Two of a Kind


 Art by Michael Kirwan 

Story by Niels Grant, Jr. 























originally published in Honcho Magazine - March, 1994 issue


It'll blow your mind when brothers are... two of a kind. 




Rick raises his mid-section first. He does it slowly. His softening prick slides out of my fuck-hole. He rolls away from me, onto his back. It is the end of another mutually enjoyable trip. Rick likes to fuck and I like to get fucked--especially by a guy like him.


Rick is twenty-six years old. There is nothing really outstanding about him, but he's the kind of guy you just can't help liking and like to get fucked by. He's about five-foot-eleven and weighs right around a hundred and sixty pounds. His body is perfectly developed, solid though not overly muscular, like the models the early Italian sculptors used. It's baby-smooth and he has practically no hair on it. He isn't handsome, but he's good-looking in a clean-cut way. An all-American boy, except that he is a man. Both his hair and his eyes are a dark brown. His dick reaches eight inches hard.


Lying on his back, his limp dick hanging over his balls, he says what he says every time. "Jesus, I wish fucking my wife felt as good as fucking you."


I think what I think every time but never say. I wish you didn't have a wife, then you'd fuck me more often. I was getting it only once a week. I would have liked it more often. Not that I'm greedy. I just like Rick and I like the way he fucks. He makes me feel better than any guy I've ever been with.


Rick rises up, swinging his legs around to the edge of the bed. He reaches out and rubs my back. His hand slides down and he kneads my ass cheeks. "I think about you during the week; did you know that? I get hard-on after hard-on thinking about you."


"I wish you could bring them over here," I answered.


"I do, too," he says. There is a sort of sadness in his voice. I know what he means. He's trapped. He's got to give it to his wife from time to time. He's told me that.


Rick pulls his hands away from my butt-cheeks and gets to his feet. I roll over onto my back. I want a last look at his naked body. A last look at that dick I wish I could have full-time. I watch him dress. When he has finished dressing he leans over and touches his lips to mine. It is just a touch, as close as he can get to giving a kiss. Then he straightens up and leaves.


But the weekly routine isn't over. After I hear the front door close behind Rick I slide a hand down to my crotch. I wrap my fist around my stiff seven-incher. Remembering the way it happens each time, reliving what's just happened, I start slowly jerking off.


There is a knock on the door. I open it and Rick is standing there. He doesn't smile as he says, "I heard there's a young guy here who can give me what I need."


"What do you need?" I ask.


"I need a good fuck," he answers.


I look him up and down as if I have never seen him before. I like what I see. I tell him that he has heard right. Rick comes in. I'm already naked. I have a hard-on, but Rick doesn't seem to notice it. I watch him as he undresses. I see that nice, hard young body. I see his cut cock hanging down over his balls. He's four years older than me, but his body looks as young as mine.


"You going to get it ready?" Rick asks.


I don't answer with words. I go to my knees in front of him. I reach out and lift his limp cock up off his balls. I lean in and take the head into my mouth. I use my lips and my tongue on it. It starts to grow. I slide my lips down the shaft and then suck on it. It grows still more. I keep sucking on it until it reaches its full size. Eight inches of firm, pleasantly thick meat. "Oh, yes," Rick says, "you've got it ready. Let's go in on the bed."


That's as far as I get. Already pre-heated by the fuck I've gotten not long before, my prick fills up. I shake all over as my pulsing prick shoots off a load of jizz all over my belly.


My little jack-off session is the final part of any sex act with Rick. Now I start waiting for next week.


A couple of days later the telephone rings. It's Rick. My heartbeat speeds up. Hope flares. "Hi, Herbie," he says. Then he doesn't say what I was hoping for. "My younger brother is coming to town. I wondered if he could stay at your place?"


"Well, sure," I answer, "but what if ...?"


I don't get to finish the sentence. Rick interrupts me. "No," he says, "I wouldn't want that to happen. He can sleep on your couch."


"Well, okay."


