Truck Stop Trio






























 Illustration by Michael Kirwan 

Story by Bill Monroe



Originally published in Honcho magazine - February, 1993



Two truckers and a twink! 




When I walked into the truck stop diner, I was surprised to lay my eyes on an old truckin' buddy, Hank. I hadn't seen him for a couple of years. We both haul loads coast to coast, but rarely cross paths.


"So, how you doin', good buddy?" he asked.


"Not bad. Though I sure am looking forward to a night on a real bed. I haven't been getting much shut-eye. I'm a big guy and it gets pretty cramped back in the cab."


"Yeah, I remember how 'big' you are all right," Hank said with a lewd smirk, winking at me.


I smiled, thinking back to that night some years back when Hank and I had doubled up on a sailor we'd picked up at the Navy yard in Long Beach, taking turns fucking the shit out of his tight, young ass.


"You're pretty 'big' yourself, if my memory serves me right," I countered, recalling the sight of Hank's hard shaft busting that sailor's asshole wide open.


"Do you still remember that time?" Hank said.


"How could I forget. It was a helluva scene."


"What would you say to a repeat performance? Only this time even wilder?"


"Sounds interesting. Just what do you have in mind, Hank?"


"I know a kid in this town. Tom's his name. He's nineteen years old. A really hot young guy who just happens to love taking it up the butt any time of the day or night. And the bigger the better. Every time I pass through here I have him come over to the motel. Then I fuck the shit out of his tight behind."


I felt a surge of excitement run through me as Hank told me this. It had been a while since I had a nice, young piece of butt.


"Man, I am telling you, Bill. This kid's got a real tight ass and he loves getting it stuffed. He literally begs for it, and he can take it up there again and again and again. I've had some butt-fucking marathons with him you wouldn't believe."


"He's nineteen?" I asked, curious now.


"So, you're interested?" Hank said, smiling knowingly.


"Maybe. Tell me more."


"The kid's a real piece. Looks like one of those statues you see in a museum. Smooth and chiseled. A perfect bod. And he'll do whatever you want. He just loves having a stud put him through his paces."


Hank took a sip of his coffee and leaned toward me. "Listen, Bill. He's coming over to my motel room in a couple of hours. Why don't you come by, too? We'll have another really sizzling three-way scene like that time in Long Beach, what do you say?"


I thought about it for a moment, then smiled. "I think I'll be coming by, Hank," I said.


"Good. We'll do him all night long. And into the morning. Believe me, he can take it, too."


Excited now, I took a shower and headed over to Hank's room. It turned out we were staying in the same motel, adjacent to the truck stop. A little later, there was a knock at the door. It was Tom. He was everything Hank had said he was. A real piece.


"Hank told me he had a 'big' surprise for me," the kid remarked, looking me over.


"And here he is," Hank said, waving toward me as though I were a prize stud bull. "So, now, why don't you get those clothes off. I know my buddy here is eager to lay his eyes on the butt he's gonna fuck tonight."


The nineteen-year-old hunk stripped down to his Jockey briefs. Then he turned around and seductively pulled his briefs down over his trim, tanned buns. Tom knew that, to us, his rear-quarters were the main attraction, and made sure to display them provocatively. When he turned around, I saw he had a pretty good-sized cock on him, too.


"Your turn," Tom said, as Hank and I tore off our clothes. Then the kid gasped when I pulled off my briefs. "Hank wasn't kidding. You really are enormous. Jesus! I don't know if I'm gonna be able to take you. You look dangerous!"


Hank laughed, obviously loving Tom's reaction. "I think you'll manage," he added.


''I'll try. But you guys are going to have to make sure I'm well­greased. I want to enjoy those big dicks of yours."


"What'd I tell you, Bill?" Hank said, downing the last sip of his beer. "The kid's a regular slut. Right?"


"Oh, Hank! Is that any way to talk about me? Just because I like taking a big dick up my butt, does that make me a slut?"


"You're a slut!" Hank teased.


