly as shocked as the younger guy. He nudged his coworker in the ribs and whispered something in his ear. The blond nodded. Then they both put down their rags and squeegees and climbed in through the open window.

I was still squatting on the bed, breathing heavily, my asshole spasming around the base of Big Max. I figured these boys looked horny rather than mean. Besides, I couldn't very well run and hide. It was a little late for that. "Caught me, huh?" I said, shrugging my shoulders sheepishly.

''I'll say!" The big redhead nodded. "Looks like you could use some help there. If you ask real nice, maybe Ed and me would be willing to join your little party. What do you say, Ed?"

"I don't know, Jack," Ed gulped.

I glanced over at him. He was still looking shocked, but he also looked interested. When I winked at him, he blushed under his tan.

"A hole's a hole, man!" Jack shrugged. "I don't know about you, but I'm horny enough to fuck this dude's furry ass."

"You think you can handle it?" I grinned, flexing my pees.

"I'll let you decide that," Jack retorted, popping open his fly and hauling out his pecker. He fisted it around the base and smacked me in the face with it a couple of times, hard enough to sting. My eyes bugged out when I got a good look at Jack's prick. He put old Max in the shade as far as thick, mean-looking cocks are concerned. The head was hooded, the skin

hanging a good inch beyond the end. The shaft was a gnarled mass of veins, powder blue and crimson under the pale skin. His nuts bounced against his hairy thighs as he continued to swat me with his stiff meat.

"That ought to do just fine," I said, reaching out and latching onto his prong. He thrust his hips forward and rested his hands on his ass as I started licking the shaft of his pecker, leaving nothing unexplored in my efforts to get acquainted. I sucked one of his heavy balls into my mouth and gave it a thorough tongue bath, then spit it out and went after its twin, getting it wet and shiny as well. Then I went down on him, locking my lips around the crown, stroking the insides of Jack's thighs as I swallowed inch after throbbing inch.

"This feels mighty damned good, Ed," Jack groaned, one of his big hands hooking firmly behind my neck. "You better get over here, buddy."

I glanced over at Ed. He was watching me intently, a hungry look on his face. I had a feeling he'd never seen a man sucking cock before, but he was definitely sold on the idea. At least his cock was agreeable-poking out in his jeans and making a big lump down his right leg. He rubbed his belly and a little wet spot appeared on the faded fabric, rapidly growing to the size of a fifty-cent piece. The boy was a leaker, and I liked that just fine.

I came up off Jack's honker and let it flop down against his thighs. It was stretched out to full length, but still flexible and rubbery, fitting down my gullet like it was custom made. I hefted it in my palm--nice and heavy. I peeled back his skin and cleaned the cheese from around the rim, greedily chewing the spongy bulb. Every time I bit down, the muscles in the dude's belly rippled up tight and a big vein running up out of his pubes throbbed violently. He was going to be ready to take Max's place real soon.

By the time I'd played with his foreskin 'til it was getting puffy and swollen--sucking it up over my tongue and chewing on it roughly--his dick looked like a big, veiny steel bar. He was definitely ready to pump ass.

"Why don't you step around and make room for your blond friend," I suggested, flicking his nuts with my finger and making 'em swing. "There's a hot wet hole at both ends of this model."

Jack leered down at me, took a final swat at my face, and stepped back.

"Get on over here, blondie," I barked at Ed.

He jumped, looking startled, but he came over anyway. Standing in front of me, hands at his sides. Fine by me. I didn't mind unwrapping packages, especially blond furry ones. I popped open the buttons on his Levi's and shucked them down over his brawny thighs. His meat snapped up, clipping me on the chin on its way up to his fuzzy belly. I leaned forward and licked off the honey that was running down his pipe, milking out more on my long slow trip up his fat juice-tube.

The dude's nuts were already in a knot by the time I got him stripped. When I licked them, rubbing my tongue lazily over the crinkled skin, he whimpered and the honey squirted out of his horny tool, landing on the bridge of my nose and running down my cheeks like sticky tears. Grabbing his butt, I went burrowing between his legs. He yelped and damn near fell over backwards. If Jack hadn't grabbed my hips, we would both have landed in a heap. "Okay if I pull the plug?" Jack drawled, roughly twisting Max around in my chute.

"Hell, yes," I growled, "but only if you fill up the gap, real fast."

