Too Damn Hot














 BY Michael Kirwan

Just when you think things couldn’t get hotter or stickier some young blond shows up on a guy’s doorstep and then they both find out what “scorching” really means!

It was one of those August days in New York when you begin to wonder if you’d already died and gone to Hell. The moist, stagnant air reeked of rotten garbage and melting asphalt and deposited a greasy film of decay as you moved through it. There was an incessant buzzing that, given the stench from the gutters, should have been a massive swarm of flies (our insect buddies had either burnt to airborne crisps or were smart enough to hide out). It was really just five million air-conditioners cranked to the Max. As a native New Yorker I’ve achieved the knack of not actually seeing anybody who doesn’t look like a good fuck when I’m in the streets, but now it was impossible to ignore the surreal parade of slack-jawed, brain-fried zombies meandering the avenues in search of some refrigeration.

There was some young bonehead camped out on my stoop as I neared my building. I was running through the variations I had for “get the fuck away from here,” when the kid stood up and wiped his sweaty paw on his pants leg in preparation for a handshake, apparently with me. He wasn’t really my type, tall, blond and way too young, but I flipped through my mental rolodex of recent humps just in case. As I got closer, I thought he looked kind of familiar and I began to wonder how many of my own brain cells had sizzled away during my walk home.

“Hey, you’re Bernie, right? My brother sent me a picture of you from Halloween. You were done up like an Egyptian but I recognize you,” the kid said as he pumped my hand.

“Who’s your brother?” I asked, hoping I could get upstairs and hide out with the AC soon.

“Perry! You guys are still roommates, aren’t you?” He was starting to look confused and nervous.

“Yeah, sure. So, you’re ... ”

“Derrick, Perry’s brother,” he answered.

“And you are here for ... ”

“I had a fight with my folks and thought I could stay with my brother for awhile, maybe look for a job or ... ”

I needed to get upstairs. This talking in the sweltering street was for the birds, or would have been if they hadn’t already roasted on their perches. While the kid blathered on I got out my keys and opened the outer vestibule door. From the corner of my eye I noticed Derrick picking up an overstuffed, beat-up looking backpack that I assumed had served as a school bag. When I opened the door he made some comment about how dirty the hallway was and then launched into a series of brutally unjustified tortures visited upon him by his evil parents. I was silent as I started up the steep sloping stairs knowing what was ahead. After the third floor he finally shut up and began whining about the climb until we reached the fifth floor landing. I just kept ascending as the teenager huffed and puffed behind me as we took the last creaking steps. The kid looked like he was going to melt as I began the process of unlocking the door (hey, it’s New York, a three-lock minimum town!)

Once inside, he asked when Perry was coming home so he could tell him about all the shit his parents had done to him. While he was talking I could see the kid surveying our apartment and not understanding how anyone in his right mind would climb six grueling flights to live in a tiny, crappy shoebox (and he hadn’t even seen the minuscule bathroom or the kitchen where your butt never quite made it into the room).

He had a glint of panic in his eye when he realized that there wasn’t any air-conditioning in the living room.

“Uh, Derrick. Your brother’s got a job on The Island and I’m pretty sure he won’t be back for a couple of weeks.”

“Island?” His look was blank so I gave him a thumbnail description of the fabulousness that is Fire Island, the ultimate playground and sanctuary for gay New Yorkers.

Little Derrick looked despondent that he wasn’t going to see his brother in person. I explained to him that the possibility of his traveling to Fire Island to stay with Perry was zero. He started to look panicky so I dialed his brother at the phone I’d been given, handed the phone to him and escaped to the air-conditioned bedroom. I switched the AC on as soon as I closed the door. My shorts and shirt were damp, my socks drenched and stinking from my gym workout. I stood in front of the AC naked, the icy gust aimed right at my drooping genitals. I started to fluff my balls to get the underside cooled when the door popped open and Derrick poked his head in to inform me that Perry would like to speak to me. He stared at my naked, hard, muscular body in a disconcerting manner and I was a little embarrassed that the freezing air had shrunk my normally impressive cock. I held my T-shirt over my groin and went to pick up the phone, frowning at my uninvited guest’s gawking at my nudity.

“Hey, Perry, how’s it goin’?

“Okay, I’ll call you later and fill you in on what’s happening here. Listen, would it be all right if Derrick stayed there for a few days? He ran away and I’m gonna’ call home and tell mom where he is, but he’s way too freaked out to go home right now.”

“Sure, he can sleep on the couch. Wait, how old is he? I don’t want to be harboring a minor,” I said.

“Relax. He’s eighteen and legal. I’ll send you a check to cover whatever he eats and to get him a train ticket back home when he’s ready. I promise it won’t be for along. He just needs to cool down.” Perry sounded sincere and pleading. I couldn’t say no.

“Okay. Whatever. But you’re gonna’ owe me,” I said.

“I’m gonna try to get a couple of days off and come in. I’ll call you later, gotta go,” and with that Perry handed his brother over to my care.