"Yeah!" Tom quipped. "And I'm proud of it, too!"


"And you love showing it off. So why don't you bend over and spread 'em? Let Bill see what you've got hidden down there between those buns of yours."


Tom reached back to spread open his trim, muscular buns, revealing his crack, then the puckered anus in its center.


"Nice, huh?" Hank said. "But that's the main course. We'll save it for a little later. First, Bill, I want you to check out what a horny little cock-sucker the kid is."


"Uh-huh! I'm dying to taste your pal's big dick," Tom exclaimed, sinking to his knees in front of me.


My cock was rock-hard and fully erect at this point and Tom, his face just inches from it, couldn't stop staring. Suddenly the kid reached for his pants, dug into a pocket, and pulled out a tape measure.


"The way Hank was talking about your dick, I just had to bring this over. Glad I did, too, 'cause it looks like you've got a real prize­winner there."


Tom took the tape measure and lay it against my shaft, from where my dick met my balls, to the tip of my knob.


"Shit! Nine and a half inches! Your buddy's got more than an inch on you, Hank. And he's thicker. After doing him, I'm not sure I'm gonna be interested in you anymore," he teased.


I was really becoming aroused now, turned on by the way this kid was getting into my dick. And Hank was loving it too, his fist firmly wrapped around his own hard shaft as he watched his boy­toy worship my cock.


The next thing I knew, Tom took hold of my cock and stroked it expertly, licking my balls at the same time. Next, he slid his tongue along the underside of my shaft, very slowly, until he finally got to the tip. Then he engulfed my knob with his mouth and really began to suck my dick, never letting up on the skillful massage he was giving my shaft.


It felt great. This scene was arousing the hell out of me. And Tom was giving me some of the best head I ever had.


"Kid sure knows how to suck a cock, huh?" Hank exclaimed.


"I'll say."


"Thanks, guys. I appreciate the compliment. And here's something else I know how to do real, real good." With that, Tom pulled me over to the edge of the couch and pushed back my thighs so he had my ass within reach. Then he spread open my buns and dug his tongue into my crack, rimming me like a wild man.


"And he loves chewing on an asshole almost as much as he likes a dick up his own;' Hank enthused, flogging his shaft as he watched the kid eat out my ass.


Tom gave me a fantastic rim job before returning his attention to my cock. As the kid sucked me, Hank walked over to the dresser and picked up a big jar of Vaseline.


"Time to grease up that ass of yours," Hank said. Tom lifted up his butt as my buddy got behind him. Hank opened the jar, dug in, and slapped a big dab of Vaseline into the kid's crack. Adding another dab, my truck driver pal reamed Tom with his fingers as he got him ready for my big, aching dick. Then, wiping off his fingers, he gave the kid's buns a playful smack.


"Go on, Bill. This butt's for you. Give him all you've got!" Hank urged me on.


The blow-job had made me really hot and before long I was itching to slide my boner up Tom's ass. Pulling his hungry, greedy mouth away from my cock, I got behind him. Then Hank held the kid's buns wide open as I peered into the well-lubed crack and gazed at his greasy bunghole.


"Bury that big dick of yours all the way up his ass," Hank urged, hot lust burning from his eyes.


Without having to be asked twice, I worked my knob into his crack and up against his slippery sphincter. Then I slid it right in.


"Ahhh!" Tom gasped as my knob forced its way into his anal passage. "That feels so damned good! I want it all the way inside! Stuff it up my hot fuckin' ass!"


Nice and smoothly, I worked the full length of my dick up the kid's ass, forcing it in, inch by thick inch. He gasped and groaned, enjoying each hard thrust of my dick. Hank was really turned on, too, beating his meat like crazy as he watched me slide every single one of my nine and a half inches up Tom's hot, horny butthole.


"That's the way, Bill. Fuck the shit out of him. This kid just loves getting reamed. Bury it up his young, funky ass! The more you give him the more he craves it."


"Uh-huh! *Slam* it inside me, stud! God, I can't believe how fucking big you. And how fuckin' *thick!*" Tom gasped.