Jack took me at my word, yanking the dildo out of my butt, then plowing into me like a freight train speeding into a tunnel. I yelped and spread my legs wider. Then Jack's nuts slammed into mine as he started reaming me out royally.

I deep-throated Ed and reached down to give my own prick some much needed attention. The blond's dick bounced off my tonsils as he started getting into the idea of having his horn blown. His hands hooked into my armpits and he ground his hips against my face, tickling my nose with his pubes. I could feel his thick love muscle flexing and throbbing as it got closer and closer to shooting its load.

Jack was moaning and groaning as well, pulling out all the way, leaving me gaping, then ramming back in to the hilt, racking my frame with spasms of lust. "This here's one hot man-hole," he groaned, pulling out and fingering my chute while he gave his meat a brief rest. "All pretty and pink and tight as a motherfucker."

When I clamped down on his fingers and seductively wiggled my ass, Jack slapped my cheeks hard and crammed his meat back into my fuck-hole, curling my toes with the friction he was creating. In the meantime Ed was fucking my face about ninety miles per hour, grunting and groaning, his eyes shut tight, lower lip pulled up over his teeth. "I'm cumming," he squealed, just in case I had any doubts.

All of a sudden a blast of juice pumped out, flooding my mouth with Ed's cream. I sucked and swallowed as fast as I could, but I couldn't keep up with the volume. It gushed out of my mouth and spilled over onto his straining thighs, gleaming creamy white in the morning sunlight.

While I was cleaning up the last of his mess, Ed roared and fell forward on top of me, cock buried to the hilt, filling my butthole with spunk. I felt the heat flooding me and blasted off, my first spout pumping far enough to hit Ed on his bulging calves.

I was still gasping and shaking when Jack pulled out and grabbed his buddy's arm. "Fuck him," he commanded, his voice thick with lust. "I want to see you fuck his ass."

Ed wasn't protesting and I sure as hell had no objection to letting him have a poke at me. He knelt between my legs and rubbed his cock-head tentatively against my sticky ass-lips.

"Pump it!" Jack barked, slapping the blond's bubble butt. Then Ed drove it in deep, pinning me to the bed, my head lolling over the edge, arms braced on the floor.

I glanced in the mirror and saw Jack staring down at Ed's ass. If I had any doubts about what he wanted to do, they were dispelled when he reached out and started stroking his buddy's behind, his eyes wide with desire. I wasn't ready for his next move, though. All of a sudden he climbed up onto the bed, wedged Ed's legs apart and hawked a big glob of spit onto his hole.

"No!" Ed yelped, his body going stiff against me. But it was too late for protest. I watched, fascinated, as Jack pinned his buddy's arms to his sides and started wedging his huge prick into what I had no doubt was his virgin bunghole. Ed bucked and cursed, driving his cock deep into me, trying to get away from the fuck-crazed redhead.

It didn't do him a goddamned bit of good, though. Jack kept on pounding with his spike, busting Ed's cherry with a vengeance, Ed's breath swooshed in my ear, his fingers squeezing my biceps 'til he damn near cut off the circulation in my arms. Meanwhile I kept bucking under him, doing m~' best to give him something to think about besides his burning shitter.

Funny thing, he never lost his hard-on through any of it. After the first minute, his curses turned to grunts. Then he began to moan, his dick thrusting into my asshole.

"You like that, don't you buddy?" Jack whispered in Ed's ear.

Ed nodded, his big hands reaching back to grip Jack's red-furred butt. Maybe they'd played this game before. What the hell. I had a grand total of damn near three hundred pounds of solid male muscle piled on top of me and I was getting my lights fucked out, so what did I care?

Jack rode Ed's ass harder and longer than he'd ridden mine, not shooting till Ed had pumped two hot loads up my aching tunnel. By the time they climbed off of me, I was soaked with both their sweat and mine, my dick and asshole rubbed raw.

"You dudes be sure to get all the streaks off those windows," I joked as they were climbing back onto the scaffold.

"See you around," Jack grinned, giving me a snappy salute. "Come on buddy," he then said to Ed, grabbing his ass once he was safely back on the scaffold.

I watched them clean the windows, waving goodbye as they dropped out of sight to the floor below. Then I got up to go to the toilet, kicking old Max back under the bed. He'd just have to take a rest for a few days, I happily mused. Fortunately, he never had been one to complain.




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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
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