Later in the day Rick shows up with his younger brother and his suitcase. Roger is twenty-four years old, two years younger than Rick. He is a younger version of Rick. The same height, the same weight, the same coloring. A good-looking young guy. I can't help but wonder if he matches Rick in the crotch, too.


Rick introduces us. We chat a few minutes. He tells Roger that he'll be back to pick him up in a couple of hours. He turns to me. "Remember what I said." He leaves.


The door has hardly closed when Roger says, "I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to take a shower."


"You don't have to ask," I answer. "While you're here, just make yourself at home."


Roger doesn't go into the bathroom. There, in the living room, he pulls his T-shirt over his head, drops his pants. I know I should turn away but I don't. It's like watching Rick when he comes over. And when Roger is naked it's almost as if Rick is there. That strong, well-developed young body. That good-looking face. That thick, cut dick hanging down over his plump balls. I think of Rick's words. You going to get it ready?


As much as I like Rick, I feel a strong pull. I want to go to my knees in front of Roger. I want to slurp that dick into my mouth and "get it ready."


Fuck, I've got a boner! I hear Rick's other words. No, I don't want that to happen.


Roger goes into the bathroom. I know what I have to do. I have to put out the fire he started. I have to get rid of my boner. I drop my pants and shorts and sprawl in a chair. I follow my usual routine. Take my balls in one hand, my stiff whang in the other, and start whacking off. Doesn't take long until I shoot off another load, all thick and gummy over my fingers.


I wonder how many times I'll be doing that while Roger is here.


Roger and Rick go out that evening. When it's late enough I make up a bed on the couch. I go to bed. I'm still awake when they get back, but I pretend I'm asleep.


In the morning I put on a bathrobe and head to the kitchen to make coffee. I have to go through the living room. Oh, shit! Roger sleeps in the raw. He has kicked off the blankets and is on his back. That solid, smooth body totally exposed. A hard-on is sticking up from his crotch.


My dick gets hard and I have to sneak back to my bedroom and beat off to relieve the pressure in my balls, thinking about Roger's body and his erection.


When I pass through the living room again, Roger has rolled over onto his belly. All I see is his smooth, muscular back and the white globes of his ass. It's a nice one. Firm cheeks, a deep gully between them.


I make coffee. Once it's done, I sit at the kitchen table and smoke while I'm drinking it. I'm into the second cup when there is a stirring. Roger, his brown hair tousled, appears in the door way. "Morning," he says.


It's a good thing I had beat off. Roger is bare-assed naked. He's lost his hard-on, but he's still a good-looking, well-built, naked young male. He's still got that dick hanging between his legs. He still looks like Rick.


Roger sits down. I get him a cup of coffee.


Roger lights a cigarette. He inhales and then exhales a mouthful of smoke. "Tell me," he says. "Do you blow Rick, or does he fuck you?"


I fucking near gag hot coffee down my front.


"I know from the way he looks at you that it's one or the other," Roger says. "Besides that, I know his wife's a lousy lay. I fucked her a few times before they got married. I also know that she won't suck dick."


His free hand goes under the table, to his crotch. "Whichever it is," he says, "I could use a little. I've been horny as all hell the last couple of days."


I don't say anything. I don't know what to say.


"How about it?" he asks. "Will you give me some head? Or let me fuck you?"


Now I know what to say. "I can't. Rick said ..."


"Rick won't have to know," Roger interrupts me. Then he pushes the chair back and stands up. His joy-stick is fully hard again. It has telescoped out to its full eight inches. "Come on, Herbie; you can't leave a guy in this condition."


Fuck, what can I do? How can I turn down a beautiful hunk of meat like that? Roger takes a step closer. The tip of his tapered cock-head touches my lips. "Taste it, Herbie," he says. "See if you like the taste of it."


I'm helpless. My own cock has started getting hard again. I open my lips and slide them over his dick-head. I lap my tongue around it. Yeah, I like the taste. all right. A little sweat, the salty taste of a little pre-cum that had oozed out earlier. I like the feel of it.


