Tough Love

































 Illustration by 

 Michael Kirwan 

 Story by 

William Cozad


— originally published in Playguy Magazine - March, 1994 issue —



"Take it easy, man--I've never been busted before, honest!"




At first I thought they were shooting a movie on the street. There were police cars, cops in uniform and plainclothesmen. A crowd gathered to watch.


This was no movie scene. It was the real thing going down. The police raided a small cafe. They brought out six young men who were handcuffed and sat them down in front of the building.


One of the guys arrested caught my eye. He was real good-looking and looked so innocent. Short, with slicked-back black hair and big brown eyes. Around nineteen. He wore a loose gray jacket and baggy jeans.


I watched while the police loaded the young guys into the van. I stared at the cute guy and he looked back at me. I drank in every detail of his handsome face and muscular body. My eyes focused on his big basket. I licked my lips. He sort of grinned at me. Made me wonder if he was wise to me and knew how much I admired his beauty.


Sometimes I saw a guy on the street or on the bus who made me hot. I'd get a hard-on and my cock would leak all over my underpants. Inevitably I'd beat off later, fantasizing about the stud.


That night on the local news was the story of the bust by the police gang taskforce, complete with film coverage. Once again I got a look at the young guy who'd fueled the fires of lust in me. The news report said that six gang members had been arrested as suspects in a rash of restaurant holdups at closing time when they'd shoot up places.


For the moment I forgot about the danger. This stud was so damn hot-looking. A guy who looked like him could do anything he wanted to me. Reaching down inside my pants, I rubbed my boner. Not only that, I hauled it out and furiously whacked off. It was crazy I know, but I couldn't help it, he was such a doll.


That weekend I went cruising at the adult bookstore. I was shocked when I spotted the guy who'd been arrested last week. He was looking at the porno magazines. I thought my eyes were deceiving me.


While he looked at the magazines I looked at him. Matter of fact I just gawked at his basket, hoping to see some signs of life. When I looked up at him our eyes locked. He'd caught me cruising him. I think he remembered me.


"They got some hot movies in the arcade in the back," I said.


He didn't answer but I thought I detected a hint of interest, a look of lust in his brown eyes.


I headed back to the arcade, glancing over my shoulder. I was a little scared. But I was horny and the juices were flowing. Maybe he'd bash me for brazenly cruising him. Maybe he'd rob me. Maybe he was a decoy for his buddies.


Stepping into a booth, I left the door open. When he passed by I jerked my head, inviting him into the booth. He came in and I latched the door.


I dropped some quarters into the slot. A vid of a woman sucking a big dick flashed on the screen.


Sitting on the black plastic chair, I was at eye level of his basket, within licking distance.


Reaching over, I groped him. His cock was hard in an upright position. That was all it took. He was definitely interested in fooling around. Nervously I unzipped the fly of his jeans. I freed his cock, which was stubby and circumcised, with a bloated rosy head that was coated with clear pre-cum.


I was just about to gobble it up when he stopped me. He was going to be trouble. Maybe he'd ask for money. No, he'd take it. All I'd get to do was look at his meat.


I was expecting to get slugged or something when he yanked my head back by the hair. He reached in his pocket. I thought for a minute he'd whip out a switchblade. But he didn't do anything of the kind. Instead he took out a foil packet which he bit open with his teeth. I watched him roll the latex sheath on his boner.


"Big, beautiful dick," I said. I gasped a sigh of relief.


"Gotta use a safe, man."


I usually carried condoms and used them. But I'd been so shocked at seeing him and so anxious to get my mouth on his meat that I'd lost all sense of reason.


His cock throbbed when he held it by the base. I grabbed hold of it, feel­ing its head and hardness. It had expanded into a thick seven inches of man-meat. He had big low-hangers which really excited me. Sticking out my tongue, I lapped at his nuts, tasting the sweat and smelling the musk of his crotch.


"Oh, yeah, suck my balls."


I gobbled up his balls, managing to get both of them into my mouth at the same time.


Looking up at him, his cock tow­ered. His brown eyes were glazed with lust. I could see his face in the flickering light from the TV monitor. He was watching me.