Derrick had sneaked into the bedroom and planted himself in front of the air conditioner.

“So, is it all right if I stay?” he asked, sheepishly.

“In the apartment, not in my bedroom. You sleep on the couch. The fan’s okay as long as you don’t move much. Now, get outta’ here so I can take a nap,” I snapped.

He loped off to the living room and I crawled into bed.

I woke up about an hour later having to take a leak. I tugged on my bloated prick as I stumbled for the bathroom, completely forgetting that Derrick was in the place until I passed the living room and saw him sitting in our leather sling, watching cartoons on the television.

“Man, this chair is really comfortable!” he said.

“That isn’t a chair!” I muttered. He looked puzzled for a minute as he examined the contraption, seemed to figure it out and sheepishly got out of the fuck sling and went to the couch.

I hoped he didn’t think that my being naked in front of him again was for his benefit. I never know how straights think. Perry and I are usually naked whenever we’re home. I made a mental note to wear boxers or something while the kid was there.

I took my piss and then found an old pair of boxers and returned to the living room. I figured to talk to him about what was expected of him during his stay.

He was now in his underwear and socks, apparently getting comfortable with our less-dressed policy.

“Okay, Derrick,” I began, “Let’s figure out what we’re going to do here. Perry’s sending some money so you’ll have a bit of cash? Did you bring any money with you?


Charming. Who comes to New York broke? You go broke here.

“Well, I don’t have any money either so we’re going to have to entertain ourselves on the cheap until Perry’s check comes. Okay? I go to the gym every day and work weekend nights so that takes care of me. I’ll give you keys but I wouldn’t advise you wandering around alone. Only idiots go out at night in this neighborhood. So, for now TV and video games and reading are what we’re left with. Okay? And I’ve got enough food for the next couple of days. Any questions?”

“Yeah, how much rent do you pay for this place?”


“You’re shitting me!”

“I wish.”

“There’s only one bedroom. Are you and Perry lovers?”

“Uh, sorta ... sometimes.” I was taken aback. “We have a relationship that doesn’t lend itself to pigeon holing and I don’t do the Oprah thing ... like discuss personal stuff. If you want to know anything I would suggest you talk to your brother.”

I noticed Derrick’s gaze seemed to wander towards my crotch more frequently now that we were getting to know each other. Kids!”

“Any other questions?”

“Yeah, do you always smell like a dead buffalo’s ass-crack?”

I was stunned. Actually between my workout and the heat I guess I’d become pretty rank. And then we both burst out laughing. I reached over and tousled his hair and suddenly we were rolling around on the couch. I outweighed him by at least forty pounds and soon I had him under me and was sitting on his stomach and I realized that we were both sweating up a storm from our childish tussle. Then I felt something hard pressing against my foot and realized the kid had a raging hard-on. My dick had fallen out of my shorts and was lying, half hard, on his chest. I moved up further and began sliding back and forth and my cock began growing. He reached up, took hold of my ten-inch boner and pulled it to his lips. He licked a drop of fuck-dew from the tip of it, all the time grinding his hard-on against my foot. I reached down behind me, stuck my hand between his legs and began probing his butthole with my finger as he sucked as much of my cock into his mouth as he could. I pulled my cock from his mouth and slid it back and forth on his chest before I suddenly jumped off him and headed for the shower.

I stood under the jet of cool water and tried to get my dick to stop bouncing. It shocked me how quickly our horseplay had turned into something else. I was sure that Perry had said his brother was straight, but he was wrong. The kid had sucked my cock and his wet, willing boycunt had fucked itself on my finger.

But, there was a dilemma. I’m pretty much a sex pig, but I’m also the kind of guy who doesn’t like to rock the boat. Perry and I had a good thing going and I didn’t want to fuck it up. Decent roommates were hard enough to come by in New York, especially cute ones who were willing to be your fuck buddy from time to time. Fucking with his younger brother could cause all kinds of problems that I didn’t need. Thinking of Perry didn’t help to diminish my giant boner as I recalled the thrill of Perry in the sling with my cock up his ass. I was going to have to be careful.

Later than evening I sent the kid out to get some snacks at the deli on the corner (I still had a couple of bucks) and while he was gone, I dialed Perry at the Fire Island number. I told him about the incident between Derrick and me.

“I’m really surprised. I really thought he was straight,” Perry said.

I was relieved. He didn’t seem upset.

“Well, what should I do if things get squirrely again?”

“Look, Bernie, I don’t know what to say. If something happens ... well ... I’m completely ...

Listen, it won’t change anything between us. I don’t really know how I feel about you fucking my brother. I’m uh, a little confused. I’m also tired. Call me tomorrow.”

Derrick returned with potato chips and some severely melting ice cream and we watched television. We were back in our underwear and sweating, each of us aware of the other and a bit wary, I think. It wasn’t too uncomfortable though and even though I noticed that he’d gotten a boner sitting here beside me, I didn’t act on it.