Roger takes my head into his hands. He gently drives two or three inches of hard, warm meat in and out of my mouth. A gentle mouth-fucking. Then he pulls away. He knows he's gotten me hooked. "Let's go in the other room, Herbie. You can suck it better with me lying down."


I follow Roger. My prick is fully hard again, sticking out from my bathrobe. I watch his nice, firm ass sort of undulate as he walks. He goes right through the living room and into the bedroom, stretching out on my bed. "Come on, Herbie; come give me some head."


It's almost like having Rick there, but this is going to be different. I've never sucked Rick to a climax. I just "get his dick ready" and he fucks me.


I crawl up between Roger's legs. Most guys I'd been with liked to have their gonads played with, so I slide my hand up and take hold of Roger's egg-sized nuts, loose in their sweaty sack. They're a nice handful. I reach out and slide my fingers around his long, fairly thick dong. Looking down at it, because it is a beautiful thing to see, I slowly stroke it a few times. I can almost taste it again. "Suck it," Roger says. "Suck my dick, Herbie. Make me cum in your mouth."


I still want to resist. I'm afraid if I suck Roger's cock I'll lose Rick. But with a beautiful thing like that I can't resist. I take his cock-head into my mouth again. I tongue and suck on it, and again it both tastes and feels good. I slide my mouth down those long inches of warm, firm meat. I swallow the whole eight inches. I pull off, and then swallow them again. I toy with his hard balls. "Good boy," Roger says, the tone of his voice saying that he likes what's happening. "Suck it, Herbie. Give that dick the treatment it needs!"


I give it the treatment it needs. Pumping my mouth up and down on that hard rod, I take it until the head hits the back of my throat. I draw off and mouth the head again. This time I get a healthy taste of pre-cum. I lick it out of his piss-hole and go back to sucking cock. "Jesus," Roger says, "This is great. You suck good dick! You really know how to handle a guy's meat."


I'm always happy when Rick is fucking me, but I'm happy with this, too. Roger's joystick seems just perfect for sucking. And I'm getting off on the way Roger is enjoying it--moaning and squirming so I tongue-tease his dick. It's a matter of getting pleasure by giving pleasure. My hard dick drools out some pre-cum of its own.


Then Roger surprises me. "Look, why don't you jack off while you're doing that? Time it right and we can cum at the same time."


It sounds like a good idea. Without losing a stroke on his hot prong, I stick a hand into my crotch. I wrap my fist around my hard pecker and start stroking it while I suck Roger's dick.


When he starts humping a little, showing that his cock is really beginning to feel things, I start stroking my meat a little faster. Before long, his hands come to my head and he starts fucking more enthusiastically. My hand speeds up. He fucks faster still, harder, then shoves his butt clear off the bed. At exactly the moment he starts spraying my tonsils with his thick jizzum, I start shooting off all over his balls and legs. It is one hell of a cum for both of us.


Roger's spunk is sweet-tasting. I work on his dick until I've gotten the last drop of it. By that time, his cock is beginning to soften, the way Rick's dick always softens in my fuck-hole. I reluctantly pull of it.


"That was great, Herbie," Roger says. "That was really great. But let me up. I've got to go take a shower."


While Roger is showering I stand at the wash-basin and wash the cum off my own dick. I'm wondering if this had been a one-shot thing; if Roger's horniness had been satisfied, or if he'll want to get sucked off again later.


Rick shows up a little while later. I see the two of them, almost like twins. I can't help but remember that I've sucked one cock and been fucked by the other. As they leave I wonder, Which one will I get next? Will Roger get horny again, or will it be Rick fucking me after Roger leaves?


That evening they come back earlier. I'm still up. I haven't made up the bed on the couch. Rick says, "Herbie, Roger came up with a good idea. I didn't think it was a good idea at first, but he convinced me it is."


"Oh? What's that?"


"I'll give you a hint. Roger and I usually share everything."


"You mean ...?"


Rick smiles. "Yeah. I said I didn't want anything like that to happen, but as long as we're in it together ..."