"Get on my dick, man. Oh, yeah. Suck it. Suck my dick."


I laved the condom with spit as I bobbed my head up and down on his  fuck-meat.


Every guy's got his own rhythm, what it takes to get him off. This guy rubbed my hair and clasped my head. He pumped his prick down my throat faster and faster. His cock was hard as a rock. He battered my tonsils while his wet nuts slapped against my chin.


"Oh, yeah. Gonna cum! Gonna blow my load in your mouth. Take it, cock­sucker!"


His cock exploded, gushing wads of hot jizz into the rubber that lined my throat. I was sure his cum tasted like sweet cream, even if all I could taste was the rubber.


I'd gotten real carried away. Usually when I sucked a guy, I liked to beat off in the same rhythm that I blew him and blast off when he did. But this was different. His jeans were torn at the knee and there was a rip below his left ass cheek. I'd worked my hand inside, feeling his smooth, bare butt, which made my cock drool while I honked on him.


He didn't move my hand off his ass like most straight studs did in my experience. They let you know pronto that they were just trade and all you could do was service them.


He slid off the condom and his cock glistened with his sticky cum on it.


I kept squeezing his ass cheek. I'd managed to work my middle finger over to his funky crack. In no time I was rubbing the fuzz in his crevice and he was moaning softly, pushing back. I could have creamed my pants just by jamming my finger into his pucker but I held back.


Instead I brazenly unbuttoned the waistband and shimmied down his jeans and white cotton briefs. I had to get a look at his butt. He made no effort to stop me. I sort of spun him around and he fell against the wall with his hands outstretched. I went right to work kneading his smooth, sweaty ass cheeks. The flickering light lit up his butt like an old-time movie, a magnificent sight. I spread his ass cheeks.


I had to restrain myself from just diving in. I wanted to scarf his box in the worst way but knew that was too risky nowadays. If I could eat his ass I could fuck it for sure. Alas, I had to keep control.


"Got another rubber, guy?"


He fished into his pants pocket and gave me a condom. I took that as an open invitation, even if he probably thought I wanted to jack-off into the rubber while I felt his butt.


I love a muscular, macho butt as much as I love a big dick. It's just that I don't get the opportunity much nowadays. Sweat was dripping off my brow and my cock was oozing like mad when I opened my fly and suited up.


The gang member looked over his shoulder. I was startled when he reached back and grabbed my stiff prick. He milked it a little. Despite the rubber, I could feel his hot hand. While he fondled my cock I poked my fuck finger up his sweaty butthole. Just as I expected, he was real tight. I finger-fucked his hole, stretching it, getting it primed to pump.


I didn't know if he was expecting it or not but I had to go for it. Standing up, I spit on my rubbered cock, lub­ing it up. I slapped it against his mounds, then aimed it at his hole. It took a few more tries and a lot more spit. But he let me do it.


Eventually I slid my prick right up his hot, tight butthole. "Go slow. Easy. It hurts. So big, fucking big."


I leaned against him with my cock buried up his chute. I grabbed his butt cheeks, stretching them apart. Then I started to thrust.


"Yeah, do it, man. Fuck my ass." He really wanted it. Hard to believe my good luck. "Big dick up my ass. Yeah! Fuck me."


I stroked his shitter with ass-stretching cock-strokes. Soon he was bucking back and we got into a steady fuck rhythm. I'd never been in such a tight hole. His butt muscles clamped around my cock and milked it. I kept ramming my prick up his ass. I wanted it to last longer but I was already at the edge. "It's so hard. Oh, wow! I can feel it. Big dick squirting up my ass. Aw, fuck!"


My cock exploded, blasting gobs of hot ball-juice deep into the gang member's ass-guts. I stayed still 'til my cock softened and slithered out. I snapped off the rubber and my cock was still spewing goo.


He turned around and showed me his hard cock jutting out from the dense black bush. His meat throbbed wildly.


While he fished another condom out of his pocket and sheathed his prick. I knew it was all for my benefit. I assumed the position up against the plywood wall of the booth. Looking over my shoulder, I watched him yank down my pants and shorts.