I grabbed his buns and spread 'em so watch my dick bust his asshole wide open. I loved the sight of his sphincter stretched to the limits, wrapped tightly around the thick girth of my shaft. I think Hank liked the sight, too, because when he got up off the couch to come over for a close-up view, his dick was so hard I thought it was going to burst.


As I reached over to take hold of that rigid dick of Hank's, he looked at me provocatively, lust in his eyes. "You've got a really nice touch there," he rasped as I stroked his oversized cock while plunging my own savagely up the kid's tight hole.


"Hey, Hank? Why don't you get yourself a little head while I keep reaming his asshole," I suggested.


"Good idea. But first I want a little bit of something else."


The next thing I knew, Hank was behind me, spreading my buns. All of a sudden I felt a hot, wet tongue lapping away at my asshole. Man, this was all too much!


When Hank had enough of a feast, he knelt in front of Tom and fed him his cock. Now I had something to watch while I kept slam­ming it inside the kid's fine rump. Watching this young Adonis give my buddy a blow-job got me hotter than a firecracker. But it wasn't long before I wanted a change of scenery.


"Say, let me know when you're ready to take a little piece of this butt," I told my trucker pal.


"Right now wouldn't be a bad time."


Hank moved away from the kid's hungry mouth and got behind him, alongside me. I slid the full length of my cock all the way in one more time, until my balls pressed against his crack. Holding Tom's buns wide open, I slowly started to pull out my shaft. Then Hank ran a finger along my greasy prong as I pulled it the rest of the way out of the kid's ass.


"Your turn," I said, taking hold of Hank's shaft and bringing it up to the kid's crack, then guiding it in. Tom's asshole reamed and greased, was an easy bull's-eye for Hank. He buried his dick all the way up the kid's butt in one swift plunge. Then the burly truck driver started slamming his big, hard log up the same hot asshole my dick had been pumping only moments earlier.


Without really thinking, I de­cided to bring my cock up to Tom's face. His eyes zeroed in on the slick, meaty shaft which had just probed his ass so mercilessly. Then he licked his lips and I fed him my beefstick.


"Here, guy. Why don't you chew on this for a while," I coaxed.


With Hank's cock plowing his ass, and mine filling his mouth, the kid was apparently enjoying quite a cock-feast. But soon I wanted his butthole again. So I suggested that Hank and I once again change places.


Tom's slick asshole was com­pletely dilated from all the hard fucking, and my huge erection went in nice and smooth. Showing no mercy, I slammed it into him, my balls slapping against his buns as I buried every last inch up his rear.


The kid began bucking like a maniac and feverishly fisting his own dick. I thought I'd do him a favor. So I reached around and pulled away his hand, replacing it with my own. Then I found out that the kid was hung, too. And hard!


It was plain that Hank was all charged up, getting his big dick sucked while he watched me fuck the shit out of the young cock­sucker. Soon I could feel the pres­sure building in my nuts. It wasn't long before I shot my load up Tom's ass, just as I brought him off with my hand. And from Hank's moaning and groaning, I knew he had filled the kid's mouth with a big load of cum, too.


"It's been quite a while since I busted a young butt like this," I told Hank as I pulled out my spent dick. "Thanks for sharing."


"Don't mention it. That's what friends are for."


We sent Tom down to the store for a couple of six-packs. Then we all stretched out and watched some football. But soon the kid got up and turned off the T.V.


"Ready for the next round?" Tom asked, wrapping one hand around each of our cocks.


"Ready when you are," Hank answered, looking over at me with a hot, wicked smile.


"Say, maybe one of you studs would like to give me some head now," Tom coyly implied.


Hank responded by leaning over and taking the kid's beefy, hard dick in his mouth. Tom, meanwhile, bent over and eagerly wrapped his lips around my thick knob. "Hey," I exclaimed. "Maybe I feel like sucking some dick, too."


"Be my guest," they said in unison, laughing.