Rick doesn't wait for me to say whether I want to do it or not. He starts undressing. Roger starts undressing. I start getting another boner. Before long they're both naked: identical, aroused bodies, right down to what's between their legs. "You going to get it ready?" Rick asks.


I go to my knees in front of Rick. I take his dick into my mouth. I work on it until it's ready, kneading it and slurping at its flared head. Roger doesn't need help. Watching me suck on Rick's dick, his prick grows on its own. Instead of getting one of those eight-inched joysticks, I'm going to get them both. Sixteen inches of prime meat!


Roger scrounges in his pant pocket for a coin. A quarter. He positions it, ready to flip it. "You call it, Rick. Heads, you get head. Tails, you get tail!"


He flips it. While it's in the air Rick says, "Tails." Rick still likes to fuck me!


It comes up heads. As alike as their cocks are, I'm glad about that. I'm finally going to get to show Rick how good a blow-job feels.


We go into the bedroom. Rick crawls onto the bed and rolls onto his back. I go up between his legs, taking hold of his rocks with one hand and his hard rod with the other. Roger climbs on behind me. I usually lie flat when Rick is fucking me, but for this I've stayed on my knees with my ass-end up in the air. I lean in and go for Rick's cock-head. Roger puts his hands on my butt-cheeks, rubbing them and pulling them apart. "Hmmm, yes," he says, "that's going to be a tight one! No wonder you like it so much."


I suck Rick's dick-head into my mouth. Roger takes hold of his own prick and starts running the head up and down my butt crack. I slide my mouth down Rick's beautiful dong, taking it to the throat. Roger pulls his cockhead to a stop at my puckered hole. I start sucking. Roger starts humping at my butt. I'm using almost all of Rick's stiff rod. Roger gives a shove that sends his dick-head into my tight fuck-hole. I let out a little cry of pain from around Rick's dick, but I don't stop sucking. Roger keeps going. He keeps giving me cock until I'm getting it all. His balls slap against my balls with each stroke. Because the two guys are so alike, including their cocks, it's almost as if I'm giving Rick a blow-job and having him fuck me at the same time. I really like that. I'm probably happier than I've ever been in my life.


And they're happy, too. "How about it, Rick? Wasn't I right?" Roger asks.


"Oh, hell, yes," Rick answers. "This is great."


Even with Rick's long, hard prick in my mouth, I smile. The illusion is still there. I'm giving Rick his usual pleasure as Roger fucks my ass. I'm giving Rick a new pleasure by sucking on his love-joint. I'm getting pleasure doing it. Much pleasure! Sucking those beautiful eight inches of hard cock, getting fucked by another eight inches of it.


We are in perfect unison. I'm bobbing my head up and down on Rick's cock and Roger is fucking my ass with the same rhythm. One throbbing dick down my throat, another deep up my ass. I pull off until my lips are around Rick's cock-head and Roger's cock-head is stuck deep in my puckered hole. Then we reverse, without stopping. Sixteen inches of meat, sliding in and out of me.


The cadence continues, speeding up. I suck dick faster and Roger fucks faster. Rick starts humping, fucking my mouth while I suck his cock. His hands come to my head and he fucks faster still. Roger starts pounding my ass harder and faster. Then both shove. Rick shoves his dick deep into my throat, Roger shoves his deep into my guts, practically folding in half. Both cocks fill. I feel both of their clicks begin to throb. At the same moment, they start shooting off their loads of spunk. I'm getting both a mouth--and an ass--full of it. Both Roger and Rick cry out, their bodies shaking.


But this time I get still more. Without it even being touched, my own prick starts spurting out a load all over the sheets. I feel like I'm going into orbit.


We finally collapse. Roger rolls both me and himself over onto our sides. I'm lying there with one cock going soft in my mouth and the other going soft in my fuck-hole. Jizz is running down my chin and down over my balls.


Finally Rick manages what I might have said. "You know, little brother, I'm glad you came to town."


Roger chuckles. "You mean you're glad my horny cock came to town!"


"Amen!" I say silently. Then I start wondering if they will want to do it again. Roger gives the answer. "Next time, let's switch positions."



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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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