He pressed his stiff throbber against my buns. My asshole twitched at the prospect of what was coming.


I got a gob of spit into my crack to lube the way just in time. With all my experience, I hadn't been fucked too much.


My partner was none too gentle. He rammed his cock straight up my hole. I gulped. "Gonna fuck you in your ass, man. Gonna fuck you back."


I wanted it bad, especially from this lanky stud. But I didn't want to make it too easy. Better if he thought it was a conquest.


"Don't hurt me."


"You been fucked before, you little piece of hot tail. But you never had a cock as hard as mine though."


He was right about that. His dick was stiff as a board. I'd take a smaller cock any day as long as it was really stiff. In fact, I never thought of a big rubbery dong as anything special. Hard was the operative word for me.


Bending over, I grabbed my ankles and presented him with my hot butt to prod. I figured since I was taller this would be an easier angle. Besides, I wanted to feel every hard inch of his hot dick stuffing my hole.


He prodded slow and deep initial­ly. I wiggled my butt around and humped back until he picked up the pace. Soon he was holding onto my thighs and rocking on his heels, slamming his cock up my ass.


"More. Harder! Keep fucking me. You're all stud. What a macho dick you got."


"Yeah, you're creaming for it. Might not be the biggest one around, but it's hard and juicy."


"Oh, yeah. Tear up my ass. Really let me have it. I need it so bad."


Soon he got up a full head of steam. I'd never been prodded so lustily before. This couldn't last much longer. His cock was steely hard. I loved the feel of his balls slapping against mine.


I had a boner myself but was determined not to do anything about it until I felt him shoot his load in me.


By now he was huffing and puffing. Me too. And I was sweating like crazy. His cock slammed relentlessly into my guts, hammering my insides, turning them to mush.


"Do it, baby. Shoot it! Shoot up my ass."


"You got it, man. Oh, shit. Fuck. Sonuvabitch, I'm cumming! Shooting my load up your ass. "


I'd let him know what wonders my ass could do for his stiff peter. I clenched my butt muscles, siphoning his balls. I'd drain them dry.


Working my hole on his pole only served to get my own nut. Bent over so far, I didn't even touch my cock but it went off like a sprinkler system, squirting jizz everywhere. My ass-lips spasmed around his cock.


His cock plopped out and he peeled off the condom. Goo was still dripping out of his cum-hole. My butthole was still throbbing, remembering the feel of his fat cock up there.


Both of us wiped our pee-holes and asses with tissues from the dispenser.


"Your first time with a guy?" I asked.


"How'd you know?"


"Your butt was tight as a drum."


"Stretched out of shape now. And sore. Been wanting to try it for a long time but my buddies are all straight." I expected him to split after getting his rocks off but he waited for me.


We walked out of the arcade together, getting eyeballed by other cruisers.


I wanted to make a date with him. But I decided to cool it. "I saw you get busted," I said.


"Man, that was bullshit. The cops got the wrong gang. We just hang out together and party. Don't rob people. Man, I got a job. Ain't like that."


I didn't know if he was lying or not. I'd known a lot of bad-news guys and they all acted like they didn't have a clue why they kept getting in trouble. Still, he was sweet, and I knew he'd never hurt me or anything.


I was kind of mixed-up. Just because he gave me his cherry didn't mean I was responsible for him. That didn't make us lovers or anything. The guy who'd fucked me for the first time never even spoke to me when he saw me again.


"What's your name?" he asked.




"I'm Jay."


I shook his hand.


''Well, see you around. Jay."


I hightailed it down the street.


All week I thought about Jay, and whether he was telling me the truth or not. I wanted to see him again, but I didn't want to get involved. I'd been burned before.


The next weekend when I had a case a case of blue balls, I cruised by the arcade. To my surprise, Jay was waiting for me. Said he'd been there every night looking for me.


I took him home and we did our number completely naked. Now this "gang member" is hanging at my place all the time. Like he thinks my ass is his turf. But, hey, that's okay with me.




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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
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