There were two erect shafts here to be sucked and they both sure looked tasty to me. I got down be­tween them and took both dicks in my hands to massage them. Then I took turns sucking one while I stroked the other.


"Your buddy sure knows how to give head," Tom told my trucker buddy.


I feasted for several long minutes on those two thick, meaty shafts. It was a feast fit for a king. But before long Tom pushed my face away.


"Okay! Okay! Now I want to suck some cock again," he insisted. "Come on, guys; kneel up here by my face. Both of you!"


We got up there and fed him both our cocks at once. The kid opened his hungry lips as wide as possible and took both knobs in his mouth together, sucking and licking our two dicks simultaneously. Then Hank and I looked at each other and smiled, each of us loving Tom's two-cock blow-job.


"Listen, fellows," Tom said excitedly, pulling his lips away from our dicks. "I've got a really depraved idea. There's something I've been wanting to try. You're gonna think it's crazy. But how'd you like to bury both your dicks up my butt? At the same time!"


Hank and I simply stared at each other. But Tom quickly shoved my buddy down on the bed and strad­dled him, reaching back and work­ing Hank's dick inside his ass. I watched, absolutely spellbound, as Tom rode Hank's shaft. "For this, stud, you've got to be well-lubed."


Crouched behind him, I spread Tom's buns. There was Hank's big cock already filling his ass. But how was I gonna get mine in there?


"I don't know if this is going to work," I said.


"C'mon, if you want it badly enough, it'll work. And I want it! I want your dick in there, along­side Hank's. So go ahead, stud. Stuff it up my hot, hungry asshole!"


I brought my greasy dick up to Tom's crack, right above where Hank's cock was piercing his ass. Then I pressed it in there, right up against Hank's shaft, and pushed.


"Arrrgh!" Tom squealed. "Slow! Easy!"


I took my time, probing his crack with my knob until he relaxed. Then I tried pushing it in again. But this time I managed to slide my knob alongside Hank's shaft.


"God damn! You got it in there! I can't believe it! Now just work 'em all the way in. Both of you. All the way in! I want to feel it!"


This was fuckin' unbelievable. Slowly, I pushed forward, until my shaft was well inside Tom's ass-chute, alongside Hank's big dick. But the stimulation was almost too much to bear.


The sensitive underside of my dick was sliding and pressing up against the underside of Hank's, as both our shafts, together, were enveloped by Tom's love canal and getting the most incredible sphincter massage! Shit, this scene was as wild as it got!


"How you doin' back there?" Hank groaned, breathing heavily.


"Just fine," I gasped as Hank and I began to coordinate a nice rhythm. When I pushed inward, he pulled outwards. It felt amazing, and I knew the kid was loving it, too.


"Oh, man! Ream my ass, studs! Both of you!" Tom howled. "I fuckin' can't believe I'm doing this!"


We had shot our loads once already, so we were ready to go as long as the kid could take it. But he had something else in mind after being drilled like this for about twenty minutes.


"Pull out, guys!" Tom demanded. "I want to suck you both off."


Slowly, we pulled our shafts out of the kid's ass, first me, then Hank. I couldn't believe how Tom's asshole was dilated. You could've shoved a beer can up there ... easily!


"Come up here!" he cried, near­ly crazed with kinky, lustful desire. "Lemme me have those cocks."


We knelt on either side of the nineteen-year-old's face and brought our dicks up to his mouth. The fact they had just been all the way up his ass only seemed to make him that much more eager to suck them. And suck them he did, bringing the two knobs together and expertly wrapping his lips around the double dose of cock.


Hank and I smiled at each other and high-fived. Then, both at once, we blasted our loads into the kid's mouth. I could feel Hank's dick throbbing against mine as we shot off together, our knobs suddenly swimming in a thick pool of cum.


Then Tom fisted his· own cock and quickly jerked himself off to a ball­busting explosion.


"What do you say, good buddy?" Hank asked, smiling lewdly.


"I say next time I'll bring the Vaseline!"



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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
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