Around 11 o’clock the phone rang. It was Perry and he wanted to talk to his brother. I went into the kitchen to check if the ice-cream had hardened and to take my nightly dosage of meds. They talked for a bit and then Derrick came into the kitchen and handed me the phone.

I scanned Derrick’s face to see if there was anything disturbing but he just stood there looking at the cornucopia of medicine bottles on the counter. I waved the boy out so I could speak privately with Perry.

“Yeah?” I said.

“You were right. He’s gay and he’s got a hard-on for you. He says he’s been jerking off over the Halloween photo and wanting to make it with you ... so, go ahead and do it if you want to. Just remember that he’s eighteen and at that age guys tend to equate sex with love. I’ve explained to him that that’s not what you’re about. But I told him you were a great lay. I’m okay with it if it happens. But, Bernie, don’t let him move in! That fucking place is barely big enough for you and me. See you Tuesday!”

“Goodnight, Perry. I miss you.”

“Me, too. Tuesday!”

Back in the living room Derrick was eager to talk but I was tired and told him we’d talk over breakfast. I had stocked up on bacon and eggs.

I stripped off what was for me serious confinement (the boxers) and settled into bed. I was confused. He was a nice kid and really adorable, but there was no room for chicken on my plate. I dozed off.

I was at that point where you don’t know whether you’re dreaming or awake when there was a knock on my door and Perry’s brother crept in.

“It’s too hot out there. I can’t sleep,” he whined.

Well, the bedroom was so small that he sure as hell couldn’t sleep on the floor so I threw back the sheet. He was standing there with a slab of cockmeat straining at the white cotton of his jockeys, silently beseeching me. Oh, well.

He crawled in beside me. He brazenly cuddled up against my body and almost immediately began rubbing his bone against my thigh. I was tired but my cock suddenly surged with energy. I felt his fingers slowly stroking the veined underside of my meat.

“Is Perry positive, too?” he whispered.

“No, he’s not,” I replied, grippingly his surprisingly fat cock.

“How long have you guys lived together?”

“Six years. I really think talking about your brother while we’re playing with each other’s cocks is in really bad taste, don’t you?” I rolled onto him and started serious tongue-sucking, our cocks rubbing against each other. I squeezed his buttcheeks and then hooked my fingers into his waistband so I could get him naked. As I pulled down the white cotton fabric past his round, smooth ass, a condom packet fell onto the bed. I laughed.

“You are a budding fuck slut! I guess this means you want to get fucked, right?”

He nodded, rolled over and pulled his legs up against his chest.

“I’ve been dreaming about this,” he whispered.

I chewed open the cumbag container and rolled the latex onto my giant cock. Getting the lube from the beside table I popped it open, squirted a glob onto my palm and began massaging the clear liquid into the eighteen year-old’s crack.

“Have you been fucked before?” I asked as two of my fingers pushed more of the oily lubricant into his hot tunnel.

“Yeah, about ten times already,” he responded as he pushed his ass down on my digits, hungry to be filled up. “Stick that big dick in me. Fuck my ass, hard!”

I had him opened and slid up to him spoon-style and manipulated my sheathed cockhead against the maw of his boycunt. I went in slowly because my cock was so thick. The boy gasped as my man vessel invaded his tight port.

“Man, don’t stop. Ohhh, your cock’s so big! I’ve never had a cock that big before,” he hissed through gritted teeth as I began fucking him slowly.

I slammed and pounded his hot, slippery furnace, filling his love hole until he squealed in ecstasy. I positioned him on top of me and bounced him like a rubber ball, put him face down in the pillow with his ass in the air and stood up and dicked him like a butter churn. He shot cum all over his face in that position, but I wasn’t near done. I plowed that boy in every variation that I could think of. By the time I had him out in the living room in the sling and deep-dicked him for all he was worth, he had already come twice and was whimpering from the sensory overload. I really got into it and spewed every filthy phrase that came to mine while I played with his nipples and ran my hands over his body as my impaling fuckstick sloshed around in his now stretched-out boypussy. It was almost three in the morning when I knew that I had to blast a geyser of spunk. I pulled out and slipped off the gooey condom and began jerking on my massive meatpole.

“Open your eyes and watch, Derrick ... this is gonna’ be a fucking king-sized fucking mega-squirt!” He pulled out of his stupor and gazed with glazed eyes as I beat my cock at top speed. With a guttural shriek I let loose volley after volley of thick, white scum, splashing the floor and wall and his body. I scooped up whatever splooge gobs I could reach and ate them, sucking my own juices from my trembling fingers.

What a fucking fuck!

I headed for the shower and sluiced myself clean. God, I loved fucking. My dick was limp and bloated and I began to feel sleepy. I toweled off and headed for the bedroom, noticing as I passed that Derrick was bedded down on the couch.

“Hey, buddy, aren’t you going to sleep in the bedroom?”

“Naw, I’ll sleep out here tonight,” was his drowsy reply.

“Why?” I was puzzled.

“It’s just too fucking hot in there,” he smiled.